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Braid for sale by Shant

It was a Saturday night and I decided to go to our local gay bar and see if any of my friends would be out. I was disappointed to see there was no one in the place that I even recognized except Ron, the bartender. I sat at the bar and talked with Ron for awhile and as I was finishing up my drink and thinking what a waste of time it had been to come out, a young guy, probably barely 21, sat down next to me. I didn't think much about it and didn't really pay him any attention because he was so young. I was 45, in good shape and had a full head of dark brown hair that was about two inches long on top, brushed straight up and back and was tapered close on the sides. I have always preferred guys that were approximately my age and I rarely was interested in someone really young. Pretty to look at, but not really what I was into.

To my surprise this young kid started asking me questions about the town. He had just moved here and had gotten a job and was wondering if he was going to like the place. I hadn't really paid much attention to him but when he started talking to me I turned to actually look at him and ... wow! He was a really handsome young man, really just a boy, but he was really good looking! His hair was the blackest hair I had ever seen. It was almost perfectly straight and was extremely thick. He had it parted down the middle and pulled back, but instead of wearing it in a ponytail, he had the thickest braid I had ever seen hanging down to the middle of his back. I'm really turned on by great hair and I started to think to myself that even though he was young, maybe I'd talk with him a little more and see if anything would happen.

We continued talking. He told me his name was Jason and that he had family that lived here and he was going to be living with them until he could afford a place of his own. He asked me if there were any other gay bars in town. I told him he would probably enjoy himself more at Scorpion, a bar that was popular with the younger crowd. It was less than a ten minute walk from where we were and I told him he should go on down there and give it a try.

"I'm really not interested in places like that," he said. "Actually I'm more interested in older men than I am guys my own age. Especially if they are really attractive, like you." I was a little surprised when he said that and didn't expect him to be flirting so openly with me. I would have never had the nerve to approach a guy twice my age when I was that young. Times have changed and I guess it was no big deal to him. I had to admit that despite his being so young, I did find him interesting... and really hot.

We had another drink and our conversation continued. "You really have great hair," I said. "How long has it taken you to grow it to the length it is now?" "I haven't had my hair cut in over three years. I love how long it is getting. I'm part Native American and I was really lucky that I got my mother's hair and not my father's. He's almost totally bald," Jason said. I thought to myself that explained why his hair was so black and so thick.

"How long are you going to let it grow?" I asked. "I want it to get about six inches longer, so I figure it will take another year. Then I want to find someone to cut it all off and start growing it all over again."

"That's really going to be pretty dramatic. I'd like to see it when you get it that long. A guy with great hair is really striking and boy, do you ever have great hair. I think it's one of the best I have ever seen. All four years when I was in college I cut all the guy's hair in my fraternity and I can't remember anyone having hair as nice as yours. If you're still here next year and you decide to get it cut, I'd love to cut it for you. Hell, I'd actually pay to cut it for you."

"Seriously?" Jason said. "How much would you pay to give me a haircut?" I laughed and said, "Well, that depends on how short you would be willing to get it cut." I certainly didn't think he was serious. I mean, he had just said that he was going to grow his hair out for another year and then within a few minutes he was talking about having me cut it. I really didn't think he would do it, but it was fun playing along.

Jason replied, "If you're really willing to pay to cut my hair it would really help me out. I don't get my first paycheck for two weeks and money is really tight. My fantasty has really always been for some hot, older man to cut my hair. I thought I'd wait till next year but why pass up on the opportunity and not do it now? I really like your haircut and I'd be willing to have you cut my hair like yours. Would you really pay me to cut my hair?"

"I tell you what. I live less than ten minutes from here. If you'd like to come over to my house we can talk more about this. Are you really serious about cutting your hair? Your hair is so beautiful, are you sure you want to part with it?" I asked as I reached over and ran my fingers through it. It was so thick and silky to the touch that I immediately found myself getting aroused.

"If you'd like to come over we can just play around a little, let me brush your hair, wash it and blow dry it. I'd be thrilled just to get to do that. If you don't want to cut it that's okay too. No pressure. I think we could have some fun times seeing that we're both into your hair. I'd also be glad to help you out whenever we get together."

"Ever since I can remember, a great head of hair has always been a real turn on for me. Even before I realized I was attracted to guys I knew I was attracted to guys with great hair. I'd like to untie that braid of yours and brush it all out. I'd really like to see it falling loose, all down around your shoulders. I don't think I have ever brushed hair as long as yours. It will be a real turn on for me. Then I want to run my hands through it, really working them through that thick mane of yours and then wash it and blow dry it, brushing everything straight back. You will look fantastic!"

"Like I said, we can play around and if you decide you don't want your hair cut that will be fine. I'll still be glad to help you out. I'll enjoy doing whatever you're willing to let me do. I don't want you to do anything that you will regret because it's obvious how much you love your hair. If you do decide to let me cut your hair like mine, would $300.00 be enough?" "You're on!" Jason said. "Let's get out of here and go play!"

This was certainly not how I expected my evening would end up. We got back to my house and I made us drinks. Jason asked if I would give him a tour of the house. "Sure, I'll be glad to show it to you," I said.

When we reached the second floor, Jason saw the large art deco mirror that was hung in the hallway. It was 3 x 5 ft and was entirely mirror. I had tracklights throughout the house to show off artwork and there was a tight spotlight directly in front of the mirror, aimed slightly to the right where a piece of pottery was displayed. I placed a chair facing the mirror and had Jason sit down. I then turned the spotlight directly on him and then turned all the other upstair lights off. The only thing visible was Jason.

The lighting dramatically added to the atmosphere of the room and made it very sensual. Without asking, Jason stripped down to his underwear, so I did the same. I could tell that this boy was not shy. I first untied his braid so that his hair was now falling loosely down to the middle of his back. I grabbed a brush, stood behind him so that I too was visible in the light, and started brushing his hair. Watching the entire procedure in the mirror was a rush! The moment I started brushing his hair he started fondling his dick which made it even more enjoyable to watch. Like I said, this boy wasn't shy. I then started running my hands through his hair, gently at first and then becoming more aggressive. I could bury my entire hands in his hair and not even see them. They were totally lost in his awesome mane! The more aggressive I became the more turned on he got. "Do you like having your hair brushed?" I asked him. "I LOVE having my hair brushed! I wish I had someone do it every day," he said.

"I don't get to do this very often so this is really a special evening for me. I love brushing your hair and it's great that you love having it brushed. Works out for both of us. I hope you stay here awhile because if you're interested we could do this on a regular basis."

"There is only one rule that you have to promise to follow if you want to keep getting together. From now on, I am your barber and as long as you live here no one gets to cut your hair but me. I"m never going to buzz all your hair off or anything like that. I get too turned on just thinking about running my hands through your hair and playing with it. I couldn't stand you having no hair and me have nothing to play with. I'd really like it if we first cut your hair like mine and then started growing it out, cutting it into different styles but all the while having it get long again. I want to play with that pretty hair of yours, run my hands through it, tug on it and even pull it a little. I'd like to sometimes be a little rough with that pretty hair of yours. Most times I just want to adore your hair and pamper it, but it's fun to mix things up once in awhile and do something different. How does that sound to you? Is it too weird?"

"I would love to have you do that sir. I have always been turned on by my hair. I spend hours every day standing in front of the mirror, brushing my hair and telling myself how beautiful it is and how lucky I am to have it. At the same time there's a part of me that fantasizes about having it cut down. I think it would be exciting as hell having you be totally in charge. I want to be dominated by a hot, older man that I can learn from. I'm really interested in being in a father/son relationship and seeing what it would be like."

We played some more and then I decided it was time to ask him what he wanted to do. "Do you really want me to cut your hair?" "Oh yeah man, go ahead and do it! Cut it down just like yours! I want to see all this hair come off!" That's all the encouragement I needed. I started with the scissors and started at the back and cut off over a foot of the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. His hair now just barely touched his shoulders. I placed the precious locks in his lap and the pile kept getting higher and higher. I had never seen so much hair come off anyone before. It was totally awesome.

"So, my little boy likes having all his pretty hair cut off," I said. "Yeah, I'm going to cut you down short and make you look like a man. Remember, if you're my boy your hair belongs totally to me. I've never really thought about the father/son situation, but I'm enjoying myself, so if you're interested, let's just see how this plays out. Remember, if you have someone else cut your hair, our agreement is over."

"You don't have to worry sir. My wish is for you to do whatever will please you. I've fantasized a long time about being in a relationship like this and so far, it's even better than I expected. I hope things work out with us."

I continued cutting off his beautiful hair, taking off about two inches each time. Here we were both naked with the spotlight on us, watching ourselves in the mirror, surrounded by total darkness. It was so hot! I couldn't believe this was happening. I was certainly no prude but this was one of the craziest, wildest nights I'd ever experienced and it was happening with someone who had been just a child a few years ago.

As the haircut progressed, I kept cutting it shorter and shorter, two inches at a time. Jason really seemed to get off watching all the hair coming off. I kept cutting it shorter until it was about the length of mine on top but I had not yet cut the sides down. I put a #2 guard on the clippers and pushed his head down until his chin was almost touching his chest and said, "Are you ready for the final cut? Are you ready to not look like a pretty boy with all that girlie hair and look like a man?"

"Do it!" Jason said. I turned on the clippers and ran them up the back of his head, nearly all the way to the crown. I used the #2 guard all the way around the back and the sides, tapering it to about three fingers above his ears. The top was long enough to just brush back. His hair was so thick that it was already standing straight up. He looked great!

After I finished the haircut I asked him if he wanted to spend the night. He immediately said yes and we got into bed. It was so strange, here I was wrapped around this young boy, turned on like I had never been before.

Jason ended up living here for about five years and about six months after our first night together, he moved in with me. Eventually he was brushing my hair and even cutting it and I couldn't keep my hands out of his. We always seemed to come up with new scenarios and it never got boring. I was really sorry when he had to move due to his job. He comes to visit his family and stays with me. We still have great chemistry and I'm so glad I didn't just immediately dismiss the idea of being with him because he was so young.

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