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I don't know what got into me! by Ken

Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking. My wife had gotten up and was getting ready for work. I was off, it was beginning to snow outside and I had a lazy day planned. I was watching the news and the subject of the story was some young guy. He'd lost most of his hair, maybe what I now know to be a Norwood 7. But that wasn't the story. I don't remember the story, it doesn't really matter. The matter is his receding hairline at his young age. He was about my age.

My wife made a comment about it, a positive comment. Maybe that's what did it. I don't know. I do know that when she left for work, I went to my little tool bag and got a small pair of fine needle nose plyers. I looked at them close and they seemed to close nice and tight. I got a small mirror, pulled up a movie on Netflix, sat in my chair and started to slowly pull the hair out of the top of my head.

I tried several methods, but the one that worked best involved grabbing a very small clump of hair and twisting. It hurt, but only a little. I decided I would twist and pull the hair out of the top of my head until my wife got home. It'd take a few breaks, you know for lunch and whatnot, but for the most part, I was going to make myself bald on top.

So, I kept pulling and tweezing and twisting. I don't know what it was, but I found it ethereal. Incredibly satisfying. As I exposed more and more of my forehead, I was feeling relieved. I knew I had to keep going. I didn't know how much I could do while she was at work, but I figured I could make quite a bit of headway, so to speak.

By lunch, I had I nice round spot at the back of my head completely denuded of hair and about 3 and a half inches more of my forehead was showing. My time was running shorter so I kept at it. I took a couple of aspirin, for the slight headache that starting to form. It kept it in check as the bald spot at front was beginning to join the rather nice bald spot I had at the back.

I should stop to say it wasn't completely smooth, there were quite a few stray hairs, here and there, but I had a plan for those. It was almost 4 o'clock when the phone rang. It was my wife.

"Hey," she said. "How's you're day off going?"

"Productive, I must say."

"Good. What you doing?"

"How about you be surprised when you get home?"

"Okay, but I'll have to wait. The weather's nuts right now, so I'll get a little more work done here. I'll wait for the snow to stop a bit and roads get cleared before heading home."

"So, what time you thinking?"

"Probably nine, somewhere around there."

"Text me when you leave and I'll have something ready for you when you get here."

We exchanged a few other things but I realized I had about 5 more hours to work on my project. She hung up and I continued plucking and twisting. I had quite a bit of hair scattered around my chair that I'd have to clean up before she got home. After about three more hours of tweezing, I'd gotten it to where I wanted it. I had a short fringe that if you looked at me from the side, you'd see the top of my bald head. But there were still quite a few stray hairs. I ran to the bathroom and got a lady Remington epilator. My wife bought it a year ago for her legs, but hated it. I plugged it in and ran it over the large bald area on the top of my head. It hurt a lot, but it was doing the job. When I got done, I had a smooth top and sides that led to a fringe that was no more than two inches up from my ear. I looked at it in the mirror and loved it, but the hair that remained was too long for being that bald on top.

I was only 7 so I had time. I cleared the snow off my car and ran to Supercuts at the plaza at the end of the road. They were open and I went inside. There were a couple of people getting their hair cut and it would be about 15 minutes. I took a seat. It wasn't 15 minutes when they young blond lady came and got me. I left my coat and took a seat. I took my by baseball had and exposed my bald pate.

"So, what'll it be?" she asked.

"Well, there's not many choice, are there," I laughed. "Just a trim, up around my ears."

She took out her scissors and comb and trimmed it and cut it around the ears and took off some of the bulk. She never asked about why I was bald at so young of an age.

When she was done, she bushed it and it looked great. This morning, I had a full head of hair, and now I had only a fringe, and a small fringe at that.

I got home, shoveled the driveway and got started on some pasta. My wife texted me and I was ready when she got home. The house smelled of her homemade sauce and when she walked in, I was wearing my baseball hat.

"Going to a game?" she asked.

"Nope, got a surprise for you. Hope you like it." I took off my hat to reveal my new hairline. "What do you think?"

She said nothing. She walked over and tilted my head down and looked at it. "Is this permeant?"

"I don't know. But I want it to be. What do you think?"

It took her a minute but she smiled. "I love it." I explained the reasoning and process and that I figured that if I kept using the epilator every other day or so, after a while, it wouldn't grow back. We talked about having to explain how come all of a sudden I was bald on top, but we'd save that for later. For now, we had fresh pasta, a pretty decent wine decanting, and an evening together, watching more snow fall on the snow that had already fallen. What a great evening, indeed!

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