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There is more in life than hair - PART 2 by George Wheeler

There is more in life than hair �" PART II
By George Wheeler


Just before I reached the barbershop I stopped. I needed a break to mobilize the courage and strength to move on. I took a few deep breaths and feeling dizzy and miserable I made the final steps to the barbershop.

It was a traditional old-fashioned barbershop with a big window where several photos of men with different short hairstyles were displayed. The photos were yellow from age and none of the styles could be considered contemporary. Behind the photos was a worn out, transparent and rather dirty looking curtain. Through the curtain I could spot three old fashioned barber chairs and two elderly barbers dressed in traditional barber white tunics. Two customers were receiving haircuts.

I took another very deep breath and opened the door. A bell rang as I opened it. I entered and both barbers turned their heads towards me.

Initially it seemed they took me for a woman who had come to the wrong place. One of the barbers said:" Miss, this is a male barbershop. I think you have come to the wrong place if you’re looking for a lady hairdresser".

The blood immediately raced to my head and turned my face all red and made my cheeks very warm. And my throat and mouth all sore. At last, I managed to utter:" I’m a man sir. And I am here for a haircut. Can you give me a haircut now?"

The two barbers looked all flabbergasted at me �" as did the two customers in the barber chairs eyeballing me in the huge mirror in front of the chairs. All four of them focused on the voluminous long golden braids on the top of my head. I felt extremely embarrassed.

Finally, one of the barbers said:" As you wish sir. As you can see, we are busy right now, but you can take a seat in the waiting area and we will take you once we are finished here! But I will tell you in advance that we do not do long hair styles here only short male haircuts"!

He stared at me and my braids with every sign of repulsion and distaste but did not say anymore.

I just nodded and went to the wooden chairs along the wall behind the barber chairs that apparently constituted the "waiting area".

I sat down on the not very comfortable hard wooden chair and did not know where to look. Both customers as well as the two barbers did not take their eyes away from me and my braids for a second. I could have crept into a mousehole. I could not stand watching the men getting their hair cut �" very short. Nor hear the scissors and clippers. Or see the cut hair slide down the cape into the laps and unto the floor joining the rest of the cut hair under the chairs.

This was the dreadful realization of my worst nightmares. And I could not wake up and make them disappear. Soon it would be me in that horrible barber chair getting my 7 feet long blond carper hair cut off! I had never believed I would end up in this horrible situation.

Time seemed to pass infinitely slow and at the same time far too fast with the moment where I should take a seat in the barber chair approached far too fast. I wanted time to stop. I wanted time to pass fast so I could get it over with. I wanted to be far away.

The first customer was done, and the barber removed the giant black and white striped cape and shook it. Then he removed the neck paper and dusted off his neck. The customer got out of the chair and went to the cash register to pay. The barber had cut all hair off in the back and his ears were free of hair too. In the front his hair was cut very short and stood right up like a hedgehog!

After he had paid, he moved around and went towards the wooden chairs and took a seat beside me. The barber laughed at him and asked:" Hey Bill, didn’t I cut it short enough, so you need another round in my chair?"

" You cut it precisely the way I wanted it �" as always is the case with you. It’s just that I don’t want to miss this little Heidi get her haircut and loose her lovely long golden braids ha ha".

I shrunk in the chair. Then he turned towards me: "When did you last visit a male barbershop princess"? I felt extremely embarrassed and humiliated being taken for and addressed like a woman. I whispered:" When I was thirteen".

" Hey Henry, George �" she says that she hasn’t had a decent haircut since she was thirteen. Can you imagine. I fail to understand how any father allow that to happen. If he had been my son, I had dragged him to the barber and sat down his ass in your chair Henry. And we wouldn’t leave you until he sported a nice and shining flattop like a decent young man"!

The barber called Henry shook his head. "Then its more than time that he gets one now" he said. "But you first sir". He nodded at the man beside me who went and took a seat.

Meanwhile the other barber �" George �" had finished his customer who left with a little more hair than the other customer but still very very short with his nape buzzed and his ears free. He paid and left the barbershop.

My heart almost stopped at the inevitable. I could no longer await or avoid my dreaded fate.

The barber looked and me and said: "You next. Please take a seat. He padded on the red leather seat and I got on my feet and walked trembling on legs that threatened to disappear under me slowly towards what to me seemed like walking on death row towards the execution chair!!

When I reached the chair, I fell over the metal footrest and tumbled into the chair. Everybody laughed at me. "Ha ha, obvious that he hasn’t entered a barber chair for many years, ha ha".

The barber approached me with a huge cape over his arm. From the desk in front of me he took a roll of neck paper and tore out a piece. He went behind me and placed the neck paper around my neck �" tight! I felt like vomiting. I saw myself in the huge mirror in front of me with the white paper around my neck.

Next, he threw the giant cape into the air to unfold it then went behind me and threw it over me, so it covered completely except for my feet. He fastened it tightly in the back and I felt suffocated and imprisoned. Helpless. At the mercy of an elderly strict barber.

"No let’s see what you are hiding in that bird’s nest". I shrank as the barber started to draw out hairpins from my giant bun.

"OMG" he mumbled as pin after pin landed on the counter. I noticed in the mirror that the guy in the waiting area had taken out his mobile and now were recording me!! How humiliating �" if he would post that on You tube!

The barber removed the final harpins and my enormous braid started to loosen from my head and tumble down over the back of the barber chair and onto the barber floor!

Everyone in the barbershop froze. Paralyzed. They did not believe their own eyes.

The first to react was the guy in the waiting area: "I never saw anything so disgusting. Look at that rope spread over the floor. Horrible. You should grab your clippers and do away with it immediately George. Or even better hand them to me and I will take pleasure in clipping that monster off".

Finally, the barber moved. He grabbed my braid an pulled it hard �" my head was drawn backwards. "Son, this is about the most awful sight I ever had in this shop and I have had it for nearly 40 years now. Not even back in the hippie days where every man looked like a girl, I saw anything nearly as nauseating ugly as this. I am appalled that anyone would let it come to this repulsive thing. Your father should have taken you here years ago".

I just sat paralyzed glancing at my image in the giant mirror in front of me.

Then the barber started to pump up the chair and higher and higher I went into the air. Until he had pumped to the max and I was elevated a good 31/2 feet above the floor. I felt uncomfortable and embarrassed being lifted so high �" displayed as cattle at an animal show.

Despite lifting me up so high my braid still reached the floor and a good foot resting on the floor.

Then the barber grabbed it at the end. Pulled it so hard that I got tears in my eyes. Lifted it up and pulled it backwards from the floor to display its full length for the guy with the camera to record!

"Son, how long is this "thing"? "7 feet" I whispered.

"My oh my" he mumbled and let go of my magic thick long blond braid that fell back towards the back of the barber chair and rested there and on the floor below the chair.

Then the barber grabbed it again and removed the hairband at the end of the braid. Slowly he started to unbraid it. Everyone in the barbershop followed every step closely without a word and hardly without breathing. Slowly my fantastic blond thick straight mane began to grow as it loosened up. More and more wavy blond hair started to cover the floor under the barber chair in a sea of beautiful blonde silk.

The barber moved upwards to the seat, the back of the chair and finally my upper back and neck where the braid started.

When he finished losing my braid there were heavy blond waves everywhere. All my back down to floor were covered in a thick curtain of blonde waves. As were the sides of the chair and even most of the cape in front. Down to the footrest! I was literally a prisoner of not only the giant cape but even more so by my own 7 feet of thick golden hair!

The guy with the camera went up to the chair and filmed me from all angles. I felt so humiliated.

The barber then started to comb my hair with a broad teeth comb. He did it roughly and tears started to stream down my cheeks. He ran the comb all the way to the floor and had to lift the last part that rested on the floor.

He mumbled and moaned and sighed each time he started from the top of my head and down all over me. And my impressive mane just grew even bigger and more voluminous when combed. Eventually only my face was free of hair �" the rest of me was completely hidden behind a thick wavy wall of golden hair.
"The little princess looks like a sheep dog" the camera guy said laughing.

I was so scared that I could hardly breathe.

The barber put down the comb on the counter and turned towards me. "Now son, what shall we do with all that mess? Do you have any wished or should we say: Barbers does the cutting, barber knows best?"

I did not know what to say. I had not had a serious haircut for more than 20 years! I had no idea what to ask for other than "short".
So, I took a deep breath and cleared my throat. "Short" I managed to whisper.

"Yes son. So much is clear. You will not leave my barbershop with that mop. So, I will give you a short haircut. Question is how short. I think the best we can do, is for me to remove the bulk and then I can better see the structure of your head and decide which haircut would suit you best".

I did not have anything to argue against with. Did not know what to say. Did not know the name of short haircuts. Did not have the strength to oppose the barber. So, I just nodded.

"Excellent son. Now let us start the harvesting".

From his breast pocket the barber took a pair of very big and seemingly very sharp scissors. He stepped behind me and made cuts in the air around me and close to my ears. The horrible clicks of the scissors sent shivers down my spine.

The barber then grabbed a handful of my lovely 7 feet long locks and pulled it quite hard to the side He went towards the window holding my golden lovely hair in his hand. He stopped when my locks were stretched out in its full length.

"Son I promise you will love it once you are freed of this heavy ugly burden. He kept holding my beloved hair in his hand and cut with the scissors in the air around it. And then he placed the scissors a good 21/2 feet from the end. "Let the show begin" he smiled and squeezed the sharp blades of the dreadful scissors around my vulnerable soft long blond silk. The horrible noise when the scissors cut off the 21/2 feet of my thick blond wavy gold made me sick.

And then the magnificent lock was separated from the rest of my magic mane. I could not take it anymore and started to sob. The barber held my shorn locks high in the air and displayed it triumphantly to his "audience" who laughed and applauded his "deed".

"Give it to me the camera guy" said. "I want it as a souvenir to hang on my toilet wall where it belongs". The barber smiled and gave my precious lock to the mean guy.

I could see the big hack in my beloved mane where the barber had cut off 21/2 feet of the length. The remaining hair over the cut did not even reach the barber floor any longer. HORRIBLE!

The barber moved to grab the next handful of my lovely long hair. He separated it from the rest of the hair curtain and moved backwards until he held it completely stretched out from my head. This time he moved the scissors higher �" much higher up from the end. As the blades squeezed together around my pride and glory 5 feet of magic hair separated from the hair carpet!

5 feet of my hair in the barber’s hand. I felt dizzy and at the point of fainting. The barber went to the mean guy and handed him the next trophy.
Next cut was the deepest. The barber moved in front of me and started to comb my hair down over my face. It was so thick I could not see a thing and hardly breathe behind the dense hair curtain. Then I heard the scissors and felt them placed at my forehead high above the browse only an inch or so from the hairline!

And then the dreaded sound of the blades squeezed together and the feeling of hair sliding down over my face and onto the cape and down into my lap. The barber cut a perfectly blunt cut line straight across my forehead 2 inches above my browse. I could see and breathe as the hair rained down over my face and the cape to join the already shorn locks in my lap. That was now so full off my shorn silk that it dropped down to the footrest.

The barber cut little girl bangs on me! How humiliating could it be. I am 35 years old!

"Now now look what’s hiding behind all that ghastly hair. There is a nice-looking young man. What a shame to have hidden behind that thick hair carpet. Let us continue the harvest. I am sure the sight will be beneficial.

And then the barber placed his extremely sharp scissors just above my right shoulder! And mercilessly squeezed the blades together around my sacred long blond locks. The result was a massacre. 61/2 feet of lovely thick gold raced to the barber’s floor leaving a huge blunt cut hack just above my right shoulder. I was in total shock.

The barber moved the scissors to the left and cut off another 6 1/2 feet of my crowning glory. I just looked helplessly in the mirror at my ridiculous ugly baby bangs and the beginning page hair! I felt miserable. I had dreaded my haircut but never in my life had I been able to imagine how horrendous it would be.

The pile of shorn hair grew fast and higher and higher now hiding the floor around the barber chair and much more to come!

The barber continued motionless his barbarous destruction of my pride and glory. So many years of growth and nursing brutally ended in seconds!

The barber had cut off all my long hair down the back of the chair and now moved to the left side cutting fast and without any hesitation leaving me sobbing in the chair.

When he cut off the last lock of 7 feet to a mere 1/2 foot, I was left with a page cut like a girl! I even looked more feminine now with my new short feminine haircut than with my braid on top of my head and all my hair hanging down in thick, soft waves all around me.

"Well son that was the bulk. Now we can begin cutting a nice stylish modern male haircut you will enjoy. Honestly, you look like a girl with those bangs and that page hair. That will soon change."

The barber moved to the counter where several clippers were waiting….

He grabbed one of them. I had not had clippers near my head since I was 7 years old!

The barber attached a guard �" a "3" he told me without me knowing what he was talking about.

He moved behind me again and turned on the clippers. And immediately I was back in the barber chair of my childhood 7 years old when my barber turned on the clippers and the horrible electric metallic sound went directly into my nerves and paralyzed me.

Like then I froze as the moved the clippers towards my neck. Placed the cold vibrating steel under my hair at the bottom of my neck �" and started moving it upwards. It sent shivers down my spine as it went up up up towards the top of my head. I could not see the damage it caused but I could see tons of blond wavy blond locks race down my back and my sides. And feel the cold air in my neck!

The barber buzzed all my hair off in the back and then moved the clippers up and around my ears �" the terrible sound filling my ears completely �" and removed all the hair below and around my ears. Giant clumps of shorn silk left my head and joined the extreme pile on the floor.

The barber turned off the clippers to change the guard. "Now we clean it up nicely with a guard "1" he explained. And turned on the clippers again. And the buzzing off all my hair continued. I just sat staring at the strange face in the mirror �" it was not me!

The barber buzzed my hair to mere stubbles and because I was blond, I almost looked bald!

He cut off ½ an inch of my bangs but left them blunt cut straight across my forehead �" like an antique Roman!

Finally, he turned off the clippers. There was total silence in the barbershop. Apparently, everybody was quite affected by witnessing the destruction of something so very beautiful and unique. Instead of my 7 feet of thick wavy blond silk flowing all the barber chair and part of the floor it all now rested on the floor lifeless and almost with a sadness of its own.

The barber took a hand mirror from the drawer and went behind me. "I cleaned up the neck sir. I hope it’s to your liking". I did not believe my own eyes. For more than 20 years my neck had been hidden beneath a thick hair curtain. My bun had been so voluminous that it also covered most of my neck.

I felt miserable. Empty. Sick at the sight of my almost hairless white skinned neck. I just sat paralyzed and looked at my mirror image.

All I wanted was to get out of the barber chair and barbershop as fast as possible. The barber loosened the cape and shook it. Tons of shorn blond silk slid to the floor. He then removed the neck paper and dusted me off. I tried to stand on my feet, but my legs disobeyed me, and I felt so week I had to lean back in the dreaded barber chair.

"My oh my" the barber said. "Are you OK son? It is quite a transformation and you will of course have to get used to it after all those years with all that horrible hair all over you. But I assure you that you will love it eventually".

I tried again to leave the chair and this time I managed. For the first time I could see the floor around the barber chair. I was absolutely horrified. My immense voluminous beautiful wavy thick blond 7 feet long mane covered the barber floor completely all around the chair and a further 3 feet away from it! And all my beloved hair reached my ankles! I was walking on my own shorn hair �" I never experienced anything more humiliating.

I went to the counter and paid for my haircut. As I left the shop the mean guy grinned at me and said: "There walks a real man and no sissy boy. Congratulation’s sir. Nice and sharp looking. I’m sure there will be a lot of viewers on my You tube channel tonight!".

I just walked out the door �" being unable to feel anything at all.

Back home Robin awaited me. I was sure he would leave me the same evening when he saw my horrible new look. But as I opened the door Robin met me in the entrance. He froze and stared at me. I prepared myself for his judgement and farewell to me. I just remained standing in the doorway. None of us spoke a word.

Then Robin slowly moved towards me. Smiling! He embraced me, held me tight and kissed me tenderly and lovingly. He whispered in my ear: "My darling darling handsome man. You look wonderful. I love you so much". I could not hold back the tears anymore. The stress and anticipation of the day just bursted out of me. I felt so relieved.

Robin led me into the living room, and we sat down at the couch. Robin kept his arms tightly around me, caressing me, kissing me, telling me how wonderful I looked and how much he loved me.

Later we had a wonderful dinner prepared by Robin and after a bottle of wine we undressed and made the best love ever for the rest of the night.
Next day I met at the office and went to the head of the HR department. As I entered the door and saw the look at her face, I went up to her and kissed her.

She froze as I left her office smiling and whistling.

Later that night Robin and I watched quite exiting video on You tube with a male Rapunzel receiving a flattop…..

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