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The Wave by Vince

David stood in front of the full length mirror.

He stared at himself - admiringly. He was beautiful, and he
knew it. His lean body was only par for the course, but his hair
was something to behold.
The blond beauty was nothing short of a natural miracle - well with
a little help of hours in front of the mirror, a few hundreds dollars
of hair product - and multiple hours of attention, pampering, and great
love from the boy himself.

At 20 years old, he had tended to an awesome head of long blondness.
He looked again at the reflection.
He was about to go to the beach wearing his red and black striped speedos
that barely contained him.
He spread his long lean legs with only a whisper of hair on them and looked
at the WAVE.

The WAVE was what he'd named the soft slab of hair that cascaded from a part on the
right side of his head, down over his right eye, swept toward the left - completely
concealing the left eye and wafted out over that side.
With a flip of his head, he could briefly see clearly out of his right eye - the left
remained concealed.
The WAVE quickly fell back down over both eyes to keep his punk hair concealment

He did the flip right now - watching with undivided admiration as the perfected
WAVE flowed over temporarily, then wafted back in its silky marvelousness.
The quick view of his blue eye was enough to startle and make him look
mysterious - but not long enough to see the little kid hiding behind the
massive "bangs" of hair - sculpted perfectly into the invincible WAVE.

His wave was famous, and he knew it - in fact, he cultivated it - both the
WAVE and its fame.
He always became fully engaged and engorged when he heard someone whisper about
the WAVE or the boy with the WAVE - his hand moved to his speedos.
He would become especially hard if they whispered something about a barber or
haircut or scissors or clippers or getting his hair caught - a constant issue with
hair this long.
His fingers flowed through the massive length of startling hair.
He then calmed himself remembering he'd just got insurance.

He now knew he must leave the mirror soon. He didn't want to mess up his
sexy swimmers before he left.
One last look at the gorgeous long hair that cascaded down over his shoulders.
He turned slightly, looking at the undulating waves that flowed down past
his shoulder blades and out over the lip of his speedos that were worn well low
on his waist - so the hair was even longer.
The blond vastness glowed under the lights in his bedroom and would shine ever
more in the sunshine on the beach as he strutted his stuff - showing off and
allowing all the others - the envious - the jealous - to admire this boy's
long hair.
He reveled in the thought of dudes who thought all boys should have short hair
looking at his glorious mane of blond awesomeness and feeling sick that they
can't cut his long hair.
He would give them the flip. Well, he could hardly help it. He flipped his
WAVE every twenty to thirty seconds anyway - more when he was excited or nervous.

That thought made his boner pop up hard against the red and black stripes,
so he moved for the door.

"To the beach," he announced to himself and smirked, flipping his WAVE.
"You are f***ing awesomeness defined," he sneered knowingly.

Ron had heard of David, Davy he called him because he knew he hated it.
Of course, David didn't know it because the two had never actually met.
Ron knew of him through college and all the stories.
He also knew that the dude was a total hair freak given the length of his
pretty mane and the amount of time he spent looking at himself. He had seen
him with a compact in some of their shared classes. He had watched him do
the flip with the famous WAVE.

That asshole, Long Hair Boy had really scared Ron - not that he'd ever admit
it. But he was totally boned thinking about his story and how he could lose
his own long hair. Ron knew that his long hair was what made him special - and
f***ing awesome.

"I'll show that f***er," Ron said allowed as he combed his long dark blond
locks down over his eyes and down his back to his backside.
He meant both Long Hair Boy and Davy.
He was going to the beach.

He intended to add to his hair collection, and David was going to donate.
Ron smiled at the thought - then a sly sneer came across his face. I'll
f***ing pretend it's Long Hair Boy. He'll see who's the f***ing hairking.

Ron had been watching David for a long time. He had learned lots of fun stuff.
He knew that Davy had his fancy car because the last couple of years, he
had been a model - only because of his hair.
Without the long blond glorious hair, the kid was just a scrawny little brat
with a pug nose and unremarkable looks.
Only the hair and the WAVE made him the king of college.

Ron shuddered when people seemed awed and cowed by the WAVE. The boy's long
hair was weak, and Ron would prove it.

He also learned recently that the WAVE had taken insurance out on his f***ing
long hair! The modeling company said it would be a good idea.
David could not have been happier. He LOVED his hair and now it would be
guaranteed with insurance.
The boy literally strutted out of the insurance office - swinging the long
hair across his back and backside and flipping the wave incessantly as he
always does.

Ron knew the insurance was a f***ing piece of paper.
Still, he was envious that this boy would get a lot of money if his hair
should ever befall a danger.

Then Ron found out that the policy didn't take effect right away.
That's why today was the day to go to the beach.
At the moment, he knew the kid afforded his fancy clothes, sexy jewelry,
and flash car all because of one thing.
Only one thing afforded him all these pleasures - and more.

His HAIR!!

He was pretty sure that Davy boy - or the WAVE would be at the beach showing
off his hair. It was the perfect day.

He was right.

He saw David in the water. He watched as the boy waded, and then swam for a few
When the boy came out of the water, Ron laughed at the look of him. He was out
of breath - the f***ing weakling, Ron thought - and his long blond beauty was
soaked in ropes down his back. Of course, it was still mad impressive and
everyone was looking at the boy with the long hair on the beach with his
expensive speedos - the crack of his ass visible he wore them so small and
so low on his waist.
The WAVE had not gotten wet - the boy made sure of that - keeping his head
high in the water - f***ing pansy, Ron thought - forgetting that he would probably
do the same.
If the front hair got wet, the curtain - or in Davy's case the WAVE would not
conceal and act like the protector it was.

The legs and arms on blondie looked mad thinner when soaked down and the boy quickly
toweled off.
That's when Ron noticed that he was with someone - looked like his granny. What a f***ing
baby, Ron thought. Must have needed her to protect his stuff and give him food - lazy
longhaired f***er, spoiled f***ing brat.
Ron was just close enough to here them.

The WAVE demanded, "Give me some food."

She handed him something, and he nearly threw it back. "Not that for f***'s sake.
You want me to get fat or something." He was proud of his skinny lean body - the
model boy needed that "look." to keep making money.

"David, your hair is really really long - even longer when its wet."

"Thanks, granny," he sneered at her.

"That wasn't a compliment, young man. You should get a haircut to look more
like a man."

The spoiled punk WAVE gave her the finger, and said "F*** that s**t!" demanded
his "hair bag" and then moved toward a picnic table that provided some sun
but also some shade.
As he strutted in his speedos, his long blond hair flowing wetly behind him, she
watched his tight little ass wiggle away. She wished a belt or paddle would
spank his spoiled little brat buns. But she knew that would never happen.

David used his middle finger a lot. He'd heard the snide comments about himself
from others.
"Look at pretty little model boy. Time to get a haircut, dude."
Flip the WAVE - give them the finger.

"Hey WAVE, don't you think you should cut your hair so you can see and don't
get f***ing tangled in your own prettyboy tresses."
Flip the WAVE - give them the finger.

"Dude, get a f***ing haircut. You look like half sheepdog and half my
sister. You're too f***ing pretty."
Flip the WAVE - give them the finger.

From the costly bag David pulled a tube with a cream that looked like boyjuice, Ron thought
and laughed quietly to himself. He proceeded to apply the cream all through the
extra-long tresses and fondled them as if he were making love, stretching them their full
length and letting them drop in amazing wet columns.
As he stroked the long locks, he arched his back and one could see how excited the
boy was becoming. More than once he'd had to adjust his speedos.
Ron, too, was feeling some excitement - afterall, he was a hair festishist too.
In the last few moments of hair attention, Davy grabbed all the massive length at
the back and carressed the hair together - then letting the strands go free -
each time he did this he arched his back a little further and Ron finally realized
what the boy was doing.
"The little f***er is actually going to cum right here over his own hair," Ron thought.

Turns out, he was correct. On the last release of the massive silken beauty, the
lithe little boy arched so far back you could see his ribs and there was a sudden
release of air from is lungs. He'd done it.
He reached for the WAVE and gently lifted the massive sweep of long hair, quickly
looked around him feeling slightly embarrassed - satisfying himself that nobody
had seen him masturbating in public.

David threw the towel on the top of the table and then lay his lean body down.
he was on his back, and pulled the enormously long blond hair out over the edge of
the table to hang in mid air allowing the sexy tendrils to air dry naturally.
Not too much wind here near the trees - but just enough to perfect the wave and curl
of the well-tended long hair.
Also, the end of the table was shaded so his precious long hair would not get
burned by the sun on wet hair - always an issue.
Also, he was away from the crowd, so no threats to his lovely long hair. He
smirked as he remembered that tomorrow the insurance policy took hold. His long
f***ing stud's long hair would be protected. Nobody would dare touch his
arrogant long proud hair.

Davy adjusted his speedos once more - lowering them dangerously - to get as much sun
as low as he could to avoid any white lines.
The bulge of his goodies was evident and the tip of his pride and joy was very very
close to coming over the ridge of the sexy swimmers.
The WAVE was perfectly concealing the boys eyes and half his face as it was meant to.

Ron had moved into the cover of the trees some time ago and was now waiting for
the inevitable.
After a little boy cums all over himself, he will fall into a deep sleep.

Sure enough, as Ron approached he could see the beautiful wee lad breathing deeply
and a cute little snore coming out of him.
He pulled out the long-nosed shiny silver scissors he'd concealed in his own hairbag.
The young college boy never woke up.

Ron slid the sharp blades over long tendrils of now dry hair. The shining blades
sheared the hair unmercifully - without hesitation - and almost without noise.
The ever slight crunching sound of blade eating hair gave Ron a huge boner and his
own swimmers were dangerously close to causing him embarrassment.
Luckily, he was in the shade and partially concealed by the trees.

He slowly pulled huge swaths of silken blond locks out, placed the sharp blades
to the root, near the lad's scalp, and snipped straight across. Even Ron was
surprised by the ease that the WAVE's expensive and famous hair snipped off
and was reduced to stubble - blond stubble that would make the kid look
practically bald!
At this, Ron was eager to keep going, and pulled more and more of the
arrogant long hair out, snip snip snip. He kept all the hair in a plastic
bag so he could take it with him.

The model boy was being reduced to a shorthaired kid. Once all this longest
hair was cut, he would definitely not look like the cool skinny punk with
sexy hair.
he was beginning to look like what he really was - a skinny kid with very
little attraction beyond the long long hair.

Ron continued to cut the beautiful blond mass until all of Davy's head was visible
at the top and back of his head.

How do you like that, Bryan? Ron laughed.

The blond stubble stood to attention, but only a whisper of hair left - leaving the
shine of his head glaring through even in this shaded area.
He'd look virtually bald at the back in the sun, Ron laughed quietly to himself - his
own long hair wafting in the breeze, concealing his eyes and tickling his lower back.
He took a few more swipes at the hair.
Thinking of bald. He grinned an evil grin.
He took out a tiny pair of scissors and went to work at the top back of the boy's
head. He very tenderly snipped quietly around and around in a circular motion,
ensuring that the circle was perfect and as short as possible.
Ron had surely and truly cut a "bald spot" for the boy. The typical round
circle at the back glowed through and said "prematurely bald" loud and clear.
Ron nearly came in his own swimmers at he admired his handiwork.

He stood back and looked at the boy now lying on the picnic table.
His lean body glistening tan in the sun.
His WAVE perfectly sweeping across his face, hiding the blue eyes, tiny nose with
freckles, and a touch of acne that made him look like a little kid.
From toes to WAVE, he looked like the sexy pretty modelboy and spoiled punk
brat without a care in the world.
Then the scene changed. The hair behind the WAVE at the top of his head
stood like tiny little soldiers on his scalp - unable to cover the shine of
his scalp. There was a circle of pure baldness and then the back where once
feet of hair flowed in glorious crowning abundance - was shorn to the nib.
You could see every curve of his boy head and every flaw - he was near naked at
the back, looking very much like a young army recruit.
Actually, Ron thought, more like a boy scout - he looked so young and vulnerable
without the sexy long hair.
The modeling jobs were likely over for a long time for this boy. The proud
long hair that got him all his money was gone.
The WAVE was still there - but it looked ridiculous without any long hair
behind it to back it up.
Ron was satisfied.............for now.

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