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The last cut before lockdown by Toadstrims

Following on from my previous story, 'It had to be done' I never kept my hair as short as that. I had let it grow out on the top and I have kept a regular short back and sides. However, I stuck with the same barber and have been going there for a good 3 years now.

It had only been 3 weeks since my last trim, but there were rumours that we would be going into another national lockdown in the UK. I thought to myself at this point that we would be in a lockdown longer than the first one, so I booked myself in to my regular barber towards the end of the month.

As I am still working from home and knowing that it will be a while before any barber shops are open, I took this as a chance to try something shorter again. I was having alsorts of ideas of what to go for, but I didn't have anything set in stone.

I rocked up to the shop and Josh, my barber was free so I was straight in the chair. He asked if I wanted the usual, 2 back and sides and the top tidied up... I told him that I wanted something really short to hold up whilst we're locked down. So we had a chat about how short, and he asked if I would be happy if he took the top down with clippers. Which I was more than happy about.

Josh combed through the top of my hair, then picked the clippers up. He ran them down the top of my head leaving a clear trail of short hair. As he took the second sweep he explained that this was a #5. Once he had taken the top down to a 5, I asked if he could take it shorter. The clippers came down the centre of my head again, and wow. It was short, he had taken it down to a #2. I have quite fine, fair hair so I could see some scalp exposure. He hadn't finished though, I see Josh removing the clipper attachment and coming round the back of my head with the clippers. The bare metal clippers slid up the back of my head, he repeated this a couple of times and finally moved on to the sides. I watched the hair peel away as the side of my head was reduced to stubble.

Josh finished off the cut and dusted all the loose hair from me. He then showed me the back of my head, asking if it was short enough. It certainly was that. I paid up and left the shop, I had never felt the cold hit me when I stepped outside! But the feel of the stubble on the back of my head was superb. I just can't wait to get back in the chair!

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