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Mario my best friend. by Chovanec

Today I remember with a smile the year 1977, when I was 14 years old with my best friend Mário. Like most boys our age, we had our hair covered ears and a shirt collar, the bangs covered our eyes but often the hair was much longer. Mario and his younger brother visited one of the modern barbershops about once every 6 weeks, 4-5 times a year.
We enjoyed the last days of the holidays and the wonderful sunny weather by the lake .. One morning Mario arrived a little earlier than the other days when we went to the lake. He told me that he would come a little later today, because he had to go and get a haircut with his brother before the school started. So I will go with you, my father also told me to get a haircut and he left me money for a modern barber.
We both cycled to Mario's home for a younger brother who was 10 years old. Mario told his father that I would go to the barber with them. My father agreed and told us to get in the car. We came before an unknown barber shop, which seemed quite ancient from the outside. The boys were also surprised because Mario asked where they were going. Their father replied that to the barber and this barber shop is cheaper than the one they go to.
When we opened the door, a doorbell rang above the door. The barber shop really looked old-fashioned and even the barber was old slender with gray short hair. It had only one barber chair and 7 waiting chairs, which were occupied by old men, so we all stood in the corner of the room next to the coat rack.
Maria's father asked the barber about how long it would take for us to come to us. The barber replied that about 45 minutes. His father asked him if he could go and arrange other things for the city in that time. The barber agreed. Then the father remarked that his sons needed a haircut before school started. The barber looked at us and nodded.
When the barber told the boy who would be first, Mario and his brother started arguing about who would be the first to get a haircut. The barber called another again. I finally sat down in the barber's chair. The barber wrapped me in a tarp and lifted me to the required position with the lever on the chair. He moistened my hair and started combing it. I was still waiting for the traditional question, so how do we cut it today? But the barber was still silent. The barber put his left hand on my head and tilted it to the right. When he put electric scissors under my hair on the left side, my neck tightened and I couldn't say a word. He ran the scissors to the left side of my head and, with the movement of his hand, unfolded the cut hair and put it back on my head and repeated the movement. I've already seen my white skin in the mirror. The barber proceeded to cut and spun with my head as needed until he reached my right side of the head. He later replaced the scissors and used the comb to remove my hair from the top of my head. I would like to start crying, but I was ashamed of Mario and his brother. The barber applied white cream over my ears and neck, which he scraped with razor. He sprayed liquid on my head that reminded me of an ancient barber shop and combed short hair about 1/2 inch long on the top of my head. My haircut didn't take even 10 minutes, but it felt like I was in a chair for half a day. In the mirror was a boy with protruding ears with short hair on the top of his head and white skin on its sides. When the barber freed me from the sail, I jumped out of the barber's chair and went to Mario. My place in the chair was replaced by his brother. Mario began to ask me why I was cut like this. I explained to him that the barber had not asked me anything, took the scissors and began to cut. When I could say something, I already had the right side of my head trimmed. Mario suddenly paled and opened his mouth in surprise. I also looked towards the barber. The brother's head was tilted forward and without hair on the back. That was the first time I grabbed the back of my head and started looking for hair. I could only feel the stubble.
We all had three equally short hairstyles and were waiting for their father. Upon his arrival, he apologized to the barber, praised him for our hairstyles and paid for our haircut. He promised the boys in the car that he would not force them to go to the barber by Christmas.
My parents were surprised by my new short haircut because they knew how much I loved my long hair. When I told them all in detail, my father smiled and said that I didn't have to get a haircut until Christmas either.
The question for me remained how long it will take for my hair to grow to 6 -7 inches.

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