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Roleplay by TheGuyWhoWantsToCutHair

*This is an extension of the Narrative, " How I became a haircut fetisher"

I think another reason I got drawn towards Jace's hair that night was because of the game we used to play. It went as back as my childhood years.

We called it "Barber Barber" and was a version of the typical Indian game " doctor doctor", and essentially was roleplay at it's best.

Jace would be the customer and I would become the barber. I enjoyed it alot...all the roleplay and asking what kind of cut he wanted. I would use a real comb, my index and middle finger as scissors and a very blunt paper cutter as the razor. In childhood, it was all an enactment and no actual hair would fall down the cape!

A week after returning from our trip, Jace and I were chilling in my room. Jace was busy listening to his heavy metal music. It was so loud that I could hear it from his earphones.

I was using my phone to download a hair trimmer simulator app that people used for pranks... and that gave me an idea.

"Hey Jace, hey hey listen... remember the haircut game we used to play as kids? Wanna play? I'm super bored." I asked as I nudged him out of his music trance.

"Grow up man, are you still a kid?, " he said.

"Oh come on Jace, why can't we relive our childhood days? Come on, it'll be fun. You just visited a barbershop yesterday, not like I'm going to actually cut any hair of yours," I said in a persuasive tone.

Jace was only half listening to me as he was still lost in his own world as he said, "You know what, you do you. I don't care, just don't disturb me when I'm listening to music."

This was my perfect opportunity. I quickly stood up and got my fine comb, clippers, a spray bottle, and a big cloth for the cape. I hid the clippers and the razor so that Jace could not see it.

I let Jace sit where hel was sitting and draped the cloth around his neck. His thick black hair looked sexy with the fresh trim he got yesterday. The hair on the back were about 1/2 an inch and felt like bristles. I started playing with his top hair which were kept a bit longer and it was soooooo pleasurable to move my hand around his head. His hair still had volume and bounce. I took the spray bottle and started wetting his hair. He was a bit disturbed when the drops fell on his earphones, but he didnt pay much heed.

Using the comb, I collected a fringe from the front and pretended to cut it with my fingers. I had to. I couldn't actually cut his front hair... he would know instantly.

The hairplay went on for a bit before I moved on to his sideburns. I opened the trimmer simulator app on my phone and showed it to Jace in a way as if asking for approval. He nodded and I knew I could go on now without disturbing him.

I combed down his sideburn hair and turned on my phone trimmer. The device vibrated profusely and emanated a buzzing sound. It wasnt quite really like a clipper, but it worked. In a outward direction, I grazed my phone on his right sideburn first and then to his left one. Jace was completely unsuspecting.

I progressed to his back and that's were the climax of my game would happen. I turned off the phone app, and picked up my actual clipper. Uff, they were the real deal. I turned it on and kept it lightly on Jace's neck and waited to see if he suspected anything.

Nope. He was in his own heavy metal world and I took my chance and dragged the clipper from the tip of his V shaped neckline and in a scooping motion, made a strip of tapered hair on Jace's back. I was shivering with joy.

I continued to strip off more and more on either sides of the centre. I knew I could remove alot of hair, all they would fall in front and I would be caught red handed. The hair which got collected on the trimmer after one scoop, were slowly tossed on the piece of cloth I kept for cleaning. I made sure not to go on the sides and not let any hair fall on Jace's shoulders. It was a fetish frenzy for me.

I was able to do a good job with the taper and if anyone looked just at his back, they would think it was done by the barber Jace visited yesterday. Dusting off the hair, I made swift action on his top to pretend that I was done shearing.
But I wasnt done... I took out the razor that I hid under a pillow from the right hand and in the left I turned on the simulator app again.
Just keeping the simulator on his neck as a distraction, I used the razor to shave off his nape. His beautiful V shape had gone. And I made sure he got an extra high neckline. Now, a stark and straight nape could be seen which was higher than where Jace's earlobe ended. Everything below it got a nice shave...and Jace thought it was just clipper roleplay.

Having finished my haircut, I removed off the cape and pretended to brush off Jace's neck and tshirt.

I had to clean up everything before his songs ended, and I was very well able to do so. After some time, when Jace went to the washroom, I could hear loud curses and accusation," That barber messed up my hair... I told him to not touch my V line...I'm never going back to him" complained Jace.

But little did he know, that he was accusing the wrong barber!

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