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The Tied-Up shave by smally977

It was a Friday night, I was a freshman in college, had decent grades and all. By most girls I was cute (even though I never cared for girls), and even some guys thought so. I was 18 years old, I was slender, with some muscle build, and bore a farmers tan. My eyes were brown, and my hair was the same color. My fringe was swept across my eyebrows, and covered half my ears. I had some sideburns going down my ears.
I awoke finding myself sitting upright in a wooden chair. But something was not right bout the whole thing; I was tied to the chair! My wrists and arms were duct tapped to the arms of the chair. My legs were tapped to the front legs of the chair. Not only was my arms and legs taped to the chair, but duct tape was wrapped around my chest and stomach. I was more surprised by the fact my clothes were laying on the floor five feet from me, I could feel the tape around me and the cool air of the room.
“Hey there buddy,” a man’s voice said, I looked to my left watching the man walk infron of me. The man was muscular; he had a shaved head and no facial hair. He wore a wife beater shirt, and running shorts. At his side were clippers. I looked at the clippers, wondering what was going on.
“What am I doing here, and who the hell are you?” I said, looking at him.
“Remember buddy, we met last night?” he said. I tried racking my brain as last night came flooding in: the man was a gay guy I met online, named Larry. I looked up at him, I remember him saying he cuts hair at a barbershop.
“Oh yeah, but why did you tie me up, this isn’t funny,” I said to him
“Now be a good boy as I give you a long time needed hair cut,” he said walking to me. I struggled against my bonds, but to no avail, it was a strong hold.
“NO, please don’t,” I struggled, but he didn’t listen as he stuck duct tape over my mouth, putting five pieces over my mouth. “mhmmmm… mhmmmm.” Was all the sound I could make.
I heard the clippers hum to life, I struggled more.
“Enough Trey, or your eyebrows will go too,” I stopped struggling, as I shut my eyes shut, waiting for the worst. I liked my hair; I had short hair from the farm my parents owned. But they weren’t full buzzes. I felt cold clippers up the back of my head slowly, feeling hair hit my bare back, sending a chill up my spine. The clippers went up the back of my head continuing going slow, I opened my eyes, feeling tears forming. He went to my left side, going over my ears, as hair hit my shoulders; he went up my sideburn as I hear the clippers by my ear. He went to my right, going around my ears and up my sideburns. I heart was beating rapidly in my chest; I was scared but was surprised my penis was full erect! The clippers were turned off, as I said “thank you” to myself in my head. He looked down at me, noticing my erection. “Someone is enjoying their haircut,” he said, kissing my check. I looked up at him as he took the clippers and turned them on again. I noticed he put them in the middle of my head as he ran them down my head. My hair slid down my face making me feel itchy and cold. Noticing I felt cool on my scalp. He continued going over my scalp, as he finished I felt cool air on my scalp. It made me shiver as he went over my head. He then turned them off as I sat there near bald. My erection stood tall. I felt something warm slide over my head, and spread through my head. As I felt a razor glide across my head. It felt weird as I glide across my head. Going all over my head. As he finishes I felt a towel wiping off my head. He then took off the tape over my mouth as I groaned from the pain. Before I could speak he removed the tape off my body as searing pain came over me from the contact of the tape and my skin. He pulled out a hand mirror showing me my reflection. I gasped as I saw myself, I didn’t recognize myself. My mouth was open.
“I… I look different,” was all I could say. I put my hand on my head, as I felt the smooth skin of my scalp.
“Looks sexy huh buddy,” Larry said putting an arm around my bare shoulders, smiling at me. He kissed my lips. “You look a lot better.” He was right I did look better. So did my friends when I came back to my dorm that afternoon.

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