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Buzzcut In Delhi , India by Mahesh Shah

I am Mahesh and I am 16 years old brown Indian. I have a lot of short hair fetish. Every Night I would get wet dreams about me shaving my head. On one fine day I decided that it was enough of thinking and time to take action. In our home we don't usually don't get a buzzcut. Short haircut for my family is about 2 inches long hair.
Without Informing my family I went to barber and asked him to give me a #4 buzzcut all over. He asked me if I was sure. I nodded my head. Hw buzzed the top part first followed by sides .All my long bangs were gone in less than a minute. I had a big erection under the cape( I also felt that he saw it). Unsatisfied I asked him to go shorter. Then he buzzed it with a #2 clipper. I was feeling so horny that I wanted to f*** him right there.

When I reached home there was another scene going on. In the heat of the moment my father hit me so hard on my head that I felt to cry. He was upset with me for getting my hair trimmed so short. I was asked to wear a cap for the next few days. Later he accepted the fact that I loved buzzcuts. Then after 4 weeks he took me to a street barbershop and asked him to buzz my hair with #1 and left the shop. The buzzcut felt so good. Then on the instructions given my my father he shaved my small mustache and goatee. Then he asked me to remove my t shirt to shave my armpit , I felt a little shy but then he forced me to do it and shaved it smooth. I am really blessed.

Next Time I wanted to shave my head bald with a straight razor.

PS : It is my real experience !!!!

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