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Room Mates Part II by P.J.

Before I knew it break was over and I was back at school, a new semester was starting. I'd arrived back at the dorm before Gunner. Soon enough, he came strolling in. I stared at him in shock, open mouthed. He looked HOT AF, as in I want to jump his bones this instant hot.

His hair was ruffed up and messy on top, a fantastic thick looking messy fringe, his thick sides brushed back, all above his ears, the back was looking good too, getting long, with a bit of wave to it now. "Dude, you've clearly had time to experiment with your look". I exclaimed, almost drooling.

He laughed. "Oh, yeah, break was interesting at my house to say the least. My dad, predictably, was furious the minute I walked in the door. Not even a hello, he ordered me to immediately head to the barber shop get my MOP buzzed before Christmas or else. No way did he want my shaggy head in the family Christmas pic. My two sisters immediately came to my defense. Threatening to disown him if he didn't back down. I never had to utter a syllable. They both thought my new look was incredible. My mom's reaction sold it though. She gave me a warm hug, throwing my dad the daggers look, and said my, I didn't know you were this handsome. That shut my dad down. My poor brother though, one look told me that he'd just been freshly sheared, as well as my dad. He was giving ME daggers, his eyes welling up, ready to cry. He rubbed his closely buzzed head. Needless to say, we had some lengthy discussions about my mane during the break. My mom and sisters couldn't stop telling me what a handsome change it was, and how good I looked. The best part for me was that I think my brother at least has had his last buzz cut. Not too sure about my dad yet".

Gunner came over and sat next to me on my bed, closer than I'd expected him to. "My sisters came up with this "do", what do you think"? He nodded his head at me. I reached tentatively to run my hand through it, he nodded again, giving permission. I expected stiff gel. Instead I found soft waves. I moaned involuntarily. "Oh, man, this feels as good as it looks". He explained how he did it. I nodded approvingly.
" I think someone's developing a bit of a hair fetish" I said smirking at him.

He laughed, "no, not really, I'm just enjoying this whole growing it out thing is all. I believe you were the one that said enjoy the journey right"?
"Ha, ha," I laughed, "yes, I believe I did say something to that effect. We still need to do a bit of trimming though one of these days I said reaching up and tugging the thick shank at his nape. I don't want guys thinking I'm living with a Billy Ray Cyrus look alike. I think I can take care of it without using the clippers on ya too."

We soon settled back into our routines, lots of time spent studying in our room. We were both in the engineering program so we didn't have a lot of free time. Frequently I'd get the feeling I was being watched. Looking quickly over at Gunner, many times I busted him just staring at me. He'd smile shyly and go back to studying. What was that all about, I wondered.

One night, a couple of weeks into the semester, I had one of those ah ha moments. When I caught him staring again I said, " it's my hair isn't it? That's what you keep looking at right"?
He gave me an odd smile, blushing slightly, and said "huh, um, well now that you mention it, yes, sure. You're getting a little shaggy if truth be told".

I'd realized that while I was keeping everyone else in shape, I had been neglecting my own plush auburn locks. I hadn't even trimmed them over break. I walked in and looked at myself in our bathroom mirror. "Hmm, yeah, I guess maybe I could use a good trim up".

Gunner was suddenly standing next to me, that shy smile on his face again. "Uh, Jake", he stammered, "do you think you could coach me through trimming it for you'?
I must have looked shocked, because he quickly said "never mind, forget I even asked, that was dumb" and retreated back to his desk.
I pondered for a minute, then walked out and stood behind him, looking directly down on his lush locks.

" Gunner, would you want to, really? I know you've watched me cut lots of guys hair but I never really noticed you paying that much attention".
He smiled shyly again and replied, "au contraire mon ami, I've watched your every move whenever I could. I know I'd need some practice with the clippers, but I bet I could do a nice job if you just wanted a scissor trim up."

I'm usually very fussy about my cut and it takes me a good hour to trim it up even. Something in Gunners look made me want him to try though. I went to my closet and got my bag of tricks out, set it on my desk, and proceeded to get the cape, scissors. comb, mirror, and peanut clippers out and lay them out on my desk.
Gunners jaw dropped, then he got that shy smile again. There was something about that smile that made me feel all warm inside, hmm. "You're really going to let me have a go at you, wow" he quipped.
I set up the three way mirror on my desk, and flopped down in the chair, looking at him expectantly.
"What", I said, smiling at him. "Come on over here and let's get started. This might take a little while since I think this is your first time actually cutting hair, right? You've certainly seen me do this enough times to know how to start, yes"?
He quietly walked over to me. Gingerly lifting the folded cape off my desktop. He turned sideways, and shook it open. Turning back to me and wrapping it around my head, he let it billow out and cover me.

I should say here that I have a thick auburn mop. My fringe, if pulled down will just touch my lips. I normally have my ears about half covered, with about an inch of length below my nape in back. Not super short by any means. I didn't like the freshly shaved, barbered look, for myself. Currently my hair was a bit below the bottom of my ears and almost 3 inches below my nape.

Gunner made to snap the cape around my neck, brushing his hand into the thick bulk at my nape to move it out of the way. I thought I heard a soft moan. "What's the matter, big guy"? I asked, looking at his reflection in the mirror. "Having second thoughts"?

He blushed pink. "Um, well, eh" he stammered. "It's just that I've been aching to touch your hair ever since that first day you appeared in the doorway. It looks so cool. I love the way your thick bangs fall forward when you look down, and the way you wriggle your fingers through them, pushing them back. I've long wondered what it would feel like to have hair like that. Now that I actually have my hands it, it's even more incredible than I'd imagined. He laughed softly. It's funny, I'd never really noticed guys' hair before, but since mines been growing, I've started checking other guys hair out. I still always come back to yours though. It's such a cool color, and it has those natural highlights that you can only get from the sun. I can't believe you want it cut."

My turn to blush. "Your serious?" I replied, "this mop?" I said pointing to my head. I instinctively reached and ruffled my hand through the thick bang mop, working it back and behind my ear again. I started to pick up the brush, mine was a bit too thick to use a comb on. He quickly snapped the cape tight and reached out, covering my hand on the brush with his.

"Please, can I take it from here?" he asked, locking eyes with me through the mirror. Time stopped for just a moment, I swear. His stare was so intense and captivating. Then the spell was broken.
I registered my surprise, but nodded, "Uh, sure, you're the barber here big guy. Go for it."

He proceeded to brush my hair down then brush my fringe back, then down again. I could tell he was enjoying this immensely, savoring every moment. The bulge in his sweats left nothing to the imagination either. I had to admit, it did feel incredible to have another guy running his hands through my locks. This was new for me, I'd been cutting my own hair for years. It was my turn to give a slight groan of pleasure as he gently massaged my mane. "You know, you're eventually going to have to stop brushing, and start cutting" I quipped, smirking at him. "As great as this feels, how about if you continue my head massage after you finish cutting it".

He sheepishly finished brushing it down all around , picked up the scissors, and said " O.K., got it, cut now , massage later. So what am I doing for you today sir!"
Hmm, I hadn't thought this far ahead, and he'd certainly distracted me from the task at hand. I'd never had to give instructions before. Let alone instructions on cutting my own hair. "Let's start by keeping these safe, I said" tugging on my bangs. "You've seen me do a horse shoe parting before right?"

He smiled, "Yup, I can't wait till mines long enough for you to do that to". He had brushed his hand through the not insignificant thatch on his forehead. I noticed too that he was getting quite a bit of length in back. I'd have to do something about that. If he'd let me. He hadn't mentioned yet how long he wanted to grow it. His hair was somewhat coarse as it grew out but at the same time had nice body to it without being too poufy. It might also have a bit of wave too, more length would bring that out better. Oh, well, enough daydreaming, back to the here and now. I had to successfully coach him through this first.

He grabbed the comb and a couple of clips, and proceeded to do a passable job of parting my thick locks. I had to give him a little guidance, I do my own horse shoe a bit lower all around. I handed him the spray bottle and instructed him to get the lower portion thoroughly damp, but not soaking wet.

"O.K." I said, "let's start removing some length, then I'll give you a lesson in layering." I showed him where to line up on my ears and to cut horizontally from in front of them, all the way to the back edge of my ear.

'Mmmm, Jake, That's a lot of hair, man." Gunner murmured. "You sure you want that much off?"
"Yeah", I replied, "this is just getting me back to normal dude, don't worry. I actually haven't had a haircut since graduation last June either."
I showed him the ruler markings on the comb he was using. (I'd started using that type of comb so when guys said to" take an inch off" I could show them exactly how much I was taking off.) I couldn't see the back of my own head well, and had to trust him to leave about an inch and a half hanging below my nape, instructing him how to cut it straight across, then rounding the corners off behind my ears. Running my hand through it after he momentarily stopped snipping, I smiled at him. "Wow, you do know how to do this, don't you".

I was also closely watching the length of the locks falling into my lap with each snip of the scissors. He'd apparently also observed that when I cut a guys hair I tried to make as much hair as possible land in the clients lap. A - they saw what they were losing, and B - it reminded me not to get too carried away, well at least most of the time that is.
"I think so", he replied, a bit tentatively. I just don't want to ruin this plush mane of yours Jake. He wriggled his fingers through the shag on the back of my head. That would just about kill me." I'd love to get mine to this length eventually.

"Gunner, it's hair, it'll grow back. Besides, you're doing a fantastic job so far. It looks great." I explained how to do a little layering along the bottom couple of inches and waited patiently while he went slowly from one side all the way around the back, finishing on the other side.

Finished with that finally, he stepped around in front of me. Looking at the mound of shorn locks in my lap he sighed heavily. "Wow Jake, that's a lot of hair man. He reached into my lap, picking up a handful of hair. Accidently ( I'm assuming) brushing on the steel hard pole in my lap. Watching his face, I saw a slight smirk. Ah, maybe that wasn't so accidental.
"It looks great Gunner" I said blushing just a bit. Feels like I'm getting back to normal." I gave my head a quick shake. Thick locks flipping back and forth. "Now, for the tough part. Take the clips out, and comb or brush all of that the top hair forward.
"Oh, Jake" he moaned "I hope I'm not cutting much of this, am I"?

I smiled and gave a small chuckle. "Why not", I asked? He'd finished combing the thick shank straight down in front as ordered. I was now sitting with my thick bang shank combed straight down, its tips solidly touching my lips.

"But this is the best part" Gunner replied. Giving the thick locks at my lips a small tug. Brushing his thumb softly across my lips in the process.
"I know dude, but they are now too long, since the rest has been cut. Not to worry though, you aren't chopping them off short. Do you want a lesson in sectioning and layering the top, or do you want to do a quick trim on them this time?" I inquired. "Either one is fine by me."

"I want to do whatever will make you look your best" He replied. Gently stroking his hand through the freshly cut back locks. I don't care if it takes all night" he said smirking seductively. "I love having my hands in this mane."
I sighed, thinking to myself. I think I've created a monster, albeit a hot sexy monster, if I was being honest.
I carefully explained what I wanted him to do, a couple of times though. He'd seen me do it when cutting other guys hair, just not usually leaving it this long. He'd listened carefully, combing and lifting sections as I explained. Then he surprised me.

"Jake, how about if you do this part man. I don't know about this. I REALLY, REALLY don't want to screw it up. I love your fringe, I'd feel awful if I screwed it up."
"Gunner, it's hair, it'll grow back, I'm not going to direct you to do anything I wouldn't do myself. You've done a fantastic job so far, you finish it. I'll have you leave it a bit longer than I would normally cut it, just in case, how's that sound?"

"Mmm, well, O.K. " He picked up the comb and scissors again. First combing everything forward and down again. "Where do you want me to cut it to then?" he asked.
"Tip of my nose for starters guy, go for it" Before I realized what he was doing, he was semi kneeling directly in front of me combing my fringe down and leaning in for the first cut. He started to wobble a bit and put the comb hand down reaching instinctively for something solid to steady himself with. He found something solid alright.
"Oh my god, sorry, sorry " he burst out with.

I smirked back. reaching out and steadying him with my arm. " No harm done guy, all good in fact" That got a bright pink blush from him. He locked eyes with me again. Damn, those sapphire orbs were intense.

Repositioned, and steadying off my inner thigh now, he snipped his way across. Almost 2 inches of thick fringe dropping into my lap. Satisfied that he'd done O.K., he stood up again. I could see out of the corner of my eye, we were in good shape. The close body contact had had an arousing effect on us both though, I noticed. My shaft was like granite. We would have to keep moving this along. I'd definitely need some alone time to "collect my thoughts" sooner rather than later.

I explained how to take a center section front to back on top, how long to cut it, and how to use it as a guide to cut the length sectioning across,. and working front to back. Gunner was silent, working intently I could see the concentration on his face. I could see the pile of locks in my lap growing, little by little too.

Finally Gunner stepped back, running his hand through the top, shaking it out and down across my face. He stepped around to face me, working his hand into the thick bulk and brushing it back. He looked longingly at me. "God Jake, I can't wait till I have this much to play around with dude, this is so hot, getting to cut your hair I mean."

I chuckled, "You have more touch time left Big guy, you still have to shave my neck." I walked him through what to do. I wasn't really concerned though, this was hard to screw up. He worked his way down and around, starting behind my right ear, lifting my thick mane up out of the way. He did a great job. Last, he trimmed in front of my ears, lining up my scruffy beard. He brushed me down, and gingerly unsnapped the cape, gathering it up so he could just shake it all into the waste basket.

I stood and walked over to the big mirror on the back of our door. I flipped my fringe around and ran my hands through the sides and back. Turning to Gunner I said "Thanks dude. This looks fantastic. I feel like a whole new man."

He shrugged and looked back at me shyly. "Truth be told Jake, as much as I was thrilled you let me cut your hair, I would have left it as is guy. Don't get me wrong, I think I did a good job. I just don't think you needed it cut".

"Dude!" I barked, "You're the one who said I was looking a little shaggy!"
Looking contrite, he said "I know, I probably shouldn't have said that. Truth is I like you a little shaggy".
I put my arm around him, sinking my hand into this thick shag at the base of his neck. "Ah , dude, don't worry, no more cuts till the end of the semester, except maybe a neck fuzzy trim, how does that sound?"

He sighed, turning to face me, close quarters, and ran both hands into my mop. With a hang dog look, he said "Promise"?"
Hmm, that should have felt awkward. Somehow it felt comfortable though. Wow.

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