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Chris Gets His Own Story by burrlypup

Chris waited in his car outside of Petra’s Beauty Shop. He didn’t mind the wait, but he grew uneasy as he watched how sensual and intimate she was with her customers. He arrived as the man took a seat in her chair and Petra sure looked happy to see him.

‘Is she cheating on me with this dude?’ Chris wondered as he watched Petra pull all of the mans long, dark hair back and then tied it at the nape. Chris couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Petra pick up scissors and cut off the length in one go. The man in the chair looked mortified, yet strangely confident. He was quite handsome, Chris thought, which fed his own insecurities about Petra as she leaned in close, her breasts nearly falling out of her short sleeve button up shirt as she began stripping away all of this mans hair with bare bladed clippers. The man still had a smug look on his face and was clearly enjoying the attention from Petra. Chris fumed as he looked on. He told her a few times before that he didn’t like her having male clients, and he certainly didn’t like her getting so close to them.

Then he remembered something she said a few weeks back, about how sexy some cop was after she shaved his head smooth, how she couldn’t stop rubbing it, and how he better behave or she’d give him a baldie as well. Chris laughed it off, confident that their brief yet lust filled relationship was built on solid rock. As he watched Petra taking her time as she placed hot lather, steamed towels and massaged this dudes nape and shoulders, Chris suddenly felt less sure of anything. He couldn’t help but notice how aroused he was watching her shave this dudes head. She shaved it once and he looked bald, but then she re-lathered his head and shaved it against the grain, slowly and seductively. For the first time in his life, Chris experienced an intense jealousy that blocked his otherwise rational, calm demeanor.

Petra wiped the mans head and face with a steamed towel and Chris smugly scoffed. ‘He’s not attractive at all without his hair,’ he thought to himself, and in turn, a seed was planted by his own ego that he would look even more handsome bald than with hair.

"Well, if she likes bald dudes, then that’s what she’s gonna get." Chris told himself as he watched Petra rub the mans smooth, bald head for what seemed like an hour. Petra took the mans money and they seemed to exchange a few more words before Petra pointed out to Chris from the shop. The man seemed to laugh and then walk out. Chris was furious! He wanted to know what was being said about him. He got out of his car and walked inside, coming face to face with the man.

"Hey, nice dome bro!" Chris told him as they crossed paths, not really paying attention to the dejected look on the newly bald mans face.

"What was that all about!?" Chris asked Petra as he stormed in, making love-y dove-y gestures.

"Oh, you mean Dan? He’s just a friend. Well he wants more than friendship, but he doesn’t seem to be aware that we’re cousins, and I’m not going to be the one to open up that can of worms." Petra spoke as she wrapped her hands around Chris.

"Your cousin? That’s how you interact with your cousin?!" Chris spoke, closing his eyes for dramatic effect then facing Dan through the window and laughing.

"Second cousin, if that matters. And you are imagining things. When I give haircuts, I have to get close, it’s inherent to the job. I can’t just reach out and cut hair from an arms length distance just to help you feel less insecure." Petra explained as she smoothed his blond locks all the down his back to his mid-thigh.

"Did you have to rub his bald head for so long? I timed you, you spent 12 minutes just rubbing his head!" Chris pointed out….

"Okay, you got me! I enjoyed that. I think if you put things in perspective you’ll remember how long I massaged you last night. And the night before." Petra winked as she pressed her body into Chris.

"I recall…" Chris responded, pulling in for a kiss, then backing up and sitting in the chair and pulling Petra into his lap. "So would you be more into me with shorter hair?"

"I’ve been waiting for you to ask for a cut, but you know my rules." Petra replied, pointing at the sign on her door.

"Nothing in between?" Chris asked.

"Where’s the fun in taking the middle road? If you’re thinking about it, let’s not do half measures. Do you trust me?" Petra asked.

"Yes." Chris spoke with complete certainty.

"Hold on tight." Petra whispered in his ear, then went to work pulling his massive hair up, caping him up. He hadn’t had a haircut in a decade. Feeling the tissue being placed around his neck, the fastening of the cape and Petra pumping up the chair made the situation seem inescapable. Part of him wanted this badly. It was the next step for them, a huge bonding sacrifice on his part. Petra placed a #4 guard on her clippers.

"Oh cool, I’m not going to be bald." Chris spoke, relieved.

"Not this time." Petra grinned as she drove the guarded clippers down the center of Chris’ head, sending and avalanche of blond locks to the floor. She cleared the top of his head down to half an inch.

"I look like a clown." Chris laughed before Petra changed the guards with a #000 blade and began clipping the sides of his head up high, and all the way up to his crown in back. Chris felt invigorated by the sensation of bare clippers against his head. His blond hair seemed darker now without all the sun lightened length. Chris did a double take when he saw all of his blond hair on the floor. 'I can't believe I'm doing this,' he thought to himself.

Just as Chris caught himself in a moment of doubt, Petra suddenly froze in front of him, closer than they’d ever been before outside of love making. She carefully, deliberately began driving the bare clippers against his head from his crown forward, evenly leveling the top with every pass. She angled the clippers against the highest part of the sides, creating a bevel that blended the shaved sides with the perfectly level top. He loved this new intimacy, even if it meant giving up his hair.

Petra pivoted towards her towel steamer and when Chris saw what she’d done, his eyes bulged. Where there was a dense pelt of blond covering his head, was now a crafted flattop with a wide landing strip clipped bare down the center of his head. It was the shortest flattop imaginable. And it was about to get shorter as Petra began covered his whole head in hot lather, then wrapped it with a steamed towel.

"Someone’s excited." Petra smirked as she sat in Chris’ lap, waiting for the 3 minute timer to go off. Chris was about to explode, he’d never felt anything like this in his life. The hot steamy towels came off and Petra applied more hot lather to his back and sides, tactfully using her five blade razor to shave across the grain. With one deft motion, she placed one hand on Chris’ forehead and made the skin taut as she shaved the landing strip against the grain.

"Ohfffff******ck!" Chris groaned at the sensation. Petra wiped the top of his head with a steamed towel and used her T-blade clippers to blend the razor shaved strip in with the level brush on top. He breathed heavy until he received a jolt from an ice cold wet towel being wrapped around his head.

"This makes your head shine like polished crystal." Petra commented as she massaged him from nape to landing strip - it was all shaved bare.

Chris couldn’t believe his eyes. He gazed at his reflection and loved what he saw. Petra whipped off the cape and began rubbing some aftershave all over the shaved parts of his scalp. What was left of his hair was too short to require any product, it stood perfectly erect. Chris couldn’t stop rubbing his flattened palm against the top of his head, the smooth landing strip between the level clipped brush.

"Don’t think I can wait to get home to take advantage of this moment." Petra told Chris as she locked up and closed the drapes.

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