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Dan Pursues Petra by burrlypup

Dan brushed his lush dark brown waves straight back. Then to the sides, parting it down the middle and letting the long, golden highlighted locks fall to his navel. He was way ahead of the fashion curve with his long hair - no other man in a hundred miles had hair as long or lush as his! He always had at least a dozen girls fawning over him at the club. He didn’t even need to wear fancy clothes, just whatever he had on at his construction job. Usually boots, jeans and a flannel. Think late 20’s Kurt Russell.

A lot of the other men at the club were a bit jealous, it being a small town, and Dan wasn’t very generous with his harem of female admirers. But as with every tale of love, Dan had the attention of every woman in town, but not the one that gave him heart a hard on.

Petra was the exotic, eclectic girl who went to college, dropped out at 21, went backpacking around the world, got a tattoo in Thailand, has a bracelet from every village in Africa, and practiced yoga before much of the western world knew what it was. Petra was a good five years older than Dan, so she had a pretty good idea of what she wanted and what things she would put up with. And she was clear his hair wasn’t one of them.

Petra owned a beauty parlor and, this being in the middle of nowhere, she often got quite a few male clients. She didn’t mind at all, so long as they liked their hair cut short. She only charged $6, but the sign on her door was crystal clear: ‘Mens Haircuts, $3 " Flattop, Crewcut or Baldie’

Of course, Dan knew about her shop and often times he walked by only to smile and continue walking. Sometimes he sat on the bench out front after frequenting the bar next door. He knew Petra was the one for him and that meant it was time for a haircut.

He woke up one Saturday morning and knew it was the day. He rolled down his windows in his car as he drove down to her shop, taking in the soothing sensation of the wind blowing through his hair. He would miss that, indeed, but there was so much to gain and he knew Petra would be his by nightfall.

"Just have a seat, I’ll be right up in a minute." Petra shouted from her back room as Dan tripped the doorbell as he walked in. He felt warm instantly, so he took off his jacket and sat in the chair, letting his long locks cascade behind the chair. He patiently waited, his heart jumped as he heard her steps grow louder.

"You know the rules, bub. Unless you’re getting one of the three mens cuts, you’re out of luck." Petra winked as she wrapped the cape around Dan.

"I guess it’s my lucky day then." Dan replied confidently.

"So today is the day? No more sexy Samson?" Petra asked as she combed through the impossibly long hair.

"I’ll have whatever cut you choose for me." Dan spoke clearly. Petra lit up and smiled bigger than she’d ever before. Dan was in for a ride.

Half an hour later, Dan was in a state of shock as Petra lovingly massaged his nude scalp. His head was so round and white, he looked more like Elmer Fudd than a hunk who could have any woman in town. He couldn’t get over it. He started out the day as the dude with the longest hair in town, to being the dude with absolutely no hair. He reached up and felt his scalp. There wasn’t a hint of stubble. She had shaved it twice, with and then against the grain. It felt so alien to him! At least it meant that Petra would finally give him a chance. Or so he thought.
As soon as Petra lifted the cape, Dan saw all of the hair he lost covering the floor like a brown flokati rug. As he got up and looked into his reflection, he couldn’t believe how average he now looked.

"That’ll be $6." Petra told him as she quickly swept up the hair and tossed it all in a trashbin, which was overflowing with his hair by the time she got it all off the floor.
Dan gave her a $20 and told her to keep the change. She smiled and went about her duties like he wasn’t there. He had to break the silence, clearing his throat, to get her attention.

"Oh you’re still here?" Petra asked.

"I was hoping I could take you out sometime. Anywhere you like." Dan asked humbly.

"Oh gosh, I don’t think so. I got a man. His name is Chris. As a matter of fact, he’s outside now. Well, come again soon!" Petra quickly dismissed Dan in so little words. He was broken. He gave up all of his hair and didn’t even get his girl. He winced as he saw Petra’s lover: he was basically a blond version of Dan, with hair as long as his was, nearly touching his butt.

"Nice dome, bro!" Chris complimented Dan as they crossed paths as Dan walked out, and he walked into the shop.

Dan couldn’t bear to watch as his blond doppelganger kissed Petra and then laughed as she pointed out at Dan through the window. Then he stared into his bald reflection in his rearview mirror.

Dan sighed and drove home, with his windows rolled up since his bald head was too cold.

Authors note: Thinking Chris needs a haircut next, what are your thoughts?

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