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Ken's House by InnocentKink

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Ken, a man who lives across the street from me, had asked me if I would like to come and swim in his pool with him later this afternoon. I saw him at the mailboxes and had commented on the summer heat when he asked if I would like to beat the heat with him. How could I say no? It was forecast to be over 100 degrees outside, I had no plans for the day, and it seemed like a great opportunity to get to know my neighbor better.

Ken has always been one of the most impeccably snazzy dressers I’ve ever seen. Although he was in his mid-fifties, and retired early, I had never seen one bit of him unkempt. His typical outfit included a crisp polo or tropical print shirt, pleated golf shorts, and clean tennis shoes, topped off with a baseball cap to shield himself from the Arizona sun. I’ve always looked up to him for this and wished to imitate the look, although he was a stocky ex-college football player with a tan from constantly being active, while I was a skinny, pasty skinned computer dork.

When I rang the doorbell, Ken promptly answered and was quite surprised to see him shirtless, and without head cover! What caught my eye first were the tattoos on his arms, including a tribal band, an eagle, and a sun devil! I was also quite surprised to see that his almost entirely gray hair was neatly kept in a short crewcut! Who knew conservative Ken from across the street was a tattoo guy with surprisingly close-cropped hair?

We immediately got into the pool to swim some laps and wade under an umbrella to beat the heat. As we got to chatting in the sunlight I realized he had a tattoo on his chest hidden underneath a tuft of chest hair as well. I couldn’t stop staring at his crewcut, it was so short that all the hairs stood straight up, even when soaking wet. I wished I had the courage to ask him if I could touch it.

I commented that I thought his crewcut was cool, and with this unbearable summer heat, I should get one. He mentioned that he had clippers and a cape inside, and he’d be happy to give me a summer buzzcut, in fact, he was overdue for one himself and asked if I could sharpen him up, we’d be doing each other a favor. I said that I thought his hair was already in a short buzzcut, and he corrected me by saying his hair is probably #5 length at the moment, downright shaggy by his standards, and that he preferred to keep it at #2 length most times, and may get a #1 to help cope with the extreme heat. Of course, I have no idea what these numbers mean, but I have an opportunity to get closer to one of the most attractive men I’ve ever seen, and even transform myself to be a little more like him.

Ken went inside to retrieve the cape and clippers while I was instructed dry myself off some and sit in a lawn chair where I would receive my proper haircut. When Ken returned, he quickly caped me up and I panicked as soon as I heard the hum of the clippers. I asked him how long it might take for my hair to grow back into its longer gentleman’s cut form. His response was "from a proper buzzcut length, you’ll be able to comb it within a month or two, but you’ll want to keep the buzzcut crisp with weekly cuts". I was really nervous and said I wasn’t sure that I wanted a buzzcut. He said "I don’t want to talk you into anything, but your eyes lit way up when I mentioned giving you one, I can give you a longer buzzcut and try different attachments as we go, does that sound like a plan?". I sat, full of fear and trepidation, debating what my fate may be.

"No, Ken" I managed to stutter, "If I’m going to do this, I want to do it properly, please give me a buzzcut like you’re going to get!"

"Are you sure about this?" Ken jokingly asks as he holds the clippers up to my forehead. "No turning back?", "I have to warn you, I’ll have to send you home with one of my sunhats so you don’t burn your scalp!" I start to feel the clippers mow through my hair as my transformation begins and I contemplate what I got myself into.

Ken pressed the clippers into the front of my scalp, mowing down all of my hair. He made quick work of my head, reducing it to stubble, a mere shadow of hair left! I could definitely feel the sun and air on my nearly bare scalp. I couldn’t believe that not only did I have the guts to let Ken buzz my hair off, but how quickly it was done.

"Now, you buzz mine" proclaimed Ken. I said that I wasn’t sure I knew what I was doing. Ken says "The clippers do most of the work, just keep going over it until the hair is gone". Ken got in the patio chair and was ready for his buzzcut!

"Don’t worry about caping me" he says. I click on the clippers and begin buzzing his hair off. I’m really enjoying pressing the clipper blades into his scalp and seeing how immediately what little hair he started with started to fall. In no time Ken was left with nothing but stubble across his head, and it looked really cool! I couldn’t believe I had the same shadow of stubble on my own noggin.

Once we were buzzed practically bald, Ken insisted that we return to the pool for a while to rinse off what loose trimmings there might be. While we were swimming, we also chatted about our families, and I discovered Ken’s son is a tattoo artist. He completed his tribal arm band, and sun devil logo tattoos, while his other markings were from when he was my age, and in the military.

"My son will be coming to visit in the fall and would be happy to ink you, if you’re so inclined" said Ken. "In fact, a tribal band similar to mine would be a becomming look for you, and would definitely match the new haircut!" I told him that I’d only been buzzed less than an hour, and I’d have to think about it, but in the moment I totally wanted a tribal band! Ken said that he understood, in fact, he’s had a tribal design picked out for his upper back for at least three years, that he’s yet to have the guts to fulfill, and he knows his wife isn’t a fan of his existing tattoos, and will be less than enthused with a husband with a large one across his back!

All the swimming, haircutting, and talk of future transformation had worn me out. I told Ken that I was heading home. He thanked me for keeping him company throughout the afternoon, and offered to send me home with a souvenir.

Ken went into his house to grab who knows what. What could it be? "Brut", Ken proclaimed, as he emerged with a bottle of aftershave. "This is a classic, manly scent, one of my favorites, and perfect for you." I sat down as he dumped a handful on my head and rubbed it in. He took a second handful and rubbed it into my face, neck, shoulders and chest. "This will leave you smelling pretty for a couple days," he said.

I gathered my things and prepared to head home. I was elated at the amazing afternoon I had the privilege of spending with Ken. I was also nervous to look in the mirror to see what I looked like. The buzz sure looked cool on Ken, but I was worried that the look would not suit me as well.

When I looked in the mirror, sure enough, I had the same head of faint stubble as Ken, but mine certainly looked less manly. Overall, I’m glad that I had the amazing afternoon that I did, but I also wish that I hadn’t had my hair buzzed. I looked hideous, perhaps I should’ve followed Ken’s advice and gone with a much longer attachment?

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