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The Imposter by George Wheeler

The Imposter

By George Wheeler

Adult content

Me and my sister were twins. 18 years of age. But that was also almost the only thing we had in common. Further apart than the two of us would be difficult if not impossible to find.

My sister Susan was what you might call a tomboy. Ever since we were born, she had acted and dressed like a boy. Kept her hair buzzed down to the woods, doing wild and crazy things, daring " sometimes too daring. Always wanting to test the limit and if possible, surpass it.

I on the other hand was more of what you might call a sissy boy. Since my early years I always wore my hair long and I loved it when my mother put dresses on me and braided my hair or put it up in high pigtails or ponytails. At an early age I remember being very aroused looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a cute girl with hair almost to her ass.

As we grew up the difference between my sister and I only increased. At school, my sister got into fights, did not pay much attention to homework and spent her time in the nearby wood or at the gym.

I on the other hand was an exemplary pupil " apart from my looks that tended to be very feminine " and more and more so. I started to wear all black as a contrast and to highlight my blond hair that I kept in a high ponytail making it swing around me and reaching my knees when I finished school.

As we celebrated our 18’th birthday I was drafted to the military. My sister and I had an incredibly good and close relation despite our opposite interests, appearances and temper. I told my sister that I did not want to join the military. I spoke and acted softly, and my appearance was very feminine. I was convinced I would not fit in.

My sister on the other hand was eager to join the military. We talked for a long time how to solve this problem. And came up with a wild idea. After having talked for hours and found no other solution we opted for the crazy idea. We agreed to change identities!

I would appear as my sister. And my sister would appear as me. We sealed our deal with a bet. The one who could stand the longest time without being revealed would win.

My sister then took up my draft and started her time as a conscript in the Navy. Because her body ever since childhood had been kept extremely trimmed and fit and her head was shaved to an eighth inch upon arrival, she had no problem passing as a male conscript. She met all the physical demands without any outfalls. And she kept her hair in perfect shape visiting the base barber every week.

I enlisted as a voluntary female recruit serving in the peace keeping force and had to do one year of basic military training.

I arrived at the academy with my long hair tied into a very tight bun. Until recently Navy regulations on authorized female hairstyles stipulated that: "No portion of the bulk of the hair as measured from the scalp will exceed two inches."

But a new longer-hair styles regulation mandated that "no portion of the bulk of the hair (minus the bun) will exceed two inches, as measured from the scalp," along with other deployment options for braids, cornrows and rolls.

I had worked extremely hard to fulfil those requirements regarding my long hair but still my heart beat like a drum when we upon arrival at the base lined up to the mandatory inspection. This was carried out by a very harsh looking female officer with a razor-sharp flattop. When she reached me, I trembled so much I was sure she would reveal my deception immediately but apart from an awfully long and rather hostile view at me and my hairstyle I survived the first test.

The handout of uniform and equipment followed again without any problems, and I was directed to the dormitory and my bed and locker there.

The next days were split between lectures and basic training. I got through the days and nights without any major problems, but my mane eventually needed a good shampoo and conditioner. So, in a break before dinner, I went into the bathroom and after having made sure that I was on my own I undressed and loosened my extremely tight bun that had kept my precious locks hidden and imprisoned for almost a week.

I longed to see it, smell it, feel it fall all over my body, hide in it " wank in it for cumditioner " and finally shampoo it. Unfortunately, there were neither the opportunity nor the time for blow drying my mane so much against my will I had to hide it again in a very tight bun. But I was determined to focus on my 15 minutes alone with my beloved female hair, satisfy myself with and in it and let go of all negative thoughts.

I unleashed my bun and my wonderful thick blond locks tumbled down over my naked body in huge, beautiful waves. A large heavy chunk put itself at rest on my rock-hard cock. The rest dropped to my naked feet. I was at the point of exploding wanking my hard shaft with my own long soft hair and very soon after it happened, and I came in my lovely long feminine locks.

I entered the shower room and washed my wonderful heavy floor long mane. After having tried to dry it the best I could with three huge towels I parted with my love and twisted it and put it up to the well-known extremely tight bun.

Weeks and months passed by " I was successful in keeping my secret, but my hair kept growing. I had not thought of that. With the extreme rate of growth for my mane I risked that my bun would grow too big and violate regulations.

After serving for 6 months the traditional Navy ball came up. This was an occasion for female and male recruits to meet and have fun for one night.

It all started with a dinner followed by dancing to live music. I got a little drunk which was allowed on that particular occasion and with that my instincts weakened. All the considerations and precautions against revelation I had been implementing so successfully during the last half year slowly disappeared and I became unaware of danger.

Therefore, I also accepted an invitation to dance from a very good-looking male recruit " 6 ½ feet tall, extremely fit, beautiful face and on top of all this a very short thick stylish flattop. He was all man!

Although I had never been seriously attracted to men before this changed when I met Bill. It came upon me as a sneaking warm feeling streaming through my body like a warm river. I noticed a beginning erection " which I was sober enough to understand would pose a MAJOR problem. But I could not control it and I just hoped Bill would not notice the growing bulk in my lap.

We kept on dancing and chattering and laughing having a wonderful time. When the ball finished Bill asked if we could see each other again. I told him I would love to but was not sure when it would be possible. We agreed to stay in contact the best we could.

I walked back to the mandatory with some of the other female recruits. I was in a state of euphoria, intoxicated by the feeling of love, happiness and luck after having met Bill. So once again my senses were much less sharp than otherwise the case. And thus, my warning system for threats and problems was almost out of order.

Therefore, I was taken totally by surprise when Ann " an exceptionally beautiful girl " suddenly and like a lightening from clear skies said: "Hey what do you think you’re doing?"

I didn’t have a clue what she was hinting at, so I just said: "Who me? What do you mean?"

"I don’t like an ugly bitch to flirt with my boyfriend". I was still completely in the dark when Ann said: "I saw how you behaved like a cheap slut and sold yourself to Bill. But Bill is mine. And you should have stayed away from him".

Slowly I began to realize what Ann was hinting at. Apparently, she was hooked on Bill and watching us dancing and laughing must have triggered a lot of jealousy.

I tried to allay her fears: "Ann come on. I just danced and had a good time at the ball. Nothing more nothing less. I am sorry if I offended you in anyway. I was never my intention, and I would like to apologize for any problems I may have caused".

But rather than calming down Ann heated up: "Too late bitch. I saw how you flirted with Bill and I think you need a lesson not to cheat on your friend’s boyfriends".

"Ann stops it" I said. "I’ve apologized without even knowing which crimes I have committed. Let us back to bed and everything will be forgotten tomorrow".

"NO!" Ann shouted. "No whore you will pay for your slutty behavior right here and right now". And without further warning Ann attacked me and kicked and knocked me down. I tried to protect myself, but she was extraordinarily strong and very very furious. The other girls just stood looking not knowing how to react. None of them wanted any quarrels with Ann so they remained silent and passive.

Ann kept beating me and crying and shouting. And then the worse happened. She grabbed my huge tight bun and started to pull it extremely hard. It hurt immensely and I started to cry.

"Ohhh little girl is crying" Ann ridiculed me. "So little princess doesn’t want her huge bun brought in disarray. Well to bad bitch".

Ann then started to loosen my bun! This did not happen. This could not be true. My secret had been kept so well for all those months and suddenly was in dire danger of being revealed.

"Ann pls. stops. Pls. do not pull my hair so hard, it hurts". I tried to get loose of her firm grip on my bun but to no avail. She was far too strong and furious for me to put up a fight on equal terms.

By now my bun had started seriously losing up. Long soft blond locks of more than 6 feet started to get free from the bun and tumble down over us.

"WHAT THE F…!" Ann cried out. "Look at all that horrible stuff the little princess is wearing on her head". She pulled my precious mane roughly and displayed my long hair to her "audience". "This is what makes the guys turn their heads towards our little c**t. I bet you have caught a lot of guys in your hair net slut. How would you like that to come to an end you little whore?".

I lost my breathe completely and my whole body turned heavy and weak so I could hardly keep myself together. It all came so sudden. So fast. I was caught completely by surprise and I did not know how to react and get myself out of this miserable mess.

"Ladies, I think the camp barbershop will open extraordinarily tonight" Ann grinned while holding all my more than 6 feet of hair that now was totally free from the bun in an awfully tight ponytail which gave her full control over me.

The other girls looked incredibly surprised, some of them flabbergasted. They had never seen hair as long and as beautiful as mine. And the mere thought of cutting my hair seemed to make more than one of them sick. But again, out of fear for Ann they kept silent.

Ann stood up and raised me by my giant ponytail. "Off we go slut. We’re going to make the world a safer place for us and our boyfriends from small slutty princesses with golden floor long manes".

And she started walking towards the building that housed the camp barbershop. She dragged me by my tail, and I tumbled over my own feet and struggled to get back on my feet. She ignored my begging and pulled me after her with the firm grip on my massive tail.

"Ann pls. don’t. Not my hair pls. Ann. I can’t live without it plssss".

"Shut the f… up bitch. You need to be taught a lesson you won’t forget any time soon".

Ann stopped at the front door. Thank God it was locked. I took a deep breath of relief.

"Hey Mary come here" Ann commanded one of the girls. Mary hesitantly approached Ann. "Go around to the backside and break a window and get inside and come up to the front door and open it to us".

Mary tried to protest but Ann just stared at her and whistled through her teeth: "If you want to visit the chair as well you just keep disobeying my orders".
Mary hurried off and a minute later the front door opened. Ann dragged me merciless inside and towards the camp barber. I cried and begged " to no avail.

When we reached the barbershop Ann pushed me inside, turned on the light and grabbed me by my mane once again and dragged me roughly to towards one of the chairs " there were five of them side by side. I had managed never to be inside the barbershop by keeping my mane hidden and tied down in my tight bun, so I was chocked to be there. I had always hated traditional male barbershops with their horrible traditional barber chairs, the scissors and combs on the desk ready to destroy my pretty boy longhair and worse of all: The clippers.

So ugly. So powerful in the meeting with long hair winning every time. So, threatening. So, destroying of all beauty. I would nightmares being subjected to this tool of torture and horror and woken up bathed in sweat relieved that it was only a terrible dream.

And the huge mirrors, the capes, the neck paper all of it sent shivers down my spine. And this time it was not a bad dream or nightmare, it was reality!
Ann dragged close to the chair in the middle. "You will get a haircut now whore. Should have gotten one years ago actually but then again better than never. No more little princess Goldie Locks. Now get your fat ass into that chair slut". Ann pushed me towards the chair, but I tumbled over the footrest and fell to the floor.

Ann roughly pulled me up by my voluminous tail. But my uniform hung onto the footrest and started to glide off. I tried to close it, but my jacket was stuck, and it stayed at the footrest when I was pulled up.

Unfortunately, Ann noticed my flat breast " I had not used my bra tonight " and she stared at me with an expression of surprise, disgust and disbelief.
"What the f…" she said. "What the f…. Hey girls I think we are in for a BIG surprise. I think out little tart has kept a secret to us". The other girls did not get her meaning and just stared at me.

But then Ann grabbed me roughly in my lap and squeezed me hard!

"WHAT the F…!!" she cried. "Guess what ladies. Our little princess Goldie Locks turns out to be…. LITTLE PRINCE GOLDIE LOCKS!!!"

Ann kept her firm grip on my giant tail with her one hand and on my genitals with the other. "Let’s see what you’re hiding sissy boy". Ann let go of the grip on my lap and teared my trousers off followed by my underpants. I had never been so humiliated in my life. Ann stood laughing at me with my giant tail resting firmly in her hand.

"Well, well well our little Miss pretty hair actually is a man " or rather a little sissy boy. So, you’ve been fooling all of us Missy tying down that disgusting mop and hiding it from the world".

She twisted my giant tail around her arm until my head was drawn awfully close to her.

"Do you know what happens to sissies spying and deceiving on female recruits? They get punished sissy boy. And this is exactly what is going to happen to you now".

She let go of my massive tail and all my freshly washed beautiful 6 feet long hair swayed down all over me and covered my whole body in a vail of soft wavy locks from top to toe.

Never in my lift did I feel more humiliated, helpless and embarrassed. Standing naked only concealed by my thick wavy coat of golden silk before 6 female recruits " one looking more hostile towards me than the other.

"Ladies I wonder if we should have a little fun with sissy boy here before cutting off all of that ooohh soooo beautiful long, long girly hair" Ann said with an evil grin. They all nodded " with vicious laughter.

"How about testing if this sissy boy behind all that horrible hay contains any masculine features". And then Ann put her hand through my thick wall of blond hair and grabbed my cock! And slowly she began wanking me!

This left me in a state of total confusion and mixed feelings. On the one hand my embarrassment grew further, and my face turned all red. On the other hand, her caressing my cock did have its very visible effects on me " as if I myself was all out of control.

Ann’s warm soft hands around my cock made it grow fast to rock-hard and I could not help groaning a bit.

Ann smiled at me. "So, behind all that air there actually is something masculine hidden". She continued wanking me. "Ladies draw aside the hair curtain and enjoy the show".

Two of the girls grabbed my long hair from each side and pulled it to the side, so I was left completely exposed " naked with a rock-hard shaft and Ann wanking me. I could have crawled into a mouse hole and at the same time Ann’s hand felt was so wonderful and irresistible on my cock that I only managed to enjoy it and push aside my embarrassment.

Soon I was at the point of exploding and Ann suddenly let go of my cock.

"Now that we’ve established that under that thick hair carpet there’s a male recruit let us make an end to the deception and show the truth to the world. This calls for all this princess hair to be cut off. So pls. step into the chair Missy".

My legs felt like gel and I could hardly breathe. The girls grabbed me and lifted me into the barber chair " naked! The red leather seat felt awfully cold towards my naked ass. Before I knew, the girls had put strips on me tying me helplessly to the armrests and the footrest. I could not move and started to panic.
My hair was my whole life. All my identity was in my floor long marvelous mane. I would not be able to carry on without it. Tears started streaming down my cheeks. And I sobbed uncontrollably.

"Ooohhh look little prince long hair is crying because he is going to have a haircut. Poor little boy does not want no haircut. Little prince wants to keep his floor long sissy locks remaining a little princess. But that is not going to happen Missy. That disgusting mop is coming off. All of it. And here and now.
She went behind the chair and took a huge white cape from the counter, opened it and, went close to me from behind and threw it around me. The barber chair was positioned with the back towards the mirrors so I could not see what was going on behind me, but the cape covered all my body down to my naked feet resting on the ice-cold metallic footrest.

Ann asked one of the girls to gather all my long hair into a ponytail and hold it high above the chair leaving Ann direct access to my exposed naked neck. "Hand me the neck paper pls." Ann asked one of the other girls. The next I felt was a broad piece of paper attached around my neck and tied tightly. I felt how the cape tighten around me and heard three clicks as Ann closed the cape behind me.

She arranged the giant cape, so it covered both me and the barber chair almost to the floor.

Then she directed the girl holding my giant ponytail to let go of it and my 6 feet long golden wavy mane flew down all over the cape and almost covered it in lovely silken girly locks reaching to the floor.

I saw how several of the girls were recording me with their mobile phones " which only added to me horrendous embarrassment and misery.

Suddenly I felt a movement in the chair, and I began to rise. Ann was pumping up the barber chair! I felt exposed, ridiculed, helpless and miserable as the chair went higher and higher until it reached it max, and my long hair now hang openly exposed all around me just free of the floor.

"Hey Mary, can’t you start brushing out this horrible mess" Ann asked on the girls. She handed her a hairbrush from one of the drawers and the girl started brushing my beloved and admirable golden carpet of soft wavy vulnerable hair.

She did it rather roughly making my head move abruptly backwards for each stroke from the top of my head to the floor.

"My oh my" Ann mourned. "Never in my lift did I see a sight like this. So much so extremely beautiful thick blond wavy hair. What a shame and waste that it sits on the head of a sissy boy and not a true princess. As it knows it is only gross and disgusting. And needs to come off as quickly as possible. Mary, I think you’re done now".

Ann went behind the chair and grabbed the brush from Mary and placed it at the counter.

"Now sissy boy this should be an hour of joy and pride and not of moaning and sobbing. Maybe we could do a little to improve your mood. Lizzy how about giving our little prince golden hair a nice blowjob while I’m cutting his far too long girly hair off?"

The girl named Lizzy stepped up in front of the chair with a big smile. "I’d love that Ann" she said and kneeled before me with her knees resting on the footrest. Lifted the cape and moved under it towards my lap! And then I felt her warm soft hands on my cock " and immediately it woke to live as if it had a will of its own outside my control.

Slowly very very slowly Lizzy began to wank me, and I could feel my shaft growing fast into a rock-hard cock.

I almost forgot where I was, the situation I was in and what was about to happen.

The terrible sound of scissors opening and closing immediately brought me out of my comfort zone and into the barber shop!

"So, it’s time to kiss your long princess hair farewell sissy boy". Ann grabbed a huge chunk of my wonderful thick blond wavy hair, lifted it high above me and placed the scissors around it " and moved it all the way down almost to my pate. And the dreadful noise stemming from sharp barber scissor blades squeezing together around my lovely vulnerable 6 feet long lock filled the room. I trembled and started to cry.

To no avail. The scissors did their terrible destructive job and separated 6 feet of long beautiful blond hair to mere stubbles!

Ann held her trophy in front of me. And I cried even more. "Hush hush little prince it’s only hair. You will get over it and I promise you will love your new short male haircut".

Ann threw my lovely ultra-long lock on my lap as if it were a piece of trash. At the same moment as my wonderful lock of hair landed on the cape, I felt Lizzy’s soft lips around my still rock-hard shaft!

Again, I was overwhelmed by mixed feeling: Horror and delight.

Ann went on to separate another 6-foot-long lock, lift it high into the air, close the scissors around it, move it down towards my pate " and cut it off " all the while Lizzy was sucking my immensely hard cock.

The second extra long lock of silky hair landed on my lap but this time it slid onto the footrest because of the movement taking place under the cape!
Lizzy’s tongue and soft lips made miracles ass Ann continued cutting more and more off my beloved treasure. Soon the cape and the floor under and around the barber chair were covered in beautiful soft wavy shorn locks.

I was at the point of fainting feeling awfully dizzy and terribly mixed feelings. I had never received as passionate and sexy a blowjob as the one Lizzy was giving me. And I had never felt such horror and pain as Ann cut her way across my head leaving stubbles instead of thick flowing waves of beautiful 6 feet long locks that were gracing me until very recently.

I could not hold back much longer. But then Ann put down the scissors and grabbed a set of clippers hanging from the desk! At the time she turned them on, and the room filled with the horrific metallic sound of clippers coming to life I exploded in Lizzy’s mouth! The emotional overload overwhelmed me.

Ann started to buzz my head all over as Lizzy withdrew from under the cape and smiled at me. "I think sissy boy liked to have his rock-hard cock blown while getting his horrible floor long mane cut off" she grinned.

Ann had switched off the clippers and removed them with a new pair of clippers. "So sissy boy we’re nearing us the end of your travel from princess to real man. All we miss is these balding clippers!" And before I could speak a word, she had turned the balding clippers on and methodically moved them over my head, up my neck, around the ears. Every stubble was removed.

When she finally turned off the balding clippers the room for a moment remained completely silent.

Everybody seemed affected by the enormous transformation I had undergone. All over me and the cape were shorn 6 feet long thick wavy blond locks and the floor under and around the chair was a sea of blond soft shorn extremely long locks.

The sight was a bit overwhelming to everybody in the room.

Ann was the first to break the silence. "Now let’s get you out of the chair so you can clean up all this horrible mess". She bottomed up the cape, removed the neck paper, then dusted me off and removed the cape.

I realized I could not move. Ann noted this and turned the barber chair around towards the huge mirrors. When I looked in the mirror, I could not believe that it was myself looking back at me.

A red face filled with tears was reflected towards me " looking awfully thin and naked and vulnerable. Gone was all my pride and joy. My crowning glory. The floor long well-groomed beautiful hair carpet. I felt like vomiting.

"Now get up recruit. You got work to do. The girls removed the strips from my hands and feet and pulled me out of the chair. They had to hold me otherwise I would have fallen over when I saw my beloved hair all over the barber floor.

Ann handed me a broom and a sweeper and a large black sack. With extreme pain and difficulty, I started to sweep the floor and put my wonderful girly locks in the sack that was completely full once I were finished.

"Tomorrow you will be facing some serious questions about this deception of your recruit. We wish you all the best of luck. Under all circumstances you stand much better prepared to face realities with that new sharp male look of yours".

With there words the girls left me naked, shorn like a sheep with all my wool in a large back. It could not come any worse.

I was thinking of my twin sister and how she had now won our bet. A bet I utterly regretted having ever made.

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