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An appointment for a wash by washedladuk

Jay turned and walked back down the street he’d just walked along. He’d walked slowly up and down the same street for almost 25 minutes, having arrived by train early for his appointment. There was no doubt about it, he was nervous. As he walked by the house again he tried to have a look to see if there was any sign of activity, but there was no sign of any movement within the house. He looked at his watch again, another 10 minutes to go. He knew he could turn around now, walk back to the train station and take the train back home again. Certainly the nerves he was feeling inside did make that a tempting option. But he also knew he desperately wanted what he had come to this street for, so he continued slowly walking and waiting for those 10 minutes to pass.

Finally, after what felt hours, Jay looked at his watch and it was just 2 minutes until his appointment. He was standing right outside the house, still no sign of any life from within. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes for a moment to prepare, then walked slowly up to the front door and climbed up the two steps and rang the bell. He still felt nervous, and started to think yet again that it wasn’t too late to leave. But at that moment the front door was opened by a man who was staring down at him. The man smiled and said "Hello, can I help you?"

Jay knew this question was coming, he’d expected it. But with the nerves he was feeling, he was also struggling to reply. Without looking up at the man, Jay replied very quietly "erm I’ve come for the wash"

The man looked down at Jay, smiling a little more. He replied "Excuse me, I didn’t quite catch that?" Jay slowly looked up, still trying to avoid eye contact with the man, and said a little louder "I’ve come to get my hair washed, please"

The man smiled more, with a slight pause before he replied "well you’d better come inside then". The man opened the door wide and gestured for Jay to enter. Jay took another deep breathe then walked in through the door and into the house. The man shut the front door behind them. With both men standing inside, the man said to Jay "I’m sorry, just got the get the last bits ready, if you just want to take a seat here for a minute and I’ll be right back".

Jay sat down, looking around the room although not really focussing on anything. He couldn’t explain why, but he felt a little more at ease once inside the house. It didn’t take long and the man returned, saying "right I think we are ready, would you like to come this way"

The man led Jay through the house, stopping in a small hallway and offered to take Jay’s coat for him "I don’t think you’ll be wanting that on" he said. Jay took his coat off and the man placed it on a coat hook on the wall. The man opened a door off the hallway, and at that moment Jay could see it... a chair had been placed in the bathroom, directly in front of the basin.

The man walked inside. "Right then, I think we’d better put this on you first" as the man grabbed a gown. He held it out, and Jay approached and put his arms through the holes. The man pulled it on and tied the gown from behind. "Would you like to take a seat now, make yourself comfortable?" he said.

Despite still feeling nerves, Jay was increasingly feeling excited. He certainly didn’t regret his choice of wearing briefs today. He walked around to the front of the chair and sat down. He could see himself in a mirror that had been perfectly placed in front of the basin. He could also see a camera had been placed just to one side, which he’d expected to see there. The man grabbed a hand towel out of a cupboard, and placed it around Jay’s shoulders. He then grabbed the shower attachment from the bath and placed it in the basin, before turning the water on. He slowly adjusted the water, wanting to get the pressure and temperature just right. Jay just stared ahead looking at himself in the mirror in this position.

Finally Jay heard the words he’d been waiting for "right, could you lean yourself over the basin for me please". Jay edged forward slightly in the seat, then leant his head forward over the basin. The man pushed his head down a little more and then lifted the shower attachment and slowly started to let water run through Jay’s blonde hair. Jay could feel the water, and could feel as the man started running his fingers through his hair.

After what felt like a few minutes he could see the attachment being placed down in front of him in the basin, and heard the clip of a shampoo bottle being opened. Shortly after that he started to feel the man massage shampoo into his hair. It felt amazing to Jay, the feel of another guy washing his hair. The man lifted the attachment and started to let water run though Jay’s hair, slowly letting the shampoo wash away. Again, Jay could see the attachment being placed down and heard the click. Moments later he could feel more shampoo being massaged through his hair, which seemed to last longer and be a little more rigorous the second time. He then got to enjoy as water was running through his hair to wash the shampoo out again.

The man asked Jay if he would like some conditioner, which of course he said "yes please" to. So Jay got to feel some conditioner being applied, before that final rinse. When the water was switched off the man waited a few moments and then lifted the towel from Jay’s shoulders, and wrapped it around Jay’s head. He asked Jay to sit up, and started to use the towel to rub Jay’s hair dry. The man threw the towel into the empty bath and smiled at Jay. "Right Jay, could you come this way now" and he walked through the door and back into the hallway.

Jay was stunned for a moment. He hadn’t expected this, and wasn’t quite sure what was happening now. He had expected to turn up and get his hair washed. So what was going to happen now? Surely he wasn’t leaving already. Slowly Jay stood up and walked out of the bathroom and followed the man…

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