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Pranks at camp by Manny

Alvin approached me in the church hall with his characteristic grin that bordered on a smile. He was a rather shy, but warm, fellow who was popular with everyone.

"Have you heard?" he asked, with a slight tone of intrigue. As he did, he flicked his thick mane of blond hair away from his huge green eyes.

"Heard what?" I asked.

"We're assigned to the same cabin at camp. I got really lucky, getting you as an...." But he stopped mid-sentence and became tongue-tied.

"Getting me as what?" I asked.

His fair cheeks reddened a bit. "As my assistant. Maybe you were hoping to be head cabin counselor? If so, I'm sorry... We can ask to swap roles if you'd like."

He ran his fingers through his hair -- a bit of a nervous habit that drew even more attention to his lustrous mane. His lush blond locks cascaded down towards his shoulders.

"Al, it's okay. I'm really happy to be in the supporting role. You've done this several years now and know the ropes," I said, to reassure him that I wasn't upset. "Look at it like this, getting to be an assistant counselor is a step-up from scullery duty in the kitchen! Sure glad I won't be scrubbing pans at the church camp this summer."

Secretly, I was super excited to be working closely with Alvin, as I had a sort of crush on him.

"I want to give the kids a great summer!" Al exclaimed. "We need to plan some activities for the cabin -- and some pranks for after the lights go out. Good-natured stuff. Nothing mean, if you catch my drift?"

"Like short sheeting the kids' beds? It's a fun and harmless prank where the victim finds himself trapped in the fold and not able to get into bed properly," I suggested.

"Exactly," said Alvin. "Or we can draw mustaches on them when they're sleeping."

"Didn't you shave someone's legs while he was asleep last year?" I asked.

"Those were my legs that got shaved!" Alvin laughed. "Of course, I knew that the assistant counselor and the boys were shaving them while I pretended to be asleep. The way the kids were laughing and carrying on was enough to wake the dead!"

"And did you act appropriately mortified in the morning when you awoke and found them shaved?" I asked.

"Naturally! The boys loved my reaction. And, I got lots of 'unwanted' comments the next day about my sexy legs," he added.

I eyed his lovely lush mane and said with a wicked grin, "Perhaps this year your cabin assistant will enlist the boys to tackle your long hair!" I reached over and tussled his locks. "This is an awful lot of hair to sport during a hot humid summer."

I had expected Alvin to recoil in horror and turn off that idea promptly, but he seemed open to the prospect of having his head shaved.

"Do you have clippers?" he asked eagerly.

"What?!" I gasped.

"Hair clippers!" he exclaimed. "First, you can have the boys chop away at this with scissors while I'm asleep....and, after I 'freak out' in the morning you'll inform me that the only option to straighten out my hack-job haircut is a baldy!" Alvin said with a tone of excitement.

"You'd really want me to shave your head, Al?" I asked incredulously.

"Sure! Down to the wood! A simple butch!" Alvin replied enthusiastically. He pawed away at his golden tresses, imagining them gone.

Then Alvin added, "Of course, there'd be pay back the following night -- the boys and I would take the scissors to your precious moptop, Giles!"

Alvin surged toward me and tussled my floppy "Tommy Hilfiger" model look with both hands. His face was suddenly so close. His lips so close to mine! My heart pounded.

"Oh, let's do it....to each other!" I said, envisioning something quite different than a mid-night impromptu amateur hack haircut.

"We're going to have so much fun," Al said, still holding my face incredibly close to his, with his lips puckering slightly, or so I imagined.

Then, suddenly, he broke and turned away. I had missed my chance to move our relationship boldly forward...but the hint of sexual tension was unmistakable, or so I thought.

Alvin ran his fingers through his long hair nervously, as if trying to get a grip on himself.

I came up close behind him. His beautiful hair was just inches from me. Then, I did it! I put my arms around him and pulled him against my body. My bulge nestled nicely between his firm cheeks. I kissed his mane and he melted like butter in my embrace.

Between groans of delight, he murmured, "We shouldn't do this...."

"Why not?" I asked.

"I'm sure the pastor would not approve," Alvin said softly.

Just then, we heard some noise in the stairwell coming down towards the hall, and we broke apart instantly.

The pastor poked his head in, "Fellows, everything all right?"

We both shuffled nervously on our feet. Had he seen?! Regardless, we felt super guilty, carrying on like that in the church hall.

Alvin gained his composure first, "Totally, awesome, really. Giles and I were just talking about the church camp and how much fun we're going to have in the cabin."

"Ah, yes, thank you two so much for volunteering to be on staff this year," the pastor remarked. "You were both there last year, if I remember correctly. It's going to be a scorcher of a summer, I hear. Just as well, because we've been having problem with the hot water in the boys' shower room. Get a shower first thing in the morning or you'll end up taking a cold one."

"Thanks for the tip, Pastor," Alvin replied. "Giles and I were just talking about shaving off all our hair. It should make the heat more bearable and require less time in the shower."

The pastor flashed a grin, "Excellent idea! Although, I'm a bit surprised. You've sported long hair since I've known you, Alvin."

"It was Giles' idea. Part of a planned prank we're going to play on each other to get the kids in our cabin stirred up at the beginning of the week," Alvin explained.

"Sounds like fun," the pastor remarked, briefly touching the back of his plush businesscut. "I'll be interested to see your new look when I come to preach at vespers the first Wednesday."

"If you like it, I'm sure we can arrange to give you a baldy cut in front of the whole camp!" Alvin exclaimed.

The pastor squirmed nervously. "Oh, I'm not sure that would be...." again fondling his fussy little businesscut nervously. His hand lingered near his nape as he measured the mid-collar length with his fingers. "Truth is, I've always wanted to join in some of the camp fun during my drop-by's. Me with a baldy?! Not sure how my wife would react...."

The pastor was gone as suddenly as he'd arrived.

In an instant, Alvin was planting a passionate kiss on my lips for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, we drew breath. Alvin grasped my hair and plunged his fingers into it. "I can't wait to shave you bald," he murmured. "And I just might want to keep you bald after camp ends too." He examined my hair carefully.

To be honest, I was not one bit excited about sacrificing my hair. I was quite attached to my Tommy Hilfiger model looks. But, I was the one who had come up with the idea...and Alvin, strangely, seemed fired up by it.

"You think the pastor will let us shave him bald?" Alvin asked.

"He seemed taken with the idea," I replied. "Strange, that both of you are excited about baldy cuts. I mean you have such amazing hair, Alvin."

The blond lad blushed, "I've been hearing that my whole life. My mother subjected me to one of those awful floppy bowlcuts well after the other guys had manned up. I think she wanted a girl that she could dress up in frills and roll her hair with electric curlers."

"But instead she got a boy -- you," I said solemnly. "She tried to sissify you...."

"And I went along with it to please her. I'm the type that likes to please," Alvin sighed.

"Has it been hard, dealing with your loss? How long has it been since she passed?" I asked.

"Coming up on two months. Yes, but at the end she suffered so much with the chemo. I was just glad it was over," Alvin said.

The two stood there silently, in a somber mood.

Then, Alvin looked up, and smiled. "But now I'm ready to move on with my life. Ready to make some changes, starting with this," he said grasping his long hair. "Shaved down to the wood! You can understand my excitement, I hope. And, how about embarking on a new relationship, with..." Alvin again took me firmly in his embrace.

"We better not shower at the same time once we're at camp, Al," I whispered. "I'm not sure I could keep all my members in check seeing you buck naked."

"Do you like furry chests?" Alvin asked. He unbuttoned his shirt to reveal and amazingly thick and long pelt.

"It's as gorgeous as your hair," I murmured, as I stroked its softness.

Then Alvin took my hair and began caressing it tenderly. "You're not keen on having this shaved off, are you?"

Although he accurately perceived my hesitation, I denied it, not wanting to put a damper on his excitement. "Not at all," I stammered, "I can't wait. Monday your hair is on the chopping block, Tuesday it's my turn...."

"...and on Wednesday, it's Pastor Hendricks in the chair!" Alvin chirped.

That evening at home, I stood in front of a mirror trying to imagine myself with a baldy cut. Even though the last thing I wanted was to have all my amazing hair clipped off, I knew it was my chance to bond with Alvin and get our relationship off to an exciting start. I took a brush to my locks -- so lush, so amazing, such sheen.

The next time I saw Alvin was at camp. He looked dazzling in a tank top that showed off his amazing chest and shorts that revealed equally furry legs. So macho, so manly! And his shoulder-length blond mane absolutely shimmered in the summer sun.

"Come over here, look what I brought!" Alvin said, letting me peak into the footlocker. A pair of barber shears and a chargeable set of hair clippers. "I bought them for our prank, and they are all charged and ready to go."

He snapped the machine on momentarily and I watched the teeth chatter aimlessly. Pretty soon they would be chewing off my own pampered mane.

"You're still game for a baldy?" Alvin asked.

"You bet," I replied quickly. "Oh, and to see Pastor Hendricks with a shaved head too. We can't let him escape the clippers."

First down (Alvin)

It took forever to get the boys settled down that first evening.

Finally, it was lights out. Immediately, Alvin began simulating rip-roaring snores.

The boys giggled and whispered among themselves.

Then I said in a loud whisper, "Alvin told me he didn't have time to get a summer haircut before camp started. He's a bit worried that it'll be too hot. He thinks he snores more when his hair is long."

The kids laughed on cue.

One kid piped up, "His hair is longer than my sister's!"

The other munchkins laughed again.

"Does anyone want to help me play barber?" I asked. "Just think how happy he will be in the morning when he sees himself with a nice, fresh haircut."

"And we can get some sleep without all that snoring!" one kid exclaimed.

I snapped the scissors open and shut a few times that sent the kids into gales of laughter loud enough to rouse the dead.

Just then, Alvin rolled over and let his head hang over the side of the bed. His golden mane was in full display as I shone a flashlight on it. Twelve-inch locks dangled within range of the barber shears.

"Cut it!" one kid urged.

I put the blades into the mass, near the tips. "Here, or shorter?" I asked.

"Shorter!" they called out.

I moved the shears half way up the cascade of hair. "How about here?"

Some kids said "okay" but others called out "shorter!"

I took the first snip. A large chunk of Alvin's blond hair fell to the cabin floor. The kids let out a wave of giggles.

"More!" one kid urged.

"Do you want to play barber?" I asked.

"Sure!" he exclaimed. In a jiffy, he was out of bed and thrust the shears quite close to Alvin's scalp. Ten-inch locks fell to the floor.

"Shorter is better," I said, approvingly. "Someone else?"

The boys lined up. One after the other chopping away at Alvin's beautiful hair.

Finally, I grasped the massive forelock and brought the shears as close to Alvin's scalp as possible. I held up the shorn lock and the boys cheered and clapped.

This brought Alvin out of his "slumber". He rubbed his eyes. "What's going on here?" Then he looked down at the floor. "My hair!!!"

Alvin hammed it up and ran to the mirror. "Who did this?" he asked.

I put up my hand, "I did, Alvin. You seemed so upset about not having time to get a haircut before camp started....."

"Oh, I know you meant well, Giles. But, it's a bit uneven....don't you think?" Alvin said.

"I guess I'll have to use the clippers, then...." I said, opening the footlocker and bringing out the re-chargeable machine. "Now sit nice and still on this chair here."

I enjoyed clipping Alvin down to a #2 butch all over. He also seemed to enjoy the experience immensely. The boys cheered when Alvin smiled at himself in the mirror and gave a double-thumbs up. The amount of shorn hair on the cabin floor was staggering. I got a broom and dustpan and swept up the wonderful collection of cut hair.

"Now, everyone to sleep. With my hair now very short, I will not have a problem with snoring," Al announced.

Then, in the darkness of the cabin, Alvin was able to plant a small, fleeting kiss on my cheek before getting into his own bunk.

Second down (Giles)

The next morning, it was still dark when I felt Alvin rousing me from my sleep. "Come, let's get to the bath house first, while there's still hot water."

We scurried in the darkness through the forest path to the bath house. When we were out of sight of the cabins, Alvin stopped and we engaged in a brief but intense session of romantic passion.

Then he tussled my overgrown mane of lush hair. "I can't wait to shave this off tonight. You'll look sweet and innocent with a baldy cut."

I still couldn't believe I would be getting a baldy.

Once at the bath house I watched Alvin strip buck naked. He had a godlike physique. It took everything I had to avert my gaze and also from showing any hint of the arousal I felt within. One of the other counselors was already in the shower area. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Alvin lather up the copious pelt on his chest and his magnificently hairy legs.

"Washing the butch is a piece of cake," he called over to me as he rinsed the tidy pelt on his head. "So glad I don't have to contend with all that mega-mane anymore! I should have shaved it all off long ago."

I, meanwhile, was massaging in a huge dollop of conditioner to bring out a wonderful softness and sheen in my mane.

When I rinsed the foam out of my eyes, I looked up and saw Alvin standing in front of me with a towel wrapped around his waist. It was the first time I got a proper look at him sans long hair. He was the one who looked so boyish and innocent with the butch cut. Adorably cute!

"Nice haircut," I murmured.

"Glad you like it so much," he replied with a slight taunt in his voice. "You need one too."

"Do I have a snoring problem?" I joked.

"No, but you have a problem with hair always covering those nice blue eyes of yours!" he replied.

My mouth felt dry. I wanted to ask him to let me off the haircut hook....that I really didn't want one, that longer hair suited me. But I just swallowed and kept it to myself. Dread grew throughout the day. Then evening fell. The boys were in the chapel for vespers, and I found myself alone with Alvin in the cabin.

"Did you give me a #2 last night, Giles?" he asked, observing himself in the mirror.

"Don't know. Whatever was on the clippers," I replied, trying to work up the courage to ask for a reprieve from my upcoming butch.

"Actually, I'd like to take you down tighter, if you don't mind, to a #1. Just stubble!" he exclaimed. "Brutally short."

My heart sunk. That's the last thing I wanted! And, to my horror, I heard myself mumble, "Sure, if that's what you want..."

Alvin pulled me behind a closet, away from sight. He kissed me and ran his fingers through my hair. "Oh, so thick, so long, so soft," he groaned. "And, pretty soon, nothing but prickly stubble. A bald head! My pretty boy shorn brutally short!"

"Will you have a lot of fun shaving my head?" I asked.

"We'll both of have fun!" Alvin replied.

"When I saw you in the shower this morning...." I murmured.

Just then we heard the yelp of the boys running towards the cabin. We quickly broke away. I caught a glimpse of my beautiful hair in the mirror. It would soon be falling in the wake of the clippers.

"Okay, lights out in 15 minutes!" Alvin announced to the boys. "Go get your teeth brushed."

When the boys were all back, Alvin announced, "Giles here has a confession to make."

He put me on the spot! I had no idea what he wanted me to say. Why hadn't we planned the script out better?

I stammered, "I, I, uh, umm, I don't think I've ever told anyone this....." I was making it up as I went. I had no idea what I was going to say.

"Um, uh, well, I need to ask Alvin for forgiveness. You see, he hadn't really told me he didn't have time to get a haircut before camp started. That was a lie I made up. And, well, did anyone really believe that cutting his hair off would make him stop snoring?"

"No! That was ridiculous!" one boy cried out.

"So what should we do about Giles' bad behavior?" Alvin asked.

"Shave his head! Give him the same treatment he gave you," the same boy suggested.

"Bald!" the others shrieked.

Then I combined my true feeling with a simulated dramatic response, "Oh, please, not my hair!" I whimpered. "I like it nice and long like this!"

"Bald, bald, bald!" the boys demanded.

Alvin grabbed me by my mane. "The clippers are in the footlocker!"

I started to struggle.

"If we had a roll of duct tape in there too, we could demobilize our little liar!" Alvin exclaimed.

"I'll cooperated," I blurted out.

"Good," Alvin said, putting a chair in the middle of the cabin. "Sit there!"

Then he came back with the clippers. "Because of the lie Giles told, this pretty hair is going to be clipped off even closer to the scalp then mine," he said as he grasped me by my silken hair. His hand continued to caress and stroke it.

He gathered up my lush forelock and examined it closely. "This is constantly in his eyes," Alvin noted.

Then he snapped on the clippers and held the teeth right in front of my face. I watched the stern metal teeth chatter furiously.

"Perhaps I should let Giles off with just a warning," Alvin suggest.

"No!!!" the boys shouted.

"Shave him bald?" Alvin asked.

"Yes!!! BALD!!!" they roared.

Alvin needed no further encouragement. He thrust the teeth right into my forelock at the hairline. I felt slightly nauseous as I felt the forelock giving way. Then, he held the severed lock in front of my face to wild cheers from the boys.

I actually felt a wave of relief come over me. The dreaded awaiting of the cruel divestiture was over. I could begin the process of reimagining myself with no hair.

"Who is next in line to help barber Giles?" Alvin asked.

I quick line formed with most of the boys eager to take the clippers to my prized mane.

I watched in a sort of numbed state as my hair gradually was transferred from my head to the floor of the cabin. Mounds of glossy locks piled up between my feet.

Alvin took back the machine and finished off the deed once all the of boys who wanted to had a go with the clippers.

"Now, when he sees himself in the mirror, he'll remember to always tell the truth," Alvin preached to me (and the boys). He finished off my haircut with a nice session of rubbing the stubble. How I wished he could console me, in private, more intimately!

I was not prepared for what I saw in the mirror when I was finally led to it by Alvin. I detested the look! My bald head accentuated my big ears that stuck out! Oh, how I hated it.....

"I think you look so sexy," Alvin whispered in my ear when he had a chance.

"I'm glad. I want you to see me as sexy," I murmured back.

"And when you're submissive and compliant, you are more than sizzling hot!" he quipped.

It was funny how the haircuts had shifted the dynamic. I had always thought of Alvin as a nice, shy, quiet type. But beneath that misleading exterior, he was quite dominant and imposing! And, I found myself resigned to the submissive role.

Spontaneously, I replied, "If lather-shaving me to smooth skin would excite you, you can take the stubble too."

"Let's do it to each other, at the very end of camp!" Alvin whispered back.

It would be something to dread all summer long -- a lather-shaved head!

Third down (Pastor Hendricks)

At vespers that evening, Pastor Hendricks was in rare form. He told so many jokes that the kids were going berzerk. The boys from our cabin were particularly wild.

But, Pastor Hendricks managed to suddenly turn the laughs off as he read from his text:

"From there Elisha went up to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, some youths came out of the town and jeered at him. ‘Go on up, you baldhead!’ they said. ‘Go on up, you baldhead!’ He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the LORD. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the youths."

A hush fell over the crowd. "Have any of you ever mocked someone?" Pastor Hendricks asked.

Total silence.

"You know, this chapel is surrounded by a dense woods, full of bears!" he bellowed.

Some of the girls began weeping.

By the end of the sermon, there was general weeping and quite a few answered the altar call to get their lives right with the Lord!

After the service, all the campers were invited to the canteen for free ice cream, courtesy of Pastor Hendricks. He had already primed Alvin and me for his final stunt....and we were ready!

"You know," he said, "when I was preaching about Elisha the bald prophet, I noticed two of your counselors with fresh haircuts -- Alvin and Giles. Two baldies!!" Pastor Hendricks exclaimed. "Don't they look wonderful with such practical, tidy haircuts?"

The boys from our cabin when nuts shouting and clapping and cheering.

Then, on cue, Alvin whipped out the clippers, "Since you like these haircuts so much, Pastor Hendricks, put your money where your mouth is! Take a seat in this chair right here!"

"Oh, no, I like them....but not for me," he began to pout nervously.

"Perhaps you weren't being exactly honest when you said you 'liked' them," I piled on. "You weren't lying, I hope!"

The boys started chanting, "Bald, bald, bald...."

Pastor Hendricks hammed it up and looked quite nervous as Alvin and I escorted him to the chair.

Unbeknown to me, Alvin had again swapped the guard. It was set a #0!

I snapped on the machine and held it in front of his face. "Ready, sir?" I asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be. But not too short, okay...." he whimpered.

I pushed the clippers straight into his fussy businesscut. A huge cheer went up from everyone in the room. And then my stomach churned with sheer panic and anxiety when I saw the virgin white scalp come into view as the clump of his quiff fell away. He was going for a chemo chromedome!!

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