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You Wait and Watch by TheGuyWhoWantsToCutHair

Tejas and Pranav were room mates and had become good friends by now. Over the semester, Pranav had developed a habit of drinking.
One dull weekend, Pranav came to the room quite drunk and was only half conscious. Tejas had gone to his parents' for the week and had come minutes after Pranav had settled down on his bed. Tejas barely noticed Pranav's state and asked, "Hey man, whatsup? Grown your hair too much huh?".
It was true, Pranav would usually keep it buzzed and tight, but this semester he had grown it to about 3 inches.

"Naah, just like that...was planning for a new look this time," Pranav replied, trying to keep up.

"Oh cool, perhaps I could give you a new look. That too, for free...coz I'm feeling generous after meeting my parents," suggested Tejas.

In a half conscious tone Pranav said, "Umm, maybe... if you insist."

"Cool then... I'll change and come, why don't you set up a chair in that corner by that time." Tejas explained.

While Tejas went, Pranav was feeling powerful just enough to get up and sit on the chair. Tejas returned in a black vest and grey sweatpants. "Cool, ready?..." asked Tejas as he drag Pranav and the chair into the corner. It was now that Tejas realised how drunk Pranav was.
"...oh man, how drunk are you? Perhaps I should snip off your hair some other day.

"No no, you go ahead... I'm fine ... please please please, I really need a change. Give me something funkkkkkky please..." demanded Pranav trying to sit up straight, "...I'm not drunk man. Who said I was drunk?"

"Cool then, a new style coming up right away," remarked Tejas, as he complied to Pranav's request. He put a white blanket around Pranav... a makeshift cape, and tied a knot tightly. Some back hair had to be pulled out from the cape!

Tejas got out the new clippers his Dad had gifted him this week. "Bro, you are lucky... using a new clipper on you!" exclaimed Tejas.

Pranav's dark brown hair had grown longer over the top and came slightly above his eyebrows when Tejas combed it out. He had thick hair. Straight and heavy. Fun to work with. Tejas took a #3 guard and started with the back. Not at the nape, but a bit above it, and mowed the lawn of Pranav's hair. The white blanket now started collecting bunches of dark brown hair. Tejas progressed to the sides, above the sideburns. He had left the lower hair on purpose... after he was done blending the hair with the top, he attached a #1 guard and started buzzing off his right sideburn. The stubble that formed made Tejas shiver silently. He moved closer to Pranav and pushed down his head... one hand on his top and the other clearing the hair on Pranav's nape. Strip by strip. Tejas was particularly well at blending and he could feel blood rush down between his legs to tighten things up.
When Tejas reached the left side, a huge bulge could be seen through the grey sweatpants. Of course Pranav noticed it. He was amazed at the tremendous bulge. Pranav slyly put his hand on the arm rest... trying to feel out the erection, but to no avail.
The haircut was almost done. "Adding some funk now...You Wait and Watch," declared Tejas as he picked up his pair of scissors. After he cleaned up the edges around the ear, he started to shape the nape. Pranav's hair grew in such a way that the hairline formed a natural V. Following his natural growth, Tejas marked a clean V... not with straight lines but quite curvy... one which created a deep valley to the tip of the nape. As he snipped the nape, he could feel pure pleasure. Now came the sideburns. He wanted them short. Extra short. Tejas went for the left one first and marked a boundary. The sideburns were cut extra high with a slight cross incline- at a level just above the ear. The right sideburn faced the same fate...

Pranav had no idea what was happening to his hair except that he wanted a piece of the grey bulge. Pranav leaned and put his head back just when Tejas reached out for his razor. His erection grazed Pranav's face quite a bit.

Soon Tejas had finished cleaning up the nape to reveal an organic V shaped neckline. The sideburns were butchered below the boundary he had made to expose pure soft skin. Tejas was on top of the world. What was remaining of the haircut was finishing up Pranav's top. Tejas didn't want to go too short on the top and thus used his scissors to trim the hair. He came in front of Pranav, to set his hair properly and for some finishing touches... and there it was... right in his face. Though Pranav had half closed eyes, he couldn't resist the huge bulge in front of him. His hand reached out involuntarily and stroked Tejas right where it gave him tingling.

The haircut was done, but Pranav wasn't. He pulled down the sweatpants and what ensued was an amazing blowjob, moans and smooches. The blanket had now opened and the dark brown hair was scattered over the floor.

The night was long, but the next day came quickly after. Pranav had a hangover and had only faint visuals about what happened the previous night. Tejas was still asleep. When Pranav went to brush his teeth after an hour, he was shocked to see the mirror. His sideburns were lost and he felt pathetic. He ran outside to a yawning Tejas who had just woken up.

"What the hell have you done to my hair, you jerk? What are these pointy sides?," said Pranav angrily almost attacking Tejas.
"What is wrong with you? Didnt you ask for something funky? Something new?"

"It's not funky you dumbo, it's funny..." barked Pranav, who was almost manhandling Tejas towards the chair in the corner of the room.

"You know what? Now you Wait and Watch..." said Pranav as he tied down Tejas to the chair with the rope he had bought two days back.

"Pranav what are you doing.Stop it... you asked for it didn't you?..." Tejas squeaked.
"I'll show you funky..." Pranav had already picked up Tejas's clippers that he left out last night and started stripping off Tejas's sides. There was no guard on the clipper. And no blanket. What remained was the black hair on Tejas's shoulders as Pranav held his centre strip of hair tightly. He butchered down everything except for the centre which went on till the back to form a rat tail nape.

Tejas had received a fresh Mohawk and Pranav was done with his hangover and haircut...

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