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Unexpected hairstyle by Jajko

Unexpected hairstyle
I had 2 brothers Ben is 13 years old and Harry10 years old. I was 17 in 1977. We live with my father and mother. Our father is quite conservative in men's hairstyles and goes to the classic barber Mr. Mathew regularly. I went to him with my father for about 8 years and I always got a short haircut. Now my brothers and I go to a modern salon. All three of us have modern hairstyles and I have the longest hair.
My father had a serious injury and could not walk for several months. When he was brought from the hospital after 6 weeks, they asked his mother to go to his barber, Mr. Mathew, if they would come to cut his house.
One evening I come home and hear a strange sound from the kitchen, I go secretly to see what he is doing there and I see Ben sitting in a chair only in white panties. I nod at him what's going on and he tells me he's waiting for a haircut. I was already closing the door to leave the house, but my father called me. Oliver, come here. I entered the kitchen. My father had already been cut and had a shorter haircut before, and Harry was sitting on a chair by the barber. The barber was combing his hair. Undress my father ordered me and wait until it was your turn. I still have to go to school with my classmate for things tomorrow and I hope it helps and I avoid getting a haircut. My father told Mathew if he would wait for a while to cut Harry's hair and order me to undress and that I would be trimmed preferentially so that I could then go to a classmate.
As I sat in a chair and the barber combed my hair, the barber asked and how we cut it today. My father said: all three get the same haircut, so the same as I wanted Harry to have his haircut. The barber was already pushing my head forward as much as I could and I was causing the teeth of his steel scissors on my neck. They slowly climb up their backs with them. The first about 8 inches long brown hair fell to my knees. The barber repeatedly applied scissors to his neck. It reminded me of a haircut once when I went to this barber with my father. The barber gradually turns my head and goes through the cut. There was no mirror anywhere where I could see myself. All I saw was my hair cut and my hair cut. When he shaved my ear and made an arc with scissors above him, I knew I no longer had hair on my ears. The scissors were still working and there was often more hair on the ground. When I could shoot the barber combed the hair on the top of the head and the scissors crossed the comb. I thought it would end. He brushed my neck and shoulders with a brush. I thought we were done, but he applied the foam around his ears and scratched around his ears. Last adjustments and I was able to leave the chair. When I looked at Ben, I read in his eyes that it was too short. My first trip led to a mirror. There I saw a boy who had about an inch long hair on top of his head, white arches of skin visible around his ears. I didn't see what I looked like on the back of my head, but with my hands I honored it to be quite high without hair. Later, with the help of a small mirror, I saw that I was on my back without hair along the upper edge of my ears. I quickly went to the album to look for my childhood photos. That's when I realized that after 9 years I got ten certain hairstyles than when I went to the barber with my father.
In the evenings, the father said that his sons, not girls, were finally sitting at the table. Let us know that until he can go to the barber on his own and the barber comes to us, all four of us will receive a haircut from Mr. Mathew. So it was, the barber visited us 5 more times at monthly intervals.

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