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Room Mates Part 1 by P.J.

Room Mates
I was following the instructions from the RA to find my suite and room within the suite. I found the suite O.K. and had entered, searching for 221A. At this point it wasn't hard, there was only A and B to choose from. My anxiety level was just about peaking too. After several emails and texts with my new roommate, I was about to meet him. Yikes! I was approaching room 221A, the door to which, stood open wide. The site that greeted me was of a pair of well muscled, tanned to perfection, long legs. They ended in tight gym shorts that harbored what must be the perfect behind to go with those legs.

My heart was pounding, I tapped lightly on the open door in hopes that I didn't scare the crap out of him. He stood up and pivoted all in one smooth motion. My heart skipped a beat, I tried hide the instant feeling of lust, smiling warmly at him. OMG, he was a site to behold. Warm sparkling sapphire eyes, perfect nose and 1000 watt smile. His honey blonde hair was short, full and thick, yet somewhat shaggy, just beginning to creep over the top of his ears, a grown out buzz cut if I had to guess. The whole package was quite stunning to say the least. I was immediately trying to picture him draped in a crisp white cape, me with the fast feed Osters poised at his nape. Whoa, stop Jake, I thought to myself, down boy, you haven't even officially met the guy yet!
Extending his hand toward me, "You must be Jake" Mr. honey blonde said. "Great to finally meet in person, I'm Gunner." I broke my stare and extended my hand as well, hoping he couldn't hear the pounding of my heart trying to escape my chest.

"Yeah" I managed, "I'm Jake, cool to finally meet." "Looks like you have the right side of the room, I'll take the left".
"Oh, sorry," Gunner said, "I guess I should have asked before making up the bed huh."
"No, not at all, the left side is fine" I managed to say. Trying hard not to stare again.
I set my gear down and rummaged around to find the sheets and blanket to make up my bed.
"Can I help you with anything" Gunner offered? "Nah, this won't take but a minute, then I'll stow the rest of my things. I want to have a walk about campus and get familiar while it's still light out. You're welcome to join me if you like" I replied hopefully.

"I'd love it, we can get better acquainted while we explore, then maybe go for something to eat", Gunner responded.
I quickly stowed my gear, including all my hair cutting gear in its own string bag. ( I always referred to it as my bag of tricks) I was looking forward to possibly becoming the dorm barber. Somewhat for extra cash and favors, and somewhat because I just loved getting my hands in guys hair. I'd been cutting hair for our wrestling team all 4 years of high school and had gotten quite a reputation. By the time I was a senior, almost half of the guys in my class were coming to me for haircuts. Even an occasional underclassman now and then. I was also looking forward to new friendships, and hopefully new relationships, my last one had ended this past summer.

Gunner and I headed out exploring. I was hoping he'd be my first conquest, haircut wise. Every now and then I'd get to study his mop as he hiked along in front of me. What gorgeous shade of blonde, I bet he looks hot with a fresh buzz. Sighing, I forced myself to stop fantasizing and stick with the task at hand. We soon finished locating the buildings our classes were in and found a nice cafe to grab some dinner and continue chatting.

After we got back to the room I logged into the Face book page for our dorm and placed an ad on the page. Haircuts, long or short, no cut too difficult, $10. See Jake in Suite 221A. I decided to stick with our dorm to start. I didn't want to advertise to the whole school, if guys liked what I did for them, word of mouth would be sufficient enough.

I needed to forewarn Gunner as to what I was doing though. I didn't want him blindsided by guys knocking, looking for a haircut. Who knows, maybe he'll be my first customer. He'd of course get one for free being my roommate and all.

"So, Gunner" I started, I just placed a notice on our Dorm face book wall. After I read it to him, he started to color up a bit, and ran his hand through his thick, short pelt. "I'll of course, give you special treatment" I said, winking at him. This brought a full on blush from him. "I'll do roommates for free".
"Thanks, Jake, but I'm good for now". He replied, smiling demurely.

"Do you have any objections to me cutting guys hair in our room though" I inquired. "I don't want you to be uncomfortable or anything".
"No, it's cool, as long as you don't book appointments in the middle of the night, and give me a heads up when someone coming if I'm around. That way I'll at least have clothes on". He replied, smirking at me.

The semester got off to a rocking start. Gunner and I got along like brothers. After a few weeks things did settle into a comfortable rhythm. Several guys had taken me up on my offer, and Gunner witnessed me giving some great haircuts. Word had started spreading as I'd hoped, too.

At this point I felt comfortable making a more intimate move on Gunner to see If I could persuade him to a full on shearing, or at least a trim. He was getting quite shaggy, in a cute way though. He'd also started to let his beard come in a bit. I thought the scruff looked quite good on him. It was a couple of shades darker than his hair too. All in all, quite studly.
He was studying at his desk. I walked up behind him and placed my hands on his shoulders gently, then started to gently massage his shoulders, working towards his neck. "So, big guy" I said softly, when are you going to let me have a go at you?" I'd worked my hands up into the thick pelt above his neck line. It felt as wonderful as I'd imagined. I stammered, "haircut wise, that is" I said.
Gunner moaned, "wow, that feels great, don't stop". I've been sitting here way to long without a break.
"I don't charge roommates for head massages, or other massages either" I added.

Gunner leaned his head back, looking backwards, straight up at me, smiling. Since he didn't seem to object, I kept my hands in his hair, gently working my way up on top. "God, you can do that anytime, all day if you want" he said, smirking back at me. "I'll have to find some way to repay you though" he added, blushing slightly. Hmm, was he flirting? We'd already had the relationship discussion and disclosed to each other that we preferred same sex relationships, and we were both "out". Neither of us was currently in a relationship either.
I gently tugged on his thatch, "you haven't answered me big guy, want me to get my clippers out"? I asked.

"Jake, While I've watched enough of your haircuts already to know you are very good at cutting hair, I'm not interested, at least not right now. This is the first opportunity I've ever had to actually have hair. I'm over 18 now, and can't be ordered to buzz it anymore by my dad. He had always kept me buzzed down to a #1 butch, no matter how strongly I argued against it. I hated it. I want to see what kind of hair I have. I don't even know if its curly or straight for god's sake." He was getting irritated just talking about it. "All these years in school I sat and wondered what it would be like to be a guy like you, long thick mane, bangs you can play with, bangs that would actually get in your eyes. Hair that the wind would blow around and mess up. I've long pondered what it must be like for someone like you to have a "bad" hair day.

For me every day was bad. The worst were the last Saturdays of the month, I thought of them as fight days. My dad would drag my younger brother and I in for our monthly Butch. We'd have to sit and watch forlornly as our meager 1/2 inch of scruff got taken down to a fresh #1 again. I used to fight, argue, and be willing to endure endless hours of punishment for my actions, always to no avail though. For me even having this much hair is a treat, MY treat." He ran his hands through his short locks, stopping hesitantly when his hands touched mine.

"Dude, calm down", I replied, snugging up my grip on his locks. "It's all good man. I just don't want you to feel like I'm ignoring you, haircut wise that is". I continued massaging his head, letting the short locks slip though my fingers as I went. " You've got a fantastic head of hair, I'm sure it'll soon turn into a gorgeous mane for you" I said, smiling down on his handsome face. He slowly tipped his head back up, I released my grip on him, and he turned around facing me. "Tell you what, I know you're quite the hairy beast", I said reaching over, pulling the neck of his t-shirt open, and peaking in comically. "How about you let me keep your neck shaved, and beard trimmed, If you are continuing to grow it into an actual beard, for now. We want to keep you looking handsome while this mane develops."

"Hmm", Gunner groaned. "Weeeeell, I guess I could stand a bit of a neck cleanup, and I would like some help with the beard to get the outline right as it comes in, so, O.K. sure I guess."
I smiled warmly at him, getting up, I patted his chest. "Sit right where you are big guy, one clean up coming up."

He suddenly looked panicked, "Hey, this isn't a ruse to get me under your cape so you can clipper me down is it? You haven't been talking clandestinely to my dad, have you"?
I 'd gotten my clipper bag from the closet, and was getting the cape out. I looked at him with a genuinely hurt expression. "Look, I know we don't know each other WELL yet, but I'm not that type of guy. Your dad has had no influence on me. Besides, I like your hair, I'll help you grow it out if you want me to" I said chuckling softly. I thought to myself, he's going to have to get it cut eventually, and when he does it's probably going to be much longer than it is now. Definitely clipper worthy. Hmm, I can wait.

Gunner immediately looked contrite. "Sorry, sorry Jake, I'm just a bit gun shy about growing my hair out. I really, really want longer hair. Dad gave me nothing but s**t all summer when I didn't accompany him and my brother for their monthly sheerings. He leaned hard on me when I left to come here without getting a fresh buzz too. I had to stand firm. I'm so over the buzz cuts it's not even funny."

"Not to worry big guy, I said, fluffing the cape out expertly, letting it settle gently around him. "I already love these locks, and their safe with me. "I do expect one thing however" I said, snapping the cape snuggly around his neck. "I'm your barber from now on, O.K."?

As I retrieved the peanut clippers from my bag of tricks, I said "would you allow me to pamper you a bit though"?
"Eh, maybe, what'd you have in mind."? Gunner said, brows raised questioningly.
" Weeeeell, I'm guessing you got your last butch back in June, probably for graduation, yes"?
"Spot on observation man" Gunner replied. "You do know hair, don't you" he quipped.

His hair was just about two inches long. Just getting nice and lush. My earlier massaging had revealed that it was indeed as thick as it looked. I'm guessing that a #1 butch didn't show much skin on him. "It's just getting to the point where the all over grow out is beginning to get obvious. Let me give you a tiny trim to even things up, just at your ears and nape, I won't remove any length. O.K.? Will you trust me that far"?

Gunner started to fidget on the chair. "Jake, I thought you said you wouldn't cut it till I asked, that didn't last long" He said with a sigh. I'd set up my mirror on his desk, he eyed himself critically in it, turning his head from side to side.

"Dude, forget I asked" I responded. "No big deal, maybe next time, we'll trim up the fuzzies and be done." I plugged the peanut clippers in, got a comb, and proceeded to scrape his furry neck down, all the way to his t-shirt line, and line up his beard. Wow, he's quite the furry bear I thought to myself. "If you want, I'll clean up the beard line in front of your ears too"? I asked smiling at him. "Otherwise , we're done, big guy." I combed his hair down all around, reveling in the soft, lush feel.
He looked critically at his reflection in the mirror. "Wait, stop, before you put your stuff away, could you just maybe take a snip at my ears, just to even it up? I guess they could do with a bit of attention".

I reached into my kit bag and retrieved my small trimming scissors. "Yeah, sure", I replied. "And just to show you I'm not going to screw with you, here, I said, retrieving a hand mirror from my bag and handing it to him. "You can watch my every move closely." He relaxed a little, took the mirror, and played around so he could see his left side more clearly.

I combed his hair down over his ear. It solidly covered the upper third. Gorgeous, thick, and honey blond. The tips were uneven and just curling a bit. I made a couple of careful snips, evening it up, combing it all towards the back of his head, it laid nicely, just solidly covering the top of his ear when brushed back like that. I made to move to the right side to do the same thing
He looked up at me expectantly. "That's it?" he asked. "Yep, that's all you needed big guy" I replied. I combed and snipped at his right ear, same as I'd done on the left. I heard a "HMM" from him. "How bad is the back?" he inquired.

I studied him, combing the back straight down carefully. "It's about the same as it was at your ears, why?" I replied.
"Could you just neaten that up too then?", he said meekly. As a reply, I took several judicious snips at his nape, then positioned the mirrors so he could see it. "Look O.K."? I asked. Gunner smiled and nodded, running his hand through his locks. "This having hair is going to be soooo cool!" he cooed.

Moving close in, between his legs, tipped his head up with my finger, and brushed this thick fringe to the side. "And I'm sooo lucky to be along for your journey guy. It's gonna be great". I brushed him down, and unsnapped the cape slowly. "Go hop in the shower and tell me if you like it, I said". I meant to pat his belly(actually his rock hard abs), but hit a little low as he was getting up, and discovered something else that was rock hard instead. Our eyes locked for a brief moment, then he moved on without a word, blushing slightly again.

The semester went quick. Before we knew it, Christmas Break was upon us. It was our last evening together for the next 6 weeks. We were due to leave for our respective homes tomorrow. As I'd promised, I hadn't said a word to Gunner about his hair. He looked at me questioningly, "Hey, do you think you could do another clean up on me before we leave, haircut wise", he said, brushing his hand through is lengthening locks.

I smiled, "I was waiting to see if you'd ask. You know I want to, right"?
He smirked back, "yeah, actually I do. I've caught you staring longingly on several occasions." He assumed the position on his desk chair. I got my bag of tricks, and took my time cleaning him up, loving the feel of his soft silky thick locks sliding through my fingers. The semesters time had added another inch and a half to their length now. Standing in front of him, I moved in between his legs, not so accidently bumped his crotch, he was rock hard. Smirking at him I said " you enjoy this immensely don't you"? He giggled softly. "Yes, surprisingly, I really do".

I was thinking to myself, wow, I wonder what it's like to finally have hair longer than a quarter of an inch, for the first time in your life. Surprisingly I was also wondering what it would be like to have hair that short, or get long hair clippered off that short. I'd never had a buzz cut. I remembered shorter cuts when I was a young boy, going with my dad to the barbers, kind of a non event in my mind. Never any fights that I could remember. My brothers and I all got what we liked I guess. Hmm, I'd have to dig up some old family pics over the holiday and take a closer look.

I expertly worked my hands through his plush forelock, pushing it to the side a bit. The length just now reaching his brow. "You know, I could give you a couple of pointers on how to give this some style if you want".

"Oh, God, he exclaimed, would you, please"? I've been too shy to ask, but I know I'm headed into a s**t storm when I get home. My dad is going to blow a gasket when he sees me." If it's at least neatly combed he'll have one less thing to bitch about.

I got the mirror out, set it on my desk, and positioned a chair in front of it. " I definitely have a few ideas," I said, patting the seat. "None are going to get you out of trouble with your dad, but at least you'll look like you have some sense of style."

We proceeded to play around with the burgeoning mane. It was shaping up nicely to be sure. It didn't look bushy either, just heavenly thick. The growing out layers creating a nice texture on top. He hadn't gotten too much of an awkward stage yet, except in the back. There was quite a shank of hair hanging down below his nape. I'd see if I could convince him to let me trim that back up a bit. I did some brushing and combing, dampening his hair at one point to help it stay temporarily in place. We settled on using a dab of matte finish paste, brushing the fringe up and over. He looked strikingly handsome. Especially since he'd allowed me to trim up his beard. I smiled at him. "Good god Gunner, be careful going out while you're home for the holidays." He looked inquiringly at me. "Huh"? He shot back.

" You're likely to get mauled by all the guys wanting a piece of your handsome ass", I said leering back at him.
He smirked back, "I'm pretty sure I don't need to go anywhere to get all the attention I want". His eyes boring into me intently.
Breaking the stare, I said, "I do have a suggestion though." I tugged at the locks below his nape. Would you allow me to trim this part in back just a little. It's getting a bit disproportionately long , at least it looks that way to me."

Gunner said, "yeah, I was wondering about that. But you know what, no, not now, maybe when we get back from break. I want to go home with it all long, let my dad have the full effect." He chuckled evilly.

"O.K. But when we get back from break.... " I said, wiggling the shears at him menacingly.

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