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A wash and cut at Maison Anthony by Teddy

Truth was I had never really had anyone cut my dark brown curly hair the way I really wanted, barbers had always hacked at it, then someone suggested I try Mr Anthony. He was a lady’s hairdresser who would occasionally also cut guys hair, I was a bit reluctant at first but phoned and spoke to him. Before I knew it, I had made an appointment, on arrival I could see it clearly catered more for a more mature lady. I felt quite uncomfortable as I sat and waited for Mr Anthony, here I was a strapping seventeen-year-old at a lady’s hairdressers. Eventually I was shown to a chair by a female junior hairdresser for Mr Anthony to take a look at my hair, he examined my hair lifting it up.

"So, Mr Johnson have you ever had a haircut you’ve ever liked?"
"No, I don’t think I have really, I’ve always been told that curly hair is difficult to cut"
"It can be challenging but not difficult unless you’re in a hurry, this is not challenging though Mr Johnson, I can do something special with your hair"
"That would be great"
"Let’s get your hair washed first "

I followed him to the cupboard where he took my jacket and hung it up, then he took out an apple green gown and held it for me to put my arms in the sleeves, once I had done that, he fastened the ties at the back. "This way curly tops" he said as we went to the wash basin. I sat on the vinyl chair and then the towel was placed around my shoulders, then leaning forward with my head practically in the basin, he ran the water and tested it with his hand before soaking my hair with water from the shower attachment. Next the shampoo was applied and he began to vigorously massage it into my hair a rinse then another application of shampoo another rinse. Mr Anthony was I’d say in his early forties and very attractive who had clearly taken very good care of himself, his blond hair with his thick sideburns and moustache really suited him. "Conditioner is extra Mr Johnson, but I’m sure you don’t want to spoil the ship for a ha’porth of tar". I certainly did not, it felt great to have someone taking care with my hair for once, especially great as he gently applied the conditioner and combed it through before was it all washed out. Mr Anthony then wrapped a fresh towel around my head and I sat back in the chair before being taken over to the cutting area. Having lightly dried my hair he combed it and then started cutting,

"A penny for your thoughts Mr Johnson"
"I was just thinking that’s it’s great to have someone who knows what they are doing cut my hair"
"Its good hair to work with, I have ladies who pay a fortune to have a permanent wave put in their hair…they would love these curls"
"My father when he took me to the barbers would always say to cut all my curls off, I had to have a short back and sides"
"That must have been tough for you…but today Mr Johnson you get the princely treatment"
"Speaking off the back, at the moment your curls tumble down over your collar and I would really like to take your hair up at the back"
"Fine with me you are the expert"

He carried on cutting, including cutting my hair what seemed quite short at the back, but I wasn’t that concerned. After placing the scissors down, he then sprayed my hair to really wet it again and then disappeared for a moment and then returned with a trolly with rollers on it.
"You look a little surprised Mr Johnson"
"Are you going to put them in my hair"
"I certainly am Mr Johnson; you want the perfect haircut and that means the perfect finish"

He began to wrap my hair around one of the rollers, and soon my hair had a number of these rollers in place, once he had the required amount, plastic shields were place on my ears then a hairnet placed on my hair. Mr Anthony then took me over to the other side of his salon where four sit under hairdryers were, two ladies were already under them and he sat me between them and there I was to sit under the hairdryer so my hair could dry all nice and curly as he put it. Whilst I sat there Mr Anthony attended to a lady who had come in to have her hair cut, one of the other hairdressers came and got me from the hairdryer, and showed me to a chair, I should add that he was the only male hairdresser. She removed the net and ear shields and then began to take out the rollers. Once this was done, I was left to wait for Mr Anthony who then combed my hair, then fetched a razor and shaved my neck

"May I suggest you stay on top of your neck shaves Mr Johnson, make sure you don’t go all fluffy"
"I’ll do my best"
"Just you make sure you do Mr Johnson"

He held up the mirror so I could see the back, I loved the way my hair sat all curly and the way he had cut the back shorter.

"Fantastic, thanks Mr Anthony"
"Glad you like it, I know you were a bit surprised about the rollers but now your curly hair looks at its very best, the Maison Anthony way, now if you see

Mrs Merry over there, she can make your next appointment when you settle up"
When it came to paying it was quite taken aback how much it came to, but went ahead and made my next appointment for four weeks’ time, I would just have to make a few economies elsewhere to help pay for it.

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