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Now that will change - part 1 by Chovanec

I wrote a story I heard about, I apologize for the weak English.
Boys who grew up in the 70's did not like to visit classic barbershops, and with a few exceptions, at least they covered their ears with their hair, reached for a collar or covered their eyes. Until I was 8, I also went to a traditional barber shop with my father on a regular basis. But now I am 14 years old and my hair is beautiful long, reaching to the shoulders.
One morning I hadn't even sat on a desk at school when there was a burst of laughter in class. I looked at the door and saw that my classmate and best friend Jakob was cut and had very short hair. During class, I wondered why he had his beautiful black hair cut. His new hairstyle was similar to what I got as a little boy in Nicolson's barber shop. Every time I went with my father from the barber shop, I rubbed the back of my head and the stubble tickled my palms. I longed to walk through Jacob's nape and remember the feeling.
On the way home from school, I went with Jakob, who said with tears in his eyes that his father came drunk yesterday and told him and his younger brother that he would have them cut at Nikolson's barber shop. When Jakob refused to go with him, he also got a battle for his bare ass. I walked about 3 times along Jakob's back of the head but he didn't like it and was angry with me for it. Well, it excited me, but I no longer had the courage to touch Jakob's head.
I also wanted to visit a traditional old barber shop, but I was afraid of being ridiculed at school. But the idea of ​​running my palm over the stubble on the back of my head grew stronger. I finally came up with a plan.
I found Nikolas's barber shop number in the phone book and called, pretending my father was calling. Mr. Nikolas, my son Michael has had a bad grade at school lately, so I decided to have him trimmed at your place, just like when he was a little boy. But I'm busy so he'll come alone.
After arriving at the barber shop, I was greeted by Mr. Nikolas. Hello Michael, I'm waiting for you. But you grew up over the years. The barber shop was empty, so I was invited to his chair. He combed my hair as he wrapped me in a tarp. He took a comb and scissors and began to cut my hair all over my head. When he took the eclectic scissors off the counter he put my head forward and I felt the cold metal teeth of the electric scissors on my neck. Cut hair fell on the tarpaulin and I felt a cold gust on the cut part of my head. He gradually turned my head and pushed it to one side. He shaved my ear and removed the hair around him. He did the same on the other side. He gradually shortened my hair on the top of my head. He took the scissors again and cut the remaining hair above my ears and the back of my head. He finally shaved part of my neck and above my ears with a razor. Another boy was visible in the mirror. I looked like a small child and I became afraid of being ridiculed by my classmates.
Mr. Nikolas stood behind me with a small mirror and showed me my hair. As Jakob's breasts were, I could see the white skin on my neck and half of the back of my head. There was a white thumb high arch above the ears. But I couldn't wait to put my palms on the back of my head.
All the way home I was shaking my head it was exciting. At home I received praise from my parents and at school a mockery from my classmates like Jakob recently.
Jakab I said that I broke a rare vase at home, so my father took me to cut it to a traditional barber shop.

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