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Unexpected quarantine haircut – Part 4 by Tzara

Note: This is a fictional story and the fourth part of the Unexpected quarantine haircut series, so if you have not read the previous three parts, I strongly suggest you do so.

After the moment I got embarrassed in front of the whole class when my professor made me show my new shaved horseshoe flattop to the class while I was having a presentation, my opinion on my new haircut rapidly changed. Since Lucas sent me the first message after the total embarrassment, we have started to chat a lot more and getting know each other. We have spent countless hours just chatting on the phone about various topics, but the most interesting one was definitely about haircuts. As I mentioned, Lucas has healthy-looking and very light surfers hair that he always takes care of to make them look as good as possible. From what I have observed from all the texts, he has a very similar opinion on short haircuts, maybe that was one of the reasons he messaged me.

We both enjoy seeing someone with a very short or military haircut and loving the idea of having one too, but never confident enough to visit a barbershop and ask for a change in form of a military cut. The reason for him having that heathy and longer hair than usual is because he had to wear zero buzzcuts all the time when he was a kid. His father is a police officer so he wanted his son to be disciplined and maybe become a police officer like his dad. When he turned 18 he had the right to chose any haircut he wanted because he wasn’t living with his parent anymore. Wearing a completely buzzed head his whole childhood made him finally grow some hair and enjoy the feeling he couldn’t experience. Now when he got even older, he started to slowly explore back his love of very short hair like his father. We have both agreed that the flattop is probably the best-looking military haircut so far which was our shared interest.

I was looking forward to finally meet him in person because from all the chats he seemed like a very cool guy with a completely different personality than I thought. I have always thought that he is one of the tough guys who only care about his muscles, dating girls, and all the other stuff. Not only that I was excited to finally meet him in person, but also I was getting very nervous each day closer to the day we were supposed to meet more and more. The day before we were supposed to meet I went to bed early than I usually do so I can wake up early and do some cleaning before he comes so he doesn’t think I’m untidy and messy. Before I went to sleep he messaged me that he is very excited to meet me tomorrow and asked me if he should bring some beer and food. I fell asleep with excitement and a little bit of nervousness on my mind.

The next day I woke up around 10 am and got immediately into cleaning the whole house and making everything perfect. Sides, back, and the landing strip of my horseshoe flattop got a little longer and it didn’t look that neat as I got it for the first but I didn’t have enough time to call my neighbor and make her come to my house and give me a fresh cut. The hour when he was supposed to come finally came and I was just waiting for him to knock on the door. Something about ten minutes past two, someone knocked on the door and it was him standing in the door holding a pack of beers and a large pizza box. We both got inside and had some beers and pretty good pizza that he brought. We were having such a good time and met each other even more. During the time we were having fun I received a call from my mom because she needed me to help her with something over the phone when suddenly someone rang the doorbell. I had no idea who could it be, but Lucas offered that he is going to answer the door since I’m busy on the phone. When I got to the kitchen to ask Lucas who was it, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I saw Lucas standing there and smiling while talking to the neighbor who cut my hair into the shaved horseshoe last week. She already prepared a bedsheet and bar stool in the middle of the kitchen and got the clippers, shaving cream, and razor ready on the table. "There you are! Shirt down and get in the chair sweetheart, let’s get your horseshoe flattop cleaned up to make it look fresh", she said once she saw me standing there. I started to feel very nervous because I knew Lucas is going to see the whole process of me getting my shaved horseshoe flattop freshened up. I slowly took off my shirt and slowly sit in the chair while feeling very embarrassed that he is going to see me get the haircut. Once I sit, she immediately caped me and pushed my head down. I could feel like I’m turning red from the embarrassment while he was looking at me being caped with my head down. She immediately turned on those big clippers and started to buzz everything like before with no guard on. It was a lot quicker than the last time because there was not much hair to cut since I got my last haircut a week ago. After she finished with the clippers, she applied a shaving cream around all my head except the horseshoe and shaved it twice. Lucas didn’t say even a word while I was getting my haircut about how focused he was watching.

After the cut, I got up and went straight to the bathroom to wash my head to wash off any remaining tiny hair from to cut. When I came back to the kitchen I thought I’m dreaming. Lucas was sitting in the chair caped with his head down almost not even breathing looking like a little sheep being shorn. I could see her removing a huge bulk of hair from his head with those huge clippers with no guard on. She was working very fast like in the military barbershop. She was doing the same like to my hair, giving him the horseshoe flattop too. Lucas was sitting in the chair caped like a good boy the whole time holding his head still while she was removing almost every hair off. Once she finished giving him the horseshoe flattop with clippers, she picked up a can of shaving cream and applied it on the buzzed landing strip and back and sides. He also got his head shaved twice like I did to make sure his haircut is as clean as possible. When she finished with the shaving she released him from the cape and he immediately ran his hand through his completely shaved neck. I could see happiness in his eyes once he felt the shaved skin for the first time.

We were both standing there shirtless with freshly shave horseshoe flattops still processing what happened when the neighbor came to us and rubbed the back of our heads and said, "Now you both look nice and clean with a proper haircut, see you next week boys!" and left with a smile on her face. It took me a while to process what just happened because I felt like I’m dreaming and it wasn’t real. Lucas came here with pretty long surfers hair, and now I could see him sweeping the floor to clean up all the fallen hair from his head, wearing shaved horseshoe flattop. He kept rubbing his shaved sides and landing strip during the whole time because he didn’t feel the shaved sides for such a long time, plus it was a huge change for him to switch from long hair into an extremely short military haircut. When we finished cleaning the kitchen after the haircut we have decided to get back to the talk and have some beers.

While we got back to what we were doing before the neighbor came to give us fresh haircuts, I couldn’t stop looking at his new haircut and him enjoying the huge change. He was smiling the whole time and rubbing his haircut while we were speaking. It got dark pretty fast as we had a lot of things to talk about so I offered him to stay overnight so he won’t have to drive in the dark. He accepted my offer with a smile on his face because we could continue in our conversation. Later that night, we have decided to watch a movie before going to sleep so I grabbed some blankets and made popcorn for us to fully enjoy the movie. I was feeling very tired while watching the movie so my eyes were slowly closing each minute. After approximately an hour and a half, I woke up lying on his chest while he was slowly rubbing the back of my shaved horseshoe…

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