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The Work of Art, returned by TheGuyWhoWantsToCutHair

This story is a continuation of the narrative: The Work of Art, but can be read on it's own too.

Mr.Harrison was on cloud nine. When they both were done, and they stood up for a handshake, the investor leaned closer to Mr. Harrison and whispered in his ears, "Your haircut suits you really well mister..." while his right hand reached out behind Mr. Harrison's ears... the investor's hand funneled down to the tip of the nape.
"... especially your backside. It's so impeccable, it's as if it were a piece of art!", exclaimed the investor softly as he continued playing with Mr. Harrison's neckline...

"Thank you so much. How about I take you to meet the artist? I'm sure you'd love to experiment on his canvas wont you?," Mr. Harrison suggested to the investor with gleaming eyes. They both looked forward to it.

In reality, that afternoon, when Shane had come to Mr. Harrison's room, Mr. Harrison was awake and had seen him use the washroom. When Shane came out and the door made a loud noise, all he did was pretended to be asleep.

As a matter of fact Mr. Harrison enjoyed everything Shane had done to him... him feeling his ass and tying his mullet into a pony, shaping his neckline... everything. He quietly let Shane make his Work of Art on his head, enjoying it thoroughly. Mr. Harrison knew he had to pay Shane back.

"Why don't you visit my house tomorrow morning? You could meet my son, and ofcourse...the person who styled my hair shall be there by afternoon!" suggested Mr. Harrison, to which the investor instantly agreed.

The next afternoon, Mr. Harrison knew Shane would come again to play with his step son Nick. He and the investor were prepared and waited at the door for Shane to arrive. When he came, he was in shock... Mr. Harrison's mullet had gone... he had a short haircut and the nape Shane has crafted was exposed. But he knew he couldn't be caught because he thought no one knew of his artwork.

"Hello Shane, how have you been? This is Mr. Jacob, my investor. I was just about to make tea for the both of us, now I'll make some for you too. Make yourself comfortable..." said Mr.Harrison as he invited Shane inside.

"Thank you Mr. Harrison. I see that you got rid of the mullet... " said Shane in a curious manner.

"Yeah, I had to attend the meeting, plus I had an overdue change in style, didn't I?" replied Mr.Harrison while he served tea in three cups. In one of the cups, there were three pills. Sleeping ones. Not high dose, but enough to make the consumer sleep for an hour.

"Here, this is for you..." said Mr Harrison, as he served tea to Mr. Jacob, "and this is for you. You can wait here. Nick told me that he will come out of the room and meet you soon."

Soon after Shane had finished his tea, he felt drowsy and dozed off on the couch itself. Nick, as usual was busy with his Playstation.

Mr. Harrison and Mr. Jacob (investor) were ready to carry out their masterpiece. Mr. Harrison went to his room and returned with a comb, the pair of clippers from last night and an brand new razor.

While the investor took the comb and started to straighten out Shane's blonde hair, Mr. Harrison had already turned on the clippers. It vibrated like no one's business and Mr. Harrison felt a sense of arousal. He attacked Shane's back and with no guard on, the clipper destroyed anything in it way. Strip by strip Mr. Harrison buzzed Shane and his 2 inch blonde hair fell on the carpet. Meanwhile, the investor had combed out a fringe on Shane's forehead. He went to Mr. Harrison's room and returned with the pair of scissors. He snipped in a horizontal direction and cut off 3/4th of Shane's fringe. He too had been turned on.

Soon, the only hair left on Shane's head was the few centimetres of length in the front that the investor had retained... everything else lied on the carpet.
"Hmmm, our artwork looks complete now. Love the accent piece," said the investor... making finishing touches to the fringe that he called an "accent".

"Oh we aren't done here sir... let's use some white paint on dear Shane's canvas!" exclaimed Mr. Harrison as he opened up his zip. He was super hard by that time and wanted to finish off. He pointed his dick towards Shane's head and easily poured some white paint while he groaned and moaned.
The investor was still not there yet. He pulled down his pants but needed work before he could pour some of his paint. Mr. Harrison finished up and approached the investor, who too had pointed his dick towards Shane's head. In not more than a few minutes, Mr. Haarrison had given the investor a hand job and the investor squeaked with pleasure. Now there was enough white paint on Shane's canvas for the artwork to be complete.

Mr.Harrison had cleaned himself up and now started spreading the paint all over Shane's buzzed head. The investor sat on the couch, feeling complete and euphoric. He reached out for Shane's shorts and stroked the bulge of his dick.

Mr. Harrison prepped his razor and started shaving. He started at the top centre and the gritty sound made him happy. Shane's skin could be seen more and more as Mr. Harrison continued. The nape and the sideburns had all gone, only a square patch remained in the front. Mr Harrison stared at it... admiring his artwork which was now complete!

After cleaning the hair and everything else, the two artists decided to leave for a drinks night. It had become dark and Shame had just woken up... on the couch. He had no idea what had happened and stood up to go to Nick's room.

When he entered, Nick stopped in his tracks and started laughing so loudly that Shane thought he had gone crazy.

But when he asked Nick why he was laughing and he was taken to the washroom in front of the mirror, he was shocked. What he saw in front of him was a return gift of the artwork he made for Mr. Harrison...

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