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Room Mates Part III by P.J.

The semester rolled along. As the weather got warmer and the spring thaw finally reached far north New York State, I started to get busier cutting hair. Guys who hadn't had a cut all year were now calling, asking to be shorn down for summer. I was doing more and more clipper cuts, taking guys from long to short, all manner of cuts. I even did a high and tight for one guy. I noticed that if Gunner was in the room he would kind of watch from the sideline with a look of morbid fascination as I clippered off almost a year's growth on some of these guys.
After one particularly HOT looking guy had had a gorgeous chestnut mane sheered down he got my attention as I was cleaning up.

"You know Jake, I just realized something while you were clipping that guys gorgeous locks off. Here you are clipper shaving most of these guys, or at least giving them significantly shorter cuts, and I, your fantastic roommate, am not the least bit interested in even a trim." As he said this he ran his hand through his thick wavy mane and smirked smugly.

I came over and sat next to him on his bed. "Gunner, my man, like it or not, before we leave for summer break, you and I are cutting each other's hair. " Gunner started to protest. "Ah, ah, I chirped. No excuses dude." I plunged my hands into this thick bulk. Now this boy was starting to get a legit mane. Soft, thick silky. Wavy, not curly, kind of like controlled chaos.
"Jake, I don't want a cut man, I want to walk in my house and have my old man flip out. I'd love to have it long enough to put in a pony tail but it just isn't there yet. Truthfully that's one of my goals, a proper, sexy, low ponytail. It will put my dad over the edge. I can't wait."

"Dude, you are evil." I said, studying him. "He's going to sneak in your room in the middle of the night some night and skin you down.
"Ain't never gonna happen. As long as my sisters and Mom are around." Gunner chirped back.

"Oh, and I almost forgot, last weekend, when I went home for the summer job interview. It's for a wait staff position at this swanky beachfront restaurant. They are high end "casual" as the maitre'de put it. The job outfit is a pullover and shorts, sandals for foot wear. Most of the seating is outdoors. I asked about hair length and grooming requirements and he laughed and turned his head, revealing a perfect shoulder blade length pony tail. He said I would fit right in and please do not cut it for the job. He called back last night, I got the job! I think he has the hots for me too."
I looked at him dejectedly. "YOU really don't want it cut at all? That sucks man." I said. " I've been looking forward to cutting it all semester. Capeing you up, firing up the Osters. No guard on, Stripping off all the thick gorgeous waves with it, all the way up to your occipital bone, getting that hairline nice and high. Then white walling the sides. Giving you a sinfully short, short back and sides cut." As I was describing the cut, I couldn't help but notice Gunners sweats start to tent. He saw that I noticed, and blushed crimson, crossing his legs. I decided to finally address this. Gunner, look at you. I bet under those sweats your hard as a rock, aren't you?" I giggled. I didn't think it was possible but he got even redder.
"O.K., O.K. you busted me. I don't know why it happens, but it always happens when I get a haircut. Lately now that my hair is longer, it happens when I just think about getting a haircut. And... when I look at you."

My turn to blush. "You mean thinking about cutting my hair? I asked.
"Um, sure, O.K." he replied. His eyes were practically sparkling. I loved how deep blue they were. He was looking HOT these days to. His fringe was pushed to the side but long enough that it hung just at the bottom of his eye brows. A look that I found particularly attractive on him.
"Dude", I said, "seriously, I mean it, you are not leaving without getting at least a tiny trim from me. Just to make sure it's nice and neat, shave the neck fuzzies, at least for the start of summer and your great summer job."
"Alright , alright, but just a tiny trim man. I really want to get the old man's goat. I can't wait either. My brother keeps texting me that he hasn't had but one small trim since the holidays. I missed seeing him when I was home last weekend. He refuses to send me a selfie though.
We made it through most of our exams, we each had one last one on a Monday, so we had to stick around . I was returning from a workout at the gym, Gunner didn't hear me come in, and I caught him in our bathroom. He had one of my zigzag hair bands that I wear when I work out. He'd pushed his bangs back with it, all of the top and sides were brushed back and held by the hair band. He'd shaved off the beard too while I was gone. My immediate thought was holy F@#K! was he Hot looking. I picked up a desk chair, snuck up behind him and pushed it into the back of his knees, making him immediately sit in it.
"DUDE!, what the F%@K!" Gunner barked.
I smiled demurely at his reflection. "Dude, do you have any idea how hot you look? I gently touched the hair band, If you picked up one of these that was close to your hair color, you'd be hot AF at your new job man."

"Ha, that's ironic, I was just thinking the same thing" he replied. "About wearing one at work, not the hot part" he said, coloring up a bit.
I reached up and made a couple of adjustments. "There, that's the look man."
We spent that night and a good share of Saturday hitting the books. You can only do so much studying though. "Hey, Gunner, guess what time it is", I asked chuckling softly. I went to my closet and got out my bag of tricks. "Get your sweet butt over here and sit" I said, patting the desk chair.
Oh, God, common man, really" he said glancing in the door mirror at his baby mane.
"NOW, dude" I ordered. I told you we were doing this before we went home, "now park it".
He shuffled over and sat, slouching in the chair. I quickly taped and caped him. "If you stay slouched down, I may accidently slip trying to see under that thick mane, and a shave a patch off the back dude."

He immediately sat bolt upright. I was careful to tuck the cape down into his lap. Today he only had gym shorts on. They were going to be no help at all.
He hadn't shaved and I noticed his stubble. "Dude, I commented, I'd keep a few days growth on here, it's a good look for you. He smiled, his sapphire eyes blazing back at me brightly.
"Now, first things first. Let's get the cave man neck fuzzies under control." I had to unsnap the cape so I could shave his neck down low. I noticed activity down under in my own gym shorts as I moved his shaggy bulk aside. There was something about furry guys that got me going, especially Gunner. "There, I could go further, but I wouldn't know where to stop" I said smirking. I snapped the cape tight again. Now, let's see what it looks like here, I said, lifting up the thick waves in front of his right ear. I did a bit of careful outlining on his sideburns. Moving to the other side, I repeated the steps. Brushing him down, I stepped back and ran my hands into his plush wavy mane. I did a bit of tugging here, pulling there and stared at him critically. Then I brushed the fringe and top straight back.

"Gunner, I know we kind of agreed that I wouldn't give you a haircut. Your locks are getting long enough that if you decide to try and wear them back like this, there's a distinct line where your bangs end, up in the back here." I touched the top of his head, towards his crown. I'm guessing, but I think this is the style your moving towards anyway , all brushed back, kind of able to flop the top any which way it wants to go in, yes?"

He watched intently as I moved his top locks back and forth. "Um, yeah, I guess. What are you thinking Jake?"
"Well, I'd like to help it along a bit, let me layer the top just a bit, so it will start to look like it's a deliberate style for you, please. I promise you it won't look any shorter, just better. It'll highlight these gorgeous waves you've got too man."
"Um, O.K., but keep the snipping to a minimum, please."

I set to work, very carefully layering it , a bit on the top, a bit on the back, and just a tad on the sides.
He was going to have an amazing mane by the time we got back to school in the fall. "I said, now, let me try one more thing that'll help when you aren't wearing a hairband to hold it back. I got out my firm hold mousse. Worked a generous dollop into the fringe and top, and brushed it all back. For the most part it held. "There I said, give it time to fully dry and we'll see if my trick works."
He'd tipped his head back and smiled up at me. Without thinking, I smiled back, reached down and smooched his forehead lightly. His look turned to shocked amazement. Jake, what was that, dude? Did you just kiss me?"

"Oh!, My!, God!, Gunner, I am so sorry. I don't know where that came from." I stammered, instantly blushing beet red. Stepping back frantically. I'd given myself away. I was panic stricken. Had I ruined everything in one thoughtless gesture. I stared at Gunner, waiting for him to explode.

"Jake, calm down man. It's O.K. Just tell me...why?" he replied, his face conveying the oddest mix of anticipation and trepidation.
I walked around to face him. God he looked HOT. "Gunner I think I just got caught up in a moment. Your blue eyes were blazing up at me, you looked so intent. I, I, can't really explain it well I guess. I'm as surprised as you are." I could feel that my face was still probably crimson red.
Gunner gave me a smile. Then ran his hands through his hair, breaking the spell of the moment.

"So, how does it look? Like you expected. Hmm?" Fortunately the mousse was pretty well dry. He had a few stray locks fall forward over his forehead. That only made him look hotter, damn.
I had to distract myself, other parts of my anatomy were starting to give me away too. Yikes.

"What do you think, it's your mane after all?" I said, gesturing for him to have a look in the big door mirror.
That distracted him away from giving me the body scan with his eyes. "I like it, I think as it gets longer it'll get even better. My Dad's going to have a stroke" he said, smiling brightly. I am going to have to sleep with one eye open all summer.

We switched places, me under the cape now. I asked him to just give me a small trim, which he executed perfectly. The last step being to shave my neck. I had him square up my sideburns too. I was planning to take the beard off as soon as we finished up with the haircuts.

The last exam was finally behind us. We were both packed up, waiting for our respective brothers to come pick us up. I was hoping his would arrive first so I could finally meet him, and see just how shaggy he had become.

Since we only lived an hour and a half from each other, both in the Finger Lakes region I made him an offer.
"Hey, if you need me to, over the summer, I'll take a ride and trim you up, or cut your hair even, if something comes up. I want to stay your barber, O.K. You're not that far away. And stay in touch, I want to hear how things go when you get home." My own brother had rolled up to get me while we were talking, so I wouldn't get to see his brother.

Summer break was rolling along. I was working hard tending vineyards, we had family friends in the wine business (who wasn't connected in some way to the wine business in the Finger Lakes, right?) so getting a summer job, outdoors wasn't hard. I loved being outside, and I knew my way around farm equipment too. Gunner and I stayed in touch with pretty much daily texting. He had texted as soon as he got home regarding the family's response to his growing mane. His dad was less than pleased but didn't go into the expected tirade. His dads hair had been freshly cut into a longer crew style cut, surprising Gunner. His brothers hair had been the biggest surprise though. I wish I could have hung around on pick up day. I'm dying to see what he looks like. Gunner had explained that Nick hadn't had a haircut since the Christmas holidays. His sisters had staunchly defended his right to grow it out and fended off his dads attempts to have him shaved down. His brother was apparently quite camera shy and wouldn't pose for a selfie so Gunner could show me his progress.

It was Friday and I had just gotten off work. My phone chirped and I saw it was Gunner calling. Hmm, that was a bit unusual, we usually texted. Curious, I answered the call. "Hey dude, this must be something important for you to call instead of text" I said.

Gunner gave a small laugh, "well actually yes, it is kinda important. I was wondering if I could ask a big favor?"
"Of course man, what's up" I replied. "Well, you know Nick has been letting his hair grow out, like me, right?" "Yes", I said, a note of concern creeping into my voice. "Your Dad isn't making him get buzzed, is he".

"Well, no. But.... He signed up for a summer baseball league. He's quite a good ball player actually. They've been after him to sign up for a while now. He caved and signed up, forgetting about one small requirement." (My concern was mounting by the minute.) He has to keep his hair off his forehead, off his ears and above the collar of the uniform" Gunner stated flatly.
"Ah", I replied, relaxing again for a minute. "That shouldn't be bad, he probably just needs it trimmed around his ears right?"

"Bingo", Gunner quipped. My dad thinks he should be taken down to Roy's and given a proper short back and sides for ball season, or better yet, go back to the butch. Nick, is, of course, mortified by this suggestion. Since I have some experience cutting hair, thanks to you, I offered to trim it for him. He's willing to have me try, surprisingly, but I don't quite know how to just trim around his ears and leave all the hair in back longer still. Any chance you could take a ride and help me, just his once? You can spend the night, then head home in the morning, or spend the day, I don't have a shift till tomorrow evening. That is, if you aren't working tomorrow. I'd really like to do this for Nick".

"Well, I'm not working tomorrow so, sure, I'd be happy to supervise you, or even cut it myself if you aren't comfortable" I replied. "I won't be able to get there before around 9:00 tonight. We can catch up tonight, and trim him up in the morning if that works."

"Perfect Nick" Gunner said. He just has to have it cut by practice time tomorrow. That's not till 2:00. See you in a few hours."
This was great. I'd finally get meet the famous Nick, and likely get to trim his hair too. I was a bit concerned about meeting Gunners Dad though. He sounded like a first class jerk.
I cleaned up, packed a few things for a night away, and had a late supper. Gunners house was just a bit under 2 hours away so I'd get there just after 9:00. While I was driving another thought occurred to me. Had Gunner vocalized his plans with anyone besides Nick?

Gunners house was nothing like I expected. I had visions of a large suburban house. This was a sprawling rural hillside home. Spectacular view of the surrounding hills, lake and vineyards. Gunner came out to greet me, giving me a warm bro hug. I ran my hands up though his lush mane, tousling it gently. Mmm, did he feel the same spark I did from that? He had been followed out of the house by a smaller version of himself, I assumed this was brother Nick.

In the last dregs of the June sunset it was hard to tell exactly what color Nicks hair was but it was clearly shaggy, giving him a ruggedly handsome appearance.(My favorite kind of style)
Gunner introduced Nick, and reached over and ruffled Nicks shaggy locks. We headed into the house Where I was quickly accosted by Gunners sisters. They were both stunningly attractive, giving me a warm welcome. Next came Gunners mom. I now knew where the family got their great hair from, and looks too. Gunners mom was also very welcoming and friendly. It was obvious where the girls got their great smiles from. Gunners dad was the last to appear. A tall stern looking, no nonsense type to be sure. Gunner introduced us, I offered my hand for a shake. His dad shook it, veritably crushing mine. "Nice to meet you sir" I said politely. He was eying my mane with a look of displeasure.

We all stood and chatted for a few minutes, Gunner trying to pry me away for a private talk. The last thing his dad said was a bit unsettling. "Well, I'm headed to Roy's tomorrow for a haircut. I can take all three of you shaggy dogs in and have him make respectable gentlemen of you if you want. Nick, I'd strongly advise you to come with me if you want to stay on the team." With that parting shot, he turned on his heels and started up the stairs. Nicks face quickly flushed dark red.

As Gunner dragged me away, his mom and sisters all gave me apologetic smiles. Gunner signaled for Nick to follow us. We stopped to collect snacks and drinks in the kitchen, then went on into this grand family room. I got a spectacular view of the sunset over the lake from the wall of west facing glass. We proceeded on through and out the glass door, settling at a table beside a huge in ground pool.

Gunner started the conversation. "O.K. Nick, Jake isn't just here for a social visit with me. He's here to help me rescue you from Dads clutches and a trip to Roy's tomorrow." Nick was suddenly all ears. "Here's the plan" Gunner said. "Dad usually has a 10:00 appointment at Roy's. Soooo the three of us will be up early, by 7:30 at the latest. Nick, you'll need to shower, wash and condition that mop. Jake, you and I will get set up out here, it's supposed to be a nice day tomorrow. Nick... Jake and I are going to trim you up so you are within regs for baseball. Saving you from a brutal shearing at the hands of Roy. Jake has been cutting my hair all year at school. As I told you, he's been letting me cut his too. I'm confident that he can show me how to keep you trimmed for baseball so you can keep as much of this as possible and continue growing it out." He reached over and ruffled Nicks mop. "Are you in, or are you going with dad to Roy's in the morning?"
Nick exhaled loudly. "Gunner, I know you've offered to trim me up. I didn't know you were even remotely capable though. I don't want to look like a dork. Seeing the two of you, you both look fantastic though. Jake, can you really just give me a trim? I really don't want to lose all the progress I've made. Nor do I want to give dad the satisfaction of having me sheared down again. I also really, really want to play ball with those guys. So...sure, I'm game. I'll be down here showered and ready by 8:00. How's that? Promise me I won't have a mullet, or look dorky though, please?"
"No mullet and no, you won't look like a dork either" I said. "I won't let that happen. I might have to trim a bit of the length in the back to keep you from a mullet though. We'll have to see." I said quietly.

Nick made his exit, leaving Gunner and I to catch up on how our summer break was going. We eventually made our way to bed. I was again impressed by this house. Nick had a large bedroom with twin beds and an ensuite bath of his own.

7:30 rolled around bright and early. I awoke to the sound of running water. Gunner was already up and in the shower. Soon enough the water stopped and he appeared back in the bedroom wrapped in nothing but a towel. Droplets of water flying everywhere as he shook his lush mane at me. "The showers' all yours man, be quick though, we have to get set up for Nicky by 8:00.
God, what that guy did to me. I quickly took in the toned and tan body, and the plush wet mane, laying nicely down in back after his quick shake at me. I think I managed to make it into the bathroom before Gunner saw the huge bulge in my skivvies. It was starting to dawn on me that I was aroused by more than the lush mane he was cultivating. I smiled to myself thinking that eventually, some day, he was going to need or want that mane cut. I hoped I would be the one to take the clippers to it. I quickly showered and rejoined him. We were dressed, down, and out on the patio by 7:45. I had my bag of tricks out and was getting everything set up. Gunner got tense when he saw the clippers come out. "Man, I sure hope you're not going to have to use those" Gunner softly murmured.
Before I could comment, Nick appeared, freshly showered and combed. I got a good look for the first time at his grown out mop. His hair looked to be a little darker blonde than Gunners. I patted the stool and shook out the cape.

Nick sat down, brows furrowed in worry. I fastened the cape, then gently massaged his shoulders. Wow was he tense. "Don't worry man, you're in good hands, and remember, if you don't like it, there'll still be time enough to go with your dad this morning." I chirped, smirking at him.

"Not funny, not funny at all guys" Nick replied, quick disapproving glances at each of us.. Clearly getting agitated.
"Relax dude, this won't hurt a bit" I replied, picking up the comb. I was itching to get my hands in his hair.

He'd given it a quick combing before coming down. I proceeded to run my hands into the damp locks, trying to get an idea of the texture we had to work with. Nicks hair was more bushy, it had a bit of spring to it. It was also developing a nice wave. I combed it all straight down all around. It helped that Nick was wearing his new team jersey too. His thick locks in back just hung over the collar. Hmm. Looks like a bit of a trim in back to, I thought.

"O.K. Nick. Here's what we're going to do. I'm going to trim up around your left ear, showing Gunner how to do this. Then Gunner is going to do around your right ear, I'll supervise. Then I'll direct him as to what to do with the back, leaving maximum length for you. Sound like a plan?" I smiled warmly at him, hoping he'd settle down a bit more. Nick squirmed a bit under the cape but nodded O.K.
"Gunner, time to watch and learn, bud". He came around beside me and got in close. I could feel warmth radiating off his body, and that clean , distinctly Gunner smell I'd grown accustomed to. S**t! My board shorts were starting to give me away. Yikes! I needed to focus on cutting hair.

Poor Nick, his hair was just getting nicely long over his ears, probably half to three quarters covered. It all had to go. I had my small shears in hand, and my comb. I pulled the top of Nicks ear down and proceeded to snip the thick locks just where his ear joined his head. Working my way down around the back, I showed Gunner how to follow the curve, and not be tempted to start cutting towards his nape.

2 1/2 inch long locks slid down the cape, landing in Nicks lap. He sighed loudly. " God, this sucks, I wish I'd remembered the haircut regs that coach has. I wouldn't have signed up."
"Nick, don't sweat it dude" I replied quietly. This is only a minor setback. "You'll look fine, and it'll catch up, not to worry. That's pretty much the worst of what's coming off too dude" I said, motioning at his lap. I showed Gunner how to lightly taper the cut edge with the comb and shears. I also showed him how to take just a bit off the length just behind Nicks ear to help blend the shorter side hair into the longer back length. The last part was trimming in front of the ear, since Nick hadn't really sprouted any appreciable fur yet for sideburns, I showed Gunner how to drop the length down just a bit in front of the ear. Giving him this trim would also help neaten up the overall look. It was a bit odd, having the length in back and nothing covering the ears, but...we weren't done yet. I handed the shears and comb to Gunner and said, "your turn dude" motioning to Nicks right side.

Nick piped up "Hey, you know, this sucks guys. I can't see what I look like out here, there's no mirror." I reached into my magic bag of tricks and produced my hand mirror. "Here m'lady", I said bowing and handing him the mirror with a flourish. This'll have to do for now. Taking it, and turning a bit pink, He turned his head side to side, taking in a before on one side and the after on the other. A small "hmm" was all I got out of him.

Gunner combed the right side down, then folded the top of Nicks ear down. Nick growled "do NOT f*** this up Gunner, I don't want to have to go with dad" Gunner sighed "believe me Nick, I don't want you to have to go either, that's why Jake is here, relax man."

I knew from experience that Gunner was a quick study. This time I stepped in close, giving him a few pointers as he worked along. He paused at one point, catching my eye with an odd expression on his face as he slowly inhaled. Was he enjoying my man sent too? His eyes seemed to sparkle.
Gunner did a great job on that side. "There Nick" I said, "now you at least match side for side dude."
Nick whipped the hand mirror around checking himself out. "Hmm, I don't know guys. Looks like I have a mullet doesn't it?"
"Don't worry, we're not done yet bro" Gunner quipped.

I motioned for Gunner to move around to the back of Nicks head. I instructed him on combing the lower back length straight down, and indicated how much higher than the collar he needed to cut it. He wasn't quite getting what I was talking about so without thinking it through, I placed my hand over his hand holding the comb, to show him what I was describing. I immediately felt a tingling sensation, like a very low voltage current was flowing between our hands. It was odd and not unpleasant. What the heck was happening here, I mused to myself. Gunners raised brows and sideways glance told me he clearly felt it too.

Gunner snipped off about an inch of Nicks locks. The cut portion was all grown out layers, and frankly looked better trimmed. I showed him how to slightly round the outside corners to help eliminate the mullet effect. The last bit remaining was to shave the neck fuzzies to give it a professional touch.

I showed Gunner how to do it with the peanut clippers, holding them upside down and stroking downward from Nicks nape. No danger of cutting to high up that way.
Gunner and I stood back and admired our handiwork. Much to a squirming Nicks chagrin. "Looks like it'll pass dude" I said, smiling. "Definitely not a short back and sides, and it doesn't look weird either." I dusted him off, and said, now let me show you what to do with your fringe. I ran a hand up into the soft thick locks on his forehead. Wow. He was going to have a great head of hair when it grew out long. I got a bit of matte clay and worked it just into his fringe. I used a brush now instead of a comb, and brushed his fringe back and just a bit to the side.
Gunner smiled at me. "Wow, that should work perfectly, your ball cap will hold it like that through practice or a game Nick. Dad is going to freak", he chuckled. Let's get cleaned up and have some breakfast.

Gunner commented, "Dad'll want coffee before he leaves for Roy's so he'll see us in the kitchen. This otta be good."
We were all seated at the kitchen table discussing plans for the day when Gunners Dad entered the room. He walked over to the coffee pot and poured himself a mug. I was watching him closely out of the corner of my eye. He walked over to us and pulled out a chair and sat down with us. Nick had his head down, shoveling cereal in. "So Nick, better hurry up and finish there so you can ride down to Roy's with me" his Dad said. Gotta get the big chop done before practice." His dad had just started a smug smile when Nick looked up and smiled back. "Sorry Dad, all taken care of. Won't be needing to go with you after all" Nick said, turning his head back and forth so his dad could take everything in.

"What in the holy hell happened to you son" his dad barked. Nick gave a devious little chuckle and replied, "all taken care of, off the ears off the face, and off the collar, just as ordered sir". Mom and the girls were just walking into the kitchen and had only heard Nicks last statement. Almost in unison, they all chirped, "Wow Nick, looks good." Nick smiled shyly "Think so? I'm still kinda getting used to it." He glanced sideways at Gunner and I.

Gunners dad barked "well I suppose I'm going by myself to Roy's today then" Gunners mom walked up behind his dad and ruffled his hair. You don't really need to go either sweetie, why don't you wait another week or so? This is just getting long enough to have something to run my fingers through. I kinda like it this way". Gunners dad started to flush pink. His mom moved out of the way as his dad stood up. "What", he barked, smoothing his shaggy crew cut out again. He pointed to his head and said "You actually prefer this to a fresh crisp buzz cut?" Gunners mom smiled demurely "well no, I actually prefer it a bit longer if you must know. Like I said, I'd like it long enough to run my hands through, you know, and grab on to. If need be." She smiled seductively. I thought I detected a bit of a blush on her cheeks now too. This was turning out to be quite interesting. "Humpf, well this still needs a trim then anyway dear" he replied. I'll speak to Roy about just trimming around the edges maybe.

Before Gunner and I could stop him, Nick blurted out "hey Dad, how about you let Gunner trim you up?"
The room suddenly went deathly quiet. Eye brows shot up all around the table. Gunners Dads facial expression turned quickly into a scowl. Addressing Gunner he quipped, "Since when can you cut hair son".
"Well sir, ever since this past Christmas holiday actually. Jake is teaching me. I've cut Jakes hair twice now, right Jake? And I just did most of Nicks trim up. Jakes been cutting mine ever since Christmas too."

"Hurmpf" Gunners Dad huffed again. " None of you have what I'd consider even close to a decent haircut."
Nick raised his hand. "Dad, I don't want to get into a fight about how we look and what you like. I'm pretty sure at this point either of them could give you a trim. If you aren't interested, by all means head on down to Roy's. My only other comment would be that mom and the girls all think we look pretty good, right?" He looked at the three women now sitting at the table. All three chorused, "Yes, of course, very handsome".

His dad stalked out of the room, Hurmpfing again. "I'll have to think on that one for a bit".
Once he was out of earshot Nick chirped" Wanna make a bet on which one of you he comes back and asks?" We all had a good laugh at that. The guys finished breakfast, the girls started theirs. Gunner and I headed out for a morning run.

I let him lead as I wasn't familiar with the roads in the area. It also gave me a chance to watch his perfect glutes in motion. His plush mane moving gently in cadence with his stride. Poetry in motion I thought to myself.

After our run, we hung around the pool just enjoying being with one another. I asked how his job was going, and if he was getting any static from anyone about his long locks. He blushed in response. I asked why the blush dude?

"Well, actually, I get hit on a lot, and I mean a lot, by both guys and girls at the restaurant. I try and keep the flirting to a minimum. Once in awhile there's a guy that's just to irresistible though. I usually make out like a bandit with tips too. This is the best job I've ever had. I honestly can't believe it." I do have to keep a watch on the maitre de though. He's made several advances on me. I've told him that I have the hots for someone at school though.

I stared at him, trying to decide which way to take the conversation. I decided to avoid his last statement for a moment. "Can't believe what Gunner? That you are one hot looking stud. It's no surprise to me that you get hit on. Haven't you ever thought about taking it further with anyone?"
Gunner replied "Jake, come on man. I'm just an average looking guy with a pretty good looking mop. I don't see what the big deal is." Turning his head away, looking over the lake he said "There is someone I'm interested in, but I don't think he knows it."
My brows shot up, my jaw dropped. Before I could stop myself I said "Seriously dude! Even I think you're hot!" (What the hell was I thinking. My brain and I were going to have to have a serious chat about letting my mouth do that, and soon.)

Gunner gave a small smile, turning to look at me "Really, you think I'm hot?"
His sisters appeared just as I started to reply, wanting us to join them in a game of pool volleyball. I knew at some point we would have to pick up that conversation again though.
After a rousing water volleyball game we retreated to the shade of the large awning. The sun was getting hot.
We were all shocked when Gunners dad appeared. he had a look of consternation on his face. Surprisingly, he addressed me. "Jake, since it seems that you're becoming the defacto family barber, do you think you could give me a bit of a trim, make the missus happy for awhile longer?"

I wish I'd had a camera for the expression on Gunners face, it was priceless. It's a good thing he was facing me and not his dad. I knew I had to tread lightly here, this was a turning point for his dad. "Yes, sure sir" I replied politely. "I still have my things over there by that chair sir. If you want to take a seat there it won't take long."
His dad looked at his 4 kids sitting around the table and sheepishly said "what, it's just a haircut, you all look like I just landed here from another planet." They all giggled back at him.
Moving to the "barber chair" we were just far enough away from the group that quiet conversation couldn't be easily overheard.

I quickly caped him up and combed him out. There really wasn't much to trim. He said he just wanted to neaten it up since Gunners mom was hell bent for him to grow it out more. "Well sir, what would you like me to do here?" I asked politely. "I can clipper taper the sides and back, or I can just trim it with the shears and leave it a little longer. It's really up to you sir."
"Well", he replied, sighing heavily. If my wife wants it longer. Just trim it with the scissors I guess. I really don't see the fascination she and the girls have with long hair. Gunner just has this shaggy mop. He's always running his hands through it to keep it off his face. Or worse yet he's got that girly hair band in it to keep it back while he's working. I nice tight butch would be much more practical and lower maintenance for sure. This having hair thing takes work."

I chuckled softly while gently snipping his nape to even it out. "Sir, Gunners hair is getting nice and long to be sure. At the risk of generalizing, it seems that your generation is a bit less tolerant, shall we say, than ours, when it comes to longer hair on guys. I can tell you that Gunner is an extremely handsome young man. Part of that attractiveness is the mane he's cultivating. With all due respect sir, knowing Gunner a little now, I think if you hadn't always kept him sheared up, and had let him have some hair, he might not be going quite this far with growing it out. I can also tell you that as a young waiter, you make money off of 2 things. Your personality, and your looks. From what Gunner has said, he's capitalizing well off of both sir. I also know that after a certain point long hair is just that sir, no style, just a mop. Gunner isn't quite there yet sir. As his barber, I won't let it get TOO long. I want to keep him looking good."
I'd been trimming as we talked. I was finished, and used the peanut clippers to take off what little neck fuzz had developed since his last cut. "All done sir" I said." You might want to find your wife and see if she approves" I winked and smiled at him. Just as he was getting up Gunner walked over.

His dad piped up. "Well son, decided to have Jake shorten that mop for you maybe? He still has the clippers out. It's always the right time for a butch you know."
"Enough dad, that's never happening again." Gunner replied sternly.

I was a bit surprised that Gunner sat in the chair."What's up dude" I asked. It's only been a month since I trimmed you last.
"I know but I thought since you're here and your gear is still out, could you just give me a once over. Maybe just remove any neck fuzzies that may have developed, or remove any split ends" He smiled shyly at me. "Maybe a bit of a head massage too?"

I think I knew what he really wanted. I started running my hands through his lush bulk. Ostensibly to check for split ends and that it was still even enough. It was really to get some touch time. Give him a bit of a head massage. He and I both loved it. After a few minutes of this(I had no intention of trimming anything off)I suggested that I use the peanut clippers and remove the tiny neck fuzzies for him. he agreed reluctantly, knowing the massage was over.

After we finished up, It was time to get ready for work for him, and for me to head home.
Since Gunner had a private bath, he stripped naked in his room, in full view of me, I could barely contain myself. He offered to have us both shower together to save some time. Thankfully he took my refusal in stride. I knew with both of us naked, I wouldn't be able to control myself if I was that close to him for any length of time.
He finished up, and I jumped in after him. When I came out he was standing at the mirror combing out his mane. I noticed that the fringe and top were finally getting long enough that he might not have to use the hair band to keep it off his face. I got his desk chair, and placed it in front of the big bathroom mirror. "Sit, I ordered".
He promptly sat, like an obedient pup. "What ?" He inquired.

I got some mousse from my bag of tricks. "I want to try something, be patient" I replied. I worked a healthy dollop into his top and fringe mainly. Taking his comb, I parted it on the left, and combed the left side back, behind his ear. The thick fringe I combed over to the right, then swept it back. "How about that?" I asked. Let it dry fully, then run your hand through it and see if it holds the general shape."

He studied himself for a minute in the mirror. "Are you sure? Seems like it's too long man. I think I'd rather stick with the hair band."
"Give this a try, and oh, yes, I am VERY sure, studly". He looked up at his reflection, caught mine too and I'm sure he saw the blazing intensity in my eyes as I gazed back at him.
I packed my stuff up, Gunner dressed in his work clothes, and we went down stairs together. Checking him out in his work uniform, I knew why he did well in tips. He had the whole package. Great hair, stellar good looks, and a killer physique. The sight of his ass in those shorts was driving me crazy. His smile and disarming manner clinched the deal.
I said my goodbyes while his mom and sisters ogled his new do. His dad just rolled his eyes.

He walked out to my car with me and startled me by pulling me into a bear hug. "Thank you dude. This was fun. And you really helped Nick out too. I'd really like to do this again before school starts in the fall. I miss you man, a lot." I almost thought he was going to kiss me, but then he pulled away. He had a shy, kind of hopeful smile on his face.
"I agree", I said. "Maybe the next round you can come stay with me? Oh, and text me tonight, I want to know if you get more tips or not." I said, winking wickedly. He gave me a strange look, walked over and hopped in his car. He headed to work. I headed home.

With our work schedules and a quick family vacation for each of us thrown in, we never did get another chance to get together over the summer. Before we knew it, we were back at school.

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