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Brother's teacher. by Chovanec

We grew up in the 70's. We had a nice childhood, even though we had strict discipline. I had 4 brothers and I was the oldest. My father traveled often, and sometimes we didn't see him for weeks. The upbringing of us 5 boys remained mainly on the mother.
My hair length and my brothers' hair were about the same. The hair covered the ears and the collar of the shirt. We went to a modern barber shop every 2 months for a little haircut. My mother used to go with us now, we go alone and I am in charge of all the brothers.
My name is Adam and I was 16, my younger brother Bruno was 14, then Carlos was 12 and then Dario was 10 and the youngest Eric was 8.
Erik got a new teacher at school, but he was an old strict teacher, Hector. A few days later, Teacher Hector sent a letter in which he still. Dear parents, the length of your son's hair is unacceptable, such hair is unhygienic and therefore I recommend that you change your barber. The ideal barber for your son is Mr. Mathew, who will give your son a matching hairstyle every 3-4 weeks. I am also enclosing a coupon with a discount. It was a red card on one side of a small calendar, and on the other side was the name and address of a barber shop. At the bottom was a notice that in case of applying a discount on the hairstyle must be submitted.
After reading the letter, her mother decided to go to Mathew's barber shop on Saturday. The next day, Eric came home from school and began to convince his mother not to go to Mathew's barber shop on Saturday. His classmate Lukas was there with his father and got a very short haircut. But the mother took the letter from the teacher very seriously and did not back down from her decision and took the order from the teacher as the law. I began to regret Eric having short hair.
At breakfast on Saturday, my mother ordered us to get dressed so we could go to the barber shop and she would come with us. I thought we had a joint visit to the barber shop to support Eric. We entered an old-fashioned barber shop with a barber's chair behind which stood an old 60-year-old barber in a white coat. On his chair sat a boy who was about to finish and had really short hair. When he jumped out of the chair, he held the same coupon in his hand as Eric had. There were 3 old men on the waiting chair in front of us. When it was Eric's turn, the one with tears in his eyes went to sit in the barber's chair. I don't remember when Eric had such short hair as when he left the barber's chair. I thought we were going home when my mother sent me to sit in the barber's chair. I was a little reluctant but ended up sitting there. When the barber wrapped me in a white sheet and combed my hair, he asked: How will it be today. I reached out from under the tarp and wanted to show him how much to cut from my hair, as I was used to in a modern barber shop. But the mother told the barber: I have 5 sons and the other 4 will get the same hairstyle as Eric. When I heard my mother's decision in her stomach, I suddenly had a big stone. In the mirror, I noticed how the barber smiled, with his left hand leaning his head forward until it touched my chest, took large electric scissors from the hook, which he placed on his neck, and climbed up the back of the head with them. Hair 6-7 inches long began to fall on the sheet, soon he cut his hair on the right and later on the left side of his head. After about 10 years, I saw my hairless ears. Then, with the help of a comb and scissors, he shortened the hair on top of his head. When the barber took the other smaller scissors, he leaned my head forward again and worked with them on the back of my head, then bent my ear and walked over it with them and I saw the skin under the fine stubble, he did the same over the other ear. Another hair treatment on the top of my head where I have about 2 inches long hair combed to the side. The last adjustments after applying the cream and scraping with a razor. When I was deprived of the sail the palm of my hand I placed on my neck over the collar of my shirt, I felt only a fine stubble. The barber handed me a coupon like Eric's on which the barber circled today's date. When I looked at the barber's chair, Bruno's hair was already falling into his lap. I researched Erica's hairstyle and I knew mine was the same.
At home, I checked my hairstyle in front of the mirror. It was a big change. Above the collar of my shirt, I was 4.5 inches hairless with only about a 1/100 inch stubble. The stubble was also 1.5 inches above the ears. The rest of the back of the head and hips were gradually longer up to 2 inches long hair on the scalp.
The other brothers and I hoped this was our last haircut at Mathew's barber shop. Mother was writing something on her calendar. I went to read it later. On Saturday at 3 weeks it was written: Visit of Mathew's barber shop. During that time, our hair grew about 3/8 inch.

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