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There is more in life than hair – PART I by George Wheeler

There is more in life than hair �" PART I.
By George Wheeler



I’m in my mid 30’s and work in a public affairs and strategic communications. I enjoy my work immensely. Great variety and many challenges. Room for personal influence and lots of creativity. But perhaps most important of all: A very tolerant working environment where diversity and personality are cared for and nurtured.

I profited heavily from that since my appearance was not that common in professional businesses. My clothing was rather common: Shirt, jeans, and a casual jacket �" tie when required at business meetings.

The only thing that really distinguished me from my colleagues was my hair. Ever since my teen age years I had let my hair grow. Only cuts I got were yearly trims of ½ an inch. Since I am blessed with very thick and healthy hair it was no problem just to let it grow. My hair is blond and straight. And today it reaches the floor and when openly displayed it flows 2 feet behind me like a tail. Ending in blunt cut ends in perfect condition.

Of course, I never carry it open at the office. First, it would be extremely unpractical having it dragged behind me all over the place and when I sit down. Further it would leave an unprofessional impression both on colleagues �" at least on some of them however tolerant. And most of all it would distract attention to my work from colleagues and business partners.

So, each morning I either braid my 8 feet of blond hair into a massive rope and fix it in a bun on top of my head or I just twist it an put it in a massive bun using tons of hairpins to keep it in place. Even though I try to conceal the true length of my hair the volume of the bun speaks its own language. It sticks high above me approx. 6 inches and encompasses the whole of my head.

Usually when I went out, I also wore my hair in a bun, but sometimes I let my braid hang down to my ankles and then tied the rest to the part of my braid covering my ass, so it was a double rope from my ass to my feet.

My hair caused a lot of attention �" mostly positive and mostly from men. Women did not seem to like it �" the competition for male attention and jealousy, I guess. I did not care much. My point of focus were nice looking and charming guys.

Half a year ago I met Robin. He was a 7-foot tall, very fit looking, very very handsome guy with a world class smile. I was at the bar making my order as I suddenly felt something huge very close to me. I turned �" and there was the man of my dreams �" smiling at me. "Hello" he said. "I’m Robin". The heat went into my cheeks, I blushed, and my throat got all sore. My heartbeat like a drum as I managed to whisper: "Hello, I’m Peter".

"So, what are you having Peter"? he asked me, and we started to talk. I could not take my eyes from him. He was absolutely smashing. And so easy to talk to. After a couple of drinks Robin said: "Peter, I can’t help noticing your braid. It is very very long and beautiful and so thick. Can I touch it"? I nodded. Could not believe my luck. Robin sent shivers down my spine as he grabbed my thick long braid and let it glide through his huge soft hands and then pulled it a bit. Immediately the bulge in my pants woke to life.

"Wow" he said. "That’s amazing. So long, so thick and so soft and beautiful. It must have taken years to grow it this long. How long is it actually?"

I was so aroused by the feeling of Robin’s hands on my braid that I had difficulties breathing and talking. I could only whisper: "I’ve been growing since I was a teenager and only had yearly trims, so it now measures 8 feet".

Robin almost lost his grip on my braid from surprise and chock. "7 feet! You’re kidding Peter".

"No, I’m not" I whispered. If you do not believe me, I can loosen my braid for you to see for yourself".

"I would love that" Robin said with a huge, warm smile.

"But I don’t want to do it here in front of everyone" I said.

"No problem. I live nearby. We could go home to me and do it".

I could hardly walk from excitement as we left the bar. It added immensely to my excitement that I could feel, how Robin held his hand around my long thick braid and pulled it gently from time to time!

Robin lived in a nice flat 5 minutes away. We sat down in his sofa and had a few more drinks. Then Robin said the magic words: "I can’t wait any longer. I must see your hair unbraided".

I smiled and told him I would go to the lavatory and do it (to add to the excitement and tension).

At the toilet I started to loosen my giant braid and soon my long blond hair fell in huge thick waves down all around me to the floor and further on spread all over the floor. I loved the feeling of my thick blond soft haircoat and started to grow in my pants. Thinking of showing the wonderful beautiful big guy in the sofa all my lovely hair displaying it freely all around me gave me a huge hard on.

I heard Robin call on me. "Hey Peter, when are you coming? I can’t take the excitement any longer".

I opened the door and walked slowly towards the living room and the sofa �" and dream man Robin.

I took care to drape my long, long hair around me so only my face was free of hair. Then I entered and stood still in front of Robin.

He was totally flabbergasted. Completely overwhelmed by the sight of all my 7 feet long blond thick wavy mane. He just stared at me and my hair �" took some very deep breaths and then finally whispered: "OMG Peter. I have never seen anything more beautiful than this. It is unbelievable. Your hair looks like a sea of gold �" and so very very much there is of it".

I smiled at him and could not help noticing the giant bulge in his pants!

I went towards him and he rose from the couch. He reached for my lovely long locks and let his fingers glide through them. "OMG" he whispered. "I can’t believe this is true. It is truly amazing. We were now standing very very close to each other �" Robing so tall with a perfect body almost a head higher than me �" so strong and so beautiful.

Neither of us could help it. We opened our mouths simultaneously and met in a long deep kiss �" my hands rubbing the giant bulge in his pants him pulling my enormous mane with both his hand.

We just stood there for a long time, kissing, caressing, enjoying. Then Robin started to undress me and soon we both were naked. I admired his perfect body and wonderful face. And he could not take his eyes from my more than floor long blond thick wavy mane.

I had to have him, so I kneeled and took him into my mouth �" his cock was like the rest of him beautiful and big! I blew him as he moaned and caressed and pulled my mane, gathered it in his strong hands, lifted it high above his head and let go of it so it flew down over both our naked bodies and hid us totally in a thick carpet of golden silk.

I swallowed him and caressed his magnificent ass and soon after he came.

We made love the whole night and my mane had never been brushed and kissed and pulled and caressed for in my life. Robin was head over heels in my long mane. He never stopped talking about it and eventually fell a sleep with my long hair tied in a tight braid twisted around his cock.

Robin and I became partners, and my hair was a giant turn on for both of us. When it was time for my yearly trim Robin had nightmares and slept miserably in the week up to the cutting. He tried to talk me into not ruining my sacred mane by letting scissors close to it, but I convinced him that my hair would look even more beautiful and healthy with a small trim of less than an inch.

When the day came Robin had tears in his eyes as I left him. He could not let go of my giant braid. But eventually we parted.

I always had my hair done at a nearby beauty parlor where the same hairdresser to care of me every time I had my trim. The only one I trusted.

As usual I had my hair washed and blow dried and brushed out. Then I went up an inner staircase in the salon and let my hair hang free over the banister. My hairdresser cut off an inch with her scissors and braided my mane afterwards and pinned it up, so I had the same hairstyle as a traditional German farmer girl.
Robin was ever so relieved when he saw what had been cut off and even admitted that my mane looked more splendid than ever before.

Then disaster stroke. My company got into deep financial troubles and was bought by a larger company. The new merged company had to undergo rationalizations and the number of employees were to be reduced. So, all employees were invited to personal interviews about their qualifications and experience and how they could eventually fit into the new leaner company structure. Present at the meetings were representatives from the Bord, the upper management, a couple of extern consultants and the HR department.
When it was my turn, I entered the room dressed in a dark suit and my hair pinned up in the usual giant bun. I was extremely nervous, not least because of my hair. But I hoped they would not focus on that but on my qualifications and the tasks I performed.

I was seated opposite twelve men and one woman. They all wore dark suits and ties and appeared very formal and serious. I had come to my knowledge that new company contrary to my own company was very conservative and formal with very traditional values. The attitude of those opposite me made me feel bad and insecure. They asked me to describe my qualifications and different tasks performed.

I could not help noticing that the only woman present kept silent. She just stared at me with an expression of utter contempt. This had a massive impact on me, and I became nervous and my performance incoherent. Fortunately, no one made any comments about my hair which was a great relief. I interpreted this as a sign that my hair would not be an obstacle to my continued employment in the company.

But just as I started to relax things changed dramatically. For the first time the woman asked for the floor. She made comments about my looks and about my hair!" I have noted that your hairstyle differs very much from that of your colleagues. They all present themselves properly dressed and with short well styled hair. You on the contrary wear a massive bun on top of your head. I would like to see what’s hiding up there"!

Just as I thought it was all well over this happened. This was exactly what I had been hoping for to avoid and had started to believe I could avoid. I could not see a way out of fulfilling her request, so I rose and started to unpin my gigantic bun in front of the whole panel. I had never felt so ashamed before in my whole life as I released the last pin and my enormous bun started to unravel and my magic mane flowed down all over me as a golden river covering me completely in a hair carpet from the top of my head to the floor and onwards. If only I could have made myself invisible at that moment.

Standing in front of the twelve men and one woman totally covered in hair and unable to escape. I could have dies of shame. It was incomprehensible embarrassing.

None of the men said a word �" only a mumbling:" OMG"! were heard.

The woman however smiled for the first time during the entire interview. Triumphantly she said: Gentlemen I take it we all agree that Rapunzel here has no place in a professional company like ours. I think it is time to say thank you and wish good luck finding a new job. Hardly at a male barbershop I might add although a visit there is long overdue" she grinned with an evil face.

The chairman of the Board thanked me for my time and said that they would make a comprehensive evaluation once they had interviewed all employees. I would be informed when they had made up their minds.

I gathered all my amazing 7 feet of thick blond hair and carried it in both hands out of the room. Outside a couple of my colleagues were awaiting their interviews and they practically fell from their chairs when they saw me and my 7 feet of long blonde hair. I hurried into the lavatory and pinned up my mane into the giant bun again.

Two days later I received an invitation for a meeting about the result of my interview with the head of the HR department. I was quite calm. I had accepted the fact that I would no longer be an employee at the new merged company because of my more than floor long hair.

I knocked on the door to the head of the HR department and a woman called: "Enter pls.". I opened the door and there I found: The woman from the interview! Apparently, she was the new head of the HR department of the merged company!

She nodded at me with an attitude of clear distance and resentment and her eyes were fixated on my vulnomous bun. "Pls take a seat". She told me that the company had decided they could make good use of my qualifications and experience so they would offer me a new contract. Before I could digest that message, she had another one ready for me:

" But your employment rests on one condition. That you get a haircut! You can well understand that a respectable and professional company like our based on traditional, conservative values cannot be represented by an employee with hair hanging down all around him and dragging along the floor. That would make a totally false impression of this company. To colleagues but most of all to our customers. Therefore, you will get a serious short male businessman haircut. All that gross hay on your head will have to go. After that we can sign a new contract on your employment here".

I was totally out of words. For a short while I had thought that I was home and dry. And then this bomb detonated! I blushed all over my face and could feel my cheeks getting awfully warm. All I was able to say was:" I’m not really sure that I can part from my hair. I have had long since my teenage years. My long hair has become an integral part of my identity".

" How sweet. However completely irrelevant. That mop looks disgusting and even more so on a man. Get your haircut and a professional look. Then you’re welcome here".

I told her I needed some time for reflection. She shook her head but granted me 24 hours to make up my mind: Haircut or unemployment.

The rest of the day I spent staring out of the window unable to do anything else. All I could think of was my beloved over long fairy tale mane and the mere thought of having a haircut made me sick and dizzy.

When I came back home Robin received me with kisses and hugs. But soon he realized how miserable I looked and asked me if something had happened at the office. We sat down on the couch and I told him about the meeting with the head of the HR department.

At first, he smiled and congratulated me with my employment and pulled me closely to him. But then I told him that that was not all that happened at the meeting. Robin kissed me and embraced me as I told him about the prerequisite for the job: That I got a short haircut!

Robin froze and went into perhaps even more of a chock than me!

He let go of my hands and hid his face in them in utter horror." No no no" he moaned. With a weeping voice he said:" They cannot take your hair. Not that. Your magic, wonderful, beautiful, sexy endlessly long golden hair. I will not allow it. They cannot take it away from us. I love your hair. It is part of who you are, and I love you so. I can’t take this".

I told him that this was as big a shock to me as to him. And that I did not know if I could live without my long hair. The floor long mane was me. And I was my 7 feet long thick blond hair. How could we even ponder parting?

We sat closely, silent for a long time. Finally, Robin said: "Darling will you pls. Display your magic mane freely to me?"

Very slowly I loosened my gigantic bun and all my wonderful long blond hair streamed down all over both of us and covered us totally in a carpet of thick blond hair.

Robin caressed my mane, kissed it, pulled it gently. And amidst the shock and horror I could sense how things started to move in his lap. And the same happened to me.

We kissed and helped each other to undress. I grabbed Robin’s rock hard very big cock with both hands and started wanking him ever so gently. Robin moaned from lust and kissed me and gathered all my 7 feet long hair into an enormous tight and high ponytail that he pulled rather hard. I was very horny now. I loved it when Robin manhandled my mane and took control of it.

I asked him to give me the gigantic ponytail and I twisted it around his rock-hard shaft while blowing him and wanking him.

Robin could not hold back for long, and he shot a huge load of cumditioner into my magic tail.

Then he blew me and ran my long hair across my huge ass and put a bit of it up my whole which made me explode immediately.

After some relaxation in each other’s arms Robin recorded it when washing and blow drying my mane while I was seated naked on a high bar chair. He finally brushed my mane for almost an hour �" all of it on record.

" Darling" he whispered in my ear." How can anyone even think of cutting off this masterpiece and ruin this extraordinary beauty".

I smiled and grabbed his giant cock and wanked it very slowly while kissing him.

Then I whispered:" Robin, I’ve been thinking of this all day and the evening. Even though my hair means incredibly much to me and you as my lover I also love my job. And I am not certain that I will ever be able to find another job if I keep my hair so extremely long and voluminous. Maybe the same just happens again over and over. I’m told I get the job provided that I cut off my long hair into a short male hairstyle".

I could sense how Robin froze and kept his breathe." Thus, my darling I’ve decided to get a haircut tomorrow"!

Robin collapsed completely. He cried and lay down on the floor in fetal position. I crept close into him and put all my extremely long and thick golden hair over him like a protective carpet while I embraced him and tried to comfort him.

" Honey, we will still have each other. And I love you unconditionally whether I have 7 feet of hair or only a few inches. I hope you feel the same. That you love me as a person and not just my long hair".

Robin stopped crying and looked me deep in the eyes." Oh, my darling, I love everything about you �" including your magic mane. But I will never allow your hair to come between us. You are more important to me. If the job really means that much to you, you should accept it and get a haircut".

We moved closer to each other and kissed and made love and cried the rest of the night.

After a few hours’ sleep I rose �" Robin stayed asleep �" got dressed, brushed my mane for the last time with tears in my eyes and braided all my 7 feet of golden hair into a massive braid that I twisted and tied on the top of my head �" a hairstyle that reminded of a traditional German farmer girl.

I left the flat and took a cab to another, older part of town to look for a male barber. I thought it might be easier to get a haircut without a previous reservation in a less fashionable quarter.

After walking around a few blocks I spotted the rotating barber pole. My heart started beating like a drum and my legs felt like gel. My stomach hurt and I felt like vomiting.

However, it was all too clear to me that there was no way out.

So, I approached the barbershop very slowly and on very insecure legs.

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