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Time for a Change by Shant

I had grown up in northern Montana and had just graduated from college. My parents decided to move back to the east coast where our family lived. Being an only child and having no other family in Montana if my parents left, and not being in a serious relationship, made it easy for me to decide it was also the perfect time for me to make a big change as well. I mean, why did I have to stay in Montana? Why not try something different? I was sick of the cold weather and all the snow we had every year. Winter lasted forever. I was ready to make a lot of changes and the idea of the ocean, the beach and warm weather for most of the year resulted in my moving to Key West.

I had gotten my degree in landscape architecture and had no problem getting a job when I arrived in Key West. I loved how different everything was there. The place was so laid back and had an entirely different vibe to it than Montana did. I knew I had made the right decision to move and I was really looking forward to what was ahead.

I quickly discovered that it was going to be really hot working outside during the summer months and decided that maybe I would try something different and get my hair cut short. I had thick dark brown hair that covered my ears and hung below my collar. The top which was almost 6 inches long had a slight wave to it and I just brushed it all back and let it fall wherever it did. I had worn my hair like this for probably six years or more. I also had a closely trimmed beard that I had worn for over three years.

I had a couple of weeks before my job began and I spent my time moving into an apartment and getting settled and learning my way about the town. As it got closer and closer to my job starting, the more I thought about cutting my hair. Everything in my life was going to be different so why not change the way I looked too? I knew that the beard definitely had to go, but wasn’t entirely sure about what type of haircut to get.

Key West isn’t all that large. I walked around and checked out the barbershops that were there. I found this one shop that reminded me of an old time barbershop. There was only one barber, a guy about 30 who wore a really short haircut. The sides were almost stripped bare and the top was less than an inch long. He obviously spent a lot of time at the gym because he had huge biceps. The thought of him taking the clippers to me made me excited and scared at the same time. There was a sign in the window that said the barber specialized in flattops. The thought of getting a flattop was something I had never even considered. Did I really want to cut all my hair off? Did I really have the nerve to do it? I had worn my hair long for as long as I could remember and really couldn’t remember the last time I had it short. I probably had a buzzcut in junior high, but wanted something more distinctive now. The more I thought about cutting my hair, the more excited I got.

I walked by the barbershop several times and eventually one day the barber caught my eye as I was passing by. A smile appeared on his face and I could tell from the look in his eyes that he had noticed me before and I could also tell from his expression that my hair had caught his attention and knew that he would just love to get me in his chair and cut it short. The idea of doing that made me even more nervous and yet, even more excited at the same time. I told myself that before my job started, I was definitely going to get up my nerve and go into his shop and see what would happen.

The day came when I decided it was time to get rid of the beard and change the hairstyle. I walked towards his shop hoping that no one would be there. I was in luck, the barber was standing outside his shop smoking a cigarette. Our eyes connected and he said hello and asked if I was new to Key West. I told him about my moving from Montana and that I would be starting a new job next week and with it being so much hotter here, that I was thinking maybe it would be a good time to cut my hair shorter than it now was.

As soon as I said that I saw a smile appear on the barber’s face. I was right. He really did want to cut my hair. He said to me, "I think changing your look entirely would be a lot of fun. Why not try something new? Seeing that you don’t know anyone here yet, it’s the perfect time to change the way your hair looks, if that’s what you really want to do."

"It amazes me how so many guys just wear their hair cut exactly the same way year after year even if they have great hair. I think if you have a good head of hair you should be constantly changing the way you have it cut, show it off, and let people see what great hair you have. If a guy has a thick head of hair like yours it will look good however he cuts it. You definitely have a great head of hair and with the heat here, I think you’ll be glad once you cut it short. How are you thinking of having it cut?"

"I’m not really sure but I do know that the beard definitely has to go. How about if I have you shave it off and then we’ll figure out what to do with the hair? I’ve had the beard for about three years and it will be a rush to see my face clean shaven. I can barely remember how I looked without it."

"Sounds great. Come on in and we’ll get started on your makeover. My name is Todd by the way," he said as he opened the door to the shop.

I entered the shop and as I sat in the chair I told him that my name was Justin. Todd caped me up and told me how much he was going to enjoy doing my makeover. He said it was not often that he had the chance to cut hair as nice as mine and that he really enjoyed seeing how much different a person could look with just a new hairstyle. Eliminating the beard was an added bonus. He then tilted back the chair and took the clippers and buzzed my beard off in a matter of minutes. He then took a straight razor and gave me a close shave. I was not facing the mirror while he did this and when he finished, he spun me around and I saw myself without my beard for the first time in over three years. I really liked the way it looked, which stoked me even more to cut my hair short.

"Now what are we going to do about this hair?" Todd asked as he took a wide toothed comb and started running it through my hair. As he ran the comb through my hair he used his other hand to pat it into place. I could tell that he was really enjoying this and I was too. I had always been too shy, even to myself, to admit how much I liked having someone brush my hair. I was excited, aroused and afraid all at the same time.

I told him that I really wasn’t 100% sure yet, but that I had been building up my nerve to try something really different and cut my hair really short. I told him that I had not had short hair in such a long time that I really couldn’t remember how it had looked and I wasn’t sure what kind of haircut to get. I asked him if he had any suggestions? Todd said to me, "I agree that it’s the perfect time to entirely change how you look. If you’re really sure about wanting to make a dramatic change and you want to go short, I would love to give you a flattop. Have you ever worn one?"

"I’ve thought about it a couple of times but have never had the nerve to get one. I always wondered if a flattop would look good on me and I was afraid I would regret doing it, so I always chickened out. I would see guys every now and then that had fantastic flattops and thought how great they looked and wondered if a flattop would look that good on me. Actually, it was your sign in the window that says you specialize in flattops that got me thinking about changing my appearance. Do you think I could wear a flattop? I’d like to go for it, but to be honest, I’m a little afraid that it might not look good on me."

"You don’t have to worry about that. You have the perfect hair for a flattop. It’s so thick and has such great texture and body that I’m sure it will stand up without any effort at all. I doubt there are many guys that can wear a better flattop than you. I think it would look really great and would show off your hair better than any other short haircut. How about letting me take a picture of you before and after the haircut? I think it would be really fun to see how different you look in the before and after shots."

"I’d like to give you a square, boxy flattop, squaring up the sides and the back and leaving a thick pile on top about an inch long. I’d suggest a longer flattop the first time. I can always cut it shorter if you decide you want to do that. I think that you’ll really like it once you cut it, especially with how hot it gets here during the summer and with your hair being so thick. Shall we go for it?"

"You’ve talked me into it! Give me your best flattop!"

Todd turned the chair so that I could face the mirror. "I think you’re really going to enjoy watching all this hair come off. I know that I’m certainly going to have a great time cutting it. I like cutting flattops more than any other haircut and it’s rare that I get to cut hair as nice as yours and cut it into a flattop, espically when it is as long as yours. I’m definitely going to have some fun." Todd closed the blinds on the windows and door, locked the door and flipped over the sign which said that the shop was now closed. "It’s great that you came in at the end of the day. Now we can take all the time in the world without anyone else around and create your new look."

Todd brushed all of Justin’s hair straight back, making it stand as tall as it could. The kid really had a fantastic head of hair! He put a #2 guard on the clippers and approached Justin’s left sideburn. "When was the last time you had clippers used on your hair?" he asked. "Oh my God, it’s been probably 10 years or more. I honestly can’t remember the last time they were used on me. This is going to be a real rush! I hope my ears don’t stick out! I hope I don’t regret it!"

"You don’t need to worry. Your hair is going to look fantastic. Because I’m going to have so much fun doing this, the shave and haircut are on the house. Call it my welcoming gift to you for moving to Key West. Hopefully you’ll like the haircut and become a regular customer. Are you ready for the big change? No turning back once I start!"

Todd ran the clippers up Justin’s sideburn to about one and a half inches above the ear and then turned them out leaving the remainder of the sides long enough so he could square them off and blend them into the back. He continued running the clippers up the sides and the back with only the top untouched. Justin’s hair had such body that the remaining hair on the sides stood out perfectly and Todd knew that it was going to be easy to square it out. Tons of hair was coming off! It was going to be a fantastic flattop! After the initial shock of seeing the first clump of hair come off, Justin lost his fear and really got into watching all his hair falling onto the cape.

After Todd had finished squaring up the back and the sides he took a brush and started working on all the long hair that was still on top. Todd measured it and the front was just a little over 6 inches long. Justin’s hair was so thick and it felt so soft. Todd hoped that Justin would end up liking the haircut and become a regular customer. He would love to look forward to cut hair this great for a long time to come.

Taking his wide toothed comb he lifted up Justin’s forelock and with one swipe of the clippers sliced off almost 5 inches of thick, beautiful hair, leaving about 1 inch in front. He then lifted up the next section and continued cutting, working his way back to the crown, reducing the length to about half an inch at the back. When he finished, he dampened Justin’s hair and then used a little gel and used his blowdryer, brushing his hair into place. He spent a great deal of time doing this because he was enjoying himself so much and he also wanted Justin’s hair to look perfect. He could tell by the look on Justin’s face that he was really enjoying this and was liking the way the haircut was looking.

"So what do you think? I’ve given you a longer version of my normal flattop. That way, if you don’t like it, it will only take about four weeks for it to be long enough so that you can start brushing it back. I think it looks great the way it looks now and I hope you do too!"

"I love it!" Justin said. "I’m so glad I finally got up the nerve to do this. You know, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if you’re willing to cut it shorter, I would like to go for it and see how it looks. I really like the way it looks right now, but why not go even shorter, shorter than I have ever had it cut? There’s nothing to stop me and why not make the change even more dramatic? I’m ready for it. I can always grow my hair out to this pretty boy flattop look in almost no time. Let’s go for it and really cut it short. I was thinking something more like a military flattop, some skin showing on the sides and back and then taking the top down more. What do you think? Would you like to cut it some more? I’m really pumped for you to do it!"

"Oh yeah man, this is really going to be hot! How about if I give you a landing strip on top, taking it right down to the scalp? It’s a really macho haircut and it takes a special kind of man to wear it that short, but you can definitely pull it off. You will certainly make a distinct first impression when you meet someone. Again, if you decide it’s too short, it will only take a few weeks to grow it out long enough for it to be the way it is now. Is that what you want me to do?"

"Go for it! Make me look like I’m in the military! I’m really excited about the dramatic change it will be." Todd wasted no time in taking the guard off his clippers and ran them up the sides of Justin’s head, totally removing all his remaining hair. He then started at the back of Justin’s head and buzzed it right up to the crown. As Justin felt the clippers pressing against the top of his head, moving forward and taking off almost all the remaining hair on top, he couldn’t believe he was really doing this. All his life he had secretly wanted to get a flattop and here he was actually doing it! As the clippers approached what hair was left in front, Austin couldn’t believe he had actually gotten himself shoed, something he had never dared to even consider, but he was really into it. Todd continued working on the front and more than half of the original flattop was taken off, leaving his hair about half an inch long.

Todd dampened Justin’s hair again, added a little gel and then used the blowdryer to brush it perfectly into place. Even with it being as short as it now was, it still formed a perfect boxy flattop. He really looked hot! Todd removed the cape and then took several more pictures of the finished haircut from different angles. It was amazing to see how Justin had looked when he first walked in just a little over an hour ago and how he looked now. You would not have realized that he was the same person. Talk about a dramatic change over! He was so much more masculine looking with the short haircut and no beard.

"So what do you think now? Is it too short?" Todd asked.

"I love it!" said Justin. "It’s unbelievable how different I look. I barely recognize myself. You were the perfect guy to cut my hair for me. You have a new customer for as long as I live in Key West and I don’t plan on going anywhere for a long time. How about if we go out and have a few beers to celebrate my new look and my making my first friend here?" Justin asked.

"Sure that would be great. Let’s celebrate your new look and hopefully the start of a new friendship. We’ll have some fun times when we cut your hair and I hope that you’ll change your look often. You have such great hair that it will be a pleasure to cut it in all different ways. Seeing how great you look with it cut ultra short should cause you not to worry about whatever length we cut it. It’s always going to end up looking good. Now, let’s go get those beers!"

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