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Dads Choice by Dwane.Perry

Dad dragged me to the barbers. "Hey Mike can you sort this us out, referring to me. Sure can the barber replied.
For the past few years me and dad always went to Mikes barbershop. Dad always got his head buzzed with no guard and i would get either a number 4 or just a tidyup depending.

As we entered i saw a few guys around the same age as me get their heads buzzed to stubble i watched in owe as i seen these hippy looking guys get shorn right down to the scalp.
Dad can i get my head shaved shorter? i asked dad , sure you can son , about time you got it done!

When it was our turn in the seat dad made me go first. I jumped into the chair and Mike caped me up, removed my glasses and turned to dad and asked "what am i doing today for the young one" shave it all off - I was in shock i never expected dad to say that, yes i wanted it shorter but not that short. Dad please no ill be bald please i didn't mean to ask for it that short ,i pleaded with him. But my pleas fell on deaf uncaring ears.
You wanted it shorter ... Im paying for this haircut so you'll get what your given.
Dad no i don't want to be bald i tried to explain again hoping he'd reason with me.

"I'll be the only boy with a bald head at highschool" i said. But dad just replied good! What's wrong with that? Then they will know exactly who you are dad laughed.

Dad nodded to Mike , shaved it all off!
Dad gleared at me. end of conversation. Your getting it shaved. No please i don't want it. ... Just wait till you get home dad replied.

Mike picked up the clippers and turned the chair away from the mirror so i was in full view of dad.
Hair-we-go Mike laughed as he put the clippers against my forehead and plunged the clippers into my sea of dark brown messy mop. I felt the cold steel blades vibrate and a great stream of locks fell down past my ear. He repeated the clippers action through the top of my hair and i couldn't even see the result but dad and mike both agreed. Much better length for this one! Mike said. - Nope will be better once he's completely bald and laughed.

Mike continued to buzz all my brown hair off until there was only a shadow of stubble left when dad looked at me he asked mike to use a razor and clean shave me. "I'm Sorry Barry i dont do straight razor headshaves, plus the lad does look rather young and least its nice and short.

Nice and short my ass my dad just scoft but quickly changed the conversation to football as he jumped joyfully into the chair. Well same haircut again dad laughed.

I sat in the waiting area and felt my shorn head while the last of dads receding balding scalp was shown as short as mines. I couldn't stop rubbing my head and then i saw a few men walk past the shop both bald. I maybe did over react to the haircut and it did feel great to rub but still hated the idea of going to school bald.

In less than no time dad was out of the chair paid, tipped and left the shop. Into the car dad ordered me. Dad entered the shop on the corner and came back with a brown little bag in his hands. When we got home dad told me to take my shirt off and head into the bathroom he took the items out the bag and there was a shaving razor and a can of shaving gel.

"See you! Don't you ever argue with me in a barber shop again! - You may have thought you got away with being shaved bald from Mike but I'm not Mike so get into the bathroom now"

By this time i knew and accepted that dad was going to scalp me right down to the skin. Dad took a small hand towel and carefully wrapped it around my neck, as i leaned over the bathroom sink dad poured hot -warm water over my head.

Dad applied a generous amount of shaving cream to my head and took the razor out the packet dunked it into the basin and started shaving off the remains of my stubble.

"Now son that what I call bald!" It felt amazing and rather stirring . yes i hated it but it felt really nice the shaving scrapping of the razor Against my scalp was somewhat arousing to me a feeling i never felt before. When i saw dads bald head it made me feel closer to him almost like father like son matching haircuts. And i came to like the feeling.

When i finally saw my own reflection it was a huge shock it was perfectly shaved not even a shadow of stubble was showing. It was all smooth. Dad rubbed my head and said now the school baldie is ready. Only 2 weeks time and were heading back to Mikes barbershop.

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