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Room Mates Part IV by P.J.

When I walked into our room Gunner grabbed me in a tight bro hug. I had to be careful and pull away quickly. I wasn't ready for him to discover what his touch did to certain parts of my anatomy. If he only knew what his touch did to me. I had to man up one of these days and just tell him. I focused on his hair to distract myself. Gunners mane was amazing. I broke the hug and instantly buried my hands in his mop. I grabbed his thick forelock and pulled it down over his face. Wow it stretched to past his lower lip. I pushed it back up, working my hands through the thick bulk. "Dude, wow! What a difference a couple of months makes" I said.

He chuckled, "I know, isn't it great? Thank god you introduced me to mousse though."
"What, why" I replied. Trying to focus on what he was saying.

"I definitely need something to help control this. It's got a mind of its own. Sometimes I feel like I have a lions mane. I do want you to trim the back for me when we get time. It's a bit disproportionately long, if I'm being honest."
"Eh, maybe" I said giving him a critical eye." Not a lot though".

Gunner stepped back, eyeing me critically "Look at you man. You haven't had a trim up all summer, have you? "
"Ah, no". I replied shyly. "My barber and I weren't able to make connections over the summer. I was hoping now that schools started, he might be able to fit me in." I looked expectantly at Gunner, smiling demurely.

Gunners brows shot up. "What, oh, I see" he replied. Realization of what I said, sinking in finally.
"Hmm, Gunner said" eyeing me critically. "I was kinda wondering if you were maybe letting it grow out. I thought it'd be cool if we were both doing it. We could go till the end of spring semester maybe?"

I did some quick mental math. Hmm, I wonder what both of us would look like with another 4 to 5 inches of length. I walked over and buried my hands in his thick mane, arms resting on his shoulders. faces almost touching. He didn't back away. "I'm not sure I can compete with the likes of this, man" I cooed, gently massaging his mane. Gunner brought his arms up and wrapped his hands around my biceps. He locked his sparkling emerald eyes on mine. "It's not a competition, it would be a partnering....of sorts. I'm game if you are" he softly replied. We were both reluctant to break eye contact.
Thinking quickly I replied "well, there would have to be an end goal, with respect to our hair, I mean.

"How about we go until the end of next semester, Maybe a tiny trim for the holidays, then both get shorter haircuts for summer. ( I was fantasizing about some serious clipper work on Gunner in late May. Things south of my belt line were stirring again just thinking about it.) By then you'll have had enough of the long locks I'm sure. We can each cut the others hair, barbers choice. Sound good?"
I could see the concentration of Gunners face. He replied "ah, well, I'll have to think about that last part. Not sure I'll be willing to give up the mane, even then. And there would have to be limits on the cut. I certainly don't ever want to go back to the tight butch." He ran is hands up into my long locks. It would likely limit the amount of touch time I'd have with you too though. Haircut wise I mean", he stammered, blushing slightly.

His reply brought me back to the unfinished poolside conversation of a couple of months ago.
"Well we could still have a little hair play, if you want to, that is. A relaxing head massage, maybe continuing on to other parts of the body, on those really stressful days. And I'll have to make sure that you stay HOT looking too." I said. "My bag of tricks is always close by."
Gunner smiled, gently massaging my head. "Sure, I'm up for it... if you are".

Ah, the stage was now set. I'd just have to be patient, for 9 months, and see what develops in the meantime. I wasn't sure I was going to make it.

My rep as a dorm barber was spreading nicely. I also discovered I had a budding apprentice right under my nose. Gunner had shown up at school with newly purchased comb and shears. I asked him "What's up with this man? Do I have competition now? Motioning to the shears he brandished.

"What, oh, these? he said smiling shyly. Well, no I don't want to compete. I had to buy these to keep Nick trimmed after you left. He needed a couple of more minor trims during the season. The coach was a real dick about the teams hair. I ended up trimming several of the guys who didn't want to get it all cut short. Gunner also showed me a set of new peanut clippers. "I thought maybe when you get really busy, you could refer a few guys to me. The ones who just want trims, I can't do clipper work....yet." He smiled shyly again.
"Well, I guess, maybe" I stuttered. "I think I HAVE created a monster, wow." We both laughed.

I told him that first thing Saturday, before any of the other guys show up for cuts, I was going to give him a trim. He asked if we could change it and have him be the last cut I do, maybe in the evening even. He had a weird sort of glint in his eyes, and a kind of half smile.

Saturday rolled around. I was quite busy with haircuts, then studying. Gunner had actually given a trim to one of his buddies while I studied. I kept a careful eye on him but he did great. I told him we'd get to his mane after dinner if that worked for him. "Sure, that'll work fine" he replied demurely.

Walking back from the cafe, we discussed what he wanted me to trim. His hair was solidly on his shoulders now. Fringe past mouth length. I couldn't wait to get my hands in it.
When we got back to our room Gunner changed into skimpy gym shorts and a tee. I thought he was just getting more comfortable. I'd told him to wait on taking a shower until we were done with the trimming.

He plopped down on the chair while I shook the cape out. I fluffed it out, settling it around him with practiced hands. Taped and caped now, I combed his mane out. "Mmmmn, wow Gunner, what a mop, man. I was practically moaning. I could feel my own shorts begin to tent. Was it the thoughts of chopping into this mop, or the proximity to Gunner that was causing it? He was definitely turning into one hot looking guy, and I got to cut his hair.

He smiled "I know right, who'd a thunk I had a mop like this hiding inside a buzz cut after all these years" He chuckled softly. He wanted me to trim the last of the grown out layers off, probably less than an inch total, then do a bit of careful layering throughout the back. I suggested that I check the whole mop and make sure things were still more or less even while we were at it. ( I just wanted more touch time, even if it was only in his mane)

As I was combing it out Gunner softly said "Jake, I've been meaning to ask you about something you said this past summer, when you were at my house".
I was gently combing his long locks out. Hmm, O.K. sure, shoot." I replied. My mind was racing, trying to think back to that weekend. A millisecond later I remembered my remark. I was however, quite unprepared for what Gunner said next.

"Jake, don't think I haven't noticed the flirty comments you've made about me, and the sideways glances, when you think I'm not looking. There are often other obvious outward signs too he said, gesturing to the tent in my own shorts. I have to tell you, I'm every bit as attracted to you as you are to me. If I read things right. Am I making any sense?" He looked hopefully up at me. Those sapphire eyes were sparkling again.

I had scissors poised to start trimming. It's a good thing I hadn't tried to take a snip. I was thunderstruck by his simple declaration. And totally busted in the shorts department too, I thought to myself.

I combed his locks down in back and started snipping my way across the back. I needed some time to think through a reply. I finished the back and started layering like we talked about earlier. Gently combing through the plush locks. Gunner started to squirm. I knew I had to reply, I just couldn't seem to get the words started.

"Jake, say something man. I just put myself out there, and...you have comb and scissors in my treasured locks. I'm getting a bit uncomfortable." Gunner said. I could hear the anxiety in his voice.
I decided to be direct too. I came around to face him. The tent in my shorts clearly on display. "Gunner, I'm glad you had the courage to vocalize your feelings. I've been racking my brain, asking the... do I , don't I question for months, especially after that overnight at your place. I've had feelings for you almost from the first minute I laid eyes on you at the beginning of last fall. Once we hit it off and started a great friendship I was apprehensive, I don't want to f*** that up, but... I'm glad I don't have to hide how I feel anymore.

Gunner exhaled loudly. "Good, great even. I'm glad I was right, I just had a feeling. Now we can figure out where we go from here. And for the record dude, you were never hiding it very much", he replied, indicating my tented shorts. "It's like trying to hide a howitzer under a baseball cap."

We both paused for a minute to take it all in. I stared down on his hot mane. My heart fluttered. He likes me I thought to myself, YES! I said "let me finish your trim first, before we get into any more deep conversation, O.K.? I really don't want to screw it up. I showed him what I'd done. He liked it as much as I did. I stood behind him, gathering all his hair in back of his head, ostensibly to see if he could put it all in a man bun or even a pony tail.

Gunner asked "Now what are you doing? You know that I didn't grow it all out just to tie it back. I won't have it long forever, and I want to enjoy it dude."
Smiling deviously, I replied, locking eyes with him through the mirror." Oh, I know, I was just trying to imagine what you might look like with a razor shaved high and tight next May is all." I chuckled evilly.

He feigned horror "You dick, that'll never happen and you know it. Just for that, when we cut each other's hair then, I'm going first, that way if you pull any funny business, You're getting a #1 butch. I'll give you a taste of what I've been living with forever."

I gave a thoughtful pose. "Hmm, you know, that might be worth it" I said chuckling at him. I unsnapped the cape and shook it out. As he stood up I gave him pat on the butt, "There sexy man, go shower up and see how you like it."

The smile he gave me as he looked back was priceless.

He was in and out in less than ten minutes. Only wearing a towel, loosely wrapped, and slung low on his hips. I was sitting at the head of my bed with my back against the headboard. He gently climbed onto the bed and sat cross legged opposite me.

"Well dude, where do we go from here then", Gunner said softly, resting his palms on my knees.
I said, "I guess we let these mops grow some more until the Christmas break, right?" Giving him a cockeyed smile.

"You Jerk", he replied smacking me on the knee. " I'm talking about us, now that we've said how we feel about each other." Unless you've changed your mind while I was in the shower.
"Ha", I said, reaching out and pulling him close. I buried my hands in his thick damp mane and pulled him face to face with me. "Nope, I'm not going to change it anytime soon either dude."
The semester went by rather quick, our school work load was quite heavy and all consuming at times. We did manage to fit in some haircutting time for our shaggy college brethren. We were also taking our relationship to the next level. We clicked on so many levels. It didn't hurt that he was hot AF either.

Gunner walked in one afternoon and said "Hey, You're not going to believe this but...I've had a request for you, from my dad".
"What?" I replied. "this can't be good can it"? I said back, brows raised in anticipation.

"Well....he'd like you to stop by on your way home for Christmas break and play family barber again." Gunner stated flatly.
"YOU"RE KIDDING, right?" I blurted out. Staring at him open mouthed.

"No dude", Gunner said smiling back. "according to my mom, you made quite an impression on him last summer. I think she's the one who really wants you to play barber again though, not dad."
"Wow, s**t, dude. What do you want me to do?" I asked.

Jake, I'd love it if you would come back and play barber again. So would Nick, dude." Gunner said emphatically.
"Um, well sure I guess then. I said. Wow didn't see that one coming. Huh." We both laughed.

Uh, Jake, what do you want to do about our trim ups then, wait till we're at my house and do all of it at once, you, me, Nick, and Dad?" Gunner asked.
"No", I replied, "I want to do ours here, just the 2 of us. And I don't want to have to rush it, if you know what I mean. It won't take me long to clipper up your dad, and either one of us can cut Nicks, depending on what he wants." I pulled him close and ran my hands through his lush mane. ( I loved that we could do this now unabashedly with each other) "Besides, it won't take me long with this to just neaten it up for you, unless you have different plans?" I said, feeling the heat from his body. I was smirking back at him.

We had an intimate moment, after which he replied " hmmn, I'm not sure, it's actually getting quite long. I'll have to think about it some". He replied demurely. "Yours won't take me but a few minutes though."

Before we knew it, it was exam week, the end of the semester. We'd reserved this last Saturday evening at school as our haircut time, me first, then Gunner. We were lucky our last exams were the next Monday. We could head home Tuesday first thing in the morning. I'd stop at Gunners house and have enough time for haircuts and still be home by dinner time at my own house. Christmas was on Friday. We both needed shopping time and 2 days wasn't nearly enough.

After dinner I got the bag of tricks out. Gunner smiled over at me from where he was sitting.
"Guess it's time huh." he said. "This should just be a quick trim up though, unless you don't want to continue to grow it out till spring."
I flopped in the chair and said "Yup, just a tidy up for the holiday pics dude."

Gunner shook the cape out and settled it around my neck. Neatly capturing the sterri strip, and fastening it tightly. Giving my neck a quick caress. I marveled at how routine this had become for him, and us. He was becoming quite good at this hair cutting thing. We were also becoming accustomed to each other's touch, it was nice.

"O.K. dude" he said, standing close in front of me. Cupping my chin and forcing my head up. Staring intently into my eyes. "What instructions do you have for your hot studly barber?"
I smiled back, "neatly trimmed please sir. Just check for split ends, and even it up. Unless you have other ideas", I replied coyly.

Gunner chuckled a bit. "O.K. then, I have other ideas, believe me, but for your hair, one tidy up trim coming up."

He proceeded to give me an amazing head massage, checking for split ends in the process. "Jake, wow, your hair is really something man. I can't wait to see what another 3 inches will look like on you by next May, dude." He finished the massage and started checking length and how even it was. I heard an occasional snip now and then, mentally I was following his hands along, making sure he checked everything.

"O.K. dude, I think we've got it all" he said. "Seems a bit weird, only using the peanut clippers to shave the neck fuzzies. though. Most of the other guys in here want some serious clipper work done. I'm getting pretty good with em if I do say so. Wanna see?" He smirked back at me.

"No, no, I don't, mister barber man" I quickly replied. "Not now anyway. Maybe next May." My turn to smirk back at him. He shaved my neck and gave me one more quick massage. "God this feels sooo good" he said. Locking his fingers in my mop and shaking my head gently.

He unfastened the cape and said "O.K. go check it all out. Then come back and you can cut mine." As I stood up he slapped my ass cheeks playfully.
I walked back into the room , running my hand through my baby mane. "Looks great dude I said. Gunner was already sitting down, waiting expectantly for me. "Course it does" He quipped, "I was trained by the best."

I laughed and gave him an eye roll as I fastened the cape snugly around his neck.
"O.K., now it's my turn to play hot sexy barber" I said. I ran my hands through his plush mane. Looks like someone could use a bit of attention" I noticed the cape begin to tent in his lap.
"Heh, heh", he replied, "Your attention is always welcome babe, but for now let's concentrate on my hair, shall we" he quipped. "I know we're supposed to be growing it out till May, But...I wanted to talk to you about something. Especially since you mentioned Christmas pics. I was thinking, I know I have plenty of length for it, is it grown out enough for a shoulder length bob cut?"
I paused, hands still buried in his mane. "Seriously dude" I quipped, "a bob? Yeah, there's more than enough for that. But really, a bob? Why dude?"
Gunner said, "well, you know how much my dad hates my long locks right? I nodded yes. "He grumbled long and loud, and took a bit a razzing for last year's Christmas pic because Nick and I had shaggy manes. I thought it'd be really cool to try and put him over the edge with a cut like that. You'd only be trimming a bit off on the sides and back, and the fringe can pretty much stay like it is. I want the kind of bob where the fringe is extra long, and the cut goes from long on the sides, to longer in the back. My mom and sisters will think it's great, the old man will come unglued. What da ya think" he said, running his hand through his plush mane playfully. Smiling innocently at me.

"Gunner....why do you want to bait him, especially with all the holiday stress that's always in the air? Yes, I can certainly give you a great looking bob cut too, by the way. Never done one, but it can't be that hard. You have perfect hair for it." I shook my head, smiling at him.

"Then let's do it" gunner replied snickering. I'll make sure and remind mom about the Xmas pic too if she seems to be forgetting. This is going to be fun." For a split second I flashed forward in my mind's eye to May. The comb sliding under the by then plush shoulder blade length locks, to allow the Osters free access to his nape. Mounds of thick bulk hanging off the comb, waiting to be severed. I snapped back to the here and now.

I set to work, still shaking my head. Sectioning off a wide, dropped back top section. I worked my way around his head, starting the side length mid way between his chin and shoulder, trimming a not insignificant amount of bulk off as I went. I layered the ends slightly to start, I could do a more significant layering later if needed. I knew enough about the cut to know you needed it to be kind of blunt at the bottom to look right, especially on a guy. It was shaping up nicely too, his hair was honey blonde from the summer sun yet on the top side, but the layers underneath were a couple of shades darker. I liked the contrast a lot. I laughed and said, "you know, you still have time, a few days scruff along with this cut, would look stellar man. I might not be able to keep my hands off you."
I continued snipping, only taking about an inch off at the corners behind his ears, slightly trimming the back and heading for the other side. "Babe, I think this is going to look great" I am curious, however, to see how many times you get mistaken for a chick, especially from the back" I said chuckling."
Gunner replied, "I don't care if everyone mistakes me for a chick man, it'll be worth it to get dads goat".

I sighed, " dude, why the venom"?

"Jake", he replied, you have no idea the s**t I took growing up with a freshly shaved butch cut all the time. A little pay back isn't going to hurt him. He can have a taste of what the last 18 years of my life were like. Felt like we were in boot camp. When I finally turned 18 and told him no more butch cuts it was like sweet release. I thought, now I can try all those styles that I've missed out on all these years. Then as it started to grow out, that changed, all I wanted was shoulder length hair. Now I have it, and it's the greatest feeling. I guess maybe I'll try all the other styles I thought about as I go back to something shorter. Of course I'll have to consult my hot studly barber along the way though" he said. Giving me his cute crooked smile.

I finished the back and sides and unclipped the top, combing it all straight down over his face. Because I'd trimmed the sides, the front fringe was now a couple of inches longer than the starting length of the sides. I picked a point in the center, and trimmed each side back up to the side length. Gunner didn't really have a preference as to which side he parted his hair on, so this would allow a flip to either side. I stepped back and said" O.K., flip it back and we'll see how it looks." It's a tad shorter than shoulder length on the sides now, but not by much.
He reached under his fringe and flipped it back, working his fingers through it. I looked him over critically. "Yeah, this looks great" I unfastened the cape and said "go check it out. I'll clean up, then we can take a shower and relax". I smiled mischievously at him.

I walked into the bathroom. He was standing at the vanity still, flipping his hair around. "Oooh Jake, this is perfect babe. Thank you."
I walked up behind him wrapping my arms around his waist. gazing over his shoulder at his reflection in the mirror. I said "ya think? I really think you need a few days scruff too dude, seriously. Otherwise you're going to look like an adopted daughter in the Xmas pics." I gave his butt a playful grab and said, come on, let's hit the shower.
After our exams Monday, we headed home for the holiday. I hadn't forgotten that Nick wanted me to come by and trim him up, possibly Gunners dad also.
I followed Gunner to his house, eager to see his dads reaction to the new cut.

Predictably his mom and sisters all gushed over his new cut. Now knowing that I was his barber they complimented me also. I told them that the cut was all his idea, I wouldn't have chosen anything like that for him. His oldest sister remarked that she couldn't wait for dad to see him, smiling deviously. Gunners dad would be home after lunch, having the rest of the week off for the Holiday. We'd have to wait till then and see what kind of fireworks he set off. Meanwhile I set about trimming Nick up. He wanted me to do it instead of Gunner.
Too cold outside now for the patio, we set up shop in the kitchen. Gunner shooed his mom and sisters out.

Nick took center stage on one of the stools from the breakfast bar. I had to admit, Gunners previous handy work still looked good. I combed through Nicks mop. "So, dude what exactly is it that needs to be done here?" His sides had grown in nicely, most of his ears now covered again. His side parted fringe hung low over his right eye kind of seductively. In back, he had nice thick pelt that would more than cover a dress shirt collar.

Nick started off with "dude" indicating Gunners mane. "I can't believe you got a cut like that. I can't wait till dad sees you. He's going to have a stroke. Actually, I can't wait till you see dad. He's actually gotten quite shaggy. He's only been to see Roy once since you trimmed him Jake, and that was earlier in the fall. He's quite a shaggy guy now.

All I want you to do is trim the back a bit shorter, it feels kinda mullet- ish I think. And maybe try a center part to see how it looks and if the fringe is long enough for it. What I wish is that my hair was long enough to be cut like Gunners. Dude can you imagine if we both had cuts like that? He laughed at the idea. Gunner gave an evil little chuckle too.
I proceeded to trim and even out the back of Nicks hair. I softened the corners and did a bit of layering so that it wasn't quite as bushy. Next I parted him down the middle. Gunner and I gave him the critical eye, doing a bit of combing and tugging. "Well Gunner what do you think, give it a trim and leave it center parted, or stick with the side part?" I asked. "Hey" Nick chirped. "Don't I get a say in this? It's my mop after all." I handed him the hand mirror and said "O.K. dude, what do ya think then?"

Nick moved the mirror from side to side, shook his head a bit and ran his hand through it. Then he pulled it all forward, and crudely side parted it again with his fingers. "I think I should leave it side parted a little longer, how about you guys?" Gunner and I both nodded heads in agreement. "So, we done here?" I said. Nick said "yeah, for now, thanks again Jake."

"You know, Gunner could have done this for you Nick" I said. "Yeah, I know", He replied, "but You were coming to give dad a cut so I thought I'd have my brothers HOT boyfriend trim me up too" he replied, smirking.

I gave Gunner a shocked look. "He knows about us? I barked, incredulously. " Does your whole family know?" I demanded, panicking a bit. "Easy, easy, Jake" Gunner said quietly back, putting his hands up defensively. "NO, he's the only one, and he guessed so I had to tell him. You haven't told anyone else have you Nick?" Gunner asked. "No, no way, that's not my news to tell man" Nick replied earnestly. "But you two area a great couple"

As I uncapped Nick, Gunners father walked into the kitchen. He looked at me and smiled "Well Jake, good to see you son." I replied "thank you sir, happy to be of service sir."Clicking my shears a couple of times and smiling. I was shocked. Gunners dad had hair almost half covering his ears, a fringe on his forehead, and a bit on his collar. His dad replied "Yes, and not moment too soon son," running his hand through his thick shag. My wife has given me permission to trim it, but she still wants something to run her hands through. She says you'll know just what to do."

With that he turned to talk to Gunner. "Well, well, looks like I'm losing a son and gaining a daughter Gunner. That's quite a mop you've grown." Gunner ran his hand up through the thick fringe, flipping it back, wriggling his fingers and blending it into the back and side. "Hmm" his dad observed "at least I can get a glimpse of your forehead and eyes once in awhile now. More than I can say for your shaggy brother." "Really dad" Gunner replied. "Have you looked in a mirror lately?" His dad smirked and said" yes, and that's why your friend is here" nodding to me. "You must spend hours keeping that mane looking good son, certainly you could find better things to do with your time if it was trimmed up into a nice butch. Your grandfather is going to be merciless at the family Christmas get together this year. Yikes." Gunner laughed "I know, I can't wait to see you squirm. Maybe I'll have one of the girls French braid it for the party. That would be REALLY cool." "You will NOT do that Gunner!" his dad barked. No son of mine is going to be running around in braids at a family party. Gunner and Nick both laughed conspiratorially.

I told his dad to take a seat any time he was ready. He plopped down on the stool and gestured at his two boys. "I'm guessing that when you've finished with me, you'll be giving these two shaggy dogs both a haircut too, Jake?" he inquired, glancing from one boy to the other. As I was capping him up I replied "Ah, no sir. I gave Gunner a trim before we left school. And I'd just finished trimming Nicks hair before you walked in sir." "Wow, I'm really going to take some serious s**t for the Christmas pic again this year then." He replied sadly. Gunner and Nick both smiled and nodded.
"Well sir, what would you like me to do here" I said, combing his hair down all around his head.

"If you're asking me" his dad replied. "I'd like you to give me a number one butch again, just like I used to have. But... that's been vetoed by my wife. That crew cut you gave me was still a bit short for her too, she wants a little more hair to play with." Hence whay it's a bit shaggy, and your services requested. "Well, how about a short back and sides, and I'll leave the all length on top to start then" I replied. "Then we'll ask your wife if it's to her liking." He smirked and replied "now don't go getting all smart mouthed on me. Letting it grow this long has just about killed me you know". "Not to worry sir, we'll have you cleaned up and ready for your photo op in no time."

I'd plugged in the Osters and clipped on a #2 guard. Both Nick and Gunner Jumped as the clippers roared to life. "Ah, there's that dreaded sound" Nick murmured. "Yeah, even from here they're too close" Gunner said, running his hand through his plush locks protectively. Both boys focused in on the clippers.

Gunners dad smiled flatly at his boys "ah, music to my ears, Can't wait, Jake" he replied. I started on the left side, removing the bulk overhanging his ear, then neatly tapering part way up the side, leaving about an inch and a half to scissor cut and blend later. Working my way around the back, I dropped the taper down, keeping it low, removing all the longer locks along his nape, tapering it tightly. I moved on to the right side, combing all the top hair straight down so I didn't accidently remove any of it with the clippers. I followed up with the peanut clippers expertly removing the neck fuzzies and outlining the cut. We had a quick consult regarding sideburn length to which he stated "I'm totally at your mercy son, do what you think looks good." Nick and Gunner were shocked at the statement. I just kept on trimming. I gave Gunner a conspiratorial smirk. "Gunner, should we give him a more hip look and disconnect the sides and top, or should I blend it all in like the old guys wear?" "Hmm, I donno. I'm sure mom would want something more up to date but dads old school so..." he tailed off without finishing the thought. 'I'll start with the disconnect. I can always cut it and connect it later if he doesn't like it or if your mom doesn't approve" I replied chuckling. "Ha, ha, very funny guys." His dad said. "You wait someday you'll have partners too and have to take their thoughts into consideration" His dad bantered back. At that comment Nick, Gunner and I all exchanged knowing glances, fortunately their dad didn't pick up on anything.

I did some blending of the upper sides into the tighter clipped lower portion. Leaving the top disconnected. His dads hair wasn't too overgrown for the disconnected side part, so I quickly worked my way across the top, then cross checked it. "Sir, with your hair texture, you won't have to even put much product in it if you want to comb it up into a short quiff, or pomp." I pulled out a small tube of matte finish lite hold creme. I put a dab on my fingers and worked it through the fringe and top. Using my comb, I flipped the fringe up and back, working it over to the side a bit. I handed him the hand mirror and asked "how does that look sir?" His eyes popped. "Jake, son, I have to tell you. Except for the messy parting, it looks very similar to the cuts some of my Navy buddies used to give each other while we were at sea. I kinda like it actually." He shifted his head from side to side. "I started getting a butch cut while I was in the service, or I should say Uncle Sam started it for me. I never had the time for fussing with my hair like the other guys did. The girls used ta fall all over them when we put in to port though. Hmm" He moved the mirror around, taking it all in." How about you uncape me and I go have it inspected by the boss" he said chuckling to himself. I brushed him down and took the cape off, He smiled and shook my hand, thanking me. "Don't thank me until it's passed inspection sir" I replied smiling.

I was packing up my gear when his dad walked back in, followed closely by his mom."Jake" his mom said, " Thank you . He looks terrific. I hope he keeps it like this for awhile." she smiled warmly at me.

"I see you're packing you gear up. No chance of getting these two missy's in shape then I guess" His dad said, gesturing to Gunner and Nick. 'Dad!" both Gunner and Nick barked at the same time. "Not a chance" Gunner followed up with.

"Well I just hope that the two of you don't show up for the Christmas pic with dresses on." That earned him a swat from his wife. "Stop it! All of you. Now" she barked. "All of my men look handsome and well groomed. Thank you Jake." I smiled and said "my pleasure mam.
With that I said my goodbyes and wished all a Merry Christmas. Gunner walked me out to the car. We snuck a quick hug and kiss in the garage on the way. Promising to get together in a week or so.

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