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Barber for Hire - School Blues by Boi

Author's Note: Slowly getting back into writing. Somewhat a prequel/crossover for the school blues series. More haircutting in the next installment

At the start of my career, on top of working as an apprentice at a barber shop, I decided to have a little side project at the same time.

It wasn't profitable by any means, but it was fun, added to my experience, and satisfied my fetish. With strict rules in almost all schools for the length of boy's hair, it was a goldmine for me.

I had sent out emails to as many schools as I could, offering my services as a barber that was willing to rectify their student's hair at a heavily subsidised price. Of course, I added some fluff in the email, mentioning how I believed in discipline and how it starts from appearance, hoping to appeal to some old traditional discipline masters.

First 2 days went by without any reply, but I was still hopeful. Finally on the third day, I had a hit. A rather prominent all boys secondary school (13-16) had replied, saying they were interested, and to contact the discipline master, Mr Lam, at this number.

Fingers crossed, I called it.

"Good day sir, my name is Roran, the barber that had previously sent an email to the school? I was told to contact you at this number."

"Ah yes yes, it sounds like a good idea, these boys have been getting out of hand with their attire, especially the older students. Next week, school is reopening after the holidays, I will be conducting an attire check on Monday. Will you be free then?"

"Yup, monday morning seems good."

"Well, I plan to utilise your services for the upper secondary. I believe the juniors will learn from their seniors' mistakes. I will iron out the details with you over email?"

Within a day, we settled everything. Since we were dealing with students, we agreed on a discounted price of $5 per cut, and I would be given the detention classroom to set up my barbershop. Although it wasn’t really worth it, the experience and fun I would get out of this was more than satisfactory. Most importantly, I was given free reign, as long as the students looked presentable by the end of the day.

Early that monday morning, I packed my barbering kit in my car and headed to the school. Of course, I knew it was prestigious and fancy, but the building was truly impressive. I felt underdressed honestly. Wearing a simple dress shirt and pants and armed with a suitcase with my kit, I headed towards the office.

Mr Lam, as expected, was rather stern and didn’t speak much. As he escorted me towards the
room, he explained the plan. After setting up, I would accompany him for the inspection to look out for those who try to hide or disguise the length of their hair. Of course, those that are slightly overdue will be given a chance, and be told to report back to him the next day after a haircut. As for those "outstanding" students, they will be pulled out and later be sent to my barbershop. Throughout the day, a prefect will be attached to me to help me out and organise the students, as well as learn how to pick out those with longer hair

After a short walk, we arrived at the detention room, with a student already there. His uniform was immaculate, not a single crinkle in his shirt and pants, and with a polished prefect badge adorning it. As per school policy, his sneakers were pearly white. He seemed rather well built for his age, and truly carried himself with dignity. He had a faded undercut, with a beautiful no. 1 fade up to the part, and the top waxed back, with the definition and volume only achieved with careful hair drying and clay. However, the top was so clearly over the regulations, which was fringe at only eyebrow level maximum.

This is Jason, one of our top prefects. I am sure he will be of great help to you. He’ll bring you over to the main parade square for the morning assembly. I’m heading back to the office. See you then.

After he left, Jason introduced himself and showed me the room we were working with. The back wall of the room was a full mirror wall, presumably so the teacher could see what the students were doing from the back. Smart, but also kind of messed up. Then again, it works for me, so who am I to complain.

More importantly, the moment we stepped in the room, I zeroed in on my potential first victim. The back was also faded upwards, but it was clear the length of the top was much greater than expected to the point it overlaped part of the fade at the back.

"Jason, right? Here’s the plan, I’ll set up a main chair at the back facing the mirror with a table that can work as my station, then you arrange chairs behind that so that the rest can enjoy the show as I get to work."

"Yes boss"

He seemed quite efficient as we set up in silence, but his smirk when I said enjoy the show was not missed. Opening up my briefcase, I first took out my cape and laid it over the chair. Next, I took out my box of neck tissues and various clips, but it’s not like I would let them have enough hair for an undercut after I was done with them. Next, I took out my various scissors and hair dryer and laid them out on the table, leaving the clippers and various guards in a custom mold in the briefcase, along with other miscellaneous items.

By the time I finished setting up, Jason had already set up the rest.

"Hey, Jason, good work. Come over, need to test out something. Sit in the main chair for abit."

Untangling the cord to plug in the clippers and hair dryer, I could not help but glance at Jason sitting in the hot seat, seeming so innocent. Making my way behind the seat, just staring at his reflection in the mirror, I think he could tell something was going to happen. Before he could say anything, I wrapped the tissue around his neck and with a quick fling of my cape, covered up his entire body. 3 quick snaps and he was trapped.


The customer always look soo innocent with a black cape, just their head exposed. Pressing down on his shoulders to stop him from getting up, all I said was

"Hair’s looking kinda long eh?"

Before he could respond, I slowly ran my hands through his hair, messing up his thick pompadour. To my surprise, instead of squirming and freaking out, he seemed like he was enjoying it?

My my, seems like I’ve found one in the wild.

Seeing we had time, I took out my bottle of shampoo and squirted some on his hair, before slowly working it in, taking my time to slowly massage it in. Taking my time to work it in with my fingers caressing the scalp, before long the top was just covered in foam completely. Jason has taken to making purr like sounds in response, time to jolt him back to reality. Picking at a clump near the fringe, I yanked it upwards to its full length, shocking him awake. Seeing the length in the mirror, he gulped. Pulling it straight down, it reached his upper lip.

"Well well, what do we have here. Follow me" Grabbing him by the shoulder, I brought him to the nearby toilet sink to slowly wash it off. Bringing him back, I just used a simple towel to pat it down, leaving it fairly damp. By this point, he seemed to have completely given up resistance, and actually seemed euphoric.

However, once we were back in the chair, facing the mirror, he seemed to somber up. What I did next didn't help. Combing back his hair, I decided to just comb it straight down, revealing it's magnificent length, resulting in a squirm from Jason.

"So, what shall I do with you, huh?"

With his near perfect fade, there was no need to bother with clippers.



Taking out my scissors, I slid it under his fringe, right at his forehead.


However, as frantic as he shouted, I couldn't help but notice something else getting excited. And it didn't take him long to realise I saw it.

This situation just got much more interesting. It's quite rare to find another person with a hair fetish in such a conservative country, and the kid seemed pretty decent. Not to mention it was obvious how well he took care of it considering it's softness. This could be a fun opportunity.

Sliding down his fringe with my scissors, I decided to just take off half an inch, snipping at the edges to bring out some texture instead of my planned blunt cut. Continuing upwards towards the back of his hair, I started talking.

"You know, don't let it get to your lip for now. Your fade on your back is too high, your fringe started to overlap your back, which makes it extremely obvious. We can grow out the back and have a lower fade next time, and then you can keep your fringe longer. What'dya think."

"Oh, yea. That's true. I mean, I kinda just get away with it as a prefect, so I just let it grow longer. Good point.."

"What is it? You’re obviously about to say something."

"Why did you spare me?"

"You have a hair fetish right? So, I’ll spare you on 2 conditions. First, your hair is exclusively mine. Second, if you find someone with interesting hair in your school, send them my way. I’m sure we’ll be able to have fun eh? Especially with a barber on your side"

On that note, his eyes lit up and a mischievous grin crept up on his face.


Well, then. I just about finished up the trim on the top. Using some wax that I had, I carefully slicked back his hair, using my fingers to create a more textured look than he had when he came in. With his hair length concealed once more, I got him to sweep the floor while I set up the remainder of the station.

"Now, shall we find our victims?"

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