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The Barbershop Romance by TheGuyWhoWantsToCutHair

It was getting dark and the barbershop was about to close soon. I went in to get a trim, just to see that Ben, one of the barbers was already done and leaving. Jade, the other one was finishing off another customer's haircut.
"It's closing time, but I guess Jade can spare some time for you, right Jade?", said Ben as he stood near the door, about to leave.

Jade turned, gave me a quick glare with his grey eyes and nodded. And so I sat down on the chair right opposite the chair where Jade was cutting hair. The guy was getting a regular crew cut, not much hair had fallen off the cape, and perhaps he already had short hair.

As I looked into the mirror, I could see Jade's reflection behind me facing the other side... he had the perfect built and his dark brown wavy hair suited his personality. His top hair were perfectly combed and tapered down to a low skin fade. I couldn't see his face, but what I could see what his backside - round and voluptuous, especially in those tight grey trousers.

When would he be done... I couldn't wait to get near him. So tthati could get a better view of him, I playfully rotated the chair I was sitting on, to face Jade's side. I revolved back to pretend as if I was just playing around to pass time. The second time I swinged, Jade was looking up in the mirror in front of him, giving finishing touches to the customer, and he caught me looking at him. Our eyes held the glance for no less than 5 seconds, before he got back to shearing any left out hair. And finally, as the guy was done and brushed off and uncaped, I got ready. The guy paid Jade and left.

When Jade was done cleaning the fallen hair, he patted his barbers chairseat signalling me to get down under him...I mean on the chair for the haircut.

"So, what would you like me to do?," Jade asked as he put the white cape around me and tied the knot. His hands touched my neck and they felt pretty tough and strong. He ran his fingers around my neck, massaging my nape and then they moved on to the top, lightly playing with my thick black hair.
Oh how much I wanted to tell him what all I would like him to do to me, but I said, "Umm, just a trim for now, I believe."

He picked up the spray can and started wetting my hair. I could see the dedication in his eyes when he picked up his scissors and the comb and started cutting small lengths off my front fringe. I looked him in the eyes and oh boy they were piercing hot.

Soon, right after he had given me a nice neat trim he asked, "how does this look? Does it work?"
I looked pretty good in that haircut, but I wanted to spend more time with Jade.
"How about you keep the top long, but shorten the sides and back more? Like give me a good fade?"

He nodded understandably and went on to grab his clippers, attaching a #2 guard. Jade, with his left hand pressing my top hair, held my head down, and with his right hand, started to cut away till my lower temple. The back hair had gotten a #2 makeover after which he did the same to my sides. He was pretty good at what he was doing and he did it with a certain grace and passion. He changed the guard to a #1 and started blending my right sideburn progressing towards the back. He came back to holding my neck delicately as, he blended my nape to the longer hair on top.

In no time, he was done with shortening my sides. I could see a lot of hair on the cape. But how did time pass so quickly?

"I was thinking a beard shaping would be good too. But if it's too late for you, I can come back tomorrow.", I said in a nervous voice.
Jade replied, "Oh no issues, I'll do it for you, just give me a minute. I'll just go and come back in a jiffy."

He swiftly went to the washroom besides where I was sitting before my haircut but didnt close the door.
I wondered what he was doing there, and then he reached for the hem and remove his tshirt to be waist-naked. He might have thought I couldn't see him, but his modestly shaped abs and the trimmed chest hair were a sight to see.
He changed into his daily tshirt and came back and I had to pretend I didnt see anything.
He prepared the razor and the shaving cream and removed my the cape after brushing me off and put a towel around my neck for the shave. He adjusted the headrest on the chair so that my head lay almost flat, allowing me to look at the ceiling.

My beard had not grown alot, but it needed some shaping. I liked to keep it sharp. With his fingered, he applied the cream around the beard edge on my cheek and the neck and under-chin. I gulped as he picked up the razor. I knew he would come close to me. And I couldn't control it.

He had come pretty near to my face as he stretched the cheek skin to start grazing the razor. I could feel the outline being cleaned. He looked focussed and his lips were juicy and full. After he was done with one side, he went from behind me to the other side. His breath was warm and if he came any nearer I could kiss him. I kept staring at his face as he dedicatedly shaped my beard.

After the sides were done, I could see him stand behind me like a mountain. He had come very close and something pressed against my head which. That something gave his pants the bulge and it must have been big. Really big. As I sat there dumb struck, he leaned straight down to work on my neck. His razor went from down to up and along the underside of my chin. I could feel the razor shaving off the thick stubble but I had other things to concentrate on!

"Cool I think we're done", he said while he rubbed the towel on my beard to clean up. He was softly smiling and a light dimple formed on his right cheek. It was to die for.
I kept staring at him and those lips.

He kept aside the towel and was just cleaning his equipments to pack it up. I looked at the mirror and the short sides looked even better in my reflection. I felt on top of the world... only if I had more time with Jade.

As I was about to get up from the chair, Jade said, "wait..." and he leaned closer to examine my face. There was a tiny bunch of snipped hair which had remained on my forehead and he rubbed it off. And as soon as he did that, I couldn't control, so I grabbed his hand and pulled him more close. Very close.
We both remained in our tracks, looking just in each other's eyes for a while. And then it happened. He gave in and kissed me. But he instantly pulled back.
He looked a bit nervous. After 4 seconds of a silent pause I reached out for his tshirt and grabbed him back. Ufff it was the most passionate kiss I ever had. I kept kissing him while trying to get up. I went full on, my hands running along the back of his neck, feeling the light stubble of his low taper. Even his hands played with the hair, they grazed at the back and my now short hair felt like bristles. He was quite stimulating.

The flavour of Jade lingered even after our lips parted! And soon Jade had to close down the barber shop after our makeout. From that day on, I visited the barbershop very often, sometimes for a beard trim or a haircut. And I would only ask for Jade. No one else...

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