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No talking barber (Part 2) by Mike S.

Hi, my name is David and i'm 22 years old now.
I was craving almost my entire youth for a short buzzcut or headshave.
But i didn't just want the haircut: i wanted it to be forced on me.
My desire came true, beeing 18 years old, when i visited an old barber shop and was shaved to the skin, without beeing asked.
From that moment on i went there every week the exact same time, getting my head shaved without any talking or eye contact.
I never dared to come late or even miss one week, because i respected the barber too much.

I needed his strictness with my hair. It somehow gives me the feeling, that i have to perform well in my life.
But of course there are ups and downs in life. Depending on how well i performed, i took a guilty or proud stance, when entering the barber shop.
If i showed guilty i was punished with a forceful shave. He grabbed my head and moved it harshly, so he could me rapid strokes with the razor.
On the other hand, if i was proudly taking a seat in his chair, he still shaved me in a fast manner, but it didn't feel like a punishment.

I was working at a local engeneering company at that time, but despite our best efforts the shop got almost bancrupt.
The boss told me that he had to fire three employies to make profit again and i had no family feed and thereby had to leave.
I wasn't realy sad, because the company's workfore was very loosly organized, but i wanted to have more structure and strictness.
Because i have lost my job, i walked into the barber shop in the most guilty way possible.
The barber reacted with a shaking head full of disapointment.
He gave me what i deserved: an almost brutal headshave.
I enjoid it secretly, as i always do. I dared not to move on my own, only his hand was in charge of doing that.
When i thought he was finished, he repeated the shave.
Then he did the same to my face, very quickly but without cutting me.
It felt like i was back on level one. No rights and moves. No nothing.
When i was completely ripped of hair the barber left for through the backdoor and came back with a phone on his ear.

I heard him talking on the phone loudly. It was deliberit, so i could hear him.
'Hi are you free? ... Yeah because i have someone here, who has to undergo your treatment. The full program. No pardon, ok? Don't let him in say anything, he is constantly lying. He has to learn his lesson.'
He then hung up. He came back to me with a piece of paper.
He threw it at me. I obediently picked it up from the ground.
Then he gave me a tough took and sent me out with his hand.

When i got out off sight i read the note, which said:

local Army Boot Camp
6 am, thursday

I was shaking uncontrolably as i read this.
I knew this is what i needed my whole life: Military rules, order and camands to follow.
My thoughts did go wild and i had to rest one moment, full of excitment for what was coming.

The next days were horror. I wished boot camp to start earlier, but somehow time went by.
The night before the start i wasn't able to sleep.
I was thinking about how it will be like.
At 4 am i decided i had to go. I only put on a white shirt and standard jeans.
Thats all i would bring with me. Clearly it would be forbidden to bring anything else.
I searched for the camp's location on the internet and left the house.

When i got close to the boot camp, which was a one story building with a fenced field next to it, i spotted a tall man in a military uniform waiting at the frontdoor.
Then he saw me and made 2 steps towards me and took a strong stand in front of me.
He was in his early 30s and was muscular as hell.

I started: 'Hello, my name is D...'
But he interrupted me very loudly shouting: 'I know exectly who you are, so shut up!'
I felt very intimidated.
'You've just made the first mistake by starting to talk without beeing told to!'
'From now on the first and last word i want to hear from u is 'Sir' and everything in between is a short answer to what i want from you, do you understand?'
'Sir, yes Sir!' i said.
'Louder!', he screams.
'I want u to stnd still and properly!'
I tried to fix my pose.
'Now move through that door!'
I repeated 'SIR, YES SIR!' and walked inside.
'Follow the yellow line!'
I noticed a big yellow line on the floor and follewed it as quickly as possible, almost feeling the drill instructor's beath in my neck.
The line ended in a big room only with 20 or more plank beds, 4 shower heads and 2 toilets behind a 1m high wall.
The wall seems to be some kind visual protection and privacy, but not too much.

'Stop, look at me!'
I stoped a few meters into the room and turned aroung
'This is you new home! Now lets make you fit in. Move to the showers'
I followed his order and step under the first showerhead.
He stood right next to me. 'Take it off!'
I was in shock and didn't react.
'Are you embarased now? In here you have no privacy! No take your trash off!'
I took everything off and waited - standing there completely naked - for the next command.
'Now press that button!'
There was a shower button on the wall. I pressed it and the water came.
'Wet your hair and body, everything!'
I did so. I had about 3 to 4 mm of hair.
'Here!', he shouted and held a can of lotion in his hand.
I held my hands open and recieved some of it.
'Put it everywhere and shower it off!'
I finished as quickly as i could.
'Now step out and come over here.'
In the corner of the room was a clipper plugged into a socket on the wall.
I moved there still naked.
'Now let's bring your hair down to boot-camp-length! Bend over!'
I bowed and heard the clippers come to live as the seargant picked them up and flicked the switch.
Then he started mowing my hair down from the neck.
I saw the short hair falling down to the floor.
When the instructor worked his way to half my head with forceful strokes he shouted: 'Up a bit!'
I lifted my head a bit and the instructor connected the sheard back part with my forehead.
When i was completly shorn he said: 'Make your head straight!'
I stood still.
Then the drill instructor came very close to my face with his and said:
'You are now boot-camp-property. From now on you will shave your head every day! Do you understand?'

(to be continued)

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