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Waiting for Manny - Version 1 by shant

I have been reading the stories on this site for about two years now. Up until that time, I had not realized that so many men were into hair and haircuts like I was.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that Manny was by far the best writer on the site. I recently counted how many stories he had posted and there were over 200. I don’t know how he keeps coming up with ideas.

Whenever I clicked on the site, I always hoped that there would be a new story by Manny because they were always so good. He inspired me to try my hand at writing and so far, I’ve submitted over a dozen stories. I enjoy writing them and I hope that people enjoy reading them, but it takes me forever to complete one. I keep reading and rereading it, wanting it to be the best it can possibly be. It takes several hours to complete one story.

After reading so many stories by Manny, I found myself starting to fantasize about what it would be like meeting him and started playing out several different scenarios in my head about us if we were to get together.

In one of my versions, I am sitting in my barber chair just waiting for the day to end. As it gets near closing time, the door to the shop opens and in steps this very handsome man with gleaming chestnut colored hair with fiery auburn highlights that curl up a bit at the ends and rest slightly on his shoulders. They are just begging to be cut!

The guy tells me that his name is Manny and that he has just moved here and is looking for a barber that would like to give him a really short pruning!

My heart nearly skipped a beat! I almost could not contain my excitement. I couldn’t believe that I might get the chance to cut all this guy’s incredible hair off! "Well you have definitely come to the right place if you are looking to get a short haircut. I love to give short haircuts and you really have fantastic hair that would be a privilege to cut. I hope you’ll give me a try because if you are moving here, I would love the opportunity to be your regular barber and your first haircut is on the house."

"Except for the color, you and I actually have almost identical hair," I said. My hair was a sandy blonde with blonder highlights, but other than that, was nearly the same as Manny’s in every way. "I like to mix my look up often and I’m almost ready to go short myself," I said. "I really try to let it grow out as long as I can because I know I’ll enjoy watching it get cut off even more, the longer that it is. Are you like that too?" I asked. "Definitely," replied Manny.

"How about taking a seat and let me brush your hair and while I do that you can tell me a little about your hair? You know you are so lucky to have such fantastic hair. Have you had it this length for a long time? Do you change your style very often or do you usually keep it the way it is now?" I asked. "Most guys seem almost afraid to change their hairstyle and wear their hair the same way forever. It’s almost like they think people are going to think twice about their hair. Once they do cut it, they wonder why they ever worried so much about what other people think."

"I’m the same as you," Manny said. "I know I have great hair, hair that most guys are envious of. Even though I love it long I really enjoy cutting it short and then growing it out all over again. I like to see it changing all the time. It grows back so fast that before you know it, it’s time to cut it short again."

"Well, if you decide that you’d like to get your hair cut sometime, let me give you my card. Whenever you’re ready, I’ll be here waiting for you and will be excited about cutting that beautiful mane of yours."

"I know it’s just about time for you to close, but would you mind cutting my hair now?" Manny asked. "I just feel that you are going to be the perfect person to cut my hair, so let’s go ahead and see what you can do. I want you to give me a really short haircut but I’m going to leave it totally up to you to cut it however you want. I don’t want it all shaved off, but other than that, you can cut it however you would enjoy doing it. I like letting the barber be in charge."

It by now was closing time so I closed the blinds and put the closed sign on the door. I was definitely going to take my time and have some fun with this guy and I knew that he was going to enjoy it as much as I was. It was obvious that we both really loved our hair.

I first took him to the back station and leaned him back in the chair and started washing his hair. It was so thick and so soft. It was difficult for me to keep my hands out of it. I could hear Manny moaning slightly as I finished washing his hair. He was obviously enjoying how things were starting.

I then took him into the front of the shop and had him sit in my chair. I started by towel drying his hair and then proceeded to take my blowdryer and began brushing his hair straight up and back. His hair naturally parted in the middle and fell in gentle waves to his shoulders. His auburn highlights glistened under the neon lights of the shop. Man, his hair was beautiful! A young guy with a good head of hair is one thing to see, but a man of about 40 with the same full head of hair he had when he was 20, is really spectacular to see. Wherever he went his hair would always attract attention. He was definitely one lucky guy.

After I completed drying his hair I continued brushing it for awhile. By then I felt really comfortable with Manny and I then spent a great deal of time just running my hands through his thick mane and telling him how beautiful his hair was and exactly what I was going to do to it and how much I was going to enjoy doing it!

"I know you said that I can cut your hair as short as I want. Have you ever worn a flattop? I’m sure you must have worn several over the years because you have the perfect hair for one. It’s by far my favorite haircut to give and I think it’s the sharpest looking haircut a guy can wear if he has the hair for it. With hair as thick as yours and with the body it has, I know it will look fantastic."

"Oh yeah man, go for it! I haven’t worn a flattop in years but did get them when I was younger. The thought of getting one really makes me excited. I don’t know anyone here, so why not really go for it and make a drastic change? I can’t wait to watch you cut it!"

I proceeded to taper his hair short up the sides and back. Because it had such great body and stood up so well, I left it longer as we neared the top. I then used my wide tooth comb and squared up the sides and back. They looked perfect! That left only his beautiful locks on top to be removed. I brushed his hair back again, wanting it to stand up as tall as I could, before chopping it off.

The entire time I did this, I watched Manny as he looked in the mirror. I could tell that he was enjoying the experience and was getting really excited about seeing the top come off. I then used my comb, combed his hair straight up and chopped off a good six inches! Man, it was beautiful seeing so much hair falling to the cape all at once! I thought Manny was about ready to have an out of body experience. Most guys would probably cringe at the thought of losing all that beautiful hair, but he really was enjoying it!

I spent an unusual amount of time making certain the top was perfectly flat. I took out the ruler that I had on a shelf and it rested totally flat on the top of his head. This was going to be one of the best flattops I had ever given and I was really pleased with how it had turned out. I finished the haircut, used a little styling gel and brushed his hair again. It could not have looked more perfect! I removed the cape and the haircut was over.

Manny was totally pleased with the finished job. "I love the haircut. I had a feeling that you would give me exactly what I wanted. You definitely have a new customer for as long as I live here and I don’t plan on going anywhere for a long time," Manny said. I could not have been happier and knowing that if he kept the flattop, he would be back in my chair in just a few short weeks!

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