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The Work of Art by TheGuyWhoWantsToCutHair

Shane had gone to Nick's to play on the play station. They both enjoyed it quite alot.
"Hey, dude, before we start, can I use your washroom?," asked Shane to which Nick replied, "the flush in my washroom doesn't work. You could use the one in Dad's room."

Shane approached the room which belonged to Nick's step-dad. His name was Mr. Harrison, a 30 year old well built guy who adorned a mullet. Not too long... the back was just 4 inches long. The front had 2 inch long hair and the sides were shorter.

Mr. Harrison was sleeping. He must have loved his afternoon naps! He was shirtless and had comfortable pair of shorts which draped around his voluptuous ass. When Shane went to the washroom, he could see a clipper being charged, a pair of long home scissors besides a razor that was kept prepared.
Shane wondered if the step dad was going to give Nick a buzz today.

When Shane was done, he closed the washroom door, which made quite a thud sound. He thought he would have woken Mr. Harrison, but he didn't move a bit. Mr.Harrison slept on his stomach and Shane could see he was not going to wake up for another hour.

Shane softly went towards him and cupped his right buttock. It felt really amazing feeling the curves. Shane shoved the excess fabric of the shorts into Mr. Harris's crack so that he could clearly focus on the ass. His hands moved from Mr. Harrison's thighs to the curvaceous ass and up his back till his mullet. Mr. Harrison was still as a stone.

Shane didn't seem to like the mullet... all those long back hair bothered him. Seeing some rubber bands kept on the side table which belonged to Nick's mom, Shane reached out for one and silently tied off Mr. Harrison's hair in a small pony. Now he could see the nape... all hair tied together in an unstructured way. Shane was really enjoying this, but was also afraid that Nick would barge in and ruin his fun. He closed the door without a noise and got back to Mr. Harrison.
Shane had an idea. He went to the washroom and returned with the pair of scissors and the razor. He pushed away the pony in an upward direction and started to cut out Mr. Harrison's napeline. He knew, he could do anything on the canvas because his work of art would remain hidden under the mullet!
He put one scissor inside the pony near the edge and snipped away. The newly cut hair remained intact in the pony. He drew out a V shaped neckline. He was obsessed with triangular necklines. Shane had turned hard and couldn't control.

Now what remained were the shabby hair below his pony as a result of Shane's artwork. For the artwork to be complete, those hair had to go.
Shane took out the razor, but stopped in his steps. He didn't have any shaving foam, did he?
He decided he would make his own shaving cream. Anyways he wanted to finish off.
Shane looked around if anything was out of place and after reassurance, he reached out to his pants and opened up his zip. Just after a few strokes, he had squirted out a warm cream on Mr. Harrison's neck.
It felt slightly disgusting to him, but he was also extremely determined to finish his art work. He cleaned himself up and closed the zip.

Shane used his finger to spread his new cream below the V shaped lines and in no time he was able to clean up the nape. The pony was still tied, only that a new funnel shape had formed below it and the pony had a few hair which were no longer a part of Mr. Harrison.
Wiping off his neck, Shane slowly opened up the pony and removed the loose strands of hair. It was indeed quite thrilling. He made a bunch of the freshly cut hair and shoved it in his pocket for the time being. His artwork was complete... only, it to be hidden. It would remain a secret until new hair grew out around Mr. Harrison's nape.

He managed to organize the hair as they were before and kept away the cutting instruments back in the washroom. For one last time, Shane's hands reached out to grab Mr. Harrison's ass which got a nice squeeze before Shane left the room.

Shane could see Nick so engrossed in his playstation that he had not realised the long time Shane had been away. Feeling proud of his artwork Shane indulged in the play station the whole afternoon before leaving for his home in the evening.

Mr.Harrison got up when Sun was about to set and he knew he had some chores to finish. He had to prepare a pitch for his investor meeting and had to get rid of his mullet to professional enough.

Mr. Harrison freshened up in the washroom and got naked. His clippers were fully charged. He turned them on and a jurring vibration started. Using a small mirror to reflect his image in the main mirror, Mr. Harris started buzzing off the mullet. He didnt go skin tight, he just needed a trim. The mullet hair fell off in a jiffy and a new Mr. Harrison had emerged.

He quickly cleaned up and got dressed. All this while, he was thinking about his pitch and did not notice what Shane had done to him...

That night, in a cafe, Mr.Harrison met his investor. The man had looked beautiful in his fitted suit and skin tight sides and flat top.
The meeting went well, and after everything was discussed, the investor finished his coffee and exclaimed, " Mr. Harrison, this was the best pitch I've seen till date. Congratulations." Only the investor knew in his mind that the pitch was only an average one and that it was Mr. Harrison's haircut which sealed the deal for him.

Mr.Harrison was on cloud nine. When they both were done, and they stood up for a handshake, the investor leaned closer to Mr. Harrison and whispered in his ears, "Your haircut suits you really well mister..." while his right hand reached out behind Mr. Harrison's ears... the investor's hand funneled down to the tip of the nape.
"... especially your backside. It's so impeccable, it's as if it were a piece of art!", exclaimed the investor softly as he continued playing with Mr. Harrison's neckline...

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