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Ray is in the Chair by Paul Haberman

After about 20 minutes of driving, they finally arrived at where the barbershop used to be. The barbershop was now acute little salon. "Should we try this place, or we should we just Taylor cut it for you at her shop" asked JD.With out thinking about it, he nodded "yes".

Ray heart beating faster and faster, as JD parked the truck. Ray wasn’t sure if this was the place he wanted to loss his remaining locks at. Ray knew if they kept looking for the perfect place, his brother would only continue to complain about the wear and tear being put on his truck. At this point, Ray knew it was too late to back out.

As Ray and JD walked up to the small salon, Ray started thinking that everything would be alright. Megan and Samantha decide to wait in the truck, so it was going to be two guy alone in a salon full of woman. When the door opened they heard a "ding" noise. A young woman began walking in their direction. When the woman in mid 20’s got behind the reception’s desk, she said "what can I do for you today?"

With out hast, JD said "my brother needs a haircut". The woman quickly noticed the clear age gap, and said "you look more like father and son". With out even thinking about it, Ray said "do you take walk ins?". The lady smiled and nodded. "Yes, we take walk-ins. If you’ll just sit in the waiting area for a moment, I’ll let you know when someone is available, okay?"

Once the woman said that, JD said "perfect, thank you". As they walked to the waiting room chairs, the young woman said "I’m April, by the way". JD made eye to eye contact with April, and then said "I’m Jonathan". The woman smiled, and then said "that is good strong biblical name". After she said that, she walked towards the back of the salon.

When JD joined his brother, who was already sitting down, in the waiting area, Ray said "since when do you go up, Jonathan". JD gave Ray a dirty look, and then said "Jonathan is my given name". In an effort to change the subject, JD said "do you what kind of style I you want to get". Ray slapped his brother on the shoulder, and then said "yes".

Before JD could find out what style of haircut Ray was thinking of getting, April, the receptionist, walked over to where they where sitting. She flashed at a smile at Ray, and then said "I get your name earlier, sweetie". With out hast, Ray said "Raymond". Once Ray told her his name, she said " We’re all ready for you in back, Raymond".

Ray stood up slowly, and then followed April to a chair near the back of the salon. As he sat down in the chair, he realized his was the same style and design as JD had in the barn. April stood behind the chair, she said "Amanda will be cutting your hair, today". As April began to walk away, Ray saw another another young woman.

When Amanda approached the chair, Raymound saw her soft smile. She was in no way intimidating. Which was a huge relief to Ray. Amanda touched Ray’s shoulders, and then said "I’m Amanda". She took a brief pause, and then said "how are you doing, today". Ray laughted, and then he said "you don’t want to know". With out even thinking about it, Amanda said "hopefully, this experience will improve the rest of your day".

There where a few moments of silence, and Amanda said "alrighty then, let’s go over to the sink to get your hair washed". With out hast, get got out of the stylist’s chair. He followed her back to the wash area, as he sat down in the chair, he said "I’m a little nervous". As she draping a towel around his neck, she said "first time in a salon".

With out even thinking about it, Ray said "normally, my mom cuts my hair". Amanda helped him lean his head back into the bowl of the sink, and then said "are you f***ing with me". She moved around to the other side of the sink, and then said "you don’t look mom’s boys". As Amanda turning on the water, Ray said "no, I’m not f***ing with you".

Ray’s hair was getting rinsed with lukewarm water, when he said "3 hours ago, my hair was much longer. My lovely brother decided that I need to loss my man bun, so he cornered me his barn". With out even thinking about it, she said "I guess he did both of us a favor". She took a brief pause, and then said "temperature good, Raymond".

He simply nodded, and then she said "did mommy wash your hair, when she cut it". She pumped some shampoo into her hand, when Ray said "no, she just trimmed my spilt ends". As she used her fingers to massage his scalp, she said "you need a much better haircut story". Ray closed his eyes, and then said "I’m hoping I’m building a better story with you". She continued massage in it, and then she said "how old are you".

As Amanda began rinsing the soap out of Ray hair, he said "I turned 16 years old last Wednesday". She put conditioner in his hair, and then said "my sister just turned 16, too". She used the towel around Ray’s neck to wring the excess water out of his hair. Before Ray got up, Amanda said "she just got her first job".

When Ray got to his feet, he said "my brother promised me a job at his tire shop, if I got an appropriate haircut". Immediately after he said that, Amanda and Ray returned to the stylist’s chair. On their way back to the chair, Amanda took a good at JD. Once Ray was sitting in leather padded chair, Amanda said "your brother is Jonathan "JD" Edwards, right".

She tried to calm herself, as she wrapped a strip of paper around his neck. As she shook the nylon cape out, Ray said "yes". The cape was throw over Ray’s body, as she said "he ripped me off on some used tires". When Ray heard that, his anxiety went through the roof. Amanda grabbed a black comb and started to untangle Ray’s wet hair.

Once his hair was reasonable untangled, she said "are you going to rip off single moms, if you go to work for your brother". After she asked that, she began sectioning off the top hairs on Ray’s head. As she began sectioning it off, Ray said "no". At this point, Ray was petrified. Once she had his hair sectioned off, she grapped her clippers. As she started making passes on the right side Ray’s head. After she made a few passes, she said "o s**t, I never asked you how you wanted it". She took a brief pause, and then said "i just keep thinking about how he ripped me off on those tires".

With out hast, Ray said "I completely understand. I’m sure what ever cut you do will look amazing". Once Ray said that, Amanda put the clippers down, and said "I’m going to call my sister, she needs to met a good guy like you". As Amanda was waiting for his sister to answer her cellphone, Amanda said "do you already have a girlfriend?".

Ray smiled, and then shook his head "no". When Amanda sister didn’t answer, Amanda put her phone down. She turned the clippers back on, and then she quickly began working on his sides and back. After about 5 minutes of clipping, she placed a guard on them. She put on a number 1 guard. When she got back to work on Ray’s head, she said "your sides and back will be a 000 tapered to a 1".

He didn’t want to go that short on sides and back, but he knew nothing could be done about it. He could feel the hair raining down on the cape, which made him feel more upset. It was hard for him to believe this was really happening.

Ray just wanted to scream, as he felt like the sound of loud buzzing was getting more intense. He got more upset with each pass of the clippers. After what seemed like an eternity, Amanda finally turned them off, and picked up her blow dryer. She blew off the little hairs off the cape, and then said "what are thinking for lenght wise on the top".

Amanda took the clips out of the top section of Ray’s hair, as she said that Ray’s hair fell over his face. At this point, Ray didn’t even care anymore. He knew he had to say something, so he said "use your best judgement". As she combed through his wet locks, she said "I like flat tops and buzz cuts on my men". She combed thought his hair a few times, waiting for him to answer her. When she didn’t get an answer, she combing it straight back.

She began cutting off bits of the length with her scissors. As she briskly combed the hair upwards to try to create layered the ends, she could tell that Ray had shut down. Before she tired to do more shaping and blending, she spun the chair. She spun it, so that Ray wasn’t facing the mirror. She trimmed about an inch off his fringe, so it didn’t hang below his eyebrows.

Once Amanda finished his fringe, she said "do you want to see your new look". With out even thinking about it, Ray said "not really". After Amanda removed the cape from his neck, he got out of her chair, and walked towards the door. When JD saw Ray walking out, he said "how much do I owe you". Just as April was about to tell JD the total, Amanda said "I dropped the ball on his cut. Don’t worry about it

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