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Erik goes metal. Continuation by George Wheeler

By George Wheeler


Erik started to enjoy his vacation. Sleeping late, doing his mane for hours, getting food and drinks served. However, after some time he began getting bored. Isolated from the world time started to move very slowly. Off course his daily hair routines occupied him for an hour or two but and taking photos of it displayed, braided, in a giant bun, in pigtails, even crimped and curled.

Ron still avoided him glowing at Erik’s amazing long braid, freely displayed or put up in a bun the few times their ways crossed. In the beginning Erik felt embarrassed but eventually he started to enjoy the reactions of Ron �" to Erik attention to his long hair was the main thing �" whether positive or negative mattered less.

One afternoon when Rupert came back from the field Erik told him that he was bored and asked if he could assist in any way at the farm. Rupert responded positively and they agreed to eat breakfast together next morning and then take a tour round the farm.

Erik got an unpleasant surprise when Rupert said that breakfast was at 5 o’clock. But Rupert promised to wake him up.

In Erik’s mind it was still night when Rupert woke him up. Erik had braided his lovely mane the night before and followed Rupert downstairs. Ron was already having his breakfast and sent evil eyes in Erik’s direction leaving the table immediately.

After breakfast they went around the farm, in the fields, the stablers and had a look at the farm machinery.

Erik tried to follow Rupert’s instructions to the best of his abilities but not too much avail. The boy was to put it mildly hopeless �" as if he had used his hands for nothing else than taking care of his ridiculously long and voluminous mane. At one point when Erik leaned over his long thick braid threatened to get stocked in one of the machines. Only a quick save from Rupert saved his precious braid from being hacked off.

Erik was so much in chock that he had to leave Rupert and go back to his room to lie down. He was at the point of fainting of utter fear. So close to lose his beloved braid. What was he thinking! From that day on Erik remained in the main building killing time by caressing, washing, blow drying, brushing his mane and making different hairstyles.

After two weeks it suddenly knocked on Erik’s door and Ron entered the room without awaiting an answer. And he literally caught Erik with his pants down. In fact, with no pants at all �" or anything else for that matter except for his overgrown massive red-carpet mane. Erik was standing in front of the floor to ceiling mirror wanking and admiring his fabulous long thick red hair, throwing it around, letting it brush his naked ass and further downwards �" and having twisted a huge lock around his rock-hard shaft while wanking!

Obviously Erik had been so occupied with his ankle long mane that he hadn’t heard Ron knock on the door and enter so he kept on wanking and talking dirty to himself about all the wonderful things he would love having done to his beloved mane: "Ooohh yes baby, brush my floor long mane for hours, braid it in two massive braids and twist them around my rock hard shaft as you blow me, pull my long hair very hard and let it pass my ass from my back to the front".

Ron listened in dismay and disgust hardly believing neither his eyes nor his ears. And Erik went up clearly so excited and in his own world that he did not notice anything else than his awesome red coat mop: "Hey, like to taste this massive silky soft hair around your naked body, get lost in it, hide in it"?

Ron could not take it anymore, so he said: "Hallo Erik".

Erik turned around flaming red hair and face �" and with a giant hard on covered in soft silky bright red hair. "What the f…, what are you doing Ron!". "Question is, what are you doing Erik!". Erik tried to hide his rock-hard shaft in all his long soft hair. "You can’t just burst in here Ron". "I didn’t. I knocked on the door but obviously you very FULLY occupied by something else. I just came to tell you that there will be an open-air metal concert on Friday night at the neighbor farm. Wondered if you would like to join us since you’re a metal guy".

Erik had finally managed to get hold of himself and answered: "Yes thank you Ron. Sounds great. Thanks for the invitation". "My pleasure" Ron replied with a somehow ambiguous expression on his face. "We will pick you up here at 9 o’clock. Be sure not to be late. We won’t wait".

The rest of the week went by with Erik in his best mood. Finally, something happened in this godforsaken place.

Erik spent all the time on Friday on his hair. He wanted it to look more beautiful and attractive than ever. In its best condition and appearance to secure the most spectacular head banging all those local rednecks had ever seen.

He washed his 6 feet long bright red mane, blow dried it for almost an hour, went on to braid it in two giant braids as thick as ropes �" and after having worn them all day unbraided his fabulous mane an hour before leaving.

As the hair loosened from the hair prison braids, Erik got more and more covered in a sea of wavy bright red thick locks until he was completely hidden in a coat of top to feet long mane. Not even his huge hard on managed to penetrate the massive hair carpet.

"My Good you look wonderful tonight dear. Your mane rivals the shine of the sunset. Its volume is massive like never as is its length. And those waves from the giant braids give your amazing hair a life of its own. I’m so in love with my own long, long hair". All the time Erik was wanking and soon came �" this time not in his mane as otherwise was his habit but in his hand. Nothing should be allowed to ruin this magnificent, glorious mane.

Erik put on his black leather boots, black leather jeans, black T-shirt and his black leather jacket. His amazing mane looked even more wonderful with all the black as a background. Erik got so excited at the look of himself and all his hair hanging down all around him almost to the floor that the cock grew hard in no time. He rubbed the giant bulge in his leather pants but realized that he had no time to wank before meeting the other guys.

So, he went downstairs with all his long hair swaying all around him.

Rupert just stared at him speechless when they met in the hall. Erik threw around his mane, so it hit Rupert just to provoke and create even more attention �" no matter whether negative or positive �" just getting as much attention as possible on his precious mane.

Outside Ron waited in his car. He almost lost his jaw when he saw "the hair monster". Erik opened the door and sat down beside Ron. In the backseats were three other guys �" all skinheads like Ron! Erik got an unpleasant worrying feeling in his stomach but did not know how to react, so he just sat still in the passenger seat.

The guys in the back introduced themselves and started to comment on Erik’s hair: "Wow dude what a mane. You look like a girl with hair so long. It must take hours to care for a mane as long and big as yours. When did you have a haircut last time"? Erik felt overwhelmed and intimidated, awfully embarrassed and his throat so dry he could hardly breathe and even less speak.

They now grabbed huge chunks of his hair, pulled it, put it on each other’s buzzed heads and tied it huge knots. Erik was horrified. No one had never ever done this to his holy mane. He felt sick and like vomiting. But the guys just went on commenting on his ridiculously long girly hair and misusing it. Erik was so relieved when Ron finally stopped the car. He had been so horrified and chocked that he had not noticed where they went.

But now he looked up and just ahead of him was a rotating red and white BARBER POLE! Erik felt like fainting. He realized that there had never been a metal concert. That it had only been an excuse to get him into the car on his own free will.

"Come on sissy boy. We are here" they grinned and pulled him out of the car. Erik’s legs felt like gel and he would have fallen if they had not grabbed him by his arms and started moving towards a small show with the barber pole and a sign saying: "Traditional male barbershop"!

Normally the shop would be closed at this late hour, but Ron had called the owner and told him that he would bring a customer unlike anything the barber had ever seen before if he would be ready to open his shop late Friday night. The barber had agreed, and the door was open when they entered the shop with poor Erik literally dragged behind them.

They closed the door and held Erik tight in their arms in front of the barber. The barber was a man in his 60’ies with truly little hair and a traditional barber uniform. He just stared paralyzed at the hair monster in front of him �" a red carpet of thick hair like a vail covering the person behind it completely from the top of his head to his feet.
"You see sir" Ron said. "I promised you a client like you had never seen before. We are incredibly grateful that you keep your shop open at this late hour, but we hope and think you won’t regret having the opportunity for the haircut of your life".

The barber took a deep breath and cleared his throat. "OMG" was all he managed to say. The barber kept staring at the horrible sight in front of him. One of the skinheads grabbed Erik’s frontal hair and pulled it aside so Erik’s face became visible. "Look sir. There is actually a living creature inside this disgusting coat of hair. As you can see this poor thing is in desperate need of your scissors and clippers"!

By those words Erik lost the rest of power in his legs and now hung in the arms of the two skinheads.

The barber sunk a few times and then said: "Well we better get him into the chair right" and the big skinheads dragged Erik towards the traditional red leather barber chair �" the only one in the shop.

Erik was so week and paralyzed that he could not put up a fight even though he did try to resist being dragged towards the horrible chair.

Then Ron grabbed Erik’s hair and gathered it in a giant almost 6 feet long and extremely thick ponytail and dragged him by his own long hair to the chair. Erik felt more humiliated and helpless than ever before in his life.

They lifted Erik up and placed him in the barber chair. Ron held his giant ponytail high in the air above the chair and then let go of it. Bright thick red wavy hair literally rained down all over Erik and the chair covering both in a thick carpet of beautiful female locks.

"My ohh my" the barber said as he approached the chair. "How could your parents ever let this come so far son. Your father should have taken you to the barber years ago and kept your hair nice and short and stylish instead of this this haystack".

The barber tried to gather all of Erik’s wonderful hair but soon gave up. "Hey boys you have to help me here gather up all this horrible stuff".

All the skinheads approached the barber chair laughing and each of them smarted to gather up the extremely long locks. They all handed their smaller pigtails into Ron’s hands who once again took a firm grip of Erik’s lovely mane and gathered it into a massive tail which he once again held up high in the air above the barber chair.

The barber placed the neck paper around Erik’s neck and grabbed a black and white striped cape from the desk in front of the chair, opened it and threw it around Erik, then closing it tightly around his neck.

Erik sat paralyzed imprisoned by the huge cape that covered him all the way down to the metal footrest. He looked at himself in the huge mirror in front of him. He could not believe what he saw. Totally pale in his face with his fantastic voluminous wavy mane held in a tight ponytail high above his head in a firm grip and four skinheads staring and him laughing and joking about him and his hair. And above all the elderly barber asking Ron to let down his hair.
Once again, his amazing wavy locks tumbled down all over and around him and the chair. His hair was so long and so voluminous that it covered the cape completely! And reached the floor all around the chair.

The barber now started pumping up the chair and totally helpless Erik went up higher and higher in the air adding to his already overwhelming feeling of embarrassment and helplessness. He felt terrible when the chair had reached its maximum and he was lifted almost 3 feet in the air! And his impressive mane almost free of the floor now.

Then the barber turned around the chair! Away from the mirror! How horrible and embarrassing could it be!

Then he felt a very rough tug on his hair making his head move backwards. The barber had started brushing his mane!! Not even in his worst nightmares had this happened to him. The barber was very rough pushing the brush through his precious locks without any consideration or gentleness. He just ran the brush from the top of Erik’s head to the ends. Repeatedly �" each time causing Erik’s head to move backwards.

The barber mumbled how horrible this long thick girly mop was and how much he needed a haircut and how incomprehensible it was that his father had allowed this to happen.

Eventually the barber put the brush away. "Now son say goodbye to all that disgusting mess and welcome neat and stylish young man".

Erik could not see what was going on behind the chair, but he could hear! And what he heard sent shivers down his spine and made him dizzy and miserable. It was the sound of scissors! Scissors being opened and closed �" awfully close to his hair!

"Pls. don’t" was all he managed to whisper. "Pls. don’t cut my hair. I love my hair. It has taken 10 years to grow it so long and beautiful".

"Son, that hair is well groomed and beautiful, but it belongs on the head of a girl. On a young man it simply looks horrible. That’s why I will cut it all off now".

"Nooooo" Erik said with tears streaming down his cheeks. The barber ignored his begging and placed his ultra-sharp scissors just below Erik’s right ear �" and merciless squeezed the sharp blades together. 10 years of care, grooming, love and attention comprised in the thick wavy bright red almost 6 feet long lock ended abruptly in seconds as the scissors cut its way through priceless beauty and left it racing towards the floor.

Erik changed from sobbing to crying as the barber continued to cut off his adorable girly locks one after one just below his ears from right straight across his neck to left.

Heavy wavy wonderful locks of red bright hair slid down towards the barber floor and soon a pile of shorn locks completely covered the floor around the chair.
The skinheads cheered and encouraged the barber to continue. "Clippers, clippers, clippers" they cheered.

And the barber left Erik with a perfectly blunt cut bowl hair cut making him look even more feminine than with his ankle long mane as he grabbed one of the clippers hanging at the desk.

"Now we will finish up this mess son" and with these words the barber fired up his OsterClassic75 clippers �" with no guard. He placed the clippers at Erik’s forehead, pushed his head backwards and started to run the clippers slowly backwards towards the crown. Lovely wavy red bright locks streamed down around Erik as the barber clipped him down to the woods. Over his crown, up behind his ears, up his neck, repeatedly till there was nothing left but stubbles.

When the barber turned off the clippers Erik sat crying and almost bald in the chair while everything on and around him shined red �" bright red shorn locks all over the place. Everywhere.

After the barber had pumped down the chair and removed the neck paper and the cape and dusted off Erik, Ron thanked the barber and paid him. But they had to lift Erik from the chair. He just sat there stoned and crying. His most precious asset. His pride and glory. Ruined and taken brutally away from him. Spread all over the barber floor. He could not grasp it.

The skinheads carried Erik from the chair and the barbershop and into the car. All the way back to the farm they laughed and ran their hands over Erik’s almost bald head. "Next time you visit the barbershop you must be shaved clean Erik".

Erik did not even hear them anymore. Could not. His summer vacation turned into a nightmare.

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