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Everything for love. by jajkoEverything for love. Please excuse

Everything for love.
Please excuse my weak English.
This is the story of a friend who was fourteen in 1969. I write it in the first person.
My name is Alex, when this story took place I was 14 years old, I had long brown hair reaching over my shoulders. I have a brother, Zeke, who is 12 years old and, like me, does everything to make his hair as long as possible. When we are forced to go to a modern barber, he will make only minor adjustments to our hairstyles.
As a 14-year-old, I was very much in love with my classmate Adely, who had long black hair reaching to the middle of her back, beautiful dark brown eyes, a beautiful mouth and a smile. Once when we left school together, I confessed to her that I really liked her and I would do everything she could for her. We stood for a while, looked me in the eye and said: I want you to get a haircut, your hair is very long and you look like a girl and I don't want a girl as a lover. Haircut? Are you serious? Her answer was clear: Yes ....... I hesitated for a moment and then I said: Okay, by the end of the week, I'm going to my modern barber shop and get my hair done. She told me: Alex do you remember what your hair was like when you started going to school? Yes, I answered. But I went with my father every 3-4 weeks to the old-fashioned barber to Vincezno barber shop for very short hairstyles. That's it, she exclaimed happily, and now you and your father will go to him for regular hairstyles. Until you get a haircut from Vincezna, I don't even want to see you and she started running home. I thought a lot about what Adela told me. I was going to see Vincenzo and I didn't even know how to tell my parents who knew how much I loved my long hair.
The next day at school, Adela told me: Don't look at me until you're cut! I kept thinking about what Adela was asking of me.
My mother eased my situation. She said at evenings. Boys, it's time for you to get a haircut. Zake, he started begging that we don't have long hair yet and we don't need to style our hair. I took advantage of the situation and said. Okay, but I'd like my father to take me to the barber shop that led me when I was little, and we went to see his hairstyles again. Everyone at the table looked at me blankly. Father finally said, I'll take you to Vincenzo well on Saturday. And the mother said unto her father, take both boys there. Zake started screaming that he wasn't going to the old-fashioned barber shop and was angry at me for wanting a short haircut, so he would get it too.
On Saturday, Zake's father took me to Vincenzo's barber shop. After welcoming up with the barber, we sat down on the waiting chairs. I looked at the barber shop but over the years we haven't been there, nothing has changed but Vincenzo is more old. After about half an hour of waiting for Vincenzo to call: another one, please, I got up and went to sit in his chair. My father also went with me. He told the barber, this is my older son Alex and he needs a haircut. While the barber wrapped me in a white sheet, he asked my father: How do we cut him? My father did exactly what he did years ago. He placed his hand on the back of his head just above the collar of his shirt and said: He will have no hair under this hand.
The barber smiled and began combing my hair. He took electric scissors from the counter. He pushed my head forward. I feel the cold metal of the scissors on my neck. The scissors rise up the back of the head and I see the first cut hair on the tarpaulin. My stomach tightens, I'm afraid of a new hairstyle, but I'll do everything for Adela. But Vincenzo is already pushing my head on my left shoulder and his scissors are removing the hair around my right ear. Then he moved to the other side and does the same over his left ear. After about 5 -6 years I see my ears without hair. Vincenzo uses a comb and scissors to cut the hair on the top of my head to about 2 inches and my hair no longer covers my eyes. The barber exchanged electric scissors, shaved my head to my side, bent my ear, and made an arch about an inch above my ear. He did the same on the other side of his head. He started to push my head forward and I can feel the teeth of the scissors on my neck as they rise up the back, I imagine about how high the barber went with them. I finally see myself in the mirror for a moment. But I also noticed Zake on the waiting chair holding his hair and shaking his head. This barber on the top of my head combs my hair on one side and adjusts it. When he cleans the tarpaulin from hair, he applies white foam over my ears and the back of my head. Then it slowly slows down the foam and scraps it carefully. It removes foam from me, applies an unpleasant-smelling liquid to my hair and combs my hair. Last edits. A while ago I saw myself in the mirror with long hair, and now there is a boy with a relatively small head with a thumb-large white arch of skin above his ears. The barber stood behind me with a mirror so I could see the back of my head. 2 and 1/2 inches above the collar of the shirt I have no hair until then there is a gradual transition to the length of hair on the top of the head. Thank you and I'm going to sit on the waiting chair until Zake loses his hair. When I looked at my brother, I saw tears rolling down his cheeks. I'm still looking for hair, rubbing the back of my head and imagining Adela smiling fondly at me and praising me for fulfilling her wish. But even Zake is cut. I look at his small head and fairly large ears. I don't need a mirror, it's enough to see Zake's hairstyle, I know I'm exactly the same.
When Adela noticed me, she started laughing that I looked like a 10-year-old boy. She grabbed my head and kissed my forehead with the words: From now on, you will only go to this barber regularly and caress the shaved back of my head. Her new request was that she wanted to be there when I got a new hairstyle.
I was the center of ridicule at school, but it didn't bother me when I did it for my love.
When my hair grew about 3/8 inch, Adela repeated her request to visit Vincenzo and get another haircut. So after 3 weeks I asked my parents for money for a barber because I wanted to go alone without my father and Zake. After all, Adela took me to the barber, which became the rule for the next 2 years or so.

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