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Former Officer by paneermonst

Ryder Samuel was a young man that always dreamt of making the world a better place using a policy approach. He had always dreamt of being commissioned as an undercover hero to find a bad guy and punish them for the betterment of the world. He had dreamt ever since he was kid of chasing the bad guys and turning them into jail and received admiration from his fellow police officers for his performance.

One day his dream came true. After receiving top marks from the Police in Training section on his enlistment, Ryder was given the sole task and commission to track down a mafia boss that was ravaging the city he lived in. Ryder graciously accepted this offer and set his mind straight on the target of finding the mafia boss and placing him in jail for his crime.

Some time passed during his undercover operation, but before he had left, he had swore that he would not return to his family or girlfriend until he had found the mafia boss. He had spent the last 5 years chasing down the mafia boss and during this time his hair grew from a crew cut that was 1 cm from his scalp to a golden mane that cascaded down his back that had almost reached his lower butt due to a lack of concentration to anything unrelated to his mission. To keep it from interfering while he was chasing down criminals or attracting attention in public, he braided it and kept it under his puffy coat or tied it into a bun which he covered with a large hat or beanie. He loved the feeling of the golden locks flowing behind him and around his shoulders as he chased the criminals, and even liked the ringlets at the end to get caught in his mouth.

Eventually through a careful tracking through his contacts and keen senses of the activities in the city, he was able to capture the mafia boss and his branch of executives and land them all in jail. Upon his return to the department, he was greeted with much admiration and praise like he had hoped from his peers and was informed that he was the youngest undercover officer to capture a tier 3 criminal. Despite the much praise and popularity that Ryder gained throughout the department, people could not help but be distracted by his new haggard appearance. His hair had officially reached his thighs and his beard had reached his belly button- It was so long that he could donate it! Before he had left on his mission he was the typical officer with a clean shave and a high-and-tight haircut with his hair barely being 2 cm from his head. Now he looked like a hairy maniac that had not showered in 8 years.

A few days after his arrival to the department, the lead investigator for the department came up to Ryder and asked him a question, "Ryder, would you be willing to be my right hand in the department? You would complete operations just like me except your appearance would be back to normal and you would not be undercover". Although Ryder had graciously accepted his proposition as it would guarantee him even more opportunities for his dream as well as give him a good source of money, he was still sad and gloomy due to the fact that he had to change back his appearance. He had grown to love his Rapunzel hair and beard by appreciating the length and thickness, and the fact that he had to shave it all off really hit him home. He did not know what to think!

After applying for a 2 week break from his work, he returned back to his home where his girlfriend and family were waiting for him. When he came, his wife and parents were shocked to see him look so different and dramatic. The last they had seen him was with the crew cat and shaved beard, so the amount of hair they saw on him now completely shocked and disturbed them. After eating dinner and telling his family the position he had accepted, his parents could not be more proud. Not only were they happy that I had been promoted but they were also ecstatic that I would be cleaned up and have a makeover. My girlfriend on the other hand was slightly underwhelmed.

After my parents had gone to their room, me and my girlfriend went up to my bathroom so I could clean up and take a shower. While I was undressing, she kept commenting how my scars and wound had looked like I had gone through alot, and how much more muscular I had become in 7 years. My hair was coiled in a tight thigh-length braid and my beard was knotted and very tangled as I began to remove the elastic that held the hair down. My girlfriend hasped as she removed the elastic on both as she saw my hair unwind from the confines of the braid and fall to my knees in small waves of chestnut. She was amazed. After a long session through several bottles of conditioner and shampoo, I was ready to hear her decision regarding my potential haircut.

She started to shed a couple tears as she rubbed her hands along the silky chestnut locks. Every time she reached the curly ringlets towards the end, she twisted them around her fingers and intertwined the hair. When did he immediately ask her if she could give him a haircut, she did not say any words but just silently knotted and reached for the barber set- elastics, scissors, and clippers. When his hair was fully brushed and straightened without any knots it reached his knees and his wife began playing with it for the last time. Even brushing out his massive lumberjack braid, it had extended to his crotch area, and she had moisturized it with her coconut oil. She sectioned the beard into 2 foot sections and shaved each one starting from his left side burn and ending at his right. She grabbed the middle section in Ryder’s chin area, and extended it past his navel and immediately began running her safety scissors above the rubber band, hearing the crunching sound that followed. Even though the beard hairs were not maintained and considerably damaged, they were luminous sections that were soft towards the base. Under all that hair still laid her husband's sharp jawline and pearly white teeth. On one hand she valued her husband’s comfort and didn't want him to be dragged down by his mane but on the other hand she wanted to feel and caress her husband’s braid for longer. It was time. The bun was about to go. With her hand secured around the bun, she lifted it from his scalp and he cringed. The clippers were just 2 inches from the glorious bun.

She did not cut it. She immediately dropped the clippers with them still running and removed the elastic from his bun. The bun unraveled with magnificent time and once again dropped down along his body, getting stuck in multiple crevices. Instead they went straight into their bedroom and he unwounded his and her hair until they fell asleep together under the bedroom ceiling. He would no longer be a police officer on duty!

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