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Fresh Cuts for the Family by Buzz Cut Guy

Being a barber in a small town has a few perks. One of which being close to a lot of my clients. For example, I know that Brian comes by every 4 weeks, has two children, and works as a computer programmer for a nearby electronic company.

Summer is usually a busy time, with a lot of people bringing their children in for their seasonal shearing and some adults wanting to change up their whole style.

But even weekdays still have their slow moments. And this Monday was one of them. Sitting in one of my three chairs while my coworker, a twenty something year old woman, was finishing her last customer for the moment. A younger man who was close to graduating high school and preferred shorter, militaristic styles. She and him chatted mindlessly while I scrolled through the news on my phone.

However, it wasn't for long due to the door to the shop opening and our little bell ringing. I looked up to see a family of five walking in. A mother, a father, two sons, and one daughter. I rose to my feet and smiled while looking over the family.

The mother had to be in her early 50s. Her dark brown hair fell just past her shoulder blades. Wearing a vibrant sundress and a headband to try to beat the summer heat.

The father looked a couple years younger than the mom and had his black hair in a long businessmen's cut, a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a loose fitting T-shirt.

The oldest son seemed to be about 17 and had shaggy black hair that covered his ears and fell into his eyes. I could feel my neck start to hurt as he kept flipping it out of his face. His skinny jeans and heavy metal tee gave me rebellious vibes.

The younger boy looked about 12 and had his brown hair much shorter in a grown out short back and sides. His shorts matching that of his father and a vibrant T-shirt that displayed his favorite video game.

The daughter, in quite the contrast to her family, had very straight, bright blonde hair that fell towards her behind. She looked to be about 15, and wore very short jean shorts along with a short-sleeved shirt.

"How are you folks doing today?" I asked.

"Wonderful," the mother started, "do you have time to fit in a couple haircuts?"

"Of course. It has been a pretty slow day. Who's in need of a cut?"

"All of us," the father answered.

The daughter turned to the mom. "Do I really need to get my hair cut in a barbershop?"

"If it helps at all," I cut in, "I may be a barber, but I am trained on cutting long styles and even trims."

The mother smiled, "see? Nothing to worry about!"

Her daughter seemed to calm down a bit. She was probably freaking out about having an older man cutting her precious mane of hair.

"So, who's up first?" I asked while picking up the cape on the back of the chair.

The father motioned for his eldest son, "go ahead, Eric."

Reluctantly, the boy trudged to the chair. Sitting down and looking at himself one last time with his precious locks.

While throwing the cape around him and placing a white strip around his neck, I began to ask, "What are we doing today?"

Before he could get a word in edgewise his father spoke up again. "Something short. He'll be in the sun all summer and I don't want him sweating so much."

I looked at the boy in the mirror, his eyes fell towards the cape. He looked defeated, almost as if he knew he was going to be leaving with something brutally short.

"Well," I started to reply while combing out the boy's hair. "If he's gonna be in the sun, I think he should keep some length on top to keep from burning. How about I take the sides short and leave the top just long enough to style?"

Eric perked up in his seat and looked at his mother. Begging with his eyes that he wanted the style I just described.

His mother thought for a moment and finally nodded, "I think that would suit him. Just don't leave the sides too long. His hair grows fast."

Picking up my clippers from the counter and leaving the plastic guard off I got to work. Parting the hair on top to the side, I began to put my clippers to the ultimate test today. His thick mane of hair was proving to be difficult to cut, but my clippers prevailed and were able to plow through his sideburn and leave him with minimal stubble left. Turning him away from the mirror so I could give him a good surprise. As I finished with his right side, my coworker, Stephanie, was finished with her client and began watching the cut unfold.

She smiled and commented, "You'll look so much better when your eyes will be exposed."

His cheeks turned pink while I moved around and shaved the sides of his head down to stubble. When the last strip was finished, the clippers were shut off and I inspected my handiwork. Satisfied with my work, I put down the clippers and retrieved my shears and comb from the counter. Along with a spray bottle to wet down his hair. I soon began taking much more hair off the top until I could finally see his eyes. Leaving a couple inches on top to style.

I thinned his hair a little to give him some texture and then put some product in his hair to create the fauxhawk look. Spinning his chair around, I could see the shock on Eric's face.

"How's that?" I asked, "that enough left for you?"

"It's perfect!" He announced. The second I took the cape off for him his hands came up to feel his newly shorn hair. He thanked me then joined his family.

"Next!" I enthusiastically called out.

The daughter stood up and walked over.

"Would um…" she started. "Would it be alright if she cut my hair?" She pointed at Stephanie who smiled but shook her head,

"Sorry, sweetie, I'm done for the day. I've got dinner with my sister." She got up, "but don't worry, you're in good hands. He cuts my hair and I love it! I used to have hair like you until I started working here. I saw him cut a young lady's hair and fell in love with the style."

This seemed to relax her quite a bit as the teen moved towards the chair.

I fit a white strip around her neck and caped her. "So, what are we doing today?"

"Light trim," she quietly replied.

"Don't you want something shorter, dear?" Her mother asked. "You mentioned shoulder-length for the heat."

She shrugged in my chair, "I’m not sure… would it look okay?"

"She should just go short all over," her father grunted.

"Louis!" the mother replied.

"What? It would be a lot easier for her in the mornings."

The young girl shifted in the chair, "I wouldn’t look good with short hair…"

"Nonsense," I interjected, "Your face shape would be very good with a pixie cut. Hell, you’d probably pull off a crew cut or a flat top if you wanted that short."

"Well… how about a pixie cut then? But I want some length on top if that's not too much to ask…"

"Of course. How about I leave an inch on the sides and give you about four on top?"

She nodded, "that doesn't sound terrible."

"Want me to use scissors or the clippers on the sides?"

"Um… I... I guess I’ll try the clippers?"

"Good choice. You’ll be looking great in no time!"

She smiled softly as I spun her chair around. I picked up the scissors and began to gather her hair behind her. I could sense her nerves as I pulled it back slightly and placed the scissors where her hair fell over her neck.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yes." She confidently confirmed.

I smiled and closed the shears around her ponytail. Having to make multiple cuts in order to work my way through the mane as it fell to the floor.

I could hear a sharp inhale from her as I asked, "feel lighter?"

"Much!" she replied with enthusiasm.

I chuckled and looked to her mother, who was covering her mouth.

I laughed and took my comb as I started to cut off the bulk. Slowly taking her hair shorter and shorter. Eventually leaving her with 4 and a half inches on top.

"Now the fun begins," I commented as I picked up my trusty clippers again. Brushing her brother’s hair off and snapping on the 1 inch guard. I stood behind her and gently pushed her head to her chest as I plunged them up her nape. Shearing her shorter and shorter around the sides until it was all uniform in length. "How are you doing down there?"

"I-I’m alright," she answered. "How does it look?"

"How about you tell me?" I replied, spinning the chair back around and facing the mirror. I heard her take a sharp inhale as her hand reached up and felt the sides. "W-whoa! This is so short… Stacy is gonna love it!"

I smiled and undid the cape, "If you’d like to come by every couple weeks for a touch-up, I’d happily help you out. I only charge half for trims and cleanups."

"I might have to take you up on that. Thank you so much, your coworker was right… I may wanna keep this!"

"You’re very welcome, sweetheart. I’ll be here if you ever wanna change up your style."

She nodded and went back to her family.

The mom spoke up again. "Go ahead, Tyler," she said to her youngest son."

He jumped up from the waiting area and walked over to the chair. He climbed up and I caped him, "so, what are we doing with you, buddy?"

He looked to his parents. To which, his father answered, "a good high and tight. Bald on the sides, and a 2 on the top."

"Yes, sir," I replied. Turning to Tyler, "sorry buddy."

"It's okay. I like the short cuts."

"Then you'll love this one."

I got to work by taking the clippers over his whole head with a number 2 guard. Reducing him down a quarter-inch buzz cut.

"Looking better already," I commented.

He smiled up at me as I took the bare blades to the sides of his head. Reducing his already short hair down to almost nothing. Finishing up the cut with my trimmers around the edges to give him a nice touch-up.

"How's that?" I asked his parents.

"Much better," the father replied.

I pulled off the cape and dusted him off one final time, "you're all set, buddy. Enjoy."

"I will!" Tyler exclaimed. "See you in a couple weeks!"

I smiled and nodded, "sounds great."

He hopped out and I looked at the parents, "next!"

The father stood up and made his way over to my chair. I caped him and turned him to the chair. "Zero on the sizes, a one on top."

"Taking it short for the summer heat?"

"That’s right. Don’t wanna deal with it for a while."

"Want a full zero all over then?"

Louis thought for a moment, "Don’t see why not. Might as well, right?"

I nodded and dusted off my clippers. Pushing his chin down to his chest, I turned the clippers back on and plunged them into his thick mane. Sending three inches of black hair onto the cape. Leaving a strip of pale skin from his nape to the crown. The hair tumbled into his lap as he commented.

"Guess it has been a little too long since my last trim."

"Very long," I replied, going strip by strip around the sides of his head. I continued until the sides were bare and the top remained long. My favorite part was up next, I pulled his hair straight back and placed the clippers at the hairline. Slowly pushing them back over his scalp. Sending a mass of black hair onto the ground at my feet. Continuing until nothing but a faint stubble remained on his head. Taking a few extra passes to make sure I got it all before finally letting him loose.

"Much better," he said, rubbing his head.

I nodded and turned to his wife, "you’re up, ma’am."

She smiled and made her way to my chair. She climbed into my chair and I threw the cape over her. Having to pull her hair out to clip it tight around her.

"Any idea what you’d like today?"

She hummed slightly, obviously considering a few options. "Well… I’d be a fool to think I’m going to leave here with a trim. How about something… drastic?"

That was music to my ears, "Such as?"

"How about…" she looked around my shop and finally pointed at one of my posters "that one?"

I looked up and smiled. She had picked out a horseshoe flattop. "That would compliment you perfectly."

She nodded, "then that one, please."

"One horseshoe, coming right up."

I picked up my shears to remove a majority of the bulk from her head. Taking out the headband and placing it on the counter. She wasn’t going to need that when I was through with the cut. I began sectioning her hair and cutting off the majority of the bulk. Leaving a good two inches all around. A choppy pixie cut started to form.

I put my shears away and picked up my clippers and turned them on once more. Pushing her head to her chest and slipping it up the back of her head. Cascading hair down her shoulders and into her lap. Leaving nothing left on her scalp.

"That’s a lot of hair," she chirped.

"You haven’t seen anything yet," I replied. Plunging the clippers deeper and deeper. Leaving only stubble in my wake. Taking the sides down to nothing and picking up my comb. I lifted the hair on the top of her head and started to form the flat top. Lifting and cutting like it was nothing. Not worrying too much about the level of it because I needed it a little shorter still.

When it was ready, I applied some product to her hair to get it to stand up and I started to get serious. Lifting the hair slightly once again, I started to leave her with short hairs sticking straight up.

Her flattop was finally complete and she looked beautiful.

"How’s that, dear?" I asked, holding up a mirror for her to see the length on top.

She smiled and felt it, "it’s perfect!"

"Would you like me to shave the sides?"


I smiled and got out my straight razor. Putting shaving cream on the sides, I started to leave her with smooth skin on the sides. When she was finally done, I spun her towards her husband, "what do you think, sir?"

He smirked, "looks amazing to me. A perfect fit for her, and great for the summer."

I nodded and finally undid the cape for her. She stood up and looked at the mess of hair left from the five of them, "Oh my, maybe we shouldn’t wait so long for our next haircuts?"

"I wouldn’t advise it," I commented, approaching the register for them. "I highly recommend once a month to maintain your looks."

The wife smiled, "you can count on us as regulars. How much?"

"Fifteen for adults, and 8 for the young one."

She fished through her purse and pulled out a crisp one hundred dollar bill and slid it to me, "keep the change."

"Thank you very much."

"No no, thank you. See you in a month!"

"I’ll be here."

And I’ve seen them once every month, sometimes twice during the summer.

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