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Independence Day - Part 2 by htflatnc

Independence Day - Part II
When grandpa got us home, Mike bounded out of the truck while I stayed behind for a few minutes talking to grandpa.
"Thanks for taking us to learn how to drive your truck, grandpa."
"Not at all, glad we could get this time together," he said.
"And sorry if the long hair really annoys you," I said sheepishly. "I’ve liked having it like this, but I’ve been thinking about cutting it. But probably not as short as you’d like."
"Son, it’s not a matter of how short it is, but how functional it is. I have mine cut as short as it is because it was functional while I was in the Marine Corps due to the deployments where hair was hard to keep clean and the regulations. And I’ve gotten used to it. But that’s no reason for you to have it as short as mine. I’d love it if you and Mike went into the Marine Corps, but it’s ultimately up to you. The Marine Corps isn’t for everyone. Just a few good men," he said quoting the old ad. "When you go to the Marine Corps summer camp, you’ll be glad they gave you that haircut because it’s functional. And you’ll know or at least an inkling of whether you have the stomach to live a Marine Corps life. And besides, since you play baseball and football, I’m surprised you can put up with your long hair."
With that, I got out of the truck and bounded into the house. When I got inside, I heard Mike and my dad talking. My dad saw me come in and called me over to where he and Mike were talking. "So how was your driving lesson with grandpa?" he asked.
"It was great. I think I got the hang of it."
"Not too much? My dad can be really cantankerous at times," he asserted.
"Oh, he’s a great big teddy bear who growls like a grizzly bear," I laughed. "Mike wound him up when my hair fell down into my eyes and grandpa kept ranting about my long hair. He did the same when Mike’s hair fell down in his eyes."
Mike was chuckling. "Yeah, I love doing that."
"I’m glad both of you learned how to shift gears in that truck. You’ll have your licenses in a few months and having that truck will be a huge help and make things easier. There could be some big changes around here this summer," my dad said.
"Big changes?" Mike and I said in unison. "What kind of big changes," Mike added.
Dad didn’t say anything but just smiled at us. Cheshire cat. Both Mike and I were used to that and after a moment, we both left and went upstairs.
"What do you think he meant?" I asked.
"My guess is we’ll both be shipped to the boot camp as grandpa offered, but I don’t really know," Mike said.
The next morning, I came downstairs late. My dad was about to go out the door, but did a double-take and stopped.
"What’s up with that?" he asked.
"There’s a dance at school on Friday night and the theme is rockabilly, so I thought I’d try to make it rockabilly week," I said.
"Huh," Mike grunted. "Not sure it’s working," he added.
"Yeah, I was trying for a pomp with a ducktail, but my hair’s just too long. I watched a video on Youtube of a guy combing his hair into a pomp, but it’s not working at the moment."
"Yep, looks more like Count Dracula with your hair swept back and down onto your collar," my dad said. "Well, gotta go."
"Ah, before you leave, can I get some money. 40 dollars. I want to get my hair cut this afternoon," I said.
"You want money for a haircut? What’s the world coming to? Sure," my dad said and pulled out his wallet. "You want to get one too?" he asked as he looked at Mike.
"OK. If you’re handing out money," Mike said. "I wanted to get a haircut as well. Guess I’ll tag along with Jason."
"Guess I need to stop at the ATM now. You’ve bankrupted me," dad said and rushed out the door.

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