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Charming Dennis - part 2 by Manny

The next day, I felt awfully awkward going into work with my high 'n tight. I knew the new look would cause a ruckus. It was quite a change from the limp businesscut I had sported the day before.

I heard Susan suppress a snicker as I passed her cubicle, heading towards my office.

"Be sure to approve dreamy Dennis' loan application," she called out.

"I will, I will...." I answered back mechanically. "Although he's not so qualified in my estimation. I'm going totally on your referral, Susan."

"Hey, I spent a lot of time with that guy, listening to his plans. They're brilliant!" she exclaimed.

"Listening to his plans or gazing into his green eyes and pawing at his lush mane?" I quipped. "I know what you're all about with the applicants. Handsome ones get near the top of the heap, and longhairs at the very top."

"And pathetic ones, like you, Matt, fare quite poorly," she snapped. "And what's with your new haircut? Are you planning on joining the army after the bank sacks you?"

"Very funny," I muttered as I shuffled back to my small office to process the paper work from the day before.

I quickly located Dennis Calpasini's file. My mind drifted back to the evening before. The romantic stroll, with me starry eyed. And that kiss! He was the best actor in the world...or maybe he really did fancy me? That's what I wanted to believe, anyway -- that Dennis had fallen in love with me. The reality was probably that he was doing whatever it took to get my signature on the application.

And, that's exactly what I did, first thing in the office! It was an awful risk, but I signed off on his loan. Dear Dennis would get another attempt to make it big in the world (or be headed towards his fourth bankruptcy)! I thought about his beautiful flowing mane of mahogany hair. Lustrous and voluminous. I should've resented the way he turned the tables on me and steered me to the barber's chair, instead of taking a seat himself, but didn't. Maybe Susan was right....maybe he would be a big success with his ability to charm people and get their support.

I kept slogging through the pile of other loan applications on my desk, bored by busy work, when the phone on my desk rang.

"Matt Slocam," I said mechanically.

The mellifluous voice was instantly recognizable, "Matt, dear friend, how are you today?" It was Dennis!

"Missing you," I purred into the receiver. I couldn't believe he had called me! It was another indication he really did care for me.....

"How did you new haircut go over in the office?" he asked, toying with me.

"Lots of gasps, some teasing...oh, and ridicule from Susan. She wants to know if I plan to join the army after I get fired for approving your loan," I replied.

"Oh, so you did approve it?" Dennis asked eagerly.

I realized that I still held the highest trump card! I stalled, "Uh, it's here on my desk somewhere...."

"Matt, you said you would," Dennis whined.

"And you said you would get the big chop," I retorted quickly and coldly.

"We've already been through that, and both of us agreed that the long hair on me looks really sexy," he pouted.

"I'd like to see it again, I mean, to see you again, Dennis," I said. "After work today? Meet outside my office, like yesterday," I quickly hung up so that he couldn't rustle up an excuse. I set his loan application aside. It would not move forward so quickly through the pay-out process.

The rest of the day, I could think of little else. I was pretty confident he would show up. And, I was right!

As I walked out of the bank, I spotted him on the other side of the street. He smiled and waved at me. He looked like a scene strait out of Hollywood with his flowing shoulder-length hair and full, meticulously groomed beard on display. I crossed the street quickly.

"You look fantastic, Matt," he said. Dennis gave my stubble a quick rub. I blushed. "I thought we could head over to the barber shop. You won't be so upset with me if I sit submissively in that big chair. Then, you can watch all this hair fall to the cape. That will delight you, right?" He tossed his locks back, behind his shoulders. "Mr. Playboy sheds his tresses to please the officious and fussy loan officer. It's kind of weird, but if that's what it takes...."

The way he was saying it made me feel a bit embarrassed and ashamed.

"Is that what you want?" I asked sheepishly.

Dennis gave me a withering look. "Is that what you think?" he scoffed. "Look, if I wanted a flattop, I would've gotten one long ago. To tell you the truth, my hair looks great at any length. I'm sure it would be a very nice haircut for me. And, I'd feel so manly! But, to be forced into it to excite some sort of warped pleasure of yours...."

"Okay, okay," I said, to make him stop pressing his point. He was right. It was weird....but I couldn't help how I felt.

"The truth is, I had already signed off on your loan application before you even called me today. After spending some time with you and listening to you at supper last night, I was...."

"Oh, Matt!" he exclaimed, throwing a huge bear hug around me. "I owe you big time, Buddy!"

Then he kissed me tenderly, and then again. I basked in his public display of affection. He had no shame that we were on a sidewalk with folk strolling by. There was no doubt in my mind he was extremely grateful. "Tonight, dinner will be on me," he declared. "But I want you to try the escargot!"

Throughout dinner, I could not pull my eyes off handsome Dennis. I was more in love than ever, captivated by his charm.

As we were having dessert, I asked, "Do you have any feelings for me, Dennis? Or have you just been toying with me to manipulate me into getting what you want?"

The smile disappeared from his face. He swallowed a bit before saying, "When I started this, it was totally about me. Getting for myself what I needed, what I wanted -- the loan approval. But, I can't explain it....you started growing on me -- you, and your awkward and quirky ways. You're nice, you're funny, you're sweet and caring. And you took a risk on me....with the loan. I'm not going to fail you. That loan will be repaid ahead of schedule!"

We both sat there, silently wondering where things were headed for us.

Then, I felt foot brush up against mine, beneath the tablecloth. "I was wondering...." His voice faltered. "I would like...."

My mind raced. What did he want to tell me? I imagined him suddenly saying, "I would like you to be my....my.....barber. Take a clippers to this...." In my fantasy, he would paw at his lustrous mane and add, "A freshly clipped head feels so sexy. What do you say? Will you do me that favor?"

"Dennis, just tell me what you want to say," I urged him, sheepishly.

Dennis gave me a tender look. "If I had any romantic feelings for men, you would my dream partner. In fact, this evening I've been starting to wonder if....."

Then, Dennis abruptly changed the subject. "I've been starting to wonder whether it isn't time I cut my hair." He looked up at me an grinned. "What do you say? A makeover?"

"SHORT! Very short. Barber shop short!" I exclaimed. Then, I grinned widely. "How about a flattop?"

Dennis squirmed in the chair. "Oh my goodness, I've been thinking about that myself. But I'm just apprehensive about it. I think perhaps going shorter in stages would be better. See that waiter over there?"

I glanced in the direction Dennis indicated. Talk about disappointing. The fellow sported a very stylized, metrosexual length mane.

"I like that length, to the base of the collar. Nice and full, lots of volume. I mean, a lot would come off in back here -- six, seven inches?" Dennis said.

"But all that hair flopping about the face? And over the ears? What a nuisance! You'd be constantly pawing at it," I warned. "Something shorter. How about....that busboy over there?"

The handsome young Mexican fellow sported a bald fade.

Dennis' mouth dropped open. "That's even shorter than a flattop, Matt!"

We were at a stalemate. And what exactly was the problem with Dennis staying just as he was? Beautiful, flowing long hair?

Dennis quietly said, "Let me think about it. If I decide to go ultra-short, it will be for you, Matt. And, I'm moving in that direction...."

"I'm okay with a staged approach. That metro-sexual look, to the base of the collar. Nice and full and bouncy in back. Tomorrow, we'll take you to the salon....and then, a week later....the barber shop!"

I stuck out my hand, and to my surprise, Dennis shook. He seemed relieved. There was an agreed to plan.

"How about a night-cap at my place?" I offered.

The nightcap turned into an amazing night. Dennis was like a dream come to life.

Any doubt that it was all a show, that I was being manipulated were laid to rest the following morning.

Dennis had gotten up and was in the bathroom for quite a while before I heard him call out, "Matt, can you come in here for a minute. I need some help."

I shuffled over to the bathroom and pushed the door open.

My eyes grew wide and I exclaimed, "Dennis!"

He was grinning from ear to ear. Nothing on, save a barber's cape fastened around his neck. He had found my barber kit under the sink. The clippers were plugged in, ready to be employed. His beautiful hair had been brushed and displayed in its full glory atop the white cloth.

"I'm ready! All of this is yours," he said, giddily fondling his locks. "I want you to give me the haircut you've fantasized about from the moment you first clapped eyes on me in your office. Every hair on my body is at your disposal."

I looked at the magnificent pelt on his face, chest and legs. My mind raced into fast forward. Him, emerging from the shower, with smooth, from head to toe. The only hair left being his copious lashes and dramatic eyebrows.

My little friend snapped instantly to attention. The 0000 blade was already in place and the clippers were plugged in, setting on the bathroom counter.

After I'd recovered from my surprise, I said, "I need to slip into my barber tunic. Go get the chair from my desk."

As I was fastening the buttons at my shoulder, Dennis came back into the bathroom with the chair and took a seat. I took a brush to his glorious mane. His hair was more lustrous then ever.

I made him look up, so the hair streamed down the cape in back. I continued brushing it, wondering what to do, now that I had the green light.

"That bald fade on the busboy," Dennis’ voice eked out weakly. "I think I’m ready. I’m ready to surrender it all to you, Matt. Shave me bald!"

This time it was I who planted a kiss on his lips. His beard tickled me.

I reached for the clippers and snapped them on. The whirl of the machine made Dennis tense up. His beautiful hair....on the verge of falling in torrents to cover my bare feet. Soon I would be treading atop a carpet of silken mahogany locks.

As much as I wanted to comply with his instruction, to shave him bald, I remembered the deal we shook on. His locks would come off in two stages.

I took the clippers, not to the top of his head, but to the neck, below the thick bushy beard. I slowly drove the metal teeth through the wiry pelt, over the chin and pulled off the first wad of his masculinity.

Dennis gulped. "I didn't realize you would take my beard off...." he whimpered.

"You did say, 'every hair on my body is yours' I think?" I ran my hand over his furry leg as I hint of what else would eventually come off in his gradual transformation.

"My legs too?" he said, alarmed.

"And your chest...and your crown jewels, all smooth as silk," I whispered in his ear, enjoying the upper hand. He squirmed nervously, but remained submissive as I shaved off the rest of his handsome beard.

I had him turn so that he could get a good view of himself in the mirror, sans beard. While there was still a dense stubble, he looked remarkably different.

"I haven't seen myself without a beard for a good 10 years! I look so....uh, youthful, even boyish," Dennis remarked. "But that mustache you left is amazing. I feel a bit like Tom Sellek in his prime."

The copious mustache was indeed amazing, but it's glory was extremely short-lived. I snapped on the clippers, grasped Dennis by his hair to immobilize him, and took off one side of the stache.

"Oh," he whimpered helplessly.

Then the other half was buzzed off. No manly mustache for dear Dennis!

I turned off the clippers and concentrated on his amazing mane. Brushing it and admiring it.

"I'm not going to shave this off today, Dennis. Instead, you are going to get a very metro-sexual crop. You might find it a bit effeminate, but I think you will be able to sport it for at least a week," I said.

His face cringed at the word 'effeminate'. "What is it? What do you have in mind for me?" he asked anxiously.

"A chin length bob!" I declared. "Sassy and sweet! Oh, with a full undercut to the crown. You are going to positively dazzle the new look."

I began sectioning his hair, pulling together a topknot that was secured with a rubber band, and combing down the sides and back.

"A bob?" he stammered incredulously.

I snapped on the machine. It felt wonderful to push the clippers slowly up, under the mass of flowing hair and watch huge shanks fall in almost slow motion to the floor. The silken locks atop my bare feet felt wonderful.

As the teeth moved up through the nape, Dennis shivered. "I love the way that feels," he panted breathlessly. "Oh, do it again!"

I continued clearing away his long hair, carefully folding down one ear and then the other. He looked at the cut hair piling up on his lap. "Are you sure you don't want to just shave it all off, Matt? Shave me bald in one sitting?" he asked.

"No, I want you sporting a chin length bob!" I said adamantly. "You'll look so sweet with your perky bob as we walk down the sidewalk holding hands."

After the shaving of the sides and back was complete, I released the topknot and watched the long hair fall over the clipped scalp. Then I brushed his remaining long hair. Of course, it possessed only a fraction of the volume as before.

I reached for the shears. SNIP. SNIP. SNIP. I started at the chin, and sheared off all the length along the jaw line. SNIP. SNIP. SNIP. I continued around the back, a bit shorter, revealing the clipped nape. The bob would come to points on both sides and be considerably shorter in back. SNIP. SNIP. SNIP. Presto, Dennis' haircut was over for now. I brushed it so that it cupped under in a very perky manner.

"You look so sweet, Dennis. How do you like it?" I asked, fondling his exposed clipped nape at he gawked at himself in the mirror.

"Not too much..." he said glumly. With his eyes he pleaded for me to snap back on the clippers and make him look manly again with a clipped head. But, he needed to learn to be submissive.

I gave him a peck on the head. "Come now," I said removing his cape.

"Where are we going?" he asked.

"Into the shower, Dennis. We have a little more business to attend to!" I said reaching for the shaving cream and razor.

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