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Halloween - Mark decides to get even by Shant

If you have not read the story, Halloween - Trick and Treat, I would suggest doing that before you read this one because this is the sequel.

It was coming up on two years since Mark had experienced the worst evening of his life. It had been on Halloween and three guys had blindfolded him, taken him to a cabin, tied him up in a chair and then cut off all his beautiful hair! Mark was incredibly vain about his hair and it had taken almost an entire year for him to grow it back out. He missed all the attention he always received whenever anyone saw his hair at its best.

It frustrated him that he had never heard a word about who had been behind the deed. How he wished he could have found out. He fantasized about what he would do to them if the tables were reversed. He desperately wanted to get even. He would show no mercy and shave their heads totally bald instead of just cutting their hair short.

The first Halloween after his haircut experience he stayed home for the evening. He remembered one of the guy’s saying that they might just come back the next year and have some fun with him again. There was no way he was going to give them a second chance, it just wasn’t worth it.

As the second Halloween approached, instead of Mark putting the experience behind him and forgetting about it, he thought more and more about wanting to get even and worried less about those guys showing up again. His anger simmered inside him and he decided it didn’t matter who the guy was, he just wanted to do the same thing to someone that had been done to him.

I found out all about this because one day as I was walking out of our small town convenience store, I saw Mark and his older brother, Roger, sitting on the steps of the local town hall. I know, I know, I was being bad as I quickly slid along side the building so I could hear what they were talking about.

"So have you thought any more about some kind of payback you want to do this Halloween?" Roger asked.

"I’ve got an idea," Mark said. "We’re going to be house sitting for Uncle Brian and his family for two weeks and Halloween falls right in the middle of that time."

"Seeing that I’m never going to get to know who cut my hair, I just want to do the same thing to someone else and have him feel what it’s like to go through what I went through. I want to see what it feels like cutting someone’s hair totally off. I want to be the one that’s in control."

"You know the Cole brothers, Tommy and Peter, that live over in the next town? I thought they’d be the perfect guys to sit in our chairs and get all their hair totally cut off. Both of them have really nice hair, totally different from each other and two would be even more fun than one. How’d you like to have your own head of hair to cut off?"

"You know they’ll be down at the Grange Hall that night for the big dance. All we have to do is be patient and pick them off one at a time, and then take them out to Uncle Brian’s house. Those guys that grabbed me last year showed me exactly how to pull this off."

"We’ll need to wear masks that totally cover our heads so no one will be able to figure out who we are by our hair. Once we grab them we won’t be able to talk after that and we will have to write notes to each other. We can’t take any chance of them recognizing us by our voices either. We’ll run the plan over and over again before we actually do it, so we really shouldn’t need to talk at all."

Tommy and Peter Cole were around 16 and 14. Looking at them together, you would never think they were brothers. They were about the same size but their hair color was entirely different. Tommy, the oldest, had light brown hair with sandy highlights. His hair was very thick and in the front had a slight wave to it. His hair on top was probably about 5 inches long. The sides were a little shorter and he slicked them up and blended them into the back along with the top.

Peter, on the other hand, was a Beatle fan and had grown his hair long. It was a dark chestnut color, even thicker than Tommy’s. It was perfectly straight and he parted it down the middle and it just touched his shoulders.

Ironically, I cut both these guys hair all the time while growing up. I also cut their brothers, Don and Victor’s hair too. I decided that I should let them in on what Roger and Mark had in store for them because I had a plan for Mark as well, if they were willing to go along with what I wanted to do.

A couple of weeks before Halloween I stopped by their home and filled them in on what I had heard. Without telling them that I was involved in Mark’s haircut two years ago, I told them I overheard Roger and Mark talking about what they were planning to do to Tommy and Peter this Halloween.

"Why are they picking on us?" Tommy said, almost in anger. "We’ve never done anything to them!" I told them about Mark just wanting to pay back someone for what had happened to him. They both knew Mark, of course, and like I have mentioned, knew how vain he was about his hair. Roger’s hair was similar to Mark’s only it was a dark brown instead of blonde. They both still had big hair, swept back on the sides and the high pompadour on top.

Roger’s hair was not quite as nice as Mark’s but it still was way above average and he was just as vain about his hair as Mark. Actually, when they had been in their early teens, it was Roger who sat Mark down in a chair and came up with the way they combed their hair. Both combed their hair the same way all the years that I knew them except Roger parted his hair on the left while Mark parted his on the right.

I told them that I had a plan on how to deal with Roger and Mark. "You guys have nothing to worry about as long as you promise never to tell anyone about this. I know exactly how we can turn the tables on them but we can never let anyone know or we’ll get in serious trouble."

"All you have to do is go along with their plan. They’ll bring you to their uncle’s house thinking that they’ll be alone there and will be able to do anything they want to you. Little will they know that we’ll have a welcoming committee waiting for them. I know I can easily get a group of my frat brothers from school to help me out with this. They’ll really enjoy it too, especially after I tell them how vain Roger and Mark are about their hair."

"I know that you will want to stay and watch us take them down but it’s best for the two of you to leave immediately so that you won’t be connected with whatever happens. If someone says anything to you, all you have to say is that the last thing you saw was Roger and Mark kidnapping you, putting the pillowcase over your head, and tossing you into a car. The next time you were able to see, you were back at the town hall. I seriously doubt that Mark or Roger would even mention your names because they would then have to explain what they had been planning to do. As long as you guys don’t say anything we can pull this off. Do you want to do it?" Both brothers immediately said yes.

The big night came and everything was all set up and we were just waiting for Roger and Mark to grab Tommy and Peter. Sure enough, around 11:00 they saw Tommy come out of the dance and followed him down the street. When he turned to walk down a side street they came up on each side of him and because he knew what was already going to happen, didn’t put up much resistance when they grabbed him.

Roger and Mark tied his wrists together, put tape over his mouth, and covered his head with a pillowcase, just like how it had happened to Mark two years before. Mark was already excited just knowing that he was going to get to buzz these guys totally down and they really did have nice hair!

They only had to wait a few minutes and Peter came along and they did the same thing to him. They were really pleased with themselves because everything had gone so perfectly and they were both really pumped about getting to cut both these guy’s beautiful hair off.

Uncle Brian’s house was only about ten minutes from the center of town. They pulled up in the driveway and got Tommy and Peter out of the back seat. There were six of us waiting for them, all hiding around the front of the house. Just like two years ago, my five friends only had to wear face masks because no one would know them. I however had to wear a mask totally covering my head and would not be able to speak.

As Roger went to put the key in the lock in the front door, everyone came out of the darkness and grabbed them. After unlocking the door we brought them inside and basically did to them what they had done to Tommy and Peter, tied up their wrists and feet and then tied them to the two chairs they had placed beside each other, which were facing a large mirror.

It wasn’t only their own hair they were vain about. They both were into guys who had great heads of hair and were excited about cutting another guy’s off. Roger and Mark had always loved their own hair, but secretly also enjoyed it when they got to see some other guy with really great hair too. It was like a member’s only club to them.

We had planned to work in pairs of two. We had decided it would really be fun for each pair to work in mirror image of each other, both doing the same thing to Roger and Mark at the same time. Seeing both of them with their precious locks falling to the floor at exactly the same time would be fantastic!

The first two guys stood behind them and took out brushes and brushed their hair at exactly the same pace. We had placed Roger in the left chair because he parted his hair on the left side and brushed it to the right. Mark was just the opposite, parting his hair on the right side and brushing it to the left so we had placed him on the right side. The two guys that were brushing their hair took their time and did their best to match each other’s moves. I guess you probably had to be there to actually see it, but it really was something watching their long pompadours being brushed from the outside and then in towards each other, especially with them having such long, thick, beautiful hair and cut in exactly the same style.

"Look how pretty these guys’ hair is," one of my buddy’s said. "I’ll bet you two get up each morning and spend forever combing each other’s hair, making sure that it looks perfect before you go out the door. How many times a day do you comb that pretty hair of yours? I bet you’re looking in a mirror all the time admiring that great mane that you know you have. Everyone know’s how much you guys are in love with your pretty boy hair."

"Mark, it seems like you didn’t learn much from our last get together. We understand that you and your brother here were going to take those two young guys and cut all their hair off. Why would you and your brother want to do that? Why are you being such a bully to guys that are so much younger than you? Didn’t you learn anything last time?"

"You know what’s going to happen next. You can quietly sit here and take your punishment and leave with hair still long enough to comb or you or your brother can whine and complain and the result will be with you both leaving here with buzzed heads."

"You know it’s going to happen and that there is no way you can get out of it. If either one of you gives us a hassle you both will be totally buzzed, so Mark, you may want to talk with Roger a little before we begin."

After awhile the next two guys got up and stood behind them. They continued using their combs and matched each others moves while combing their pretty hair. At the exact same time they pulled out their scissors and started cutting off first the sides and then the back of their hair. Both guys probably had at least 3 inches or more of hair on the sides and back and the two barbers cut off about 2 and 1/2 inches all the way around. Neither Mark or Roger said a word because they definitely did not want to leave with a shaved head. Any hair was better than no hair at all!

My roommate from school and I then stood behind them and brushed their hair a bit before we began what we were planning to do. "You guys do have beautiful hair. Aren’t you tired of being a pretty boy? It’s time for you to look like a man and get rid of all this girly hair!" Steve said and we then turned on our clippers. We had a #2 guard on and like the guys before us, tried to mirror image each other as we began cutting.

We started at the base of their sideburn and ran the clippers almost all the way to the top. I could see both of them shudder as the clippers climbed their way up going higher and higher. We both worked our way back to the middle of their head and then took the clippers and did the same thing on the other side.

Once we had finished that, all we had left was the top to remove. Both of them had hair well over 6 inches long on top. It really was great hair, being so thick and having such great body and feeling so soft, all at the same time. Steve and I combed their hair at the front straight up and at the same time chopped off a good 5 inches, leaving them with about an inch of hair on top!

Normally I would want to give them both flattops but I thought that flattops were such sharp looking haircuts that I didn’t want to take a chance and end up having Mark and Roger look really sharp, even though I knew they would hate the haircut. With their thick hair they would have perfect flattops but it wasn’t going to happen. We just blended the top into the sides, leaving them just enough hair to brush slightly back if they worked hard enough at it, which I knew they would.

We then untied one of Mark’s hands and walked out the door, leaving them tied to the chairs with piles of beautiful long hair scattered all around them. We didn’t have to take them anywhere because they were already at their uncle’s house. We were well on our way back to school before they were able to finish untying themselves.

I had thought that cutting Mark’s hair once was the greatest rush but getting to cut both guys hair all the way down was beyond my wildest imagination and I knew that I would never forget doing it… and neither would Roger and Mark.

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