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The perfect cut for lockdown in India by TheGuyWhoWantsToCutHair


Nirav's hair had grown out just like the guy's in the video. But he couldn't go for a haircut due to lockdown nor were there any app services where he could call a barber at home. It was a problem for him since he had never grown hair so long. He would keep it trimmed and neat... not too short either.

Aditya lived in the opposite flat, and one day Nirav saw him when they both opened their doors to leave the trash outside for the trash person to collect.
Two days back he had his silky black hair combed neatly and today Aditya had a perfectly nice trim.

"Hey, where did you get a haircut," Nirav asked casually.
"Oh, is it looking bad? I cut it myself," said Aditya in a modest way.
"Whaaat... you cut them yourself?!" Nirav exclaimed, "you must be kidding, it's perfect."
"Pheeww... thanks" Aditya replied.
Just as Aditya was about the close the door, Nirav asked, " hey, ummm, do you think... you could, maybe... give me a haircut? All the barbershop are closed."

Aditya replied, " oh... I'm not sure I'm so skilled. But I could give it a try. I cant promise a nice outcome, Alright?"
"Oh that's great... I really need a trim... not too much a change, but I'd really appreciate if you could help me out."
"Cool then, I'll see you in the afternoon. But I must tell you, I'm not so good with my scissors. Perhaps I'll need to use my clippers."

Aditya was being too modest. He was good with his clippers let alone his scissors. That afternoon,when Aditya knocked on his door, Nirav was looking more lean in his loose tshirt than he already was. He smelled good and had just taken a shower.

Aditya had brought the clippers he had ordered online last year. It came with one adjustable guard and worked pretty fine.
He also brought a razor with a new blade, but didnt get it out from his pocket just yet.

In a jiffy, Nirav was under the cape and Aditya started setting his hair. He wet just the hair on the top and used the comb to create a horseshoe parting around the crown. Nirav's hair was quite dense and Aditya felt good running his fingers through them. He slowly pushed Nirav's head downwards and turned on the clippers. He had set it to #4. From his left hand the comb went downwards and the right hand scooped hair out. Eventually, Nirav's back hair were in a low taper and the swirls of his nape hair could be seen.

"Wait... I want to feel how its turning out. I hope it's not too short." Nirav demanded as his hand reached out from under the cape to the back of his head, feeling the bounce in the freshly short hair. They felt bristly and Nirav knew Aditya was cutting it just fine.

"Why don't you want to go short? I suggest I go really short on you. That way, you wont have to go looking for a barber for months. Who knows when the lockdown's going to end. Whatsay?," suggested Aditya.

It made sense. Nirav had not thought of it that way. He was used to have short hair, sometimes he even went for an all over #2 buzz cut. And even if it didn't turn out to look good, who was going to care about it in this pandemic's lockdown?

"Yeah man, it makes sense. Okay then, you go as short as you can, so that I dont need to bother about my hair for quite some time. Go for it," And as soon as Nirav said that, Aditya removed the guard from his clippers and brought them back to life. He kept the comb away, and started at the right side. Pushing the top hair on the other side to create a fine parting, Aditya buzzed off Nirav's thick long sideburn. The clippers kept going up till the parting, and strip by strip he progressed towards the back.
At the nape, he had to use the clippers downwards to get rid of the swirl which grew in an upward direction.

Thick black hair lay on the floor and the cape and Nirav sat submissively looking at all the hair falling down. Aditya had started reducing the volume on the top using the clipper over comb to create a perfect undercut. Soon, Nirav looked more dashing in the shortest he had ever gone. It suited him. Aditya,on the other hand, had something else in mind. He wanted to go shorter.

While he started brushing off the hair from Nirav's face and around the neck, Nirav thought the haircut was done and felt good about it. Aditya quickly pressed down the top hair and started spraying water on the back and sides. He made sure Nirav kept his head down.

He took out his razor and turned it open in a way Nirav would not see. Keeping his left hand firmly pressed on Nirav's head, he grazed the razor from the crown parting at the back of his head. A small patch of skin was revealed and Nirav was shocked to understand what was happening.

Nirav pushed back his head to turn over and looked at Aditya asking, "What are u doing? Why is there a razor in your hand?"
Aditya stronglyy turned Nirav's head and said in a suggestive tone," I'm just doing you a favour. I'm going as short as possible, just like you said. Trust me, you wont need my help again with your hair for a long time now. You just relax."

And with that, Aditya stripped off more and more from what remained of his hair to expose the bald skin. It colour of the skin blended with that of his neck. The razor kept shaving and soon the undercut hairstyle Nirav liked, had become a bald undercut. A medium length of hair stayed at the top of his head in the shape of a'U'.

Nirav was unsure how it would look, but when it was done, his hand went back to his head to feel the ultra small tips of hair that remained on the sides and back. It felt good. "Hmmm, I've never gone THIS short..."

Aditya used the clippers with a number 3 guard and buzzed off the hair on top to balance out the proportions. And by now, Nirav's face looked completely different.
"Wow, I have never imagined myself like this. I think it's the perfect style for this lockdown, said Nirav.
"And the perfect one for Indian summers too!" exclaimed Aditya has he opened up the cape to reveal a freshly shorn Nirav.


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