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Chet Pays the Price by Shant

Over two years ago, I met Chet one Saturday night at the local bar. Despite my being 20 years older than he was, we hit it off really well. After having a few drinks, I asked him if he would like to come over to my house, which was only ten minutes away.

To my surprise, he told me that he would really like to come home with me but he had come out to see if he could make a little extra money and he doubted I would be interested in paying someone when I certainly didn’t need too. It had never occurred to me that he was a hustler and was hustling me the whole time.

To be honest, that really didn’t bother me. I figured who was I to judge? I was not looking for a relationship. To me, the perfect situation, was finding someone that just liked getting together every once in awhile and playing for an evening. I definitely was not looking for someone full time.

Chet was definitely good looking. He was about 25, 5’ 10" and 160 lbs. He had beautiful, thick, slightly wavy hair that was coal black. He had it cut very much like Justin Bieber did at one time, with the sides very short and the top very long, and he brushed it all back swept slightly to the side. I guess you would call it an "edgy" pompadour. When he stepped out of the shower, his hair fell into slightly loose curls that hung down to his nose.

I’m really turned on by a guy that has incredible hair and Chet definitely had that. Our town is small and it was rare to meet anyone new, which was about the only thing I didn’t like about living in a small town. Opportunities didn’t come along too often. It was rare I ever met anyone when I went out. I just knew that I had to be satisfied that I could go to several big cities within a few hours and get to play.

I thought about what Chet had said and thought to myself, why not try this? It would be no more expensive than taking him out to dinner. No more expensive that having to drive a couple of hours to a big city, and really, probably no more dangerous than picking up a one nighter. If I could find a way, I would definitely like to have more sex where I lived and yet not have to get romantically involved with anyone.

I liked the idea of being totally upfront with each other, being honest about what we were looking for. I told him that if we were able to work something out that was suitable for both of us, I’d be glad to try it.

I told him that one of the things I would like to do if we got together was play with that beautiful hair of his. I explained to him that I don’t know why, but ever since I was a child, I had always been turned on by a guy with great hair. (I should have been a barber and that would have really fulfilled my fantasy!) I told him that I would want to brush his hair, run my hands through it, dry it and comb it into different styles. I asked him if he liked having someone brush his hair and play with it and he said that he loved having someone do that. He said that he, too, was turned on by a great head of hair and knew how lucky he was to have such great hair. All his life he had been told by everyone how beautiful his hair was. Rarely a day went by without him receiving a compliment from someone. He loved having his hair pampered.

This seemed like it was getting better and better, but of course I knew that I had to be carefuI. As long as he proved that he was trustworthy I thought this might just work out. I told him that helping him out financially was no problem and we discussed how much he would want to get together for an evening. We came to an agreed upon price that I thought was fair.

I then told him that in addition to playing with his hair, that I would love to cut it as well. I explained that I had cut hair all through high school and college and was good at it. I could even do an awesome flattop if he were ever interested. I told him that whenever we got together and he let me cut his hair I would double our regular price. I told him I never wanted to buzz his hair all off or cut it extremely short because I would then have nothing to play with and his hair was definitely one of the major things that turned me on.

Chet said that would be great for him too and off we went to my house. That first night we just played around a little and got comfortable with each other. I did start by running my hands through his thick hair. "Man, you have the most unbelievable hair! 90% of the entire male population would be envious of having hair like yours! Probably even more than that!" I said. If you have a hair fetish like I do, you understand that I was in total heaven! Rarely did this ever happen and I really was having an incredible time getting to do things that I usually was only able to fantasize about.

I took him into the bathroom and washed his hair. I then took the dryer and spent a lot of time playing with his hair, brushing and combing it in every different possible way that I could. No matter what I did, his hair looked fantastic! The entire time I worked on his hair, our hands were playing around a little too. Nothing too intense, but it was still really hot! When I took Chet home I wondered if this was going to be a one time thing or if I would ever see him again. About three weeks later I got a call from him, asking me if I’d like to get together, and we made a date for the next night.

As time passed, Chet and I fell into a pretty comfortable arrangement. We really did enjoy each other’s company and I trusted him completely. He never tried taking advantage of me. I cut Chet’s hair in a lot of different styles. I once took it down short into a square flattop on the sides and back and left a plush pile on top over an inch long. Because it was so thick, the top stood up perfectly and I was able to make it stand as flat as a board. I actually took a ruler and laid it on top of his head and it stayed perfectly in place. It really was striking!

I knew that Chet sometimes hustled to make extra money. It was none of my business, didn’t bother me at all. As long as he didn’t screw with me, it was fine, and he never did, so I thought I had found the perfect arrangement.

About two years after we had been getting together, we had ended a typical evening together and I took him home. After dropping him off, I stopped at a convenience store on the way back home and it was then I realized that $100 was missing from my wallet. I had only gotten the money eight hours earlier and had seen no one except Chet, so it was obvious that he had stolen it from me. I really was surprised. After two years, I certainly didn’t think he would do something like that. I would have helped him out if he had asked me and even though I knew he hustled sometimes, he had never tried anything to make me feel uncomfortable about him. I now felt betrayed and didn’t know what I was going to do.

My first thought was to drive right back to his house and confront him, but I decided that might not be the smartest move. No need to react when I was angry. I didn’t want things to get out of hand and decided I would take my time and think about how I was going to handle this.

Three weeks went by and I knew what I was going to do. I waited for Chet to call and when he did, I told him I’d pick him up later that evening like usual, never letting on that anything was wrong.

When I got Chet back to the house that night we talked like we always did. That lead to my brushing his hair, telling him how beautiful his hair was and how lucky he was to have it. I washed it and then using the hair drier, dried it out, using a little gel to help the top stand up as high as it could. I enjoyed running my hands through all his wonderful hair, thinking to myself that I may never experience getting the opportunity to run my hands through hair as beautiful as this ever again. I was a little nervous about what I had planned but I knew I was going to go through with it.

At this point in time, we had grown Chet’s hair out and it was probably the longest it had ever been since I had met him. The sides were no longer short like when I had first met him. This time we had let the sides grow out, along with the top. The sides were about 3-4 inches long, brushed back above his ears and then meeting together in the back, right below his collar. The top was a good 5-6 inches long and was all brushed straight back. With it being so thick and with the slight curl to it, it was beautiful the way it just seemed to fall into perfect waves. He really did have unbelievable hair.

I usually cut his hair every other time we got together so this was the the night for me to do it. As I finished brushing back his perfect hair, getting every strand in place, I plugged in my clippers, just like always to begin the haircut.

"I think I’m going to cut your hair a little different this time," I said. Without giving him a chance to reply, I placed my hand on the top of his head and tilted it forward. I had a #1 guard on the clippers, the shortest I had ever used on him and placed them at the base of his neck and with one swipe ran them almost all the way to the crown! Waves of beautiful black hair fell onto the cape and onto the floor. At least 3-4 inches were coming off from the sides! There was hair everywhere and I had yet to attack the longest part, the top.

Chet exclaimed, "What the hell are you doing? That feels a lot shorter than I thought you were going to cut my hair! I thought you wanted me to keep growing my hair out longer! What’s going on?"

"I thought you deserved a little pay back for the money you took from my wallet last time. Don’t even try to say you didn’t do it, because we both know you did. I decided I wasn’t going to get into an argument with you about it. The drama isn’t worth it. I am disappointed however that you would actually steal from me. I totally trusted you, but now that’s all over."

Chet at first didn’t say anything but eventually said, "I don’t know why I did that to you. You have been nothing but kind to me. When you walked out of the room last time, I saw your wallet on the dresser and before I knew it, I had taken the money out and put it in my pocket. I don’t know why I did it and I immediately realized I was making a huge mistake that would probably result in never getting together with you again and I really like seeing you. I am sorry and if there’s any chance you will give me another chance, I promise I won’t screw up again."

That’s pretty much what I had expected Chet to say. I told him, "When I realized that you had taken the money, I decided you needed to realize that there are consequences for your actions. You can’t just smile at me with that handsome face of yours and say you are sorry and that’s all there is to it. I thought about it for awhile and I decided that cutting your hair would be the perfect punishment for you, because I know how much you really love that pretty hair of yours. You need to understand how deeply you hurt me. I trusted you and thought we were honest with each other and now I don’t know what to think."

The entire time I was talking to him, the clippers were flying like crazy, pulling off wads of glistening black hair! The curls were everywhere! Chet just sat there and took his punishment. By this time, I had buzzed up the entire sides and back all the way to the crown. All that was left of his beautiful hair was the 5-6 inches on top. I then changed the #1 guard to a #2 and after brushing the top straight back I placed them at the center of his forehead and ran them straight back to the crown. This haircut was going to be the shortest I had ever given him, much shorter than the flattop I liked to cut so much, but he needed to learn his lesson and if this was going to be the last time I ever cut his hair, it was going to be a haircut I was never going to forget!

Once I had started the haircut I didn’t waste any time on cutting it. No telling him how pretty his hair was and how much I loved it and how much I knew he loved it, like I always did. When I finished, I uncaped him and took him home. We never said a word on the short drive to his apartment.

When we got to his apartment and I stopped the car, I told him he needed to think about what had just transpired. I told him that I believed in giving a person a second chance and if he truly wanted to try again that I would consider it, but it was going to take some time for him to prove to me that I could trust him again. If we did get together again and he stole from me again, I would definitely call the police.

Chet said that he would really like to try again because he knew what he had done was wrong and he didn’t want to quit seeing me. I told him to call me in about a month and we would take it from there. I really did believe he was sorry, but I’m also pretty naive when it comes to people. I’m always trying to look for the best in people and if I am not careful I get taken advantage of.

Almost three weeks have gone by since this all happened. I guess I’ll know soon what Chet will decide to do. I know that I should probably stay MILES away from him and that he is probably BAD news, but I really do love his beautiful hair! I mean, memories can only last so long… I guess time will tell!

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