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New school uniform by School grey shorts

My name is Peter I am the oldest at 16years old and my younger brother Billy is 14 years old. Billy is more mature for his age, slight deep voice with some facial hair and other parts of his body.
We attended a school whose rules are strict for all its pupils, I was in sixth form, Billy in fourth year, my uniform was casual but we had to wear the school tie and are hair ear Level, Billy's 1950s short back and sides, he wear a full school uniform with a school skull cup.
Billy was called to the headmasters office for some reason, he closed the door behind him " Billy the reason why you are here is that your teachers have told me that you are too mature to teach?" " sir?" " your voice is deep for your age, it looks like you shave, the reason why you are not wearing school shorts because of your hairy legs " " I can't help that I have mature earl sir" " you have been seen talking to 6th form boys" " yes sir I have " " about what Billy?" " all things sir, from different subjects to cars, I can't talk to the other 4th years like I do with the 6th formers sir, I sometimes talk to Peter sir" " none in his form talks to him at all because he does not fit in at all, Peter does not look his age"" he does not sir, when we are together people think he is the youngest and I am the oldest, Peter wears shorts he looks really young sir" the headmaster looked at Billy " Peter wears shorts a lot billy" " most of the time sir" " right Billy you can go, l think on this".

It was braek time and we where all in the canteen, I was sitting alone at the table when Billy came over and sat with me " Billy what did the headmaster want you for" " just a talk Peter how has your day going?" " just the same as any other day Billy " " none talking to you in class?" " nope i get used to it" " things will start to change for you soon Peter " " meaning?" " just saying things will change" said Billy with a smile on his face.
Break was over then Billy was called back to the headmaster office " Billy have a seat " he sat down on the chair " sir I saw Peter talking to some girls " " girls? why was he talking to the girls for, that's not allowed for 6th formers..did you asked him why Billy?"" yes sir but he said that only asked him a question about history" Billy saw the expression on the headmaster face " I have seen him talking to the same girls before sir...he has a famine look about him sir, Peter gets his hair cut..but if he lets it grow"" he looks like a girl billy"" that's right sir you have spotted the why he looks sir" : my plan is starting to work: Billy thought.

" would you mind Billy if you had a sister" " make no difference to me sir, my mum always wanted a daughter" " Billy what was the girls names your brother was talking to".
The headmaster sent for the girls to his office " Susan and Julie have you been talking to Peter Wilson these last few days "" yes sir why?" said Susan " was it about history Julie "" yes sir and other stuff "" like what stuff Julie " the girls looked at each other " dolls" " dolls Julie " said the headmaster " Peter asked us what does a girls school uniform fell like to wear"" girls you can go".

I did not know what has been planned out by my brother for me when I was called to the heads office. " Peter I want you to take a look at this for me" the head took out a girls full plate school skirt and put it in front of me " well Peter "" it's OK sir"" is it nice or OK Peter " " looks nice sir"" its come to my attention that you have been talking to 4th year girls why?"" they asked me about history questions sir"" wrong Peter "" sir"" you are telling me lies Peter.. you asked Julie what does a girls school uniform feel like to wear,isn't that right Peter "" only in a joke way sir "" I was told you hang out with Susan and Julie all the time and talk about dolls and the voice" I did not reply " so it's ture Peter "" no headmaster it's not "" you be better of been a girl than a boy Peter, you make new friends "" don't think so sir I am boy sir"" we shall see".

After school I got my haircut short back and sides and went home" that's me back mum"" got your haircut Peter suits you well "" thanks mum"" I have a word Peter "" sure mum" we sat down " I had a call from your headmaster today and he told what has happened "" the girls asked me about history questions that's all"" about dolls and how a girls school uniform feels like to wear"" no that's not true " I got up and went to my room.
I put on my shorts when Billy came in and saw that I got my haircut " f***, wait, it grow back to pigtails..plan still a float " " what Susan and Julie planning at Billy, they asked me about history questions..I am in front of the headmaster and he is telling me that I am better off as a girl and make new friends "" that's s**t Peter, with that haircut you be wearing school shorts " Billy said with a look.

Mum was on her laptop looking at girls frilly dresses, frilly cotton nickers and shorts when Billy walked into the kitchen " Billy do you know anything about today "" I have saw Peter talking to Susan and Julie a few times mum and they seam happy "" happy Billy "" when girls get together mum, Peter got his haircut to show that he is a boy but underneath he is a girl " he saw what mum was looking at on her laptop,underlined was these pink girl shorts " they look pretty mum"" just looking Billy to see.."" mum I think with those shorts, white cotton t-shirt "" Peter underneath always wants to be a girl?"" I thought you noticed, his room always clean, when he wears shorts they are bright, looks nice before he goes out, come on mum" " I didn't realise Billy " " so what name are you going to pick mum" " Elizabeth, your sister is called Elizabeth ".
Mum changed my bith certificate to female and name, dob and started to buy my new girls clothes.

In the morning I woke up, got out of bed,went to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror, I am a 14 year old school girl " this is a dream" mum came in " no Elizabeth it's not, while you slept I injected you with this Elizabeth " I looked at it" it took the hole night for you to change into my daughter, my 14 year old daughter".
I stood in front of my mums tall mirror and saw my body, it is beautiful, big brests mum put my long blonde hair into pigtails with pink ribbons, I am wearing white frilly cotton nickers, bra, white cotton petticoat ,school girl blouse, tie, dark grey full plated school shirt, white school girl socks, black Mary Jane shoes, blazer.
Billy saw me and smiled " morning mum and Elizabeth "" morning billy" l looked at him, he looked like a 6th former " mum I think Elizabeth wears a school girls pinafore instead of a skirt "" I am getting them today Billy so your sister can wear them from tomorrow.

I stood in front of the headmaster " morning Elizabeth Wilson "" morning headmaster " he stood in front of me" this is for the best Elizabeth, you are a girl now, what happened yesterday did not happen, your brother is the oldest and you are the youngest young girl, from tomorrow you be wearing your pinafore to school and in 4th year".
The day went on, I learnt hopscotch, skipping games, paddy cake and so on, I took off my blazer, rolled up my sleeve of my blose and took blood out of my right arm, looked at it " I know what to make" it took me a while to make the chemical, took the needle and put it inside it.

We where in art class when miss Watson asked me to stay behind after class " miss watson" she put her hands up my skirt, it felt outstanding and found out what it's like to be f***ed stupid by a woman. None heard me have multiple organisms after f*** after f***, she licked me all over, my big brests, I got dressed " I be funking you all time Elizabeth "" yes miss"" no its yes mummy say it"" yes mummy".
Billy watched me play and smiled " Billy when are you start your driving lesson "" Simon next week " miss watson f***ed me stupid the hole day me calling her mummy as while.
It was 2.30pm I found a part of the school and took off my school uniform, underwear and injected the chemical into me,I was a boy again and put on my uniform, fixed my school grey shorts and went to see Billy.
I stood outside the 6th form room and saw Billy chatting away, I took out my phone from pocket of my shorts " outside billy" he came out and saw me " how is this possible?you can not be a boy, it ment to make you a girl permanently "" I found how to reverse it Billy " he put me up against the wall " Elizabeth you are a young girl, my youngest sister, not a boy, a girl..I have always knew you wanted to be a girl Elizabeth"" no Billy "" yes Elizabeth "" my name is Peter, I am a boy"" you are a young girl not a silly boy don't be stupid, you had your first f*** with Miss Watson you called her mummy"" how do you know that " I watched her f*** you stupid, you were enjoying it Elizabeth " Billy put his hand on my shoulder " you are my sister known get used to it, you always wanted to be a girl "" no" yes you did, you be wearing your school girls pinafore from tomorrow little sister lets go back to where you changed back to a silly boy,put you back as a girl and I am going to make sure you never change back as a boy never ".

I showed Billy " now take that stupided uniform off Elizabeth " wait you planned this along billy"" yes I did, one you never liked beening a boy so I helped you become a girl instead, I talked the headmaster into it which was easy, you where to become my younger brother in school shorts but I changed my mind to make you my sister, me 6th former boy" " no I won't be changed back to Elizabeth billy"" you have no choice "" I do" " I forgot to tell you"" what Billy " all of a sudden I was changed back to Elizabeth " that" I put back on my uniform " it's a feal safe you change back as a silly boy for so long, you change back to a girl "
Billy came out of the boys toilets when he heard noise coming from a room, walked over opened the door quietly and saw Miss Watson f***ing me stupidly and smiled closing the door behind him, it was lunchtime I was sitting having my lunch when Billy sat beside me " Elizabeth ""Billy "" look Elizabeth face it you are a girl, a 14year old girl never to be a boy again " I smiled " that's my sister looking forward to wear your school pinafore tomorrow "" oh yes Billy "" good girl".

Before the school finished I changed back to a boy and this time it's permitted, I think.

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