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The super model by George Wheeler

The super model
By George Wheeler

Ever since childhood Dylan was known as "the boy with the hair". His mother took great pride in caring for her son’s honey blond, straight hair and kept it in perfect condition and very healthy as it was allowed to grow and grow and grow.

When Dylan started in school his thick carpet hair covered all his back down to the top of his ass " ends blunt cut perfectly straight across his lower back the day before by his mother who never let anyone near his hair with a pair of scissors let alone a set of clippers.

The other children laughed and pointed at the boy with the princess mane and even the teachers made fun of his long girly locks. But Dylan was used to that kind of attention and attitude towards his long hair and did not care.

At the time Dylan left school and started college his impressive blond mane reached his ankles. Being a rather skinny guy Dylan almost got lost in all that hair. His mane almost completely draped him in a coat of thick blond hair making only his face and his feet visible through all the blond locks.

At 18 Dylan’s amazing "crowning glory" dragged a foot behind him when he let it loose. This was very unpractical and did no good for his ends so every day he braided his awesome mane into a rope thick braid which he either tied a knot on to avoid it hitting the ground or he twisted it into a giant bun that he kept together with 3 huge hairclips.

Among his fellow student there were diverting opinions on his extraordinary mane. A few loved and admired it " both guys and girls. Whereas the majority found it horrible and totally wrong for a guy to wear hair that dragged behind him like a tail.

But then again Dylan was used to diving the waters with his wonderful "pride and joy" and did not pay much attention to it.

One day as Dylan had decided to wear his magic mane freely flowing all around him and covering him in a thick blond carpet from top to toe " and onwards, a guy he hadn’t seen before on campus walked up to him and said: "Hi, my name is George, and I couldn’t help noticing you and that out of this world mane of yours.
Dylan smiled at the guy since he loved to receive compliments on his extralong hair.

"Allow me to introduce myself" the guy went on. "I’m a consultant for a leading model management company always on the look for new models. And you are truly beautiful if I might say so. Off course your hair is outstanding, but your face and body are unique too. I think you would make a great model. Did you ever think of modelling?"

Dylan was caught totally by surprise and could only answer: "No, not really".

"Maybe you should give it a thought. Here is my card. Call me when you have had the time to consider. I really think you have a huge potential, and my company would be very interested in signing a contract with you".

In the following days Dylan was quite confused and in doubt. On the one hand the idea of standing before cameras and perhaps even finding himself on a catwalk scared him a lot. On the other hand, he had always been very vain about his hair and found a secret excitement and satisfaction in showing how enormously long and voluminous his mane was. On top of that the money he could earn from modeling would solve his always present financial worries.

In the end Dylan choose to call George. They agreed on a meeting at the company the next day. Next morning Dylan went up early to wash and dry and style his extraordinary more than floor long mane. He knew all too well from experience that he would need 4 hours to deal with his giant mane.

Just after lunch time he left his room. He wore light blue jeans, a white shirt, and black boots " however no one would be able to see that because his freshly washed and perfectly brushed mane almost covered him completely leaving only a small opening for his face that allowed him to see and breathe.

As he walked down the aisle his magic mane swayed from side to side in huge waves making the hair look as if it had a life of its own.

Dylan had called a cab and it was waiting for him in front of the building. He had a lot of trouble getting all his hair into the car and the taxi driver could not believe his own eyes when he saw nothing but a sea of blond silk covering all the back seat. All the way to the company the driver eyeballed the fairy tale hair at the back of his car and when they reached the company building, he told Dylan that it was a free ride since he had never seen anything remotely like his hair before.

When Dylan had left the cab making sure none of his golden tresses got stuck inside, he was greeted by George. They went to a photo studio where an assistant prepared Dylan for a photo session. She brushed out his fabulous mane and arranged it perfectly smooth all around him covering him completely in his own hair leaving only eyes, nose, and mouth free of hair.

The photographer instructed Dylan to move his head from side to side to crate movement and waves in the gigantic mane " and asked Dylan to turn around, bow over, gather his mane in a ponytail high above his head and let it drop down all over him like a blond waterfall.

After some 10 minutes the session stopped. Everybody present agreed that Dylan was a natural modeling talent and in less than an hour he had signed a one-year contract with the company making the formerly poor student into a rather wealthy one.

In the beginning Dylan tried to combine studies and modeling but soon found out that this was not possible since modeling implied numerous shootings in the evening and weekends, and a lot of traveling too.

So, he gave up on the studies to make a full-time career as a model.

Soon after his first appearances in fashion magazines he was known all over the fashion and modeling world. "The Rapunzel guy" was in demand from everywhere. Shampoo producers, clothing companies and a lot of companies having nothing to do with hair or fashion. Dylan became the hottest show in town and appeared on TV shows and made interviews about his incredible mane all over the place.

Being ever so busy and so extremely popular Dylan however could not help feeling the animosity streaming towards from other models when he did the catwalks. He tried to meet them with kindness and understanding but the jealousy went from bad to worse and was ever more difficult to handle or ignore.

One guy in particular " Peter " mocked and mobbed Dylan about his hair: "Hey Goldie locks when are you getting a haircut. That carpet belongs on the floor not down all over your body" and "you know Dylan that mop does nothing good for you. To be honest it looks disgusting. I bet all kind of creep thrive within that heavy dense mop". Every time Peter was present, he did everything to bother Dylan: "You need a haircut Missy". "You would look so much better without that horrible mop". "All that hair belongs on the barber’s floor".

Dylan increasingly felt bothered by Peter’s eternal bullying and told him to stop it. Rather than stopping his words had the opposite effect on Peter. He got ever snarkier and more unpleasant until he finally made a direct threat on Dylan: "Dylan I’m soooo tired of looking at your booooring, disgusting mop. And so are colleagues. We have agreed that unless you yourself find your way to the barber and have it all cut off and styled into a nice short male haircut, we will help you find the way!".

This threat brought Peter’s harassment of Dylan to a whole new level. Dylan was terrified, furious, scared, nervous, angry all at the same time. Never would he part from his beloved long blond hair that had been with him practically since he was born and constituted an integral part of his identity. Just the mere thought of having someone else than his mother trim his ends " which she still did at his age " sent shivers down his spine and almost made him dizzy.

Dylan tried to calm himself down. This was only Peter’s jealousy running away with him. He would never go so far as to force Dylan to cut his precious 8 feet long silky locks. However, as much as he tried to convince himself that this was only an empty threat the unrest stayed within him.

One-week later Peter and Dylan were at the same fashion show doing the catwalk. The stylist had braided Dylan’s giant mane into a thick rope that extended well below his feet and dragged behind him along the floor. The audience loved Dylan and his amazing hair and applauded him fiercely as he went down the catwalk. Not because of the clothes he was wearing " but in love and admiration for his Rapunzel braid.

This experience did it for Peter. He had had enough of being a sideshow to Dylan’s star status. It had to change and come to an end.

After the show Dylan and his colleagues met in the dressing room. As Peter suddenly said: "Dylan, I told you last week to go to the barber to have that ridiculous mop cut off. It looks disgusting and takes away the attention from the rest of us. We miss a lot of contracts and money to you because everybody wants your horrendous mane". There were nodding all around from Dylan’s colleagues. "Since you obviously haven’t been able to find your way to the barber yourself, we will lead you to him as promised!".
Dylan blushed all over his face and started to tremble. This was ever so embarrassing and shocking. He felt dizzy, his heart beating like a drum, sore throat, legs trembling, stomach arching. His mouth was so dry he could not utter a word. He just eagerly shook his head.

"Come on Rapunzel. We have an appointment in ½ an hour so get dressed. We’re off".

Dylan was so scared he could not move. Some of the male models then grabbed him by the arms and dragged him towards the door. "Guys what are you doing. Stop it" Dylan managed to whisper.

But they just laughed at him.

"Easy now princess. You are going to get a proper haircut. You will be ever so happy and grateful afterwards".

Being both very skinny and paralyzed from fear Dylan was no match for the other guys and they dragged him to the street and pushed him inside a car. Dylan was the point of fainting. He was squeezed in tightly between two male models in the back and in front Peter and another male model were seated.

"Well princess Dylan do you look forward to your first real haircut ever? I read somewhere that only your mother has been allowed to go near your mop with scissors and then only for trims!" Peter mocked him.

"All this will change now, and you will be a wholly new Dylan transformed from hair monster into an ordinary boring young man with ever so boring short hair ha ha ha".

Dylan was at the point of crying. He was not sure he could take it anymore. "Guys pls. don’t take me to the barber. My hair is very precious to me and part of my whole identity. I can’t live without it" Dylan begged.

"You will just have to adapt Missy won’t you. And live without all that heavy over long hay will be much easier. No more whole days caring for your long tresses. No more hours spent on braiding your floor long s**t and no more time wasted on putting up that mess into a giant bun on top of your head making you look ever so ridiculous. In fact, we are actually doing you a favor hair boy aren’t we guys?".

The other models laughed and cheered at Peter.

A few minutes later Peter drove down a small rather gloomy narrow street " and halfway down you could see a spinning red and white barber pole. That sight made Dylan even more uncomfortable and he felt like vomiting. That was the most dreaded symbol of all shop signs.

Peter parked the car just outside the barber shop. It was a traditional male barbershop " rather poor looking, with one window with a transparent curtain and old photos of male hairstyles. Dylan’s legs trembled so much they had to carry him out of the car " one of the models had to carry all his hair separately.

Once out of the car they pushed him towards the door. "Come on Missy don’t be so hesitant. It does not hurt to have a real haircut " at least not so much ha ha ha".

One of the models opened the door and a bell rang. Dylan tried to resist but his skinny body was no match for the other guys, and they pushed him through the door.

The inside of the barbershop was old-fashioned with one red leathered traditional barber chair and a metal footrest. There was a small waiting area with two uncomfortable wooden chairs.

In front of the barber chair was a desk with a scissors and combs and bottles of hair tonic. A selection of clippers was hanging at the desk " a huge mirror covered most of the wall.

In the middle of the barbershop stood an old man approx. 70 years old dressed in a white tunic barber uniform " with scissors and comb in his chest pockets " black pants and black shoes.

He looked with horror as the guys pushed Dylan through the door and held him right in front of the barber. The guy holding his 8 feet of golden silk let go of it and it flowed all over Dylan and covered him completely in a sea of straight blond hair and draping along the barber floor.

Dylan could not hold back the tears. This was a horrible nightmare standing helpless in front of a mean looking grumpy old barber waiting to get his hands on his fabulous long blond mane.

"What is this?" the barber asked. "Is there a living creature behind all that horrible hay? In all my 50 year as a barber I have never ever seen anything this disgusting. Get that thing into my chair NOW!" the barber commanded.

"This is the guy with the overgrown sissy tresses sir" Peter explained. "We have made this appointment for a long overdue haircut".

"Very well" the barber said. "Get his ass into the chair".

The four guys struggled to get Dylan into the barber chair " he tried to fight them the best he could " but being so skinny and with hardly any muscles at all he was destined to fail.

They lifted him up and placed him in the red leather seat. One of them gathered all his magnificent silky hair, lifted it high in the air to humiliate Dylan and let go of it. Tons of blond thick straight hair streamed like a waterfall down all over Dylan covering him fully in a sea of blond gold. Even his face was hidden behind the thick curtain of blond hair. His hair flowed down over his body to his feet and covered the feet rest and draped the floor all around the chair. The back of the barber chair was invisible due to the thick blond hair carpet flowing all the way down to the barber floor and 2 feet lying at the floor.
"My oh my" the barber groaned. "How should we proceed with that horrible mess".

"Guys you have to grab all that horrible hair and held it away from him, so I can cape him".

Two of the models grabbed Dylan’s hair and pulled it to each side " 8 feet away from the chair! They both ended at the walls of the barbershop due to the incredible length of Dylan’s mane.

Meanwhile the barber unfolded a giant black and white striped barber cape and went behind the barber chair and put it around Dylan. Before closing the cape, he put on neck paper. Dylan just sat paralyzed in the barber chair looking completely lost at his image in the huge mirror in front of him.

He had never been to a male barber shop before. He had never had a barber cape around him. He had never ever had neck paper on. And never had he been seated in a traditional male barber chair!

He struggled to grasp what had happened and how he got into this nightmare.

The two guys holding his impressive hair let go of it and it swung back and covered the barber chair totally in blond hair.

The barber looked ever so angry as he grabbed a hairbrush and started brushing Dylan’s floor long hair almost with rage. Dylan caught behind a thick curtain of hair only felt the tugs on his hair as the barber brutally brushed his golden locks all the way from the top and down to the floor " and along it!

Two of the models had taken a seat in the waiting area whereas Peter and the fourth model stood behind the barber chair with their phones making videos of what was to come.

The barber finally placed the hairbrush on the counter in front of the chair and picked up a giant pair of scissors!

The model guys started to laugh by the sight of such giant scissors. "These are only used very seldom and for special customers only" the barber explained opening and closing the razor-sharp blades making Dylan tremble behind his hair.

The barber then moved in front of the chair. He looked at Dylan but could not see him because all his splendid long hair covered him completely all around the chair " not even the footrest being visible.

"Well son we better get started with that horrible mop if we ever are going to get home tonight". He moved closely to the right side of Dylan. "Easy son I can feel and see you’re trembling. No reason for that. It is only a haircut and you sure need one son. It will not hurt, and you will feel free once all this overgrown stuff has been removed. Let us make a path through the jungle so you can follow the transformation from Rapunzel to real man with your own eyes".

With those words the barber placed the giant scissors at the left side of Dylan’s forehead " moved them upwards, up, and up and up " until he finally squeezed the blades together. Dylan was totally paralyzed and in chock as he heard the dreadful sound of scissors cutting their way into his crowning glory! He could not believe this was happening.

But the barber already had moved the scissors to the right and cut of more of Dylan’s extremely thick curtain hiding his face. Tons of shorn blond locks raced down over Dylan’s forehead passed his eyes and face and onto the cape where it gathered before it flowed further down to his lap and because of its enormous volume and weight fell further down to the footrest and from there onto the floor in front of the barber chair. Almost 8 feet of hair was being cut off leaving Dylan with baby bangs no longer than ¾ of an inch.

The barber cut his way through the dense hair curtain and soon Dylan began to see light. The extremely long locks continued to race down all over him as the barber cut little girl micro bangs on him " to humiliate him so he looked ridiculous and could follow his haircut all the time and all the way. It was gruesome.
Dylan’s eyes filled with tears as the barber cut bangs on him the rest on the way across his forehead. The barber trimmed the bangs to a totally sharp straight blunt cut line across Dylan’s forehead. He looked horrible and at the same time ever so cute like a little girl or a princess.

The pile of shorn frontal locks on the footrest and at the floor had grown to almost 4 inches height. The barber’s shoes were hidden in shorn locks when he stood in front of the barber chair.

"Now that was already much better right son. Now you can see. And you noticed that it did not hurt at all to have your very long hair cut. Now we will continue with the rest of that horrible bird’s nest and you will end up as a decent looking respectable young man".

The barber moved behind the chair.

He made a deep sigh and grabbed a fistful of thick blond beautiful hair. With no hesitation he cut it off above Dylan’s shoulder. He grabbed the next fistful of magic silk and sliced it off ever so easily with his giant shears. The long thick beautiful locks were no match for the professional barber tools.
Even the models went silent as the magnificent golden 8 feet long mane began to crumble and more and more cut hair landed on the barber floor piling up ever higher.

Dylan sat sobbing in the chair realizing he would leave the barber shop without his beloved long hair.

The barber continued merciless cutting off Dylan’s wonderful hair all around him just above the shoulders. When he had reached the other side, Dylan was left with a horrible bowl cut with ultra-short blunt cut baby bangs and an uneven bowl cut just above his shoulders. Despite the massacre he looked rather cute. This haircut could perhaps be his new brand.

But the barber left no time for dreaming. He put back the giant shears on the counter and grabbed one of the dreadful huge clippers.

Again, he moved behind the chair " and turned on the clippers. A pair of extra sharp and powerful OsterClassic75. He placed his left hand on Dylan’s head and pushed it forward and placed the clippers at the back of Dylan’s nape under the thick curtain of blond hair. The feeling of the ice-cold metal of the clippers against his naked skin sent shivers down Dylan’s spine. The barber moved the powerful clippers up Dylan’s neck right to the top of his head.

Tons of blond hair rained down all over the cape and the chair as the barber continued cutting Dylan’s nape free of hair. Then he moved the clippers to Dylan’s right side and cut his ears free of all hair repeating this at the other side of Dylan’s head.

When he turned off the clippers Dylan could not recognize himself in the mirror. His ears free of hair, his high forehead and no hair surrounding him. He looked horrible.

But the barber was not finished yet. He grabbed the horrible shears again and cut Dylan’s remaining hair into a super short and sharp flattop.
"Now that’s what I call a presentable and serious young man" the barber said as he put down the shears. He moved behind the chair and loosened the cape and removed the neck paper.

"There you go son. Ready to face the world as a decent young man instead of that dreadful hair monster you entered as".

Peter thanked the barber for his excellent work and paid him. As they left the shop the barber called on them: "Hey guys who’s going to clean up this mess?" He pointed to the floor that was almost completely covered in golden 8 feet long locks of shorn hair piling up at almost 2 inches all over the floor.

"He is" Peter said pointing and Dylan. "He caused all this mess. It’s only fair that he cleans it up".

As a final humiliation Dylan had to gather up all his wonderful beautiful long blond locks and put them in 4 waste bags".

"You take them with you son" the barber said. "It is far too much waste for me to handle".

And off Dylan went with all his magic hair in waste bags.

- 000 -

Half a year later Dylan celebrated his biggest triumph being appointed "model of the 20’s" his best feature being his skinny body and beautiful face. His rival Peter’s career on the other hand lay in ruins being regarded as too old, too boring, and far too much yesterday. Dylan had decided to grow back his trademark hair and it already covered his ears……

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