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We're going to download part 2 by Chovanec

We're going to download part 2
Sorry for the weak English, it's not my native language. I know this story from the narration and I write it in the first person.
My name is Michael. I was born in 1956. I lived with my mother and father.
When I was 13, we moved to a new town for my father's new job, and I went there to get a haircut at Nicolas's barber shop after arriving from my neighbor's boys. The oldest Adrien was 15 years old were milkers at my age, one called Dario and the other Edgard. The youngest was only 9 years old and his name was Kevin. It was the shortest hairstyle I can think of. I did my best to never visit Nicolas's barber again. In 5 weeks, my hair grew about 3/8 inch. Dario came to us on Friday night and told me to come to them the next day at 9:00 that we were going to get a haircut for Nicolasovs. I started to explain to him that my hair was still too short and I wouldn't go to the barber's yet. My mother heard our conversation. Michael, you're going to get a haircut tomorrow too! After Daria left, I begged my mother not to send me to the barber shop for a new haircut. Her last decision was to go to a regular haircut with the neighbors' boys. On Saturday morning at 9:00 I came to the neighbors to go with them to the barber. This is how I became Nicolavs' regular regular client.
Once at school, my classmate Franco came to see me if I would show him a barber shop on the way home from school where Dario and Edgar and I go to get a haircut. I asked him why he wanted to know, and he said in a shaky voice that when their father saw a joint photo from a school where all three had large white arches of skin over their ears, he decided that he and his brother would get a short haircut in this barber shop. On the way home from school, I showed him a barber shop.
On Friday after returning from school, my mother told me that she had met from a neighbor and at 9:00 in the morning I would go to the barber with the boys. I knew that my mother would not change her decision, so on Saturday I went to the neighbors and together we went to the barber.
When we entered the barber shop and greeted each other with a barber, I noticed my classmate Franco sitting on the chairs with his father and younger brother. I sat down next to Franco, who was very nervous. I wanted to calm him down. But then the barber called another one, please. Franco and his father got up and walked toward the barber. I'll look at Franco. His hair covers his ears and touches the collar of his shirt.
When Franco was wrapped in a tarpaulin, the barber asked his father how to cut my boy's hair. He shows the barber a photograph. The barber smiles and points at us and says. Even today, they are here after 5 weeks for their regular hairstyle.
The electric shears were already sounding, and the barber was shortening Franco's blond hair. When the barber tilted his head to his side, he did two strips over his ear, then he did the same over his other ear. But the barber pushes his head forward, puts scissors under the hair on his neck and climbs up with the back of his head. He walked with them about 5 times along the back of the head to the height of the white arches above the ears, leaving only a small stubble on the back of the head. He gasped his eyes as he saw Franco in the mirror. But the barber cuts the hair on the top of his head and straightens the bangs. I see that Franco has not only big ears but also a high forehead. The barber turns on the electric scissors again and, with the help of a barber's comb, shortens the remaining hair above the ears and back of the head to make a gradual transition from stubble to an inch long hair on the top of the head. It was obvious that Franco was impatiently waiting to jump out of the barber's chair.
But the barber began applying white foam more than 2 inches above his ears and the back of his head, and then carefully scraped it off. Franco, with his tears, begs his father not to have his hair cut as well. When the barber cleared Franco's head of the remaining foam, he asked his father if he was satisfied. He ran his hand over the shaved back of his head and thanked the barber enthusiastically. He brought his hand and sat his younger son in the barber's chair and told the barber to give him the same haircut.
Cut hair Franco sat next to me on a waiting chair. He kept rubbing the back of his head like I did after the first haircut. . Father addressed Franco. Watch these boys grow their hair in 5 weeks. I think I will also have you and my brothers cut here every 5 weeks.
Welcome to the club of Nicolas's barber shop with a smile I addressed Franco. Don't worry soon, our heads will end up like yours.
When we left the barber shop we all had large arches of white skin over our ears. I walked from the neck up the back of the head, but even now the smooth was shaved.

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