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How I became a haircut fetisher by TheGuyWhoWantsToCutHair

This is my story...About how I became a haircut fetisher.

In childhood I would always hate going to the barbershop. I still hate getting a haircut myself. I don't know when it exactly started, but when I was about 19, I was going on a trip with my cousin and dad. Let's call my cousin Jace, who was 18.
My dad and I had wanted to explore the local marketplace, and that's where we found it... a thread cutter. My dad had always wanted one for his tailoring interests, so we bought one and he asked me to keep it.

That night, while Jace and Dad were quick asleep, I just couldn't. Jace and I shared the bed, and I could see him facing me, in the dim lit room. His hair was really thick and deep black and he often got haircuts from a street barber. His face was calm with his luscious yet rugged and ever so slightly wavy hair partially covering his forehead. His sides and back hair were about an inch.

I couldn't resist but caress his hair. Of course in a way that he didnt wake up. I didn't know what was happening to me, but I started to like it. 

My hand softly went deeper, almost touching his scalp. And suddenly... Jace twitched. I retrieved my hand instantly and pretended to be sleeping. He turned over to the other side, exposing his nape to me. It was in a V shape and mildly tapered. Not very steep, but a subtle V. Ensuring Jace was asleep, I continued to trace my index finger along the V shape of his short back hair... he seemed to be tickled and he turn over again, his face quite near mine. I could feel his warm breath.

And then... it struck me. My thread cutter was still in my pocket. I must be out of my mind - but the thought of using it to snip Jace's hair weirdly appealed to me. 

After waiting for about half an hour of inactivity, I could see Jace's closed eyes moving rapidly. He was dreaming... and that's when I removed the cutter from my pocket. Its form was like a pair of tongs, just that on the edge, it had triangular blades.

I got up silently, and tiptoed to the other side of the bed, just to ensure that if Jace woke up, I could stoop down and he could just find an empty bed!

His sideburns were short...ish. Some strands were long enough to travel halfway to his ear opening.  

My mind must be asleep because I had no clue what I was doing. I slowly leaned to the edge, and nudged at Jace. Just to see if he would wake up. Nope, he was in deep sleep. My heart, was racing. 

My finger gently played with his sideburn. As stiff his hair was, his skin was quite soft. I took the top layer of hair on his side burns and twisted and curled them between the thumb and index finder. Thanks to his hair quality, they easily formed a bundle and rolled outwards. The newly revealed hair was shorter and formed the rectangular shape of his sideburns. My thumb rubbed in an upward direction from the edge and his hair would come back after my thumb was moved. I took the thread cutter and made a small snip at the short hair of his sideburn. The heart started pounding and I had turned hard. Up went his sideburn length by 5mm. If anyone was to see, they would not notice any change. 

Quickly, I wiped the freshly cut tiny hair from his cheek and rolled back the long strands in place to make it look normal. My dad seemed to have woken up and that's why I had to rush to my bedside. Thank god for the dark. Well not so dark, I could still see Jace's face. After I made sure that dad was properly asleep, I slowly pushed Jace to turnover, so that his back faced me and because I was too afraid if I played with his sideburn anymore, it would become noticeable. I shuffled a bit nearer... my hard dick sat well between his bums. I went back to his nape. Uff the V shape... it was so symmetrical. Gently, I rested my hand with the cutter on his neck. He didn't move a bit. I took the cutter to tip of the nape and very softly started cutting. Progressing towards the left edge , I followed the nape line centimeter by centimeter and his hair kept falling on his neck. I was super turned on. The very idea of his nape being asymmetrical... made me guilty yet joyful. I made sure it wasnt too steep on that side else anyone could point it out. I could feel the 1mm tips which remained of his napeline from where I snipped his hair and it felt amazing to the finger. 

Suddenly, Jace switched over sides, and I was too shocked to move. It was my clue to stop and go to sleep. I knew the snipped hair were still on his neck and needed to be wiped, but I was too paranoid that it would wake him. 

That night's sleep was an amazing one but the next morning I woke up full of tension... but only initially. Jace had not noticed anything and the hair on his neck had gone after his shower. Both sideburns looked pretty equal in the length too, but it was only I -oh and the thread cutter - who knew what had happened...

That night was my first encounter with cutting a guy's hair, and I have desired to decimate good-looking guys ever since. 

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