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Chrome Dome Waiver by InnocentKink

Chrome Dome Waiver Form

Chrome Dome is a depilatory treatment specifically developed to remove hair from the scalp. When used properly, the chemical treatment is designed to remove hair follicles, with results lasting from six to eight weeks. Chrome Dome works best on clients with a quarter inch of hair. Barbers should use clippers on clients with more than a quarter inch of hair before applying Chrome Dome.

Chrome Dome is not recommended for men under 50 and those that are not experiencing substantial hair loss. Barbers should consult thoroughly with clients before an initial treatment, especially if they fall into one of the above groups or have not regularly shaved their head before.

Please initial the following statements to indicate you have read, understood, and accepted them:

_____ 1. Usage of Chrome Dome may result in permanent hair loss.

_____ 2. Scalp that has had hair removed at the follicle level may appear different than a shaved scalp.

_____ 3. Hair may take an additional six to eight weeks to return to a normal consistency. During this period, hair may be patchy, thin, or otherwise irregular.

_____ 4. Hair that grows back after the follicles regenerate may grow in a different direction, have a different texture, or may be discolored.

_____ 5. Usage of Chrome Dome may cause premature aging of the scalp.

_____ 6. Subsequent treatments of Chrome Dome may increase instances of all of the above.


Your barber will provide a lotion to be applied to the scalp every 8-12 hours after treatment for the first 72 hours. The scalp may be sensitive, and should be kept out of sunlight.

I (please print name) have been informed of the Chrome Dome treatment and wish for it to be performed on my scalp. I hold my barber, (please print name) harmless and not responsible for any unwanted effects. I understand that Chrome Dome will remove all hair from my scalp, and it will not grow back for a period of time. Furthermore, it is solely my decision to have Chrome Dome applied.


Chrome Dome. Enjoy the Shine!

Your Name
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