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Punishment for the Bully by TheGuyWhoWantsToCutHair

*This narrative could be brutal for some people.*

Alec was the college football captain. But he was also a bully. He'd pick up fights with anyone, his verbal abuse had no limits. He would even beat up some of his team mates.
In one of the football matches, Jace could not pass the ball to him for a goal, and it infuriated Alec so quickly, he said, "Take those golden locks of yours, and shove them up your arse."
Jace was slightly intimidated but kept playing. Later that day, in the locker room, while Jace was changing, Alec slipped up from the back and put his hands between Alec's legs and grabbed hold of his assets.
"The next time you don't pass the ball to me, you'd be losing your balls." barked Alec.

Something needed to be done. And Jace had drafted a perfect plan. That night, Jace and Stewart, who was equally pissed off at Alec's extreme misbehaviour, hopped into Alec's room and made him unconscious. How they did it is of least importance... They shouldered Alec and dragged him towards the football field.

In the next half an hour, Alec had gained consciousness and found his hands and legs tied to the heavy goal post. His body formed an X. Alec screamed and struggled and cursed. But no one would hear him in the centre of the football field. He could only see two vague faces jogging towards him. Jace and Stewart had gone to get their instruments to teach Alec a lesson.

"He needs to shut up," Jace told Stewart who was already on his task to make Alec stop screaming. Stewart took out a sharp pair of scissors and cut away Alec's tshirt in no time. He ripped it apart from his body, and stuffed the tshirt in Alec's mouth. Alec struggled and struggled, but he couldn't do anything. Despite his physical strength, he was powerless.

Meanwhile Jace had made a big hole in Alecs pants... right in the centre, and it revealed Alec's huge cock and balls. Being a football player had served his dick well. Jace grabbed Alec's balls and gave them a rub. Alec struggled even more. "If you move, your balls are going to get crushed. Do you understand?..." Jace, declared in a dominating tone,"...You think you can bully anyone? Till date no one has spoken up,so you feel you are superior?"

Stewart had brought along heavy duty clippers. A portable one. As he turned it on, it sprung into life and vibrated vigorously. Stewart pulled Alec's top hair and made his head fall down to submission. He butchered all the hair on Alecs back with the #1 guard on the clippers. Alec tried to shake his head, in non compliance, but Jace gave his balls a tight squeeze which led to great pain for him.

Alec realised whatever he used to do was wrong... and gave in to his punishment because he couldn't bare the pain from the balls.
Jace made a horizontal slit and slightly tore open Alec's shorts to expose his buttocks. Jace had brought along an efficient vibrator which he turned on and slipped it between the two round bums. Alec's whole body rised, as he felt the stimulating vibrations...

Stewart had butchered Alec's hair by now. His pride was now on his shoulders and on the football field. Stewart picked up his scissors again and started snipping Alec's back. He made fancy lines and Alec had no clue what was happening behind.
Stewart had a drawn a dick in Alecs back hair. (Or what remained of his hair). It was a small dick with big balls. Stewart took the clippers and with no guard started shaving out his drawing on Alecs head.

Jace was done with the vibrator and had removed it. But what he did next was even more humiliating. He picked up the fresh thick brown hair fallen on the ground from one hand and from the other he separated Alec's butts and put the bunch right between them. He didnt shove them in, just kept them lightly in the ass crack...
"Take your golden locks and shove them your arse, yeah right... here take this" Jace said in a condescending tone.

Stewart was pretty quick in the buzzing off and dick drawing. He had turned Alec from a hunk with medium length brown hair to a punished nobody with funny hair. It was a sight of delight.

Alec had learnt his lesson but his punishment was not over. Jace had even got duct tape. He had plans for it they reached the hostel. Stewart went ahead and had gathered all the football team. The other members had no clue about what they were to see.Jace collected Alecs hair forced him back to the hostel. Before going in for the final show, Jace used his duct tape to hold the butts in place... separated. He cut a long piece of tape and scattered Alec's hair on it and pressed that piece from Alec waist going down his crack. From both hands, Jace pulled out the tape from his butts and his muscular ass quickly bounced back... sealing his own hair up his arse. Furthermore, Jace used the Vibrator again, but this on Alecs dick and gave him quite the sensual strokes. Alec had turned hard. Not sexually, but forcefully. His erection was quite huge and Jace easily forced it up to Alecs navel and taped it in place.

It was time, to show the football team how their captain was no longer a bully. As they entered in, all the guys were shocked to see Alec's state. But they were also internally happy about his punishment. He deserved it, didn't he? Alec was still wearing what remained of his shorts. Bit, what was the point? Everything could be seen...his dick forced, pride shattered and hair decimated. Alec would have to shave off his head to get rid of the dick... and from that day he never bullied anyone.

Yes, it's a cliche ending, but the so are the bullies.

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